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11:44 PM

cd for the night "exile on main st" by the rolling stones!
i had a pretty cool day today. i went to visit sandy at the pre-school where she works. i don't know why those little kids intimidate me so much. i just couldn't imagine having one of 'em right now. man they can make alot of noise! it was playtime outside and they were running around asking questions, fighting with each other, just talking alot. i was exhausted from listening to 'em. i hung out with the boys pushing them on the swing and watched them do some tricks. one girl come over to me and she had collected a bunch of rollie pollies on a plastic plate, i told miss sandy to make 'em put them back!! i played baseball with 'em and after awhile i didn't want to leave. i had fun. it's cute how they hug you goodbye and they don't want you to leave. little kids are pretty cool!
sandy and i went to see the recruit. very good movie! i want to see adaptation before it's gone. does anyone know when supergrass will be on mad tv? i gotta tape it!
nighty nite~s

12:56 PM

music for today.....hmmm well beings i don't have a working disc changer! it's NPR news all the way baby.
i can't deside on what to do tonight and tomorrow night. tonight i could hang out with my friend sandy and go hit a movie at the block or go see minibar at the derby or jon brion at the largo.....aargh. my money tells me to just hang with my friend.
tomorrow i planned on seeing the pattern and dead moon at spaceland but now i'm thinking i'd rather go see carla (geraldine fibbers) at the largo. she is so amazing and her hubby nels cline (great guitar player) is going to be with her. i love the way she plays the violin and her voice is beautiful! judah is also playing at the smell, but i'm going to see him on sunday at the detroit bar anyway.

i'm going to wash my jeep and perhaps do something about my disc changer (a new one?)

3:04 PM

aaaargh!! my disc changer in my jeep broke!
so of course this means i have to resort to ......."the radio"...ozzy, boston....some of the guitar riffs do remind me of my so-called "rocker days" and i have to laugh out loud.
ok, didn't go out sunday night either....i think i missed my favorite show "american dreams" as well!!
i watched almost famous yet again. god i love that movie. i wanna get hi fidelity as well as ghost world now.
today has sucked so far! i can't seem to get my photo page to work and my cd player in my jeep is dead.

2:50 AM

*saturday night dinner & a movie*
top roman and forces of nature was my saturday night sitting at home night!
early in the afternoon I went to virgin to see a kick ass free show of the always wonderful brendan benson and very talented ben kweller. Brendan didn’t play for that long , it was just him and his pianist. Ben didn’t even plug in. it was just him and his acoustic. he had everyone sit on the floor which was good for those of us with cameras. He is soo adorable, he walked through the middle of the audience, pretty much directly in front of me and stood there the rest of the show. he even did a few while sitting down so everyone was around him in a circle. people were calling out songs and he seemed to be stunned that they remembered them, especially the ones from his prior band called “radish”. he called out for brendan to join him after brendan yelled out for him to sing a certain song so he came running down the stairs and ben handed him this old “boxy” folk guitar to play along with him. ben proceeded to tell brendan what the chords were, ben ended up doing most of it alone. it was so much fun to witness all of it!
afterwords I took sara across the street to shoot off the rest of my roll of her, mostly eyes and face shots in the sun but then she got a little…how should I put this?…”bold” and lifted up her top. so I’m on sunset shooting this chick in a black bra…in the middle of the afternoon!! crazy. she stuck around to talk with the band so cari and I went to have lunch across the street at jaccopos pizza. I got home around 5 or so, traffic was horrific. What is up with L.A. traffic being so bad on a saturday?! I started wondering if I would be better off moving to Oregon
I watched part of the fugitive , made some top roman, talked on the phone and watched forces of nature (ben & sandra). Foo fighters were to be on sat nite live with the coolist actor on earth…Christopher walken. So I fought to stay awake and of course I fell asleep at 11:30 then at 12:35 I was awakened by dave grohl’s screams. I got to see the foo fighters and a few of mr. Walkens skits. I think I missed my favorite though…it’s called the continental (it’s an amazingly funny skit) another of my favorite skits on SNL is the one with will Ferrell “we need more cow bell” it’s a blue oyster cult song they do….oh man I start crying every time I see that one.

11:30 PM

it's friday night. i opted to stay home and do nothing this evening. had some hot tea and ended up watching the pbs channel, some english sitcoms, one with judy dench....pretty cool stuff!! i missed jon brion once again.
i was productive though well, sorta....i made a flyer for the "20 Miles" gig at the smell & detroit bar for judah bauer.

tomorrow (saturday) i'm going to the virgin megastore at 1pm to see brendan benson for free.
the news was so depressing tonight! it's so sad that all those kids died at a friggin great white concert in rhode island!
i don't get those bands using the fire on stage, it's so lame. well, except for ac dc. and then the kid in the on-line chat room who
took all those drugs on camera and everyone was eggin' him on to take he did and died!
ok, must go read or something now~~~~~s

1:21 AM

i had fun tonight, met sara osmer and got to hear her sing a few songs upstairs at the largo!! she is awesome.
luther put on a steller performance tonight. man that guy has talent. he is super easy on the eyes as well. mark lane
played with him, i know him from like 10 years ago. i last saw him playing with jason falkner at the troubadour. i talked to him
tonight and he told me he was working on his second cd. sara took off to a hollywood party said that sandra bullock or was it sandra (the comedian) was gonna be there, i just wasn't in the mood so i came home. i'm sure i will hear all about it tomorrow.
cd for tonight was interpol all the way home!

1:49 AM

cd's for today.....well on the way home from seeing interpol i listened to "clinic"
it's so friggin cold tonight!! on the way to the show i had to laugh at myself because i was cussing so much,
just at the drivers around me. not directly at them but after i pass 'em. i'm not a crazy driver or anything...
it's just that everyone else is.
i got a ticket (yaaah) saw crispin glover out front. inside i saw the dude from falicity. i've never seen the show but
the guy was behind me, we smiled at each other and as i was coming back from the bathroom i talked to him, only to ask him to move so i can have my place back though ;) i didn't know who he was, but he just looked like someone i knew. a girl told me who he was, and she looked like she watched the show religiously.
david J was also in the house. the guys from sloan (they are everywhere). moving units opened, they were good but i'd rather see them at a smaller venue (spaceland) next time. the warlocks were great!! real mesmorizing sounding. Interpol sounded just like the cd, amazing!! i just love there whole look. the bass player looks like he should be in the misfits ( i mean that in a good way) it was a great concert! ***wait a minute.....someone is blasting bob dylan outside as they are driving's 2 in the morning....must go see!!
that was cool, let me tell you it's better than the bass type loudness coming from most hondas!!
ok, like i said it's 2am....must sleep now! gotta do my taxes in the morning and job hunt! (fun!)
i may not go out anymore this week, well maybe just to the largo tomorrow night but i think i'll skip jon brion this friday even though i'm sure robyn hitchcock will be there and probably get up and sing some songs with him......aaaargh!!
i think beck is going to be on letterman soon....and supergrass on mad tv very soon. just fyi.
suze renee....

11:40 AM

cd's for this morning are the walkmen and supergrass(in it for the money)
i didn't do much last night. it was nice to kick back and just watch tv!
i love the gilmore girls soo much, this show is one of the most amazing shows on. then i watched
smallville (i can dig superman).
lately i've started watching that 70's show, i don't know why i never used to watch it, it's a great show!
i've been watching american dreams too! i love the music and the whole 60's era.
why am i talking so much about tv?? i donno, cuz i can.
i'm off to the lab. i sure hope the pictures turn out.

10:30 AM

it's a radiohead/grant lee phillips kind of morning for me today.
i was in a indecisive mood yesterday and wasn't sure if i wanted to go to the taping for the craid kilborn show or not.
cari's eye was hurting and she wasn't going to go....i usually go by myself to eveything anyway but i was just in the
mood to go with someone. so another friend whom i just met ended up meeting me there, he so happens to work some
of these shows so when it was all full....he got us in.....again front row! supergrass did the same song "rush hour soul".
needless to say i was soo tired of clapping by the end of the show! i'll never go to another one again. it aired last night after midnight.
we went out to dinner then to spaceland to see calle (excellent!) and the i don't know what i was thinking the last time
i wrote about them saying they sounded like old elvis costello.....but uh....they don't! they were good but not elvis good. one of the guitar players resembled sideshow bob and it was hard not to look at him! just too many unnecessary musicians on stage.
oh and keifer was there. i've got to see the 24 hour show.
looking forward to seeing the sons at spaceland on tomorrow.

1:55 AM

hmmm where to start
i just got home from seeing supergrass. to put it in a simple term....they rock!
seeing them last night and tonight was ........amazing. i thought i wouldn't be able to get in tonight because the line was around the corner. so i stood there towards the back of the line for 'bout 1/2 hour hoping to see my friends and started talking to this guy in line. we spoke of supergrass, boston, lines etc...then this other guy started talking about pulp with him so i was kinda out of the conversation at this point.....then the amazing happened. my friend cari was looking for me down the line, she said suze come on were in! so glad i saw her or i'm sure i wouldn't have gotten in at all! many celeb. musicains were in the house. patrick park opened, he is always good. i think the crowd was more hungry for supergrass though.
the night before i saw them at the troubadour which was amazing because i had such a great place to stand
and i shot like two rolls of film of 'em! i stood right next to gaz (singer). the drummer is one of the best i've seen
in a long long time. looking forward to monday already! (supergrass on late late show taping).
i'm too tired and hungry to think of anything else to write at this point in time. for dinner i had three gennesse!!
nite! ~ S

9:46 AM

*wow another wonderful day*
**songs or cds for me today**
(( i'll have to go with cd's today....heatmiser - mic city sons annnnd the best of chet baker sings))
nothing to write's not even 10 A.M. yet, what do you expect!!
i'm off to work in the lab on some rolls of film which i've forgotten what band it's of. guess i'll know soon enough.
man, elliott smith rocks on the guitar - the first song from heatmiser "get lucky" just rocks!! i love noise.
happy v-day to all the hallmark companys and flower companys of the world - it's really a day for them!

10:22 PM

*beautiful day*
i've been working on my other web-pages all night and something is wrong with 'em all!
aaargh!! soo frustrating.
today was a cool/interesting day. this morning i went to the center stage studios with my buddy Bo and we were in the audience for the taping of supergrass for mad tv. pretty cool! i believe it will be on in april....they just played rush hour soul twice, two takes and they played a couple of other songs as we were in line backstage waiting to get in so we only heard 'em.
sooo glad i got my ticket early for the troubadour show. met some nice folks as well. oh when bo and i were in line outside, bo noticed a very funny sign that we couldn't help but laugh at the whole time while standing there. it read: "ALL DUMPS MUST BE REPORTED". this was an actual sign. ok,so we were acting like we were in the third grade!!
later after the gig i saw a squirrell run across a telephone wire above my jeep, i mean this squirrell was huge. it struck me as funny. On our way back from tower records on sunset i saw and almost bumped into david hyde pierce in the street because i wasn't looking up. i said "bo that was nils"! supergrass will be on the late late show w/craig kilborn - get yer tickets to be in the audience at cbs studios for this monday at ocatv 2/17.
hopefully many changes will be taking place with this web-site soon. gotta do some major work on it!!
and for those of you who didn't know ...the L.A. shakedown has changed locations once again to: El Cid 4212 Sunset Blvd...just got an e-mail from the catheters manager.
have an interesting weekend ~ Suze

8:23 AM

* i love the rain*
i hope it rains nonstop for a few more days! i love the sound of it hitting the windows
i love the reflections on the sidewalks, i love the puddles in the streets, i love to
stay home and eat popcorn and watch tv when it rains. i hope theres thunder and lightning, now
that would be exciting!!
i sprayed purfume in my eye this morning!, i guess i should have washed it out before i left but i didn't want
to redo my eye make up!! lazy suze.
ok, so i've been working at the long beach convention center for this american meteorological society, it's
been pretty interesting. i thought there would be loads of just nerd looking men...oh there is but allot of very
good looking foreigners mixed in as well. ok, i'll shut up now.
i'm so looking forward to supergrass (the taping for mad tv annnnd the troubadour show) which is sold out!
if anyone knows how to get a ticket for any of the interpol shows......i sooo want to go!!!!
just a thought for this weekend.... or anytime.
hey enjoy a relaxing cruise around the canals of Naples in the city of Long Beach. Gondola rides call (562) 433-9595.
might be really cool to go when it's raining...;)

3:40 PM

feelin' betta'
the mystery girls are still a mystery to me... as i ended up staying home watching tv then slept.
i did go to the claim jumper for lunch on sunday with a friend and for being sick i had allot to eat!
stuffed baked idaho w/blackened chicken, cup 'o soup annnd carrot cake.
i just found out that supergrass are going to be on mad tv and they are taping it on the 13th
at 12:30......i'm gonna try and go. beings i'm not going to be working for awhile after wednesday.
still looking for that perfect job. say....if anyone has one of those let me know all about it!!
ya' all have a wonderful rest of the week! you're beautiful.
love, suze

4:43 PM

oh man....i can barely breath **still sneezing**
last night i went to see john wilkes kissing booth at the prospector. had a lot of fun!
tracy and vanessa come down from L.A. and my friend susan came over and we all went to derricks place (singer),
could of walked from my pad...he was celebrating his 30th, met a lot of cool folks. we had a fire on his roof/patio.
he made it from a BBQ grill. very creative! he has a great view of the ocean, we all drank, ate cold nuts and looked at his
photos that he has taken. he is a very good photographer as well. he has stuff for sale even! we headed down
to prospector 'round 10, it was packed the lo fi champions were getting ready to start, they were pretty cool actually.
jwkb were awesome as usual, i hadn't seen them in a long time. i was just fading by this time though..
..i know i shouldn't have gone out but i'm glad that i did or i wouldn't have met all the nice folks.
i'm going to take a long siesta then perhaps head down to alex's to catch mystery girls. i hear they are like 60's garage rock..thats good enough for me!
*sniffle, sniffle* this sucks!!
i got a lot of ideas for this here web -site thingy ...but i'm to tired to work on 'em now.
have fun!


8:55 AM

*sneeze, sneeze* i started feeling a cold coming on yesterday morning
but took some cold-eeze and hot tea, oh and lindsay's favorite "fishermans friend!!" boy
that stuff really clears your head but it tasts soo wrong.
i took a last minute largo trip last night though i shouldn't have.....but it was well worth it.
jon brion did most of the new ones, roll with you, punch drunk love song, happy with you, he did a few
sing along songs. thats always amazing. i love when the crowd sounds good together like that!
he did elvis costello's allison in a les paul style, some others i can't remember right now.
hopefully jake will do a review on, he told me that he would. by the way bob who helps
jon out on stage with the guitars and allot of other stuff has a band called polar goldiecats. i have yet to see 'em .... i'm looking forward to it.
if i think of more, i'll write later....i just don't have a clear head right now.

10:54 AM

*giddy* is the word to describe me for the last month or so...
a friend told me the other night that he hasn't seen me this giddy
in a long time. of course this was after hanging out at alex's bar.
i had forgotten to pay my tab and when i was half way home he
asks me if i payed my tab....oops! so i had to laugh and turn around
went back in and the *only waitress* says "oh do you want to pay now".....
aargh! i didn't even have that many beers to have forgotten like that.
i got caught up in talking to people and was having fun , thats all.
the bar back guy (chris is it?) anyway he's really super nice.
he makes his own BBQ sauce for the free BBQ at alex's every sunday. pretty cool!
he also works at the pike, sorta a new bar in long beach. i hear they may get
a jukebox soon. but you can be sure to catch the monster garage show on the t.v. instead. it's pretty addicting. i watched jessie james (west coast choppers) build a firetruck out of a limo. it worked too!!
okay so back to last night....i saw division of laura lee w/ catheters and young
heart attacks
and burning brides. D.O.L.L were amazing, expecially dave the guitar player he can sing and play guitar like he's been doing it his whole life! need i mention that he ain't to bad to look at either ;) spinjack
the catheters are a band with this energy that doesn't stop. they remind me of old mudhoney concerts i used to see. especially the way the singer moves around and climbs on stuff. i'll have some more photos up sooner or later. the young heart attacks were pretty rockin, they have this blonde pretty girl in the band who has the coolist rocker haircut i've ever seen and she did a great job singing. the burning brides were ok, its a 3 piece with a girl on bass, either the bass was really big or she was just tiny. they were a heavy rocker type band, reminded me of soundgarden makes since beings they are going on tour with audio slave soon.
so tonight is silvercities at the prospecter and on saturday john wilkes kissing booth is playing. derrick is taking his van across country for some poetry reading after this show.
enough already~suze
check out the gig page here
i'll be trying to add music links and stuff real soon ;)....and tons more photos ,,,,,i've got 15 years worth!!

3:13 PM

today a hawk swooped down in front of my jeep as i was getting on the 605
from 7th street...hawks are always 'round there. anyway is was pretty cool to
see one flying that close. no i didn't hit it!
last night i saw 2 bands at alex's bar, the fielding (kevin's band) and redlight halo.
both pretty cool. the fielding has the girl who can sing, play bass, piano and violin. awesome.
redlight halo....they were kinda fun, sorta fugazi (ish) but not quite. :) still pretty good. but after a few guinness, and if i'm in a good mood than i'll probably like any band i'm watching.
alex's is a pretty cool bar and i might add that they have the best jukebox ever!!
looking forward to seeing division of laura lee w/catheters on wednesday!

1:26 AM

junkie junkie junkie junkie (it's a kennedy song)
funny how it just popped in my head after seeing
elliott smith tonight......(yikes)
i had to just leave after the first encore.....
i don't know if it is wrong to assume this type of thing.....
and it's really none of my business but when i pay to see
a show, i expect to see a show. i was pissed that there wasn't a full band
and that he didn't do many songs off of figure 8 (the best cd, in my opinion).
there was just too much talk about people thinking that they are better than other people
he just kept going on about those people being fucked. to me it's a given, no one is better than anyone else...
it's all about how you live your own life.....don't harp on it. just be yourself...gheez!
i don't understand the junk stuff....why would anyone keep doing it if they have watched all there friends die of it already??!!
why! why! why!
i guess you never really know the reasons until you actually try it.
i could have stayed home and listened to the cds and felt much better than i do now.
he sat down the whole show, okay some of the songs were done well but for the most
part, he fucked 'em up and mumbled allot in between songs.
if i were a rich woman (i mean filthy rich) i would own a club/hotel/recovery center and radio station.
the club where bands could play and the hotel where they could sleep and the recovery center where
they could get off the "junk". the radio station (thats obvious).....perhaps a record label.
must sleep now.~S

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