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Even though I shut off all the lights and didn't pass out candy [bad for you anyway] I still love Halloween. my whole street did the same thing, so I didn't feel guilty. I remember the years I looked forward to dressing up and trick or treating. I used to come home with a pillow case full of candy, grab another one and head out again. If I can find this photo of my friend and I dressed as punk rockers one year in my early teens, I may post it for a laugh.
It seems that less and less kids are doing it these days. Could be due to the razor blade / poison etc.... scare. sad sad sad.

I didn't do dick this weekend. I slept a lot and only went out to Long Beach on Sunday afternoon to go see a movie by myself. I saw The Motorcycle Diaries. I loved this movie. Not that I want to start a revolution or anything but It sure would be cool to just pick up and travel for a year or so.

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Music: Soledad Brothers

Not even a hard rain will stop me from seeing The Soledad Brothers.

I was exhausted and starving but I felt the need to go see The Soledad Brothers and The Vacation last night.
I started laughing at how hard it started to rain as I got onto the 101 because I didn't have an umbrella. I covered my camera with my jacket and got soaked as I walked down the street to Spacland. There was hardly anyone there yet. The Vacation were to go on at 9pm, things got changed around and Lion Fever went on first. Steve from The Vacation mentioned that Ben [singer and artist] made [drew] all the t-shirts that they were wearing on stage. I only got a good look at Steves, which was of 2 girls holding surf boards and above read I Love L.A. Ben's looked like it had guns all over it..... but I was way in the back for once and didn't really get to check them out. I wasn't in the picture taking mood right then. They rocked as usual and I loved their version of "Trash" when Ben just started making up amazing rhymes towards the end while the band just jams. They finally have t-shirts for sale and they were selling their new CD.
If we can't have The Rolling Stones, The Soledad Brothers will do. I was smiling from ear to ear as soon as they hit the stage. I was so excited to see them again. Slide guitars, Sax and a whole lot of shaking........ thats all I needed last night. It was nice to hear them pay tribute to John Peel by doing a song called "John Peel". At one point I did think of Jet, because a few of their songs sound exactly like the same guitar riffs as Jet [I'm sure it's the other way around though].

Check this out! Lunar Eclipse - get your cameras out because this won't happen again until 2007.

One more interesting site I came across on the internet - Album Covers

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I've just heard some rather sad news today. Mr. John Peel has passed away at the young age of 65 from a heart attack.

If you don't know about him [as you should] then now you can read all about what an amazing icon in the broadcasting community he really was.
Here are some sites I found this morning about him.

ITV.Com - news
Tributes - BBC news
NME - news
Details from the Peel Sessions since '92
mp3's from John Peel shows - Radio plus
John Peel - Rocklist / Festive 50's
BBC Radio 1

It's a sad thing to lose someone who is that cool and passionate about music.
He had some amazing people on his show, he put out some really cool Live
CD's from great artists. I'm still waiting to get a copy of The Hunches that he did
awhile back.
So do yourself a favor and if you don't know about John Peel, school yourself, read up on him and you will be glad you did.


I will update this about the Helmet show in a few hours.......

It was alright. I'm not too much into them anymore. I just like that loud pummeling sound, I guess. Page even made fun of his old songs saying they were to easy and he started to teach the audience 'the chord'. He even said that RUDE was the stupidest song ever and he didn't even know what the words meant. He went on and on... It was funny. So guess what they did as an encore? RUDE! I was happy to hear a few old songs. FBLU (?or is it FLBU?) anyway, Unsung, Sinatra, RUDE, In the meantime...I didn't care for the new stuff as much, wasn't as "touching" to me. I still think the title of their new CD sucks! C'mon.....Size Matters??! I'll have to throw in that Page has aged well. He looks good. I'm sure he is around my age maybe a tad older. The last time I saw Helmet was in the early 90's at a club in Santa Barbara and Tad opened up. There were about 20 people and that was including all band members, club employees and a couple of my friends (Sarah and Roger). Tad was actually posing for me and my camera, it was awesome.
The opener for Helmet last night was called "Instruction"? I forgot but they were alright for what they were doing, the singer sounded like your typical NorthWest grunge guy. Funny, they are from NY. Heavy sound but the lyrics and sound of his voice were more on the pussy side at times.

One more thing.... I found this interesting: History's Greatest Unsolved Crimes

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Music: Elvis Costello

alright, I don't like being sick anymore! I went out Saturday night to see my friends band play at this Moose Lodge in Huntington Beach. The last time I was at a Moose Lodge was when I was a kid. I was one of those children whos parent was a "member". My dad and stepmom would drink and us kids would be put in another room within the lodge for the night. Excellent quality time with the folks.
So needless to say the moose lodge brought back all sorts of memories. There were two rooms, one was full of old people drinking and smoking the other room looked like a gym full of kids .... drinking and smoking. I know I was the oldest one there. For some reason, I didn't give a shit. I had a couple of drinks and some kid started hitting on me. I found it quite amusing. The first band was an all girl band who sounded like a 'punk rock' L7 or something like that.... I wasn't into them. Civet was their name. Next up was The Dirty Little Secrets. I honestly thought the show was really entertaining especially for it only being their second one. They have potential, they just need to practice more on the songs. They sound like a rock band with a hint of the older glam style (pretty boy floyd era). It was a halloween party and DLS wore dresses, they looked damn good. It just sucks that the kids felt the need to start a mosh pit. It wasn't nearly as crazy as the time I saw the Suicidal Tendencies at Irvine college about 10 or more years ago. Kids just don't need to do this sort of thing. do they? I can understand the need to stage dive (i've always wanted to do that) but the mosh pit is plain stupid. The drummer is crazy. During their last song he was upside down playing..... I don't understand how he did this but he was doing it. I would totally go see them again and again.
I got home around 1 am and I was wide awake (probably from the red bull I had earlier-kicking in) I was up until 6am coughing my head off. My body is telling me to rest.
I'm going to see Helmet tonight at the Troubadour. I'm super tired right now, in fact when I was at home for lunch watching I love Lucy, I fell asleep for about 15 minutes.
If I didn't already have a ticket then I wouldn't go tonight.

ps - how is it that no one told me that Elvis Costello was playing at Amoeba until after he played?! This was a few days after the Jon Brion in-store even. C'mon people, help a girl out once in awhile, let me know whats going on. I guess I didn't read the LA weekly in time or checked the Amoeba website early enough. damn it.

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can you say B-O-R-I-N-G!
Clinic is so fucking boring live. My friend at work said maybe they wanted to be "Sterile" (get it? Clinic, sterile.... they ware masks) I could have stayed home and listened to their cd and saved my 20 bucks. The first 2 bands were alright though. Autolux and Sons & Daughters. I dug them more then I did Clinic. I hung out on the patio drinking a newcastle and talked to the secruity guy called "Sam" for awhile. Watched some of Clinic and left by 10:30.
I'm going to see a friend of mines band saturday night in Huntington Beach, should be fun. plus it's closer to home.

ps- Today from 3pm - 6pm Tarfest. Bands are playing at the La Brea Tar Pits. [Telecast, The Shakes]

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Jon Brion Rocks Spaceland
Jon Brion Rocks Spaceland
photo by: suzegirl

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Music: Clinic - Walking with thee [anyone else going to see them tonight?]

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jon Brion? [complete sarcasm, of course]
I'm going to list some articles that others wrote and
some photo's that I've taken over the years.

Perfect Sound Forever

Jon Brion at Amoeba

IGN Interview for I heart Huckabees by - D. Spence

Lost in the Music by Stephen Rodrick - NY Times

Forget the Velvet Rope

Pop Puree

Friday Night Music Club - Rolling Stone

Spontaneous Combustion - Boston Globe

Jon Brion Interview from VH1

Blunt Interview

Listen to samples from I heart Huckabees

Jon Brion at the Sunset Tavern with Jon Auer & Grant Lee Phillips

Aint it cool news [ I heart huckabees/Jon Brion]

Venice Magazine [Rhett Miller / Jon Brion mentioned]

Paper Mag Daily

Daily Trojan

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Music: Led Zeppelin - live at the forum 1977!

I will be the first to admit that I can't cook. I'll even find ways to hurt myself in the kitchen [unintentional of course]. Like today, I went home for lunch and was going to cook these homemade veggie burgers . I put the oil in the pan and it's getting pretty hot [while I'm getting all the fixings together]. I'm thinking to myself "this is pretty hot, how am I going to do this without splashing hot oil all over me?". I don't like to think about things to long so I just went ahead and slammed the patty into the hot oil [knowing that I would get it all over] but not knowing that I would burn the fuck out of my wrist! Yes. Patience is a virtue. I know. I made a mess in the kitchen but the veggie burger turned out great! Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do well in the kitchen or the garden. I have no interest in either. So I'm sitting here at work with my left wrist all wrapped in anti-biotic gel and gauze, and it hurts.

Did anyone watch 'Lost' last night? I missed the first 5 minutes but I guess someone
drowned. I was going to stop watching the show but it's getting interesting . Also the fact that they just found fresh water.... I have a feeling that It's going to be like a twisted Swiss Family Robinson before we know it.

Did anyone see Dylan last night? I'm kinda bumming about missing him. I better get to see Tom Waits when he gets to town, that's all I'm saying!

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Music: Jon Brion [ i woke up hearing his songs in my head]

This is going to sound weird to most but I love the feeling of the first signs of getting a cold. It feels like I'm on some kind of drugs that slow you down [ I really wouldn't know because I've never done 'drugs'] but It's what I imagine. My throat doesn't hurt anymore because I'm taking Cold eeze and drinking a gallon of Orange Juice [excellent combination that really works!] I just feel really mellow and my ears are slightly deaf. Told ya it was weird.
I love this weather. October is my all time favorite month. I'm looking forward to the chill in the air and wearing jackets again. I also like to stay at home more often with a blanket watching movies and eating popcorn.
also when i'm sick I usually have these crazy- cool dreams. last night in a dream I went on this really cool date with a friend of mine from myspace [also a musician that I used to have a crush on] it's my second dream about this guy. It was a cool date though..... I love being sick!

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Music: I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack (Jon Brion)

I’m so friggin’ burn't out right now. I stayed out until 3:30am Friday and Saturday night. Sunday I went to Amoeba to see Jon Brion perform some new songs forI heart huckabees.

Friday I decided to go to the largo. To my surprise there were “new people: new regulars” in the front of the line. I will never be able to sit at ‘my’ seat again….. I'm starting to not feel as comfortable there as I once was. As I waited in line at about 7:15 [sounds ridiculous, I know] I noticed a new skate shop right across the street. They have this big screen T.V. that sits in the window and that shows the skaters who are inside shredding up the place.
I waited for some familiar faces to show up and I was about to just leave because I was really feeling like I wanted to go to Alexs Bar instead to see Immortal Lee County Killers when I see Jake and Lindsay walking down the street.
Jon doesn’t go on until 10:30 or so. Rikki Lee Jones opened up for him, which is always cool because I really dig her. She did ‘burning down the house’. I’m not a fan of David Byrne at all. It was kind of funny though.
The prices went up since the last time I was there. Man, If they weren’t expensive already, and the food….. ugh, not even that great. [sorry largo people]. The honey baked chicken is the only good thing on the menu and it’s still $15 bucks. I only had a few beers with my plain pasta. I was falling asleep during Jon’s first set. The only thing that really stood out for me was the second set when he did ‘maybe I’m amazed’ I always love when he does that song. I was just not into the whole show as I once was. It also annoyed me that the music [dj - scott, flanny, sammy or whoever it was] kept turning it up so loud that you couldn't hear the people trying to talk to you. I hate that feeling when you are straining your voice to talk to someone so instead of having a nice conversation, I just sit there drinking my guinness praying that Jon will hurry and come on. I got home so late, not only because Jon ended at something like 2am but because I ended up talking to one of the new regulars after the show for about an hour.

I wake up around 10:30 am on Saturday and still felt tired. I was starting to feel like I really didn’t want to go out tonight but I really wanted to see The Immortal Lee County Killers and I haven’t seen Bill in a long time so we meet at Roger’s house. Me with my 2 red bulls, grilled cheese from In ‘n Out and an iced tea. I was ready to go.
I pass the place [The Scene] then called Roger [who actually ended up not going at the last minute] and he told us where it was. The place reminded me of Al’s Bar, very ‘punk-like’ – a dive, pretty much. We get there before it starts to rain, it cost $15 bucks but they had Guinness, so all is well. First band we saw was The Guilty Hearts, this was the band of one of the guys who put this show on [leon catfish]. I do remember liking a song they did called ‘Trouble’ and Leon has a good voice, though he only sings backup mostly. They were like 60’s garage rock – ass shaking music. Later I meet Leon and he said the beer he had promised me was coming (2 hours later) he walks over with two bottles of bud-lite (thanks but I already drank enough water today, plus I wasn't in the mood for getting a headach) man, I hate lite beer. He also had a can of blue ribbon in his pocket (again, no thanks). I'm such a beer-snob! sorry. But when you know what you like.....I didn't tell him all of this of course, I'm not that cruel. He said he owes me some Newcastle sometime though, so that's cool.
The Red Onions were more of the same. Did I mention that all these bands are pretty much Mexicans? The singer, a little short guy… danced really cool, sorta like a Mexican Iggy pop.The Chop Sticks were awful! I really hated them. The girl who sang [if you want to call it that] was really super annoying to me. They had this Shtick were they threw a bunch of chopsticks into the audience [go figure ] . ho hum. The Starvations didn’t do anything for me either, In fact I don’t even remember their sound. I wasn’t impressed. The Flash Express were next…. They are a good band, especially if you have never seen them before but I’ve seen them too many times and I’m over it. The singer [Brian] just wants to be Jon Spencer so bad, it gets old after awhile. The drummer [Lance] is really good and I really like the whole look that the bass player has going on [Plimsouls look]. The Immortal Lee County Killers were really good, though I did enjoy the Knitting Factory show a lot more. They had the backdrop playing behind them again and they just rocked. I video taped some of it and took some photo’s. The Dj's Robert Shade (The Eye) and Dan Electro (Club Au GoGo) played some interesting, obscure stuff between bands. I was watching this one guy dance the whole time. He did that 60’s shuffle dance. Man, I love that! A really pretty blonde short hair girl [a la ‘go go looking chick] joined him. It was the perfect looking couple. I think I enjoyed watching them dance more than the whole concert! We stayed for a couple of songs of the last band who didn’t hit the stage until 1:30 a.m. They were 60’s punk guys. They were just annoying, with the spouting off hatred towards the crowd and their ‘hate Bush, hate Kerry – were all going to DIE anyway’ antics. I was just annoyed by it. I was completely awake by this time, I guess the Red Bull works in mysterious ways. It was raining as we walked outside. ....

I was in bed by 4 a.m. and up by around 10 a.m. again. It was a beautiful day and I was excited about seeing Jon Brion during the day. Roger ended up going with me. We got there at a decent time and I got right up front so I could video tape and take photos. I told Roger to go on the side so he can video tape for me but he eventually got kicked out and I didn’t see him during the show. All the old largo regulars showed up, that was cool. It seemed that everyone had video cameras. My friend Pat told me that Sam [ the guy who did Wilco’s movie] was there. He got to talk to him. No news on a Jon Brion documentary as of yet. I think my friends are going to try and put one together, taking their time of course.

Jon walks on stage after flanny introduces him, gives a shirt to the little cute boy ‘Jakob’ next to me and hands out some heart shaped pasterys to the hungry crowd. Jon looks like he just rolled out of bed with his hair all messy and bags under his eyes. Always a good looking fella regardless! He swooned the crowd with his musical genius. It was great seeing all these new faces and their jaws dropping as they watched Jon for their first time. He won the crowd over during the first song. He played about 35 to 40 minutes, old and new stuff. The best part was when the amp was being [bad] with all the terrible noises coming from it, he asked if the acoustic was ready [it wasn’t] so he [as he usually does] looked confused , you can see his mind working and went over to the keyboard and belted out Radiohead's CREEP song done with his Tom Waits voice. Amazing is a good word for this. The crowd went crazy! After the show everyone hung out to get things signed.

I stayed and talked with my friends for awhile and noticed my b/f was working. Woo hoo! ….but of course I say absolutely nothing to him. I just stared. He is so beautiful. My heart started to pound harder when he walked by me. I love that feeling. I doubt I’ll ever meet him. He was wearing all denim and his hair is getting longer. GRRR!

8:43 AM

music: Kiss - Do you love me

Usually I would be very pissed off at the neighbors lawnmower at 7am, but it's the weekday and I was about to hit the snooze button which would have easily turned into the same type of deal as this past Wednesday. I sat there on my bed...... with a smile on my face from the night before. [see dirtbombs story below] I got up and made it to work only 5 minutes late. I'm f'ing tired but I'm very happy.

Roger and I went to the California Pizza Kitchen before heading to the show [The Dirtbombs at the Knitting Factory] I had a tricolour salad. yum! and a glass of wine.... yeah, it all starts here with the wine. We get to the club as the Immortal Lee County Killers were already on. First things first, I grabbed a Guinness.

The Immortal Lee County Killers had that Modey Lemon thing going on. The singer played guitar [ with a slide no-less] oh how i love the slide, it just does something to me.... makes me all tingly inside. I hear that they are playing at Spaceland this weekend. The background was really cool. They had a movie screen behind them which played psychedelic stuff [lots of moving colors] and the sky, dirt road as if you are driving. They sounded great..... someone I'd go check out again for sure!

Next up was The Starlight Desperation. I'm not much into this band. They don't have any passion in their music. Though I can see them getting huge [go figure]. Sure, It was alright and I caught myself enjoying some of their songs...... but they just aren't my thing.
Between bands I found some cool folks to talk to, one being my friend Jeremy who drove all the way out from Ventura to see this show. The other was Richie from The Willows, who tells me they are signed to SFTRI [Sympathy] and plan to re-release there CD with 3 extra songs on it. They are also working on there second CD. He also told me they might be playing with The Vacation in the near future. Do you know how happy this all makes me? You don't even know!

The Ponys played second to last. These guys are rather good but again.... just not my thing. I can totally see them getting huge. They have the 80's crap down good. I lived through the 80's and I know how bad the music was.... I just don't understand the whole [wanting to bring it back] thing.
Needless to say... I just finished my third Guinness before The Dirtbombs hit the stage. So I was feeling goooooood!

I was ready to shake my ass. I got right up front to take some photos thanks to this very nice man who let me stand in front of him against the stage. I surprised myself even, I was moving to the music - cuz the music was in me! I love Ben, one of the two drummers. He just rocks! He reminds me of 'animal' from the muppets. One point in the show some guy got on stage and was dancing around for a long time to....... no one in the band was paying any attention to him except for Ben, Ben looked like he was ready to kill him. He got up from his drums and just shoved the guy backwards, over a monitor and into the crowd. It was great and well deserved. C'mon guys... it's their show not yours so stay off the stage!
Ben and Mick switched places and Ben sang 'dirt' which... from a reliable source, has never been played live before. Excellent! They did a few covers.... I always forget after the show even if Roger and I talked about it in the car on the way home. They did a Stooges song, Brian Eno...... damn what was the other one? Roger? [ a little help please]
As I was standing up front... this guy [who was with a girl] and I kept looking at each other. I couldn't help it, this guy had a really cool look about him with his 70's [faces era] hair and his beautiful skin. I don't know why he kept looking at me but our eyes kept locking. It's like.... look buddy ' don't be looking at me like that unless you are going to do something about it'.
The Dirtbombs did about three encores. I'll post the photos [and more] this weekend. If you like to rock [and I know you do] then I suggest you get your ass in gear and catch The Dirtbombs the next time they play.

Now I'm not so sure I'm up for the Largo/Jon Brion tonight.... I already had my three Guinness limit for the weekend.....

I'm at work right now and have been typing since 8:45. I guess I should try and come out of my [sleepy rock] world and find something to do for the next 5 hours or so.


My new favorite local bands that I want to go see.

1. Addison

2. The Colour

3. The Gunshys if this link doesn't work, you can find them on

10:07 AM

music: The Thrills [let's bottle bohemia] this cd fucking rocks my world! i want to make out with the singer and i don't even know what he looks like.....ok, i lied... there is a photo of them on the cover and i've seen them live. :)

I made it to work on time, actually 5 minutes early. As I drove in.... this guy that I've had my eye on for the past few days drove in at exactly the same time- down the same row. I parked next to him yesterday [on purpose] when I came back from lunch.
At 5pm as I'm getting into my jeep, the radio is blasting some news [not to cool - had to fumble around to stick my discs back in].... here he comes, we smiled and I took off. It's like what should I do? ....say "hey, how are ya - been working here long - oh yeah? what department? want to grab a drink after work" then I'd have to look at my [rock schedule] calendar.... I'm free only on Saturday!
I can't bring myself to say anything.

Anyway, I got a package from Amazon yesterday. YES! My CD's have finally arrived. The Thrills [let's bottle bohemia] K.D. Lang [hymns of the 49th parallel] Elvis Costello [the delivery man] Blues Explosion [damage] Tom Waits [real gone] Mark Lanegan [bubblegum]. So far I've listened to The Thrills, which is amazing. I love this band so much, his voice just gets me! I listened to a little bit of Elvis Costello and to my surprise,
Lucinda Williams sings on a few songs. excellent stuff! I heard a few songs from Blues Explosion, which is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They just dropped [The Jon Spencer] for some reason. Though I haven't heard it all the way through, this CD reminds me of the older, more raw stuff. I'm excited about that and to see them in a few months at the Fonda.

Tonight The Dirtbombs are going to blow the roof off the Knitting Factory..oh and the Ponys are playing with them. This is ass-shaking 60's garage rock type of stuff. Mick [the singer] used to be in The Gories and The Blacktops!
.....shit I just remembered that I had a dream last night that it was sold out and I wasn't able to take photos. I hope my dream isn't true.

ps - check this out. A Tribute album for The Cars! Jason Falkner doing 'touch and go', Jon Auer doing 'misfit kid' and Butch Walker doing 'my best friends magic girlfriend'.

11:35 AM

Music: Stereophonics these guys are so good! kind of "no depression/alt country" type... I love the singers whiskey voice.

I walk into work an hour and 1/2 late today. oops, I forgot to set the alarm and plus It's been so dark in the mornings lately. 8:30 is the time I should be sitting at my desk but I didn't wake up until 9:10. I didn't even go out last night, In fact I watched the Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill and part of one of those CSI shows then fell asleep early. I guess I needed to sleep.
The day is going by quick, my boss isn't here today or tomorrow and I've basically got nothing to do.... yeah, yeah... sure I'll find something productive to do but for now, I'm going to lunch! (11:45) and when I get back from lunch, I will pay some bills and update my rock schedule.

How come no one ever writes to me anymore? I mean... I see that my site gets "hit" a lot but.... are they all lurkers? whats up?
I need some stimulation among friends sometimes, I mean that in a "lets talk about music/movies/life etc..." way, not the way it sounded.

I love it when people comment on my blog. (except when they start putting me down like that one girl from long beach awhile ago..... yeah - no one needs that)

check this out
The point of this story is that football games and lottery winners don't mix.

10:54 AM

music: Old 97's...... cuz they can rock to!

I saw I heart Huckabees this past weekend. The main reason I wanted to see it was for the music by Jon Brion of course and it helped to have Jude Law / Jason Schwartzman / Mark Wahlburg and Naomi Watts in it. The music (score) was very fitting but you can only hear the words that Jon actually sings at the end as the credits are rolling. The movie.... hmmm.. I have mixed feelings and I'll tell you why.
First of all I had a major headach (lack of food) going into the theatre, I get cranky when I don't eat. So the movie didn't help the headach by being so chaotic. A word that came to mind as I was watching it was 'Clumpy'. That I cannot explain.... very well. In fact I'm not good at explaining anything really. The movie is just nuts, it deals with your mind and exhistance.... and as a kid, this kind of stuff freaked me out. I drove my mom nuts always asking questions about 'what is out there beyond the stars' and I would go on and on and I'm sure it drove her nuts everytime she came in to tuck me in. She didn't need to read me a story because I would simply ask questions until I fell asleep.
so back to the movie.... another feeling I had on it was that it was 'weird' for the sake of being weird. I did laugh a lot and the acting was terrific but it's one that I would not think about weeks later or want to go see again. Unlike the Spotless Mind flick which also had Jon Brion doing the score... this one I want to own on DVD and watch over and over again (well, maybe just once - then 6 months later... again). Some of my friends really loved this movie for some reason and I can understand their point of view........... ok, no.... no I can't. I don't understand anything. I just didn't care for the movie as much as I wanted to. :)

I watched the
The Office second season on DVD this past weekend also. This made me laugh so much. I love this kind of shit...... and I've actually seen offices where they have these kinds of characters working in them. I love the Tim Canterbury character - (Martin Freeman) he was also in Love Actually and Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook)... he was in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Last night I saw the
Old 97's at The Galaxy in Santa Ana with opener Jon Rauhouse. I'm glad that I looked on Jon's site before I left otherwise I would not have known that the beautiful and amazing Kelly Hogan was going to be singing a few songs with him. I got there early and wanting to drink a lot of wine for some reason. I went to the bar and got my merlot in a plastic cup for 6 bucks, walked around until I found some people that I knew and sat with them until Kelly came on. I stuck by the stage the remainder of the night to take photos. As Kelly left the stage in order for the other guys to play alone for awhile, I get this tap on my shoulder. To my surprise, Roger made it. I didn't think he would be able to in time to see Kelly.... she was going to come back out and do some more songs in a bit. cool. This chick has an amazing voice and her style rocks. She's got a great sense of humor also. She has a voice that will send chills down your spine..... yes! she is that wonderful. The last time I got to see her was at the Derby about a year ago also playing with Jon Rauhouse and Neko Case. That was a night to remember... The Derby was packed and hot, I stood up front (for photos) and it was one of the most amazing concert experiences I've seen in awhile. If you are into alt country/no depression at all and don't know who these people are than I really think you should check these folks out.

The Old 97's were up next to rock everyones world and .... they did. Rhett Miller (lead singer) still has it, even after getting married and being a father to little Max. The guy has the moves! They did a lot of old songs right away then a few new ones then Rhett came out and did some songs off his Solo CD. The guy can write! Sure the songs are all about girls and relationships... isn't that what life is all about?

The Old 97's are a catchy fun rockin' band. Fun, I tell ya!!

1:53 PM

music: supergrass

i haven't posted since monday? hmmm..... what have i been up to?
i've been watching the gilmore girls, american dreams and lost. i was bummed to see that Jess is no longer on the gilmore girls however to my wonderful surprise, as i was watching american dreams..... up pops Jess though his name isn't jess.... i forgot already but hey, it's him and he plays basically the same type of character. GRRRRR!

it's friday night and i've got nothing going on as usual..... i'm wondering if i should just start hanging out at the largo again. don't get me wrong, i still think jon brion is amazing and i do miss seeing his shows sometimes...... i don't know, maybe i'll go tonight.

me and a friend went to the avalon (the palace) last night to see Supergrass. the sound system there kicks ass! it was my friends first time since they changed it all around for the better. we got a drink and found a table upstairs to stand at. the opening band was actually pretty good... they sounded like wilco on some songs then other songs the clash or someone else. i dug the way the singer wore his guitar kinda high up "buddy holly" style and shook one leg to the beat. the drummer was excellent as well. oh .... the band was from Ohio and called themselves "The Son". i'll have to look them up and see if they have a cd. it was to crowded at the t-shirt table to check there after the show. we were on our second beers when Supergrass walked on stage. the first 4 songs i was wondering if i was gonna have to leave because the lighting guy must have been on speed or something. i was blinded on and off for the first 4 songs then i'm thinking someone else took over. you know when you look at the sun and when you look away and try and focus on something and you see the sun instead...... well, it's was kinda like that. annoying!
it was their greatest hits tour..... yeah, so they did alot of old stuff as well as some off of "Life on other planets" which i'm still trying to get used to. not really trying because i haven't really listening to them lately other than a few days before the gig. :)

it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get 30 miles. it was stupid traffic. on a thursday night no less. what is the deal? no accidents.... no huge events...... just a whole lot of people going somewhere, or trying to go somewhere on the freeways of LA. i have a love/hate feeling about LA. if i moved, i would miss all the rock shows, the beaches, the mountains just everything.
after the supergrass show, we went to grab a bite to eat at the 101 cafe. we were starving beings there was no time to eat before hand. we get to the tiny parking lot to find that some kid in a van just sideswiped a poll that was next to his parking spot, a girl was trying to tell him how to get out without any more damage to his vehicle. DUH!

nothing like french toast at 11pm just before you go to sleep. the place is always packed with all the "hipsters" either getting ready to go to clubs or just getting out of a club. we sat behind "laughing lisa" this girl could not and would not stop laughing and talking....needless to say, she was drunk. if i didn't have to be up at 7am for work then we could have went to the M Bar after the show for the "after the show party". i almost forgot..... 'never eat right before you go to sleep' or you will have some crazy dreams! my dream consisted of kate hudson and her weird looking dog (cross between a boxer and a little yappy dog - don't ask) chris was in the background with the kid... anyway i was hanging out at their place talking to kate, we all had to take our shoes off before entering the house. i don't remember how or why i was there. it got late and i don't know why i didn't leave..... kate and chris started walking upstairs and talking, their dog followed and i was left all alone in their living room. i thought 'what the fuck' and i left then realized i forgot my shoes and luckily i left the door unlocked, so i went back in and grabbed them and walked home. see..... thats it, thats all i got. strange.

9:26 AM

i haven't been listing music first anymore because i've been listening to the same stuff: the hunches, reigning sound, stones...... forever. it's because i haven't changed my cd's in my jeep in a long time.
i went to the anaheim house of blues on friday to see the new york dolls and chelsea smiles. i can honestly say that the new york dolls are getting up there in the years.....ok, they are f'ing OLD! johanson can still move like a man in his 20's though. he's got the "iggy pop syndrome" going on with his flabby skinny skin. he did this really gross belly dance, well... it was pretty funny actually. the show was really good - i don't know about it being worth 40 bucks come to think of it but i'm glad i went. the only thing i didn't really care so much about was when they did janis joplins "piece of my heart". i don't know why but i just didn't like it. they did some thunders songs which was a nice surprise to me. "you can't put your arms around a memory" always reminded me of when i was in London and my frinds would play this album over and over when i was there - really cool.

seeing sammy from hanoi rocks playing bass up there was a treat as well. johanson had this really cool outfit on: little pink 1/2 shirt and tight pants with a sarong over it. i think all men should wear this outfit at least once in their lifetime (kidding) but i really liked the sarong, he had a little one then towards the end of the show when he was throwing the huge amount of flowers that were on stage to the audience, he had changed into a longer sarong.

i really dig chelsea smiles more and more each time they play. though where i was standing, i couldn't see the keyboard player. i noticed a lot of familiar faces once again but only from seeing all these people at shows over the years.

saturday i went to my friends wedding, he [rory] used to work at tempo records with me about 15 years ago. i sat at a table with the "Tempo Records Gang", it was cool. though we all kept in touch and often see each other anyway, it was just nice to be with everyone in the same room at one time again. the wedding was very cool. totally different from any that i had attended in the past. there was no talk of religion in the ceremony at all.... it was mostly poetry read by the bride and groom. the music was especially picked by rory to impress us record store folks and he did a great job with that. not as cool as i would do when/if i ever tied the knot.... hee hee
the wedding was at 11am and didn't end until 4pm. they ran way behind time. some of us went out for drinks after at BJ's, the Doger game was on and my friend Roger was all excited about the game for some reason. i didn't know what was going on because i don't really care for sports much other than watching a few basketball games on tv or actually going to see it live. after that our other friend called me and wanted to also have a drink because he was in the area and just got out of something to do with his graduating class from the arts center at MOCA.... something to do with some magazine, anyway turns out we walked across the parking lot of BJ's to El Torito. It was a day/evening filled with friends!

I met some other friends at the movies on sunday. we saw the forgotten. i liked this movie. it wasn't as scary as the previews but it makes you think. i stayed and snuck into see ladder 49, i also liked this. i wanted to get my moneys worth plus i was bored.


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