The Girl that gets the B-Sides......"for the love of music"....


10:14 AM

music: Bob Dylan
YES! It's jacket season! doncha' just love this weather. being in the mountains would be nice, except of course for the fires.

i went out last night for the first time in a long time to a place other than the largo. spaceland to see THE VACATION and the british sea power. i felt uncomfortable as i steped into the room for some reason until steve of The Vacation came over to me and said hello. um i'm pretty sure it was steve, though sometimes i can't tell ben and steve apart until after i see them on stage ha ha.
i stood waiting which seemed like forever for them to start. the band before them had all this .... what looked like a setting for animal planet on stage and it took them a long time to get most of it off. They left some of the shrubs and trees and fake owls behind and it didn't go to well with what type of music the vacation play. i think it was actually the british sea power's shrubs and things so it was left up for them.
most of the time it's just hard for me to give any details of a band because i'm sorta in my own world taking photos*, ya know. and last night was the first time to use my new fish eye lens, so i was getting used to that. a few of the times it almost seemed that ben was coming over to my camera on purpose but of course my flash didn't work, either he was to close or i couldn't get it together in time. aaargh. *i mean i hear the music and i like what i hear..... it's all to easy to say that they suck or they rock. maybe i should start some sort of star system like rolling stone. it that were the case i'd give The Vacation 4 stars out of 4!! the british sea power would get 3 out of 4 because i didn't dig the shrubs. ha ha. no they were really good as well. they just rocked in a different way than The Vacation. more like old Bowie, that 80's sorta thing. one of the guys had this intense stare almost as intense as maynard of TOOL but not quite as scary. these guys were 'pretty'.

did anyone notice the crescent moon a few nights ago during all the fires? my god that was beautiful! i was walking out of the gym around 7 and just happend to look up and the moon had this red/orange glow to it. totally halloween!!

does anyone dress up anymore, not that i really care. i was never the one to dress up anyway. the one time that i did remember dressing up was back in the 80's and MTV had just started.... my best friend tracey and I dressed as punk rockers though looking back on that, we looked more like a couple of hookers. ah.. no wonder why those guys were honking at us and asking how much. i though they were referring to how much candy did we get. ~Suze

11:01 AM

music: rhett miller

i went out with some buddies from my old job to BJ's in Huntington Beach last night. It was nice to get out and talk about stuff other than music for once, even though i found myself relating everything to music in some way or another. they talked basketball, their kids, fires, navy stories. it was interesting. i had a beer and pizza and an pizookie (oh sorry gene i owe you more than $10...i just realized this morning) i promise to get it next time. we can go shoot some pool and eat bad bar food at that one place on beach or something.

I haven't been to spaceland since.... well, lets just say i had a bad experience with alcohol one night long ago. and the same band will be playing tonight...hmmm.
i'm not gonna drink, just gonna shoot photos and enjoy the music.

regarding the tickets for the elliott smith tribute concert... i've read on the sweetaddy website that they will be releasing some more tickets thru ticketweb today at noon. i don't know if this is true or not but just try and buy 2 and you can always sell the extras at the show for sure. i'm going to keep trying until i get one. OK I GIVE UP. I BOUGHT A TICKET FOR ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES INSTEAD, can't go wrong with iggy pop, carla from the geraldine fibbers, mars volta and elliotts band playing with other singers singing elliotts songs! so, i'm alright. but if you happen to know of anyone with an extra ticket for Monday...:)

on another note....i got this little card in the mail from the Burbank Police Department yesterday saying that they were investigating the fraudulant use of my drivers license. i called the number on the card just now and they didn't sound very professional...almost like the guys on tv. so who knows. he just told me that a woman by the name of Bridgette Newman who happens to be a photographer and has alot of tattoos, rented a car in Burbank with my license number. i have my license with me and i haven't left it anywhere for any amount of time for someone to get the number off of it or anything. and don't you need a picture id when renting a car? strange! the conversation was odd and he asked for my home number, i just told him i don't have one and if he needed to get ahold of me the best way was thru mail and that i'll call him if i think of anything. he stumbled around in talking to me, he was gonna ask me something and forgot at the end of our conversation. i almost hung up on him but didn't.
i'm gonna investigate this a little further, i should have got the name of the car rental company where this woman rented the car first off. always the afterthoughts......take care, be safe - suze

9:48 AM

monday november third at the henry fonda theater in los angeles.
there is going to be a benefit concert for the Elliott Smith Foundation For Abused Childrenwhere various musician friends of Elliott's are going to play his songs. It's twenty bucks and the money will go to the foundation.

so far on the bill are Grandaddy, Bright Eyes, Radar Bros, Beck, Rylo Kiley, Future Pigeon, Beth Orton, + more to follow
there will also be a screening of Strange Parallel

the stanford daily article about ELLIOTT SMITH


7:05 PM

hello ~
how was everyones w/e?
i went to the largo on friday and did nothing on saturday and today i went to BBC with some friends for a few hours. man, those fires are out of control. i woke up at 8am to the smell of fires, got ready and was out the door by 9:30. i went to barnes and noble and looked at magazines then saw school of rock which i loved! i had no idea that sarah silverman was in it and the guy that plays her boyfriend, jack blacks he mike white from that old band Olivelawn?? someone tell me now, cuz it's gonna bug me until i figure it out.
i wanted to make this a quick post ~~
the hap's for this week for me:
Monday - largo comedy night with Paul F. Tompkins only 5 bucks!! you will laugh so hard "*it" will come out of your nose. * "beer", "milk","jack and coke" or in my case "iced tea".
Tuesday - Hotel Cafe with Ian from Gomez and Sara Melson
Thursday - The Vacation with the british sea power at Spaceland
and of course
Friday - Jon Brion at Largo (happy Halloween)
have a great week!
{smile} Suze

3:02 PM

I’ve got to Ramble…..

I finally let go today, it all hit me like really fast while I was driving to work this morning.
Life goes by fast, sometimes too fast.
A friend of mine’s mom passed away the same day as Elliott, she was active and healthy. She died from an aneurysm. The sad thing is , is that I told him to go visit her around mothers day and surprise her. He was really thinking about doing this but money and his job held him back. His kids went though. To this I say, Fuck work! Family and Friends and your life is always more important than work. Take time off and enjoy life once in awhile. I think people in the country work too damn hard and aren’t any happier in doing so.

My thoughts are: Don’t hold back, tell your family and friends how much you love them.
And things I’ll say now but most likely won’t go by: Don’t be shy, tell whomever you have a crush on how much you like them, or go up to that musician and tell them how much their music means to you.
Smile at people more often and mean it. Smiles are infectious! Thank the waiter or waitress and look them in the eye when doing so. Making others feel better makes the world a better place.

Man, this hurts so much! I mean, coming to the realization about life and how you want to make it better. Things you wish you would have done.
I keep thinking about the show last night and what Jon said to make everyone in the room completely silent and cry…. Silent Tears.

OK, personal I shall get – I mean what have I got to lose right? And I can always come back and edit this later if I want to.

About me: I don’t have a close relationship with any of my family members at all and for no reasons either, other than the lack of love that they grew up with (parent). I’m not complaining and I wasn’t treated bad at all, just not a lot of communication going on. I think Love and Communication are the two main important things you can give anyone. I’m just happy to be alive and well regardless of my childhood.
I only wish I had a closer relationship with my sister who lives 3000 miles away in Boston and of course my parents. It’s hard to change once you get older (meaning them). I’m sure they all know that I love them. My friends have been my family growing up. I’ve always attracted those who share the same feelings towards music. Always, ever since I was in Jr. High School. For me parties were all about the music not the drinking and drug’s. I would meet guys and we would have full on conversations about musicians and records.

As far as musicians and how I feel about them go. I often think of things I want to tell them about their music but what stops me is the feelings like, they have heard it all before and already know how great they are so why bother them. I would feel like I am bothering them anyway. Watch, now I’m gonna go up to them all and tell them what I think about them and they are gonna turn to each other and say “hey, yeah, she just told me the same thing, what a psycho!” Haha. i think too much!! ha ha
I love all my friends and I'm here for you and I'm glad you are there for me. Thank You. Thank you for the e-mails and phone calls and for caring and thanks for sharing your personal experiences with this sort of thing, it means alot to me. It truly does. I mean this on so many levels, not just the death of one of my favorite musicians.
Now go out and communicate with and love everyone around you!

9:47 AM

music: still radiohead and LOUD!

I'm glad i went to the largo last night, all my friends were there and we were all feeling the same way. i even hugged strangers in the bathroom as all of our eyes filled with tears.
i noticed a familiar face coming out of the stall, from a movie that had a big impact on me and i know her character was a cool and prominent part of the film. i should have just said all this to her but didn't say anything. later i figure it out on my drive home. i had this vision in my head of her saying "Fank you" but really meaning "fuck you" to her mom in the picture. it was the sister in almost famous, the one who gave her little brother all the cool records. zooey is her name. she was just on a tv show i was watching too.

jon came out and said that he wasn't going to do any Elliott Smith songs so don't ask and he that he didn't want to do B+ versions of Elliott's amazing work. i totally understand.
he continued to talk a little about Elliott after the first song or two and i heard almost everyone in the audience sniffling, including myself. i knew i wanted to be at the largo last night as well as tonight, just to be around others who feel it to.
jon did an amazing set which included his own song called trouble .... a song that elliott had done in the past. jon asked what everyone wanted to start out with and the first voice was perfect......he yelled out QUEEN and that is the way it went last night.....jon doing Queen covers. fucking amazing indeed!
Jon was upbeat the rest of the night, which helped us all....sing alongs are always the way to go!! then he did prince - 1999 - he was on the floor screaming and rolling around like Prince even.
i'm just realizing that we will never hear anymore new music from Elliott and this is just unbelievably sad. i think the cd that he was working on was almost finished .... so i'm sure they will release it. just as they did jeff buckleys cd that wasn't finished before he drowned.
as jon said last night, and what i was actually wanting to tell him myself... "i'm glad you are alive, stay that way!"

i remember seeing Elliott get on stage at the jon spencer blues explosion concert at the el rey the last time they played here and Elliott looked so happy and excited and why shouldn't he have been, he was on stage singing with jon fucking spencer! Then next concert in san diego at a place called the scene, i noticed Elliott peering out backstage with a huge smile on his face, giddy like a little kid. this is how i'm gonna remember him. jon shared some moments between him and Elliott and flanny, that was nice of him.

ps read all the LOVE for ELLIOTT here.


This kinda thing just makes me want to go hug all my friends and make sure they have someone to talk to if they needed that. i mean that in everyday living not just because of what happened. this is another wake-up call!
everyone should just look around at what they have and be happy to be alive, give more hugs, more communication, visit friends and family more often and just be more considerate and nicer to people around them. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!

on another note... i've been so busy lately that i don't have time to relax and think, i need to do this. if anyone wants to go grab a beer or an iced tea with me this w/e and talk, let me know. susan? jeff?yeah, lets DO THAT!
i just got my LAST bill in the mail for my jeep. that was 5 long years of payments, now it's all mine. and now it will break down or someone will steal it!! ha ha.
i need to get 2 new tires and perhaps one of those yearly checkups with all the fluids and stuff. i do try and keep up with all that kinda stuff anyway.

if you haven't been to the largo in a long time or never been, tonight is the night to go!
see you there - be healthy and stay alive ~*I LOVE YOU - Suze*~

Elliott once said that there wasn't enough love in the world, he was right!
someone at the el ray yelled out "we love you Elliott" and that was his reply.
i just want to hug everyone i know. so please give me a hug when you see me and if i start to cry....... then smile and tell me everything is alright.

"I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow" E.S.

this photo is of Elliotts memorial site and was taken from someone on this WEBSITE .

the memorial in l.a. is at: Solutions 4334 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (in Silver Lake) They have one in just about every big city as well, check the above web-site to find out.

ps here is an interview from BB Gun - INTERVIEW WITH ELLIOTT
and here is a very nice photo gallary of elliott smith.

9:37 AM

music: radiohead - hail to the thief - LOUD!

nothing like starting your day off with a blackwidow in the bathroom. nothing that a extra strong can of raid can't fix! ... i'm blow drying my hair, head down hair dangling to the floor, i turn my head open my eyes and there is a huge black widow at my eye level. keep in mind that i dislike being around any kind of spider more so than any kind of snakes. i'm not usually 'girly' when it comes to stuff like rats and things but spiders.....aaargh! when i used to have the top of my jeep off a few summers ago, i'd come out in the morning to a nice web where the window would be if it where up, and a huge spider in the middle of it! i hated that.
I guess it's the season though. boo!

i have a friend who went to see the strokes last night at the palladium, she loved it and wants me to go with her tonight at the shrine. i'm thinking about it.
must find out how much the tickets will be. if i don't go to that, then jon brion it is.
i'm just wondering if jon will do anything for elliott smith, though if i remember correctly he didn't do anything for george harrison, johnny cash, jeff buckley, joey ramone, or joe strummer. i just mean, do any songs by them. eventually he does but not right away.

blog i found this morning.

9:29 AM


i just happend to bring Elliott Smiths 'Either/or' to listen to at work but i didn't know i was gonna have tears in my eyes while doing so!. I JUST FOUND OUT AND I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT BUT ELLIOTT SMITH HAS COMMITED SUICIDE.
why the fuck do these amazing musicians do this to themselves???????????????
I am so pissed off right now! (selfish? i know...)
when stuff like this happens i always feel that if i had just talked to him and befriended him, maybe i could have made a difference. but i know i'm fooling myself.
i just can't believe it. fuck.
i need some time to think and then i'll write some more....
i feel like my head is going to explode.

12:07 AM

music: david bowie - reality
did anyone else notice that JET are getting super popular?
they have a song for the iPod comercial 'are you gonna be my girl'!
aaaaND they had the same song in everwood tonight. I'm a sucker for that show!
I told you JET were gonna be big!!

sad day in music - ELLIOTT SMITH PASSED AWAY AT AGE 34 .. 34!!
Wesley Willis passed away on aug 21st of this year also.
AND Fred Berry "Rerun" died on Oct.22 at age 52.

9:44 AM

Music: Jet - Get Born this is possibly the most rocking cd i've bought all year!
did anyone see SNL? and did you notice that Jason Falkner was Britney Spears guitar player!! what is up with that?!
I went CD & book shopping on Saturday. see "cds movies".
I saw Kill Bill this weekend. I only jumped during the first scene. pretty funny for someone sitting alone. I laughed at myself. It was non stop action. excellent film!
I loved how it want from color to black and white. the camera angles were pretty cool too. it's a funny gory movie, can't wait till Kill Bill part 2.
tonight is comedy night at the largo "bring the rock". only 5 bucks! Suze
ps - i have some photos up finally. I still have tons more to scan in and upload though.

12:40 PM

music: The Blood Group
earplugs are a wonderful thing. Not only do they help at super loud concerts like Motorhead at Santa Monica Civic but they help you to sleep. I got in at 3:30 and slept until 11. Greeeeeeat!! I think they actually cut down on the random thoughts that are always going through your head which makes you not able to sleep. so earplugs are a good thing all around.
i think the college bus let out right in front of the largo last night. it was very strange but i enjoyed seeing alot of new faces for once. clem snide was the opener. I really liked them, they kinda have that wilco thing going on, just a touch though.
ben lee was also in attendance. so after most of the kids filtered out after jons 1st rockin' set, jon asked ben to join him and they did a few ben lee songs then jon didn't know what to do. he ended up doing an amazing version of a led zeppelin song just going off on the piano then drums then guitars and bass then on top of that sang it in a tom waits voice. fucking hilarious!! If you haven't seen jon brion then i'll tell you right now, you are completely missing out on something rare yet amazing, a musical phenomenon!
if anyone knows anything about rocket from the tomb playing somewhere tonight, let me know! i had it on my schedule and it's gone. they were gonna be at the knitting factory tonight but it's not listed anymore. ~S

2:52 PM

music: The Smiths - Strangeways, here we come
....a 40 minute version of Dylan's 'It's all over now, baby blue' from Jon is what my night at largo consisted of and it was well worth the $10 bucks!! And yet again The Vacation played across the street at the Kibitz room and I walked in on the last song. Thursdays are fun over at the Kibitz .... did I ever mention that it's FREE?
I just bid on a fish eye lens from e-bay today, i'm excited. I got a watch last week, I think I'm hooked! ~ S

12:29 PM

music: Nirvana - Bleach
NEWS* Monster Garage Show
Jesse and the gang are going to modify/destroy a classic DeLorean tonight,
and make it into a hovercraft.
I say destroy, only because
sometimes they don't actually succeed in their transformations. I've seen them make a fire engine out of a limo - that was pretty awesome.

Grep Proops was funny last night, so was Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt , can't say much for kathy griffin though. I get home and turn the tv on and still can't get away from kathy....a re-run of suddenly susan was on! annoying is a good word to describe her. Paul F. Tompkins was in top form last night. Jon played 'waterloo sunset' in between comedians.

tonight - staying home for the Gilmore Girls! If you feel like going out tonight...go catch "SOME GIRLS" at Spaceland featuring Juliana Hatfield with my friend Sara Melson opening
and if you aren't doing anything on Wednesday then you should go see The Vacation at the Viper Room playing with Kennedy, this will rock your socks off or pants whatever..... probably pants though! thursday & friday jon will be playing at the largo as usual. ~S

8:45 PM

music: superchunk - foolish esp. song "keeping track" the guitar distortion on this is amazing!!
Grant lee Phillips at the largo was so good last night that i don't have any words to describe him. the rest of his band just happened to be in the audience and it was a grant lee buffalo reunion type thing. great!!
he has alot of new songs that i had not heard before, he played about 5 or 6 of them.
todd carlin opened the show with some comedy. funny guy as usual. yep, he is george carlins nephew. John Doe came up and did a few songs with grant along with sara waserman (sp?) and a few other guys who i forgot their names.
ok, screw this web-site stuff for tonight, feels like my head is going to explode.
have a good week. upcoming shows: monday - greg proops at largo / tuesday i'm staying home to watch the Gilmore Girls - the pernice brothers have their song 'Weakest Shade of Blue' on it at some point tonight!! or some girls at spaceland feat. juliana hatfield and opening is none other than sara melson/ thursday mr. airplane man at spaceland or jon brion at largo / Friday my friend mark is playing somewhere and I'll be going to that! / saturday rocket from the tombs at knitting factory.

6:25 PM

music: wire - pink flag

Greg Proops opened for jon brion last night at the largo and boy was that a treat! I'm definitely going to see him on Monday for comedy at the largo night. He went off on Arnold, it was great!! Jon was in a wonderful mood and played till almost 2am. his second set was all very well worth being there for the waterloo sunset song alone! the only thing that bothered me about the show was the fact this couple who stood in front of me were making out during half the show and making those kissing noises. i think jake was about to kick them to the ground while mark had problems of his own with the people in front of him, he's always lucky to have the twin towers right in front of him at just about every show! i just wanted to tell the kissing couple to go in the back near the bathroom to do that or there is a farmers hotel down the street. yeah, so .... i get home 'round 3:30 or so, this crazy fuck face in a tricked out lowered honda civic drives up super close behind me on the 10 freeway without any lights on so i react by taking my foot off the gas but he didn't want to go around me for the longest time. instead of getting scared in a situation like that i was thinking about just slamming on my breaks getting out of my jeep and beating the crap out of him with the baseball bat in my back seat but it didn't happen. funny how the after thoughts are always the best. and i'm not even a very violent person.

i just got back from my friends baby shower, her second kid and she is the same age as me. i couldn't even imagine that at all. although while i was in babies r us i had these feelings like "ah thats so cute ... i wanna have a kid so i can put that on it" but see....this is what is wrong with the world today. people having kids for the wrong reasons. sure enough at the party my mind was instantly changed as i watched a few kids running around like crazy little people. i think having a kid would get in the way of my rock schedule too. ha ha.
i'm going to see grant lee phillips at the largo tonight. largo=suze's second home!

11:27 AM

music: joe pernice - big tobacco

wow, it's friday already! i stayed home all week except for last night when i went to the largo. jon brion had part of the watkins family/nickle creek come up and play with him. sarah watkins played the fiddle and sang (great voice) and sean watkins played guitar and sang. it was great.
if you live in or around the L.A. area and you want to experience something amazing by way of music, catch a jon brion show on a thursday or friday night, the likes of beck, jack black, rhett miller, neil finn, fiona apple, the section and grant lee has been known to open jon's shows - i'm not saying this happens all the time but i've been there when it happens and it's amazing!
the vacation played at the kibitz room at 11pm right across the street from the largo but unfortunatly i only caught the last song, it looked like a kick ass high energy show though! ha ha.
all i've been talking about the last few posts is either jon brion or the vacation...oh well. i like 'em. and you should go experience them as well. i was just imagining the vacation playing at the largo....i think ben would scare the 30 something audience with his stage antics. i just mean the way he goes into the audience and sings to you. and i mean that in the best possible way ever!! if you like to rock, go see the vacation you WILL NOT be dissapointed ..unless of course you are my ex-boyfriend and are extremely jealous of my love for them. ha ha ha
until next post - see ya. Suze

11:37 PM

music: stones - beggers banquet / swervedriver - raise / the vacation

i listened to all this stuff while staying home on a saturday night! I was working on scanning photos to finally put up on my web-page....i'll try and figure it out tomorrow, it's been awhile. i'm pretty excited about it. i just really get into it and forget the time and forget to eat.
earlier today after the lab, i met my friend at the belmont brewing company for happy hour tacos and a beer/iced tea. he had plans of getting married today but came to hang out with me instead, how cool is that! everything was paid for - caterier, photographer etc.. so i was like, hey you should at least get some film if you already paid for it and shit, you might as well have a big party with all the food that you've paid for. I mean think about it, it's paid for and when you make plans like this in advance and don't cancel within a certain amount of time you are screwed, i say make lemonade out of those lemons! c'mon lets party! we got to talking and before i knew it - it was 4:30. so i went home and started on the photo project and now it's 11:30. i almost went to see brad play piano at the knitting factory tonight, he's brilliant! but at the same time, i'm glad i stayed home and started doing something for myself instead.
i have nothing to do tomorrow either. ;) my friend susan is leaving for london tomorrow, i soo wanted to go but just can't take off work right now, nor do i have that kind of cash. s

1:06 PM

music: reigning sound-break up break down / joe pernice -big tobacco / percy mayfield-live ------ TONIGHT - JON BRION
lately i've been thinking about how lucky i am to be able to go see so many great bands any night of the week.
actually i got up at 8:30 this morning and went to the lab to print for 3 hours, i only came out with 2 prints. I got overwhelmed with all the negatives and couldn't focus on just one picture. I did get one good print of BRMC but i have so many more to do.

last night was another amazing night for me....i went to see Jon Brion. are you sick of his name yet? tuff! hey.....remember that band tuff from the sunset strip back in the 80's ha ha. naw, didn't think are to young. young and lucky!!
i was talking to my friend at the largo last night about old bands and i brought up that band autograph, of course he nor ellen the bartender knew who i was talking about but gabe who is a wonderful fiddle player, overheard the name and laughed cuz he knew of them and even works with one of the band members! now that was funny. i can go on forever about old sunset strip bands, pay to play, the cathouse, Bordello, Retail Slut Jeans, Black Stretch Fucking Jeans, exposure 54 club, ...but i won't! your lucky this time....but someday i may be in the mood and just bring up everything from GNR to Sweet Savage, Faster Pussycat, Warrant, Black Cherry, Tomorrows Child, Bang Tango etc... and you will be sorry you ever read my blog and just wait till i break out the pictures from my hair metal past!! I honestly wish i did a blog back in the 80's though....i do have most everything that i've ever gone to written down somewhere.

getting back to jon....ok, amazing yeah oh...he did one of my all time favorite replacements songs called unsatisfied. everytime i hear that song it just brings back some memories and i get all teary eyed. in a good way though! well, sorta. he even did a kate bush song. wow! this guy just comes up with the best songs to cover all the time. my memory isn't so good so my friend sent me a list of some songs jon played last night in no order i'll just list 'em: to start the night a burning amp inspired a deep purple 'smoke on the water' riff. no damage done, i don't first i thought we would have to evacuate the place but luckily they have some excellent techs working there ; scott the sound booth guy and bob.
on with the list.....equip. demons continue, broken string on
'meaningless', few other originals 'i'm on a roll with you'- i haven't heard this song in soo long, it's one of my favorites that jon does, 'same mistake'
short NY homage, heads 'once in a lifetime' into
stones 'miss you'... (yeah for the stones!!) and of course my favorite unsatisfied by the replacements! Gabe came up with his fiddle and did a few songs with jon.
merle travis... 'divorce me c.o.d.' whatever it's called...
prince 'pop life', lipps inc. 'funkytown' (he did these just bits and pieces though)
1st set ending crowd sing-along unplugged monkees
'daydream believer' 2nd set began w/ kate bush 'running up that hill'
somehow there was stevie wonder's 'i wish' or
other noise then straight into 'the girl i knew'...
a long beatles 'i want you (she's so heavy)' fucking unbelievable, i might add!!
benmont tench (tom petty fame plus many others etc...)joins, leads off w/ zombies 'she's not there' the irving berlin songbook, 'someone to watch over me'
2nd set ending w/ request, zombies 'this will be
our year' - 'odessey & oracle' and as jon left the stage...he still had his guitar in hand singing and playing with gabe following close behind him through the audience.... he turned midway through and started screaming the lyrics again (huge smile). thanks for the list lon! you have a pretty good memory!
- S

9:49 AM

music: tom waits-early years vol 2 / neil young-decade --------Thursday JON BRION at the largo, THEN THE VACATION at the kibbitz room
my mood on the way to the largo last night was very mellow, mainly because i was listening to tom waits.
i was feeling like having a cup of tea with a friend or something, even after the shows. but during the shows i was very energized and ready to be rocked.
double the fun last night! I saw jon brion then the vacation and i have to say both shows are in my top 50. jon ran a little later than usual for a thursday night but i didn't mind, he was into it and even did a experimental was my bloody valentine. i had such a huge smile on my face! i drove up alone and ended up sitting at a table with my buddy leo. i had my usual salad and a couple of guiness. i tried to get some largo people to walk across the street to see the vacation but they were all to tired. i was wide awake as i'd just had this red bull type of drink that made me wired and later i had this weird dream.... the vacation did a second set of poetry reading. don't ask cuz i don't know what i was thinking!! i was alseep for fuck's sake!
so anyway we walk over and the vacation were already playing, the crowd was going wild. so much energy in this place! they even did a cover of ... ah man, i just had it ... um. i totally forgot the name but it was surprising to me cuz i've never seen them do a cover. they are getting so much better every time i see them. then while i was watching the drugstore cowgirls this sapranos looking guy kept asking me if i liked them. at first i was nice and said yeah, but then he kept on ....saying "hey they should slow it down a bit, it would be much better dontcha' think?- do you like slow music" ? at this point i wasn't in the mood for a witty comeback i turned to look for anyone that i knew, no one was around. though, this guy standing near me gave me this look of empathy. i smiled. we laughed. the guy that was bothering me kept on once again this time i just took a few steps away from him. i noticed his reaction was to take another drink of his beer and take a few steps towards the band. then i sled out past the smiling guy.
as i was walking out from the room i noticed a photographers flash going off in the front room so i walked by to get a better look, later wishing i hadn't....he was taking photos of these guys, tightly holding their package through their zippers. i didn't get a look at the guys faces because .... i just didn't. but if you want to see a good photo of a dudes package then click here! then go to the jesus lizard half way down. at least david yow was on stage performing!!
seriously, you have to come see the vacation play. they even have a cd for sale now, which i didn't get yet!!

hmm....should i go see jon brion tonight or holly golightly at spaceland or beulah at the troubadour??!! all of these shows are gonna be great.

what is everyone listening to these days? tell me your top 5.
have a good w/e. S

9:03 AM

music: Jeff Buckley - sketches for..... and The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed. this cd always makes me happy!
ah man, where to start......last night i went to the Hollywood Palladium for the last time to see Interpol. I had a bunch to say about the show even before they ever came on! as i walked up to the line they had to do this cavity search.....i haven't been felt up like that since high school!! It really put me in a aaargh!! type mood. I don't think it bothered me much when i was younger though. I had a stick of gum in my pocket, c'mon a fucking stick of gum! and they told me throw it away, but not my mentos or the gum in my mouth. what? Was i gonna hurt someone by throwing it at someone?! at least with the one in my mouth i could have pissed someone off by putting it in their hair!? I walk straight to the powder room this is what they call it there. security is everywhere, it didn't make me feel to safe for some reason. i saw a girl actually give her purse to her boyfriend to hold while she goes into the powder room. ladies, i do not understand this at all!! never in my life would i make a boyfriend hold my purse anytime. ok, inside the venue..... i stood on this step for a minute just looking around and a security person with his flashlight came over and said i can't stand there... i moved down to the floor, no one has even gone on and hardly anyone is even there by the way. as i looked around all these memories started coming back to me from past concerts that i've seen at the palladium. I saw soundgarden back in the late 80's or was it early 90's? um...anyway, I was in the middle of the mosh pit as i used to do alot back then and i couldn't move my arms, this guy behind me started unzipping my pants, i couldn't even turn around, i looked over at my boyfriend and told him "help" and he grabbed me and took me out of the mosh pit. we never saw the guy who was unzipping my pants. ah....yes, memories. another time was seeing the red hot chili peppers, iggy pop and so many others. i was into taping all concerts back then and have those somewhere. i saw cari and michelle and waved them over to where i was standing....we were playing fashion police, but just to ourselves. it was fun. the worst fashion statement was that of this chick wearing stiletto heals, jeans, big white belt, 80's cut out neck t-shirt and.....are you ready for this...a fucking trucker hat - turned sideways. we counted 5 trucker hats last night! we really aren't mean people, we were just bored. and it's ok for us to do this because we just wear jeans t-shirts and converse. ha ha.
the first band started they were called rat tat tat and what a great name for them! cari and michelle had to go get a better look at them, if you know what i mean...they never came back. ha ha. i just meant that they liked them for some reason - maybe they were cute?. It was all about drum machines and 2 guys playing along on guitar. Most of the time i was laughing because it was wrong in so many ways. I liked one or two songs but for the most part is wasn't even music, it was like 2 kids fucking around...not even cool. then enon came on, little cute girl with a small voice, they were alright as well. just not my thang'. Interpol, you know i could have just stayed home and listened to the cd! no, they were good but the palladium is just way too big for me to enjoy. plus the sound system sucked. I think they overly spent on security and not enough on the sound system. I did have fun people watching though. I enjoyed them much more at the Henry Fonda last time.
i got a call from my friend sara osmer last night, she is singing somewhere on La Brea in L.A. on Sat. Oct 11th. I'll find out and put it on the other page. c-ya! S

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