The Girl that gets the B-Sides......"for the love of music"....


1:56 PM

I’m in a “loady-drone” mood. Currently listening to The new Dead Meadow “shivering king and others”. anyone with me?
Anyone want to come over tonight and drink a bottle of red wine and listen to drone with the headphones? (I’ve got two!).

last night I had a plan of seeing Eugene Edwards with a friend at the Blue Café in Long Beach but first we met for dinner on 2nd street. as I was looking through the LA weekly I spotted an ad for The Pink Mountaintops playing at Koo’s Café (also in Long Beach) at the last minute we decided to go check ‘em out.
I’m so glad that I did because they were great! So great in fact that I almost want to sell my Kills ticket and go catch them again tonight at The Echo in LA playing with none other than the amazing Jon Wahl (The Amadans) former singer for Clawhammer. His voice is an acquired taste.

The Pink Mountaintops remind me of a 70’s rock band with a hint of The Velvet Underground and Neil Young. They have 7 members (2 drummers, 2 keyboards, 1 bass and 2 guitar’s) The two guitar players also sing – guy and girl.
They are sometimes noisy but also mellow 70’s, dirty-porch-rock. I just made that up.

We get to the Blue Café and there was my old friend Cowboy Curtis working the door, my friends used to make up names for people at the blue café, of course we didn’t tell them that. He looked exactly the same…. Cowboy hat, tight levis (gross), Indian looking jewelry and a vest. He comes over to me when my friend left me alone to talk to Eugene and he gave me his “card”… ha ha. It has a photo of him on it with his phone number. I’ll have to post it because It’s really funny.

We had to sit through this awful band who I know owns way to many Alanis Morissette records, before Eugene Edwards came on. The girl was really hard to watch, almost to the point of embarrassment on her part. It’s like “what are you thinking!”
They had that “session” guitar rock sound as if they were trying out the guitars at the NAMM show or something, just a really boring sound that did absolutely nothing for me.
I was super tired by the time Eugene Edwards came on but he kept me interested enough to stay for the whole set. He is a really talented and very outgoing, friendly guy. His influences come out in his playing (B.Springsteen, E.Costello,T.Petty, N.Young) Sometimes he reminded me of Elvis Costello. I could tell he is very passionate about his music, one song in particular that caught my attention the most was called “My favorite Revolution” I would label him as “POP”. I love POP music!

What did I do over the Thanksgiving Holiday, you ask? I shot my very first Shotgun and I hit the clay thingy on my first try. I love the smell of gunpowder!
It was fun but boy does that thing have a “kick” on it. Damn! I still have the bruise on my right shoulder which turned three different shades of purple.

In other news…..
I got back from lunch and there was a lunchroom full of our Motorcycle Team, about 30 good looking young men all dressed up in their Yamaha Racing garb. They were signing their photos. I got there as they were leaving because I’m not into getting autographs but I had to go check these hot guys out. Oh boy were they ever hot, young and rich. I wouldn’t know what to say so I just peaked my head in and grabbed an already signed one and took off.

1:38 PM

The Kills are playing tomorrow, Tuesday at The Troubadour.

THE KILLS website

I've already bought tickets by faxing the troubadour.
You can do the same, it's simple.
Go to the troubadour website and follow directions :)
The Troubadour website

The Kills at the Troubadour.
She’s a foxy American singer-guitarist, he’s a zippered-up intense British guitarist-singer, the drum machine is
. . . well, factory-birthed and -bred. Together they make extremely minimalist, hot-breathed highway blues with some rock sass and sultry country croon: the Jesus & Mary Chain minus the fuzzback, fronted by a woman who could be our generation’s Chrissie Hynde. Tonight they’ll likely be previewing songs from their second album — No Wow, out next year on Rough Trade — which is somehow simultaneously an elaboration of their debut’s spare sound and even further stripped down, often little more than a hurried pulse and a vocal. At previous L.A. shows the Kills have played to each other so much, and engaged the audience so little, that it’s been less a concert than some kind of peep show or psychodrama, albeit one you can dance to. (Jay Babcock)

Seriously folks, they are jaw dropping good. Especially if you like "SEXY" rock 'n roll.

8:27 AM

Music : The Kinks

It's 8:30 in the morning, I was just asked for my phone number by one of the warehouse guys at my work. We have been sorta flirting back and forth [something I must watch from now on] and he saw me drive up and walked me up to the door asking me what I'm doing this weekend. I told him I usually go to concerts but nothing is going on this weekend [ I just remembered there is this huge gig in downtown with bands doing Stones covers - woo hoo, plus the Seeds are supposed to play] The guy said that I should take him to a concert sometime and I told him that I didn't think he would like anything I listen to. He said why? because I'm Mexican? and I laughed and said no, actually I see a lot of Mexican's at the gigs I go to. I felt strange about what I just said and told him I'd make him a mixed tape. WTF, now I'm to make a mixed tape for someone I don't even know? what do I get myself into? The kid is cute - but I really think this one is super young, like 18. ha ha.
whats that saying in dazed and confussed where Matthew McConaughey says something like "I keep getting older but they just stay the same" regarding being the oldest one in high school. ok, whatever. I'm done.

As I was leaving to go see The Blues Explosion last night, I get a call from my dad on my cell, wondering If I still plan on going with them on Thanksgiving to my step brothers house in.......Lancaster (oh boy!) get this, he wants me to be at his house in Fullerton at 7AM! 7AM!! I don't even know what 7AM looks like unless I'm out until then.

Me: “7am, as in the morning when the sun is just coming up”
DAD: “yes suze, it's not 7 in the afternoon”
DAD: “what are you doing?” [he asks this because I was driving]
Me: “going to a concert in LA”

and to this of course he does the dad thing
DAD: “in the middle of the week?!”
"you don't want to get up early but you can go to a concert in the middle of the week" "suze, someday you will grow up”
ME: "dad, no. no I won't - I will never be like you" kidding, I only said the bit about not growing up.

again, I start to wonder what growing up is…..
The conversation pretty much ends there and I tell him that I just won’t drink the night before I have to be at his place at 7am on Thanksgiving. He told me that was a good idea. I’m thinking…. Wow, that’s funny coming from a man who drank through my childhood! Gotta love dad though.

you have to understand that I rarely talk to my dad let alone joke around with him, but something got into me and I was..... well, myself. It was fun. could this be a breakthough in my family? my mom is a whole other story, I'd need a crowbar or something. [mom if you are reading this - i do love you anyway]. I hope you and Shelly [my sister] have a wonderful time in Hawaii without me!!

Let's just get on with the music talk, shall we. so last night i got free tickets through goldenvoice for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion gig at the El Rey. [Blues Explosion , as they liked to be called now] It was bad enough that they had to downsize from The Fonda Theatre but now Goldenvoice was actually giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the gig. I arrived with my camera, no problem. My buddy Bernnie from Chicago whom I met there for the same gig 2 years ago was also gonna be there. I found him, he bought me a drink and hung out for a bit. THANKS Bern!
(please don't hold my review of the show against me though)
I had a good standing spot, stage left by
Judah "fucking" Bauer this man can play guitar! and he is so damn cute.
I've been trying to figure out what it is about guys with guitars?
ever since I was about 12, i've had a fascination with them. Is everyone like this? well, actually drums, bass, piano or organ, viola, harmonica - pretty much anything.
ok, so back to the show. I've seen Jon Spencer almost as many times as I've seen Mudhoney (that's a lot) and honestly I feel [now this is hard to say because i've been a fan for so long....] ... I feel that JSBX have lost it somewhere along the way. for me anyway. The guys are great and amazing musicians.
I had fun because I was right up front and I can see the sweat dripping off of Jon Spencer, and to me that's always exciting. watching Judah play guitar is a treat as well, and of course Russell, one of the most amazing drummers of our time. It was all good, but I didn't get that "excitement" feeling in my stomach this time. They did play a few noisey new songs which I enjoyed. I think the show was 1/2 and 1/2. Jon sure can wail and scream like no other, or should I say like Elvis? but I almost felt that he wasn't really THERE with us. He/they were more into their "put on a show" mode and not really FEELING anything. .... but that's just me and how i was feeling at this time.

......and NO! It's not that I'm getting older. :)

after the gig, I was happy and I did enjoy myself and It was great to meet some faces from "myspace". I ran into bobby bones from The Morlocks Sky Parade, omg - what a total sweetheart. He came up and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.

If you aren't doing anything tonight......The Vacation is playing at
Star shoes plus free beer until a certain time. sounds good to me.
This saturday a bunch of bands are playing Stones songs in downtown LA. Seems like a good line up. I'll post it before the weekend.


3:47 PM

Music: Jet

C'mon everybody, come see the amazing Blues Explosion. These guys will get your ass shakin at the El Rey tomorrow night, that's Tuesday!
I'll be there, come say hello. (as if you even know what I look like) Just look for a blonde chick with a camera (hopefully) but if you are looking to kick my ass for some odd reason then look for a girl with red hair (not holding a camera).
If you want to buy me a drink (again, blonde hair & camera). :)

The last time I saw them, Elliott Smith was on stage helping them out with a song at the El Rey. If that helps with your decision to come or not. well, beings Elliott is no longer with us, he won't be joining them on stage this time. But perhaps some other amazing "alive" musician will grace us.

Ok, now i'm going to have to listen to Figure 8, such an amazing cd by Elliott.

well, mohawk guy didn't call me on sunday. :( he called me on saturday when he was off work but it was to late to hang out. I have a feeling that I shouldn't have given in so quickly with the making out. but hey, when I know what I want and it's right there - I'm going for it. Perhaps I was a little too 'easy' . ha ha.
hey - spread the word, will ya!! maybe I can get some more dates. :)
rock 'n roll!
ya know i'm kiddin' right?

6:26 PM

Music: Radiohead - The Bends

The weekend is almost over. I'm just rockin' the Radiohead Cd's tonight. I only got out of the house today to go shopping. I got an ipod case so i can put it on my arm (and look cool) while I'm working out. I went to go get a new cell phone today but now they say I have to wait until Monday due to problems of the switch over from at&t to cingular.
I got my ipod over the weekend and so far I've uploaded 2,500 songs from my computer, now i'm going through a pile of CD's to stick on there.
I also received the Freaks and Geeks DVD yearbook thingy, so i'm looking forward to seeing those once again.

Friday after work my friend Roger and I took the train "blue Line/red line" to The Wiltern to see Wilco. It was a great idea! We got there right at 8pm and Carla Bozulich (former Geraldine Fibbers and Ethel Meatplow) was on. To my surprise Nels Cline (her husband or boyfriend) was playing guitar with her. He is a fucking amazing guitar player. Her new stuff rocks! It reminds me of her CD called "Butch" by Geraldine Fibbers. good noisey stuff!!
Roger had a seat upstairs and I was on the floor. I found an excellent standing spot, leaning on the first railing right behind the VIP area. I met a girl who was in the same position as I was in so he hung out talking while we waited for Wilco to hit the stage. She had seen Wilco the night before and said that was amazing. Before Wilco came on I ran into Bob Bruno from the largo (Jon Brion's old guitar tech) he told me he opened for Jon a few Fridays ago and will be doing so again sometime.
Wilco did a lot of old songs, Nels Cline come out and played guitar with them. It really added to the band. Not that Jeff Tweedy needs any help from anyone. during one of the songs Jeff had the audience screaming along with Nels "screamer effect" on his guitar. It was fun. Wilco rocked even more than I expected, a little more noisey and louder than I thought. really cool!
Towards the end of the night he did a very fitting song, "Don't Fear the Reaper" of course this was after a little politics/Bush talk. The only thing I was thinking about was "MORE COWBELL", the SNL skit and I started laughing. It was an amazing show.

On the way home Roger and I ran into some gang members on the train. Lucky we were almost at our stop. As they walked on they were rapping along to their beat-box, which was kinda cool. They were smoking, that was gross and smelling up the whole train. A couple of other guys from way in the back came up near us and sat and was watching the gang. I kept thinking that I didn't really want that kind of excitement this weekend to write about. I was a little scared. When the train stopped the two guys got off and so did we. They looked like "nice" gang members though. I made eye contact with them on the train and I even smiled. I could tell that Roger wanted to hold back a little and let them go ahead of us. There was no one else around and I was a tad bit scared but I didn't want them the smell fear on me so I walked side by side with them down the stairs holding my car key in my hand in the 'fighting position' ha ha, as if I had a chance in a fight with these two huge guys. They didn't bother us at all.
well, I gotta go cuz American Dreams is on. :)

8:35 AM

Music: Chamber Strings - Gospel Morning

I'm still drunk! I have a hangover. :( It's just not a good thing to have when you have to work. My boss isn't here but I have a lot of work to do today. I brought in my "hangover" tea that a friend of mine brought back from London awhile ago but wouldn't you know it, no cups!
I went out with the mohawk guy again. We went to this dive bar (always fun to do) The lady bartender was super drunk to say the least. She put money in the jukebox and let me and him pick the songs. There wasn't a lot to choose from but we found some stones, hendrix, eminem and nirvana to play. When I see playlists like that, it just makes me want to donate some cd's. ya know.

I'm going to see Wilco tonight at the Wiltern. I'm so hungry right now! I'm going to supermex for lunch! god, I need to go find a cup to put my tea in. The next time we hang out I'm gonna say 'no' to drinking. I don't need alcohol to make out with someone anyway.... ha ha. especially when the guy is that young and good looking. I'm not going to say that I'm in love or anything, it's just comfortable. Our birthdays are a day apart and we share the same passion for music though I have about 2,000 more cd's then him, but that's beside the point.

well, I'm going to try and get through all this paperwork today. Don't worry, I won't turn my blog into some sort of "boy talk blog", I'll keep the rest to myself.

I have a feeling my posts are going to be less and less, but you never know. I just feel like this right now, who knows how I will feel tomorrow. I need to focus on saving money to buy a house right now. (i'm laughing because it seems so f'ing impossible). It's just been so hard when you have a little debt and then theres the concerts and film to buy to take photos of the bands. Which brings me back to getting off my ass and getting my fucking portfolio together to submit to magazines and start my book.
I wonder how long I can go without seeing a band every night? Perhaps I should cut it down to the necessary. I have a feeling that I'm already doing this. I'm going to see Wilco tonight then I'm going to see The Blues Explosion next week, which by the way isn't at the Fonda. They had a venue change , It's now at The El Rey.
It's only 9:30am, I need lunch! and yes, I need to get to work.
so thats my ramble for the weekend.

ps - if you aren't going to see Wilco tonight then you should really go to spaceland to see Evan Dando (Lemonheads) with Lee Ving (yes, that Lee). I really wish I had bought my Wilco Ticket for last night instead so I could go see Evan!! Or this interesting band called The Dresden Dolls is playing The El Rey.

11:45 AM

Music: Comets on Fire (new one) and Nick Drake (pink moon)

I ended up going to the Echo last night to see yet another amazing show with Dead Meadow and The Warlocks. I didn't go to see The Faint and T.V. on the radio because I thought I was being blown off so I made other plans real quick so I wouldn't miss an amazing show. Plus I was a little relieved that I didn't have to spend 30 bucks! The guy finally called me back regarding the extra ticket to purchase but kinda to late. So I just told him good luck selling it and I'm sure he would have no problem in doing so beings I knew of some people (ok, i lied - i only knew of one person) going down there to buy a ticket at the door. It was a sold out show. It sorta teaches the guy to "be on time" and "keep in close contact as to what time to be there". I did feel bad and he told me to have fun at the show after I told him to have fun at his (i don't even know this guy, but he seemed very nice, yet "late") He called me back telling me he doesn't see anyone there wanting tickets only scalpers and I told him that I was truly sorry. I'm sure if I didn't answer my phone that time , he would have left me a nasty message.
I admit that I did want to go see both shows but I just made it a tie breaker by seeing if he had called by a certain time and he didn't. If he answered his phone in the first place, I would have gone. oh well.
Dead Meadow, once again proved to be one of the greatest bands I've seen this year (I said one of them... there are many) and I have to mention the D.J. I love the DJ! He played and old Nirvana song then Mudhoney "touch me I'm sick" then a Loop song. I just wanted to go up and Kiss him and tell him that he just made my night and The Warlocks haven't even come on yet!!
I took a bunch of photos of Dead Meadow, that bass player is fucking rad! His sound is so fucking heavy, sorta Black Sabbath style with a hint of Loop and My bloody Valentine. They were so fucking groovy! The Warlocks finally came on around midnight, I was tired but yet still in the mood to rock. I started to take photos and there was lots of fog on stage, I was shooting 3200 speed film but still had some trouble with the new camera (i should have read the directions, as i'm still not familiar with all the dials yet) I was annoyed by this drunk girl who came over by me and started to chat... it's like "shut the fuck up, can't you see a band is on stage!" she even said something that annoyed me even more; "it's hard to take photos with all that fog on stage huh". I just wanted to bitch slap her back to the bar. ((I hope you know that i'm not a violent person and that most of the time i'm kidding )) so anyway, it was time for me to go home. The Warlocks rocked and I'm glad I got to see such an amazing show 2 nights in a row. I have no regrets for missing The Faint or T.V. on the radio.

I'm looking forward to going to the Echo this Tuesday for that Special show with all these bands doing covers. Kennedy is doing The first Ramones record and The 88 is doing Dylan and so on. You can read about it over there on the side of my blog if you click on "rock schedule".

9:25 AM

My ears are bleeding, no - no they really aren't but they might as well have been last night. It was fucking LOUD! I was at the troubadour and saw 3 really cool bands, all on the same bill. I love when that happens! Frausdots were on first and to my surprise it was Brent from Further/Beachwood sparks fronting them. they had the sound of Brian Wilson at times and The Beatles other times. It was pretty mellow but still very much rockin'. I'd go see them again, in fact they are playing for FREE at Spaceland this month. Next up was Dead Meadow, I'd see these cats before and was impressed the first time (from D.C.) They have this heavy drone sound to them. The guitars fucking kicked ass - the sound of them, i can not describe other than to say "feedback & distortion", extra long guitar jams.

I'm going to have to hit up amoeba soon for some cd's by all three bands. The Warlocks are one of the best "guitar drone" bands out there. The lights were incredible and the fog machine, it was so psychedelic and goovey. The sound was super heavy and I later noticed that there were 2 drummers! you know what? everyone should have 2 drummers! (as if one good drummer isn't already hard to find, think of trying to find 2 that can work together) At points of the show I had to move away from the wall because the bass guitar was so loud that i can feel it through my back from the wall (if that makes any sense), it was hard to swallow sometimes [ the feeling of being blown away]. I was blown away by The Warlocks! They have the whole "my bloody valentine" type guitar drone down.

Tonight i'm looking forward to seeing The Faint and TV on the Radio with Beep Beep at The Mayan Theatre.

1:04 PM

besides having the headache in my eye as usual lately, i now have an actual headache from drinking to much last night, and i didn't have water and an aspirin before bed. Wouldn't you know it, i'm busy today more so than the whole time i've worked here. I've got 4 things to do that will take time and signatures later. So what am I doing on my blog? ha ha.
Roger and I headed out to see Comets on Fire at the Echo last night. I am so glad I went. From what I can remember..... the first band was a guy in a monster costume just shredding on an "thing" it wasn't a guitar, more like something homemade that sounded like ... well, melodic noise, if that makes any sense. I think the name of the guy was "smegma".
then another band came on, it was as if all these white trash grannys got together and said "hey, lets start a band! if junior here can do it so can we" and ta.. da.. the "whitetrashgrannyband" was born. There is no right way to explain them. I think it was drone but every once in awhile zz top looking "cool motherfucker of a beard" grandpa threw in some guitar licks, sometimes blues sometimes just rock for fun. I was in shock as what i was seeing on stage. I'm sorry that I didn't take a single photo of them. I didn't catch their name either. Comets on Fire were up next. I got right up in front of the stage after they did a few songs. The guitars just pummeled me. god, how i love noisey rock bands! I desided to stay to see Wolf Eyes. They were great as well, i especially liked when the guy just started screaming at the top of his lungs, he didn't do this on every song though. I'd go see both bands again if they ever came back around.
I just found out that T.V. on the Radio is sold out for the sunday show at the Mayan Theatre. I wanted to go to this! anyone? anyone?
Tonight I may go see Jon Brion or go see The Dwarves in San Pedro. I'd like to go see Brian Jonestown Massacre but i'm just afraid Anton will stop mid-set and fire his bandmates.
Saturday The Warlocks and Dead Moon are playing at the Troubadour, i'll probably head over there.
ok, i must try and focus on these stacks of papers on my desk. try to earn my keep.

PS - Guys, Don't get married young, always wear a condom and be honest with your feelings or you will end up like this man here.

8:34 AM

Music: Comets on Fire (sub pop)

Last night I stayed home once again. I think it's been something like two weeks since I've seen a band!
I listened to Dylan's "Time out of mind", The Chamber Strings "Gospel Morning" and Evan Dando's "Baby I'm bored" while watching Dazed and Confused in the background (I just bought the DVD) This movie will never get old, it's a classic.
Then I watched Hi Fidelity. Another classic. I love the bald kid that worked in the record store (Dick). One of my favorite scenes in the movie was where "Rob" put on The Beta Band "the three ep's" and said that he will sell 5 copies, everyone pretty much stopped what they were doing and started groovin' to it. Such a great record!
....when I worked in a record store, I would throw on Napalm Death (songs are 3 seconds long - SECONDS not minutes) or Nick Cave's "scum" song, sometimes I'd mix it up a bit and but on Cher's "If I can turn back time" - I used to mimic her as I walked down the isles straightening the tape's.

I entered a photo contest via Sub Pop. I picked out 3 photos of Sub Pop bands that I've taken and e-mailed them for the contest. Perhaps I can win a digital camera or a photo editing program for my computer or at least get my work out there.

I did absolutely nothing at work for the past few days. You know in the movie Office Space where the guy admits he only does about 15 minutes of work all day..... well I got him beat, try zero minutes of work in TWO days! I just figure that I do everything that is asked of me [mostly re-do spreadsheets to make them look nice or update and keep track of the helicopters that we sell] sometimes I can find things to do but not lately. My boss likes me and he's hardly here, so I'm really not worried, but at the same time I feel like I need to keep busy for my own frame of mind. [I was just interrupted because everyone started talking about the three stooges] , it's a cool bunch of people that I work with. Everyone gets their work done then we just sorta take breaks and talk about stupid stuff.

I'm looking forward to going to The Echo tomorrow night to see Comets on Fire. The band is so noisy and loud and full of energy.

PS does anyone live in Seattle and Oregon who is going to see The Hunches and The Kills on Dec 3rd and 4th? I'm totally thinking about a vacation.... fly, rent a car then take the train back and fly home. (hey, Gene.... you still living in Portland?)
I don't know if I'm actually going, but I'm seriously thinking about it!

2:26 PM

STOP BREATHING by PAVEMENT..... is what was stuck in my head today as the nurse in the doctors office told me to do so as she put my boob in this clamp device and took some xrays. No, nothing is wrong that I know of yet. I'm just taking precautions. My very first mammogram.
I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't hurt somewhat.... guys just think of how painful it would be to put the clamp on your dick and keep turning it until it's almost flat.
...... sorry, ok quit thinking about it.

I'll know the results in a couple of weeks. I know far too many people that have had Breast Cancer or that are taking the second steps already. My mom is a survivor and now my aunt is going through it. It just sucks. I have no reason to be worring about it right now, at least not until they tell me that I should worry.
yeah, whatever...... rock 'n roll.

thank god for Jason Mulgrew and his wonderful blog!

10:12 PM


just sitting here typing whatever comes to mind while listening to the new and brilliant, most amazing cd that i've heard in a long time with headphones on [ gives it that extra punch].
oh... the cd you ask? well it's the new Brian Jonestown Massacre entitled ever so brilliantly "Methodrone". It is shoegazer at it's finest. Anton is a brilliant, amazing, talented, "born to late" genius.
i truly believe that if Anton Newcombe and Jon Brion was able to be in the same room without an explosion then they would be able to make one of the most amazing records of our time.
Jon Brion is the only other musician that i've ever used the word genius on. So for me to say that about BJM you know this is quite a compliment.
perhaps it's all due to the timing and the mood i'm in right now. It's not like I would love anything right now, it's just the right time and feel to be listening to this. If i had just bought say Napalm Death or Slayer right now for the first time I would have to say that I wouldn't be typing the words "genius or amazing" simply because i'm not in that frame of mind. Ask me in a few months and I could very well be listening to the likes of The Dwarves, Raging Slab, Napalm Death or even Pussy Galore. What i'm trying to convay here is that i really dig this new BJM record, that's all.
seeing Dig just last night on the sundance channel sorta swayed my feelings a bit but i've owned records by both BJM and The Dandys before ever hearing about "DIG", which by the way was a brilliant film. It's about two bands that loved each other and hated each other and went on tour together. Miranda Lee Richards said exactly what I was thinking throughout the whole movie "Anton, Please Don't Die!" I often want to say this to all the musicians that I meet but often feel like it's a stupid thing to say to someone. "hey, please don't die - ok" as if that is going to do ANYTHING at all to convince them to stop doing drugs.
just stop thinking with that "special - built in - artist - type thing" that you all have in your head for awhile and just relax, take a break from all the pain and ...........ah fuck , what the hell do i know about any of this! you are going to do what you feel like doing [as everyone should].

on another note.... after watching Dig, I was going to head over the see The Cramps show in Anaheim, but luckily I called first and it was sold out. It's weird but I was relieved, relieved that I wasn't going to be spending 20-something bucks that night. Instead we started watching JACKASS, the movie. OMG, why didn't I see this in the theatres? I don't remember ever laughing that hard, actually crying, that much in my life. It was so stupid ...... and yet brilliant. the point that got to me was the rocket skates, sounds stupid but i just lost it. The bit about the midgets was funny. Just hearing the word “midgets” usually IS funny.
One year when I met my friends from Boston at the Namm show we all were walking down this isle and here comes this midget... not just a midget but a crippled midget. I know that sounds sad but for some reason I had to turn and start walking the other way because I started to laugh uncontrollably, [I do that sometimes at the most inappropriate times]. I noticed my friends did the same thing but started walking the other way, away from me. We all didn’t want to tell each other what we were doing because we didn’t want to offend. They were surprised when I told them why I went the other way. We all were feeling the same way. …. Just couldn’t help it. [I’m truly sorry to those crippled midgets, please forgive me]

after watching Jackass, Roger put it on VH1. I don’t have cable so I was enthralled. I think if I did have cable, unfortunately I would watch T.V. / VH1 every single free minute that I had. The Culture Club video came on for “do you really want to hurt me” and you know what? This song fucking rocks! Boy George was/is brilliant. I remember kids dressing like Boy George in school, it was a bad idea. I don’t think I truly appreciated him until now. But what kid really does “appreciate” anything until they get much much older anyway? Then the INXS video came on for “don’t change” off of Shaboo Shabaa, what a great record that was. I think this still holds up. I was in love with INXS! And remember that movie “Dogs in Space” ? I have this on VHS. great flick, plus I have the soundtrack on vinyl…. Sooo good!

I ended up just heading home, no shows as planned. I was fine with it.
I went to the movies with my friend Rick today, we saw Alfie. It was worth seeing, good soundtrack too. [Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart] Jude Law is fucking beautiful and so were all the ladies in this flick. It was full of beauty. Good story and very entertaining. Of course I couldn’t go to the Arclight Theatre without stopping in at Amoeba Records, the best fucking record store of our time! Plus “amoeba boy” works there {wink, wink} today he was wearing all green and had a cool hat on that looked amazing with his shoulder length hair. Grrrr.
sorry, I just so happen to become 12 when it comes to a crush!
I picked out some amazing CD’s today, if I don’t say so myself. I only spent $72 bucks. I was relieved thinking it would be over a hundred. I highly recommend The Chamber Strings “Gospel Morning” I just finished listening to this one. What talent! Such a waste to know the singer Kevin Junior is probably wasted out of his mind somewhere on the streets. Damn it! Nikki Sudden [Jacobites, Epic Soundtracks fame] plays on this CD as well. I also got Raging Slab, but I haven’t listened to that yet. I just remember seeing them back in the early 90’s and thought they were the coolest thing. They dressed like a cowboy motorcycle gang, really heavy guitar sound, long hair flying everywhere and just rocking the place. So I will have to wait to hear this and see if it still holds up. Other cds I’ll just list because it’s time for bed 12:30…. Damn! The Alfie Soundtrack and Comets on Fire, they are playing at the Echo this week and I was told by a really good source that I will love this band , plus they are on Sub Pop. I forgot to mention one more cd that I recently purchased, Matthew Jay. Have you heard of him? He was a talented kid from the UK but took his life at an early age of 24 by falling out of a seventh storey building. His music is compaired to Nick Drake and Badley Drawn Boy but as I was listening to it, it totally reminded me of a cross between Matthew Sweet and .... and... who else did I mention to you dave? I'll type it in when I remember.
I can't stress enough at how sad it is that people feel the need to destroy their lives.... there must be something you can do to stay alive. .... a nice trip, a nice friend to talk to, sometimes even strangers are good to talk to or put some headphones on and listen to some jazz or blues (but not Britney Spears... that might upset you even more). Somebody loves you very much and would do anything for you, you just have to try and remember that before you take that next terrible step towards nothingness.

Not if you were the last Junkie on Earth” By The Dandy Warhols – such a great song!

5:17 PM


I really am bored tonight. I've got nothing going on.
I've been staying home a lot more lately.
no reason, just am.

I want to go to the movies this weekend:

I'm not going to see The Lost Sounds with The Spits tomorrow at The Scene in Glendale instead i've decided to go see
The Cramps at Anaheim House of Blues. I've never seen them before. I'm not seeing them at All Tomorrows Party's because of the price and too many people. I missed Dylan and I never got to see the Ramones so I'm going to this one!

... i'm bored and lonely.

maybe I should just go see Napalm Death like I wanted at the Anaheim HOB!

8:48 AM

Lyrics of the Week

What's So Funny 'bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?
by Nick Lowe

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity.

I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There's one thing I wanna know:
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding?

And as I walked on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding?

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love understanding?

10:58 AM

go vote!
I mean it!
If you don't know much about whats going on, you can look it up on the internet.
It was really easy this year. You would think that they would have thought about
the "electronic screen" way a lot sooner.
Though I'm not political in any aspect, I feel great after voting. It's weird but as I parked at the church to vote, I got all emotional about it. Not for the church but the fact that I was voting.
I believe this is only my 3rd time voting. As I was younger, I just didn't vote at all. I didn't think It mattered.

It does matter. It matters a lot! Just think if no one voted, well I mean if only a "few" people voted....... It's just a scary thought.

You still have time! Most people are voting after work.
don't let the news influence your vote [hearing who is winning already].

Here.... You HAVE to read Jason's blog today.
this is part of it that i've copied and pasted.

JASON: vote today Please vote today. Please, for the love of god - vote today. I don't want to get all serious on you like
before, but just vote.
Seriously. There's no excuse not to. This is very, very important. To find your polling place, go to
I'll write more later, but seriously - don't fuck me on this. Vote. Or I will light your house on fire. And if you really want to be my friend, you'll vote for John Kerry. If you vote for (I can barely write this) George W. Bush, we can still be friends, but we're definitely not going to sleep together. Well, I'd probably still sleep with you. But I'd make sure to do an especially terrible job of it.[Also, I love
Hunter Thompson]- posted by Jason @ 1:21:44 PM

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