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music: Jeff Buckley - sketches for..... and The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed. this cd always makes me happy!
ah man, where to start......last night i went to the Hollywood Palladium for the last time to see Interpol. I had a bunch to say about the show even before they ever came on! as i walked up to the line they had to do this cavity search.....i haven't been felt up like that since high school!! It really put me in a aaargh!! type mood. I don't think it bothered me much when i was younger though. I had a stick of gum in my pocket, c'mon a fucking stick of gum! and they told me throw it away, but not my mentos or the gum in my mouth. what? Was i gonna hurt someone by throwing it at someone?! at least with the one in my mouth i could have pissed someone off by putting it in their hair!? I walk straight to the powder room this is what they call it there. security is everywhere, it didn't make me feel to safe for some reason. i saw a girl actually give her purse to her boyfriend to hold while she goes into the powder room. ladies, i do not understand this at all!! never in my life would i make a boyfriend hold my purse anytime. ok, inside the venue..... i stood on this step for a minute just looking around and a security person with his flashlight came over and said i can't stand there... i moved down to the floor, no one has even gone on and hardly anyone is even there by the way. as i looked around all these memories started coming back to me from past concerts that i've seen at the palladium. I saw soundgarden back in the late 80's or was it early 90's? um...anyway, I was in the middle of the mosh pit as i used to do alot back then and i couldn't move my arms, this guy behind me started unzipping my pants, i couldn't even turn around, i looked over at my boyfriend and told him "help" and he grabbed me and took me out of the mosh pit. we never saw the guy who was unzipping my pants. ah....yes, memories. another time was seeing the red hot chili peppers, iggy pop and so many others. i was into taping all concerts back then and have those somewhere. i saw cari and michelle and waved them over to where i was standing....we were playing fashion police, but just to ourselves. it was fun. the worst fashion statement was that of this chick wearing stiletto heals, jeans, big white belt, 80's cut out neck t-shirt and.....are you ready for this...a fucking trucker hat - turned sideways. we counted 5 trucker hats last night! we really aren't mean people, we were just bored. and it's ok for us to do this because we just wear jeans t-shirts and converse. ha ha.
the first band started they were called rat tat tat and what a great name for them! cari and michelle had to go get a better look at them, if you know what i mean...they never came back. ha ha. i just meant that they liked them for some reason - maybe they were cute?. It was all about drum machines and 2 guys playing along on guitar. Most of the time i was laughing because it was wrong in so many ways. I liked one or two songs but for the most part is wasn't even music, it was like 2 kids fucking around...not even cool. then enon came on, little cute girl with a small voice, they were alright as well. just not my thang'. Interpol, you know i could have just stayed home and listened to the cd! no, they were good but the palladium is just way too big for me to enjoy. plus the sound system sucked. I think they overly spent on security and not enough on the sound system. I did have fun people watching though. I enjoyed them much more at the Henry Fonda last time.
i got a call from my friend sara osmer last night, she is singing somewhere on La Brea in L.A. on Sat. Oct 11th. I'll find out and put it on the other page. c-ya! S

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