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11:27 AM

music: joe pernice - big tobacco

wow, it's friday already! i stayed home all week except for last night when i went to the largo. jon brion had part of the watkins family/nickle creek come up and play with him. sarah watkins played the fiddle and sang (great voice) and sean watkins played guitar and sang. it was great.
if you live in or around the L.A. area and you want to experience something amazing by way of music, catch a jon brion show on a thursday or friday night, the likes of beck, jack black, rhett miller, neil finn, fiona apple, the section and grant lee has been known to open jon's shows - i'm not saying this happens all the time but i've been there when it happens and it's amazing!
the vacation played at the kibitz room at 11pm right across the street from the largo but unfortunatly i only caught the last song, it looked like a kick ass high energy show though! ha ha.
all i've been talking about the last few posts is either jon brion or the vacation...oh well. i like 'em. and you should go experience them as well. i was just imagining the vacation playing at the largo....i think ben would scare the 30 something audience with his stage antics. i just mean the way he goes into the audience and sings to you. and i mean that in the best possible way ever!! if you like to rock, go see the vacation you WILL NOT be dissapointed ..unless of course you are my ex-boyfriend and are extremely jealous of my love for them. ha ha ha
until next post - see ya. Suze

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