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1:39 PM

i just wanted to say that i am really sad today. a friend of mine just told me that Derek Frigo, who once was the guitarist for Enuff Z'Nuff
died last night
. I did not know Derek but it's sad none the less.
He was recently playing in another friend of mines band called Logans Heroes.
though i never got to see logans heroes, i did see enuff z'nuff a number of times back in the 80's/ early 90's. click here for a tribute page.

2:56 PM

i have the worst headach that i've had in years.... due to lack of food, rest and the heat (i was in palm springs)

If you like old cadillacs and rattlesnakes then salton sea is the place to be!
i had to take my mom to go visit my gramps in the hospital there. the dude is 91 and still has a lot of life in him. it's amazing. after a visit with him it just makes me want to work even less, mainly because at his age the only thing he can remember more than anything is his job at Firestone. he kept going on about it... and on and on. he had many stories about his job. We were trying to get him to talk about family and stuff so my mom can finish her genealogy book. I just don't want to be that old and be talking about my job. I know i won't be. I'll be going on about ... i remember when i saw Nirvana play at this shit hole of a club in L.A. called Jabberjaw or i used to see this amazing band called The Vacation. hee hee
Actually I don't want to live that long unless i am able to take care of myself.
On our way back to our hotel in palm Springs we wanted to take a look at my gramps property beings my mom hasn't been there in almost 10 years. The place is a dump and as i walked around very carefully as to not step in any open rattlesnake holes, i spotted a baby rattlesnake. i walked up close to it and alex was like "get back, them suckers jump out at ya" so i did.
i found an old white cadillac pretty much covered in overgrown bushes. The back end looked pretty good, the fins weren't rusted out or anything but i'm sure it needed a lot of work (fun!!) I told my mom that i want it and to let my uncle know that if he ever wanted to get rid of it.... except that I would not want to be the one hauling that thing out of there either... ewww! i also saw an old mustang and some other really really old 20's type cars. This guy named Alex, who lives on the property totally reminds me of the bearded old man on that 70's show, talked just like him! he was telling us that my gramps has paul newmans bike from some movie in one of the sheds there. I didn't want to go in the shed to find out. again ewwww! i have no idea why he would have paul newmans bike anyhow.
It's just good to be home again. I'm ready to go on a road trip though. On the way home we stopped at the aerial tram in palm springs, it was a shock to see how much it has changed since i've been up in it. We didn't ride it this time though.
the Piranhas are playing at Koo's Cafe in LB tonight. Hey Bill, i think roger and I are going. you should go to. Larry from In the Red Records put them out so we are gonna go check them out, that is if i get rid of this wonderful headach that i have acquired.

5:16 PM

music: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger and Rooney
this soundgarden cd is excellent! the guitar riffs are amazing and the screaming just turns me on! i just found it still sealed in the cardboard that they used to come in, i have the one with the extra bonus cd. and Rooney just makes me want to jump around my room.

i have been sitting in front of my computer all day since i got up at 11am. i did have a cereal break and also a shower though. I am ready to go, but no place to go... :(
"i'm looking california but feeling minnesota"

Last night i went on a fabulous date ha ha, with my friend Susan. we had dinner and wine at Finbars, one of my favorite places in Seal Beach, then we walked on the Seal Beach pier and talked. of course we talked about boys, but also our dream jobs, family, kids etc... it was what i needed on a saturday night. Otherwise i would have just stayed home and watched t.v. When I came home I watched Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. The music is way cool, though a fucking freaky movie. the end was great. the acting ... not so much. the eye candy... yeah baby! the man-tits ... not so much!! I did love some of the lines, so 70's! thats all i have to say about it.

I finished uploading my 10 photos for today now it's time to have a bite to eat. while i was sitting at the computer today i found a couple of jobs that i really and truly want, i'm actually just excited on the hope alone!
<3 Suze

10:40 AM

music: radiohead - neil young :)

you know you had a good time when you wake up with glitter all over your body! I went to a club called King King last night, It's Taime's club. he was in an 80's glam band called Faster Pussycat. The club was dark and had a red glow to it. and it has a huge bar in the middle of it. I felt at home because it reminded me of the times i hung out on the sunset strip with all the HAIR bands as a kid. Frisky Jones was the first to hit the stage. It was Brady's first time to play on stage, i think thats what was said. "Frisky Jones".... i love that name! It's a three piece with Brady singing and playing his white "V" guitar. He sure does have the look down. The music was straight ahead rock and roll sorta in the same vain as motley crue. The songs were alright. I can't remember any of them though. Could be due to a large consumption of free booze. The S'Cool Girls were up next. Talking about a lot of glitter!! omg! they have everything.... the look, the clothes, the sound and the showmanship. What a package!! and i do mean package. They wore these little tight spandex pants... size 2 or 0. just really really tiny. They had some dancers dressed as cheerleaders on stage with them during the last song. Glitter was flying everywhere! In my hair, in my drink , and down my top. I can't wait to see them again. Next up was Tuesday with her band Vexy Strut. She is a beautiful beautiful girl and she knows it... as she should! I love her voice and her whole look. She did a wonderful cover version of Heart's "Barracuda" excellent! This chick is a rock n' roll star! After the show Cari and Nina dragged me to the dressing room where I shot some "backstage" shots. As we walked outside I see Taime for the first time in like which seems like 15 years. He looks completely different. I was sorta drunk and said "hey! Taime" with a head nod as if i knew him and he turned around and gave me a head nod back. hee hee. It was a perfectly fun night to say the least. I want to keep going to this club, maybe instead of the largo. ha ha. In fact i'm not going to the largo tonight.

I went to Spaceland on Monday to see The Like, Ben Lee and Telecast. On the way i was listening to The Hellacopters and whenever i hear them my first thought is of my friend bernie who lives in Chicago only because we both love the hellacopters like nobodys business!! and the weird thing is.... that he called me on my cell as i was just about to hit silverlake where all cell phones stop working for some odd reason. I walk into Spaceland and it was so fucking crowded in there, i just couldn't handle it. it was awful. I headed to the back and there I was surprised to see Jake from the largo. Then i see/meet a couple of friends on myspace and the twins from The Vacation and finally Cari. I was not happy to be in such a crowded room. as soon as Ben Lee hit the stage i was up front. I was bored. I like Ben Lee's songs but wasn't in the mood, same goes for The Like. I just wasn't into it. I did like the singers babydoll dress. I wish i kept mine, maybe they will come back now! Telecast were great but i was tired. The singer stares above everyones head... it was freaking me out. I'd go see them again though.
I went to lunch with my friend susan on Tuesday then I went to the movies by myself to see Troy. I liked this movie a lot. Not only because Brad was in it either... though his hard body did make it easier to fall in love with. yum!
Man, i need to get a life... i mean a job!
..... and i need to quite thinking that i'm gonna find true love in a rock joint! not that i've been on the lookout at all, because i haven't. i've been thinking about this lately, been talking to a male friend of mine who gives good advice, it's stuff i already know but sometimes it's good to hear it out loud or even in an instant message on AOL. ha ha. so yeah, i'm gonna talk a little bit about dating right now.... you can skip to read on with the rock if ya want. I don't date much though cari reminds me that i have. I'm trying to think... out of all the guys that i have ever dated, did any of them not play music and the answer is no. they have all played or sang or something to do with music. Thats ok. and by dating I'm talking serious relationships from 3 to 6 years each.
I know i'm living in a fairy tale world and that i will never find someone who actually cares about me the way they should. i don't have a dream guy in my head. i just think i'm attracted to guys who like music or play it because it's interesting to me. I can relate to that more than to some guy who doesn't know who Bob Dylan or the Melvins are and doesn't even care.
.. here i am still going to rock shows like 3 nights a week or more and not even working. sounds pathetic, i know! I need a job. i've just gotten so lazy about it in the last few weeks. I'm gonna stay home and finish all 3 books that i've started. i'm not going out to any more shows except for judah then the hunches oh and the backyard babies. see! see how hard it is. I can't give it up!! but i am giving up the largo on Friday nights. get up off the floor. ha ha
It's like the 12 step program. I've got to ween myself away from it.
1. read more 2. rock less 3. get a job. 4. maybe, just maybe find a nice guy to settle down with, maybe listen to The Rolling Stones and drink red wine... ha ha.
**** now THAT was personal! *********

The next day... Wednesday, I went to Cari's place first and we met up with some of her friends at the Tiki Bar. Finally I get to experience it, everytime I've ever tried to go it was either too crowded or closed. This bar is owned by a father and son and his father before him. Very friendly crowd. I had a few drinks called "Ray's Mistake" there is a story behind it that i'm sure you can figure out or just ask the bartender. I met Irene and Dan? and also a Brit named Glenn..(none of them play music!).. we were all getting pretty toasted. Glenn kept insisting that i was much to quiet. This is only true when i feel uncomfortable or when i have nothing to say. I felt both that night. I know this is a bad thing but after drinking we all went to the Kabitz room to see the greatest rock n' roll band ever called The Vacation. hee hee. Cari drove Irene and I rode in the car with Glenn because he didn't know where he was going plus i like british accents. he fucking drives crazy - yet totally in control. it was exciting yet stupid. I promise not to do that again, nor drive drunk. It's bad, very bad.
it's not even funny. We all arrive safely. We were going to eat at Mexico City after the Tiki room because it was close by. just as we arrived, they closed. We were gonna eat at Canters which is hooked onto the Kabitz room.... but Glenn led me to the bar and we had a drink then Cari found us but we couldn't get Glenn to go eat so we all drank some more. Damn Brits!! ha ha. There was some problem with him not being home on time and his wife was pissed at him on the phone. It was his birthday to. I'm saying to much... anyway it was sad that we couldn't get him to sober up before driving home to the wife. We were trying to take care of him but he sped off. I don't want to know what happened when he did arrive home. I'd beat his ass if i were her! ha ha. whatever. The Vacation played late. We were ready to rock. We stood up front because there is no other place to be in this tiny room. Irene was noticably drunk holding Ben's pom pom's during one of the songs. She kept playing with his chest with one of the pom pom's - it was funny.
For some reason, i wasn't scared of Ben that night. I'm usually afraid of what he might do, he is so unpredictable sometimes. I know i talk about them a lot but they are truly one of my favorite local rock bands. The minute the music starts, I can feel the energy it's sexy metal rock. not really metal....but very much catchy rock. by sexy i mean, the music makes you feel sexy. well maybe not YOU but .... yeah, whatever. i like 'em. They write the types of songs that you can have in your head all day long. not the annoying kind though.
i don't know what i'm up to this weekend...

Have a good.... no, i mean GREAT weekend!

11:56 AM

music: YES MUSIC!!

i woke up to *willowz city baby, baby - git down git down* i will have THAT in my head all day now. i guess whatever you are listening to before you go to bed thats what you will wake up with in your head!

last night was fucking amazing.... i seem to have a lot of those nights huh? lucky girl? i think sooo.... Canadians, Jon Brion, Swingers and The Objectives is what i will write about later.
ha! more later..... i'm gonna go catch the new lily taylor movie (i luv her).
tonight is FOW at the Wiltern.


Friday night I go eat at Swingers alone at table 105. Garden Burgers are pretty good there and the waiters/waitresses are super friendly. i get to the largo super early, so i walked around the block a few times and talked to some friends on my cell - i know, soo L.A.! lame!!
I was the first in line then these Canadians came up and we started talking. Geoff, the son who is 22 and his father Mike. I love their relationship! Such cool people. We sat and got to know each other for about an hour before the doors opened. At one point this grungy guy (not the cool kind) but the smelly, wacky homeless kind, came up to us and asked us what we were doing and offered us some weed. He took it out of his baggie and even dropped some on the sidewalk, the stuff was in chunks still. nope, i did not partake in the pot.
Cari showed up and after we got into the largo to get our hand stamped we took off to see The Objectives at the Troubadour. It was Erich's first gig. His younger brother, Evan is a hottie! OMG!! ok, so he's only 17. Evan has so much talent it's almost frightening to think where he will be at in .... say 5 years. The kid can play any instrument that is set in front of him. I heard a lot of influences in their music by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and some pop stuff. I dig 'em and you should to. Erich did a wonderful version of Jon Brion's "love of my life so far" which was jawdropping from the look on Cari and Jakes faces, me to of course. So Erich when you become a big rockstar can i go on the road with you?! ha ha. Oh... and i loved that when Erich was introducing the band, his guitar player's name is Brett Michaels!! Before my eyes even had time to light up Erich said "no, suze .. not that Brett Michaels". Cari and I were cracking up.
Erich and his roomate wanted to go see Jon Brion afterwards but it was sold out by the time they arrived.... it was a new door guy and all. PJ would have totally let them in. And what pissed me off is that only 20 minutes after they left the door guy let a bunch of people in!! they could have come back for the second set but i'm sure they weren't much for waiting outside alone. no line whatsoever!!
Geoff and Mike got my regular seats at the bar and let us sit down for awhile and they even bought me drinks all night. I tell ya, those Canadians aren't so bad!! ha ha! Totally Sweet. There was loads of musicians there, but none came up and did anything with Jon. It's alright Jon really rocked all by himself! I love when he get's in the mood to just go crazy and rip the joint! I can't remember much of the set really. He did David Bowie's "Heros" that was awesome! hey jake, maybe you can remember some songs and comment on it!!! I just know he was in a good mood and it was a good night for newcomers!

I saw these people walking around : Steve McDonald from Redd Kross, his wife Ana from that dog, Gabe (the gay butcher - fiddle player), Sara Watkins of Nickle Creek, Kirt from Trinket, Ron Sexsmith and Rikki Lee Jones.
After the show i talked to my buddy Dave from D.C., it was funny to see someone get so excited about seeing Jon perform..... after jon did one of his hit songs, it was either "happy with you" or "love of my life"... Dave was so overcome by happiness that he felt the need to share so he came over to give me a hug... he was soo happy he was there! it was cute. could have been because he was high to. ha ha.
We all hung out for an hour after the show and talked...I was talking to Kirt, and Geoff was standing in line to talk to Jon. He even got a hug out of Jon. You should have seen my face. It's like I've been seeing Jon for about 8 years now, almost every friday night, give or take a few years and a few fridays, and not once did i ever get a hug from the guy!! ha ha. Geoff is a very charming fellow to say the least.... so is his father. I took them to Swingers for breakfast after the show. We sat at table 105, and Mike picked up the tab. The waitress kept calling us all "honey, sweetheart, baby" even i was about to ask her for her number! LOL. Thanks again you guys!! safe travels on your way home! keep in touch.
I roll in around 5am as per usual on a Friday night.... boy does that ever mess up my Saturdays! I woke up at 9am to the weed wacker guy next door. So instead of fighting it, I got up and watched Lizzy Maguire. don't lie, i know you watch it too!! I went to the movies with Susan Saturday afternoon to see that new Lili Taylor movie called *a slipping-down life*. It was ok... the soundtrack should be pretty good for sure!
I had a wonderful Weekend and I hope you did to!

ps - you may or may not be wondering why I didn't mention seeing Fountains of Wayne..(FOW), well they were good but i'm gonna stop buying advanced tickets to big shows like that......although I REALLY really want to go see ROONEY who is playing there soon! I'm not into the new look of the Wiltern at all. It's a beautiful place but i liked the way they had the seats all the way up to the front of the stage before! Nothing better than sitting right in front of Tom Waites as he is playing Piano! although that wasn't me, my boyfriend at the time and I gave up our 1st and 3rd row seats to sit together.... awww, isn't that cute?! how stupid is that?! I tell you the stupid things you do for love. ha ha. Turnes out that if we would have kept them I would have been sitting right in front of Tom's Piano, I mean RIGHT THERE! And my ex would have been sitting with his old guitar player from his hair band back in the 80's called "Little Boots" who now plays with A Perfect Circle and some other bands I forgot, not knowing it until after the show when my ex's brother came over to us and said "hey thanks for the seat, I sat next to Troy all night!" We ran into him after the show....
oh.... so yeah about Fountains of Wayne, They were good and I was bopping my head along to some of the songs but all and all, I could have saved my money or went to see Ben Kweller instead. FOW didn't move around all that much..... i mean, i knew it wasn't going to be like a Hellacopters show, but what is? am i right?! ha ha.
Ron Sexsmith opened up, he plays at the largo from time to time...... he is really good but I just was not in the mood for it. I was falling asleep. I think I'm getting more and more picky as time goes by (no, i'm not getting old!). It was fun hanging out with Jake and Lindsay before the show though. We met at Swingers for a bite to eat. I had this huge Brownie Sunday... why? I don't know. I ate the whole thing though, and I don't even like chocolate that much or sweets.

4:06 PM

Music: Hellacopters-payin' the dues / White Stripes st

You know who rocks?..... do ya?
A. The fucking Hellacopters! That's who.
Everytime i listen to *Payin' the dues* ... i actually have a vision of them just rocking out and it makes me smile. I'm talking a huge smile, *like who cares what people are thinking of me when i'm driving along and smiling all alone in my jeep*.. kinda smile!
This is one band or should I say one of the bands that I can see every night and still be interested and excited to see the very next night.... just as long as they change their pants!
The Backyard Babies are playing at the Troubadour on Aug. 11th... same sorta style maybe a little on the glam side. I've never seen them live and i'm excited about that!

I think The Hellacopters and Tom Waits should tour together!
You wanna know why? .... I'll tell ya why!
Because I can honestly say that both performers are my all time *and I do mean ALL TIME* favorite concerts I've ever seen. I think I would die of excitement if that ever happened though.
Someone should do an outdoor Pure Rock n' Roll festival with like only 10 bands and in someplace like Hawaii or somewhere other than the fucking coachella. Off the top of my head and the cd's that are near me right now.... I'd want to see: The Hellacopters, The Datsuns, The Vacation, Rooney, Verbena, The Hunches, The Dirtbombs, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jet and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!!!!!! fuck! ok 11. - The Willowz!! gheez i can't EVER forget them.

I can do a mellow Festival to: * I go both ways! *
... let's see: Jon Brion, Bob Dylan, Brendan Benson, Grant Lee Phillips, Minibar, Pernice Brothers, David Bowie, Wilco, P.J. Harvey and Buffalo Tom

Maybe it can be for two days..... day one *rock the fuck* day two *rock the sleep* because day two may put some people to sleep but only on a few songs.... it's all rock n' roll.

... just some rock n' roll thoughts that went through my head for about an hour today... thought i'd share.
Now I must eat! My plan for tonight is to go stand in line for Jon Brion until the doors open at 8:30, get a hand stamp or just show my face *i was here*, leave for the Troubadour to catch The Objectives *Erich* at 9pm, them come back to see Jon start playing at his usual 10:30. What a plan! The things one must do to keep oneself happy!

5:35 PM

music: 1. Rooney 2. The Willowz

Tonight I went to see The Shore and Ian Moore at Tangier but first i met cari at the derby.... it was free. Satisfaction just finished as we walked in, a band from OC that i wanted to check out... oh well. The fictions were to go on at 11:30 but we were over watching the shore at that time and caught the last 2 songs of the fictions... the drummer reminds me of the enuff z' nuff drummer, just the way he moves his arms and legs. i dig that!
Ian Moore has a really cool voice. he played guitar and sang and had a kick drum while the other guy sat down and played the guitar. he's sorta alt country. his last 2 songs were the bee gees then sam cooke. i was amazed. he did them without a mic and just walked around the room with his guitar. it was pretty cool. i got chills.
The Shore did their set with a new guy on guitar... his first live gig with 'em. It was a good set. The whole time i was thinking how much i wanted to just rip ben's shirt off and ........oooops. i'll stop there. sorry.

rock and roll is about sex and drugs right?! sometimes i just want to be that groupie, but in a good way. so if you are in a band that rocks....... ha ha! i'm kidding!
stop it!! i know rock and roll is about the music but sometimes you gotta say what the fuck "david lee roth". life is short - rock the fuck out!

so where was i? oh yeah, The Shore were really good........... fuck it , the singer is just really really hott - who the fuck am i kidding? no wait they are a really good band too!

i'm in an odd mood right now..... i feel like listening to the stones and drinking red wine with somebody really really good looking and nice! but i don't know anyone like that! ha ha, do you? is that so wrong? i need some eye candy in front of me when i'm drinking..... shallow? i don't think soo.. so don't even think it! you know me damnit!!!
whats that soul aslyum song..... "i need somebody to shove"
whats that replacements song..... "another girl another planet" "anywhere is better than here" "answering machine" = these are all songs i want to make out to right now!
the shore rock tangier

11:37 AM

music: hellacopters, soul asylum and are you ready for this.... pretty boy floyd!

i guess hanging around certain people i sorta pick up on some of their tastes even though i was into all this glam stuff when it was actually going on.
so anyway.... what have i been up to?

Friday night i went to see Jon Brion, He was so ON.... I mean there was this energy about him and he was just rocking out. Neil Finn was hanging around and so was "the gay butcher" gabe the fiddle player as well as Sarah Watkins so it was an all star jam during the second set. oh and john c reiley was standing right next to me during the whole first set. my friend dave who moved to DC awhile ago is in town and he was all excited about seeing jon again. i'm just glad it was a good night for him. ((hey dave you should e-mail me and we should hang out at ameoba and drink some tea sometime this week)).
Saturday i went to see Van Helsing with susan, it wasn't that great but alright for what it was. i think i'd rather have seen hellboy though. at first i didn't want to see this movie coming out called "the day after tomorrow" something like that anyway... because i'm deathly afraid of shit like that actually happening - tidal waves scare the hell out of me for some reason. but i noticed that jake from donnie darko is in it. so i must see it!
This weekend i was a beach bunny. i just meant that i went to the beach on saturday and sunday.... something i normally wouldn't do. i don't like the sun so much and i'm not one to swim in the ocean unless i was in someplace like hawaii. I went to huntington beach on saturday night with a friend, it was just cool to sit on the sand drinking a beer and listening to the waves crash on the beach. i just hate when your in deep conversation and having a good time and the beach patrol drives up near you and is shinning lights all around .... it just makes me feel like i shouldn't be there which is ridiculous, its a public beach. he didn't shine the light on us but it was just annoying to know that they are driving around-back and forth just watching. I mean if i was making out with this guy that would have made me feel as if we where 17 or something! gheez.
sunday, mothers day - i took my mom to la jolla, san diego. we were just gonna go to corona del mar but somehow i passed it and just felt the need to keep driving. it was a nice day. we had lunch before we left then after we walked around quite a bit we went to this place called moondoggies to have an early dinner. the waiter sat us outside and we were the only ones out there and it took forever for them to bring us the chips and salsa and water. i had to get up and go find our waiter/hostess and ask him if we can order now. he took like 5 more minutes to come over and asked something like "are you ready to order" - he was carrying 2 pitchers of water so he obviously couldn't take our order right then. so we thought he was gonna come back after dropping the pichers off. but instead we figured out that he said "have you already ordered".... so after 10 more minutes of eating the chips and drinking water i said " hey, i'm full wanna go" and my mom was all for that. so free chips and salsa was our dinner. cool! So don't go to mooddoggies in La Jolla! :)
I went to disneyland with a friend later that night on sunday.... it was like 10:00 so we only went on two rides and watched part of the water show "fantasia" before we headed out. it's good to know other people with disney passes!


Robert Dahlqvist's band have their first single out, "Believe In Me" b/w "Coming Back" and it smokes! Get it and wait for the full length to come out.

Listen to it!
1. Believe In You
2. Coming Back

1:33 PM

2 things.....

why does my website all of a sudden lose content?
and why do my friends get e-mail from me of which is junk mail for free movie passes thats not really coming from me?


so just to let you guys know....... it's not me. i have an anit virus on my computer so...... i don't know what is up.

1:18 AM

I just got back from a dinner party that Yamaha put on at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center. I was invited by a friend of mine who works there. I worked there for about 6 months, temping for someone who went on maternity leave. i grew up with Yamaha actually. my mom worked there for over 25 years. anyway....... growing up and going to all the Yamaha functions as a kid..... the only thing i can remember is seeing robyn ford and the yellow jackets all the time or there was the NaMM shows where all the musicians hung out looking and trying out new gear - they always had good bands play at those shows, one year i saw spinal tap, that was cool.
where was i going with this?.... oh yeah, tonight no one knew who was going to play, it was a huge secret show. there was talk of stevie wonder or Paul McCartney or Elton John...... nope, didn't happen. shit i would have been happy to have seen "something corporate or BRMC" 2 of Yamaha's artists now. Instead it was, in list form: Fred Hammond -gospel singer, Go West guy, Jude Cole (acoustic guitar player), Nikka Costa, Taylor Eigisti a cute boy jazz pianist that played a Duke Ellington song, Charlotte Martin, KEB 'MO - a blues guy - this was the best act of them all! , C.C. Winans,
Stacy Orrico, and Chakka Kahn. if you want to know anything about any of these artists you can go to: to get a background of their work.
but i'll tell you what i thought anyway...... the guy from American Idol hosted the whole show by the way... forgot his name (the black one). he seemed to know everyone on stage! there was lot's of gospel singing going on.... a little too much for my tastes. Nikki Costa was introduced and I got super excited thinking the guy said Neko Case then Nikki came out......arrrrgh! she was about to fall out of her little white top! there was lots of screaming tonight with all the women singers esp. Chakka Kahn. It wasn't the cool kinda screaming either... it was like those high pitched ones. I don't know what was up with the go west guy (remember that band) yikes! he kept doing this thing with his right hand... he kept putting it on his chest then to his hip and he did this little dance. it was just something i didn't need to see. Taylor Eigisti is a young guy - 17 i think, he played piano and he had 2 guys up there playing bass and drums. they did a Duke Ellington song, which was pretty amazing. then there was charlotte Martin.... at this point i went to the bathroom and didn't return until she was done. then stacy, CC and Chakka..... there was just a little too much girl screams for me. The whole show was just too perfect for my tastes. some people may like that sorta thing....they were all musician musicians. I like it a lot more dirty and dangerous!
We had drinks and dinner before the show...... should have had a few more drinks! after the gig we went back to the bar and hung out for a bit. we caught the tail end of friends. ho hum! I did a little "networking", lots of older men in the bar who were being really friendly. these men wanted to know what i did for a living and i told them that i don't do anything and that i'm looking for work. I'd like a job back at Yamaha, i told them that I need to be the person that finds their artists!! I am the woman for that job for sure. I would have picked the bands that would have ROCKed the house tonight.

.......watching Jay Leno and.....
...... um what the fuck is up with the black eyed peas?..... omg! this is complete crap. the girl may as well be a stripper in a club, the dudes .... i don't know what to say about them... pimps maybe. fucking lame!!..... ok, so suze isn't into hip hop or whatever you want to call this crap. ........

have you seen Bowling for Columbine yet? i know it's kinda old but i just watched it on netflix. i can't believe i waited this long to see it. a friend of mine kept raving about it and he was right. It is an important movie. I think everyone should watch it. it should be shown in all schools (high school and college) just everyone should see it. Michael White is an amazing man! other movies i have from netflix and some that i borrowed from my friend are: last tango in paris, dancer in the dark... my man godfrey, the cotton club, blazing saddles and true romance which i've seen a long long time ago.

12:23 PM

music: godflesh-streetcleaner

sunday i ended up hanging out at home until about 3pm then bob called and we went to disneyland WITHOUT lindsay who was alseep until 5:30 pm. oh well..... next time for sure lindsay!
we went on every ride you can think of. we had this fabulous drink in this french place near frontierland called mint julep. i loved it! never had it before. bob walks really super fast ...... so you are bound to feel like your on a marathon when you are walking..... errr i mean running with him. i think i lost like 5 lbs! When we walked past the carousel i noticed that not only Pluto and one of the chipmonks but Mickey & Minnie were all riding on it together. I've never seen that. It would have made for an excellent photo. then later when we were checking out the area by the wishing well near the castle..... here comes minnie all by herself just skipping and dancing around the wishing well all by herself. it was classic!

On Monday I went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Echo who were the special guests of The Vue. I had to stand through the vue.... man, that was hard! they did absolutely nothing for me. I started to smile half way through their set just thinking about BRMC being on stage soon. BRMC were louder than fuck! if i didn't have ear plugs then i'd be deaf for sure. i heard that they had a lot of probems at coachella and only played a song and 1/2. well, last night they had some more problems and from where i was standing i think it was the roadies/guitar techs. they sucked and BRMC were pissed at them. they didn't even tune Peter's guitar correctly. he stopped and tuned it himself. If those guitar techs still have a job after that show i would be surprised! I could tell that they didn't want to come back out for the encore but we kept clapping and yelling for them and they said that we were the only reason why they came back out.
I love BRMC because of their droning type guitar sound. peter plays a beautiful red gretsch. As they came back on stage for the encore they were all smoking. I didn't mind because it made for some good photos with the lights and smoke.
i thought i had more to talk about but i'm not feeling it anymore.

2:36 PM

music: the objectives

i went to largo last night... surprised? i didn't think so. you know what i can't remember a damn song!
not because of the drinking, i don't think.
i started out early, went to the pizza place and had a slice and three beers (excellent selection - i might add!)
then i was the first in line for jon brion. i had 3 pints and 1/2 pint of guinness. that stuff is the best.
i'm sorta feeling it this morning. i'm off to meet susan in long beach for some tea and a chat. aka "boy watching".
my friend is back from england and he gave me his cd last night.... i like it! they are playing at the troubadour on May 14th. they are called the objectives. erich can sing!! wow! i had no idea. i may have to skip ben kweller or the!

it's 7:30, i just got back from meeting my friend susan at the yard House for some grub (its a place with millions of beers on tap and you can have a yard of it) these really tall drinks...its crazy. Any beer that you can think of ... they have for sure! , i didn't get one! I was a good girl and had Iced Tea. we sat on the patio outside, it was a nice day. and we walked around shoreline village and went to fingerprints. they were playing this band called "red eyed legends". I had to ask about them because the CD fucking rocks! the singer was so familiar and i couldn't figure it out. turns out it was the guy from Circus Lupus. I used to love that band! so i bought it. i also got TSAR, i've seen these guys enough and never bought their cds and it was only 2.99. cool deal. as if i need anymore cds! i have 19 shelves of CDs in my room and i need to build another CD rack.

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