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4:40 PM

music: back to interpol today...
i got a cd player, one of those single ones that you plug in the cig lighter, it's just to hold me over till i get the 10 disc cd changer.
pete is all better!! yeah. i'm so relieved!
okay the elvis tribute thingy at the knitting factory was fab! it was for the norris cancer center...a friend of mine at the largo, greg, has cancer and it was all for him. it was very touching to see that all those amazing people showed up and played elvis costello songs all night and it was sold out even! the highlights were dramarama doing my all time favorite song " i want you" it actually brought me to tears (but i didn't tell anyone around me...) then aimee man did a few, michael penn did a few and jon brion did one alone and a few with kennedy (pump it up) there were alot more but i don't remember the names or even the songs they all did. sorry. but paul f thompkins was a hilarious host/comedian/banter boy!! anyway....i stayed home on friday because i was soo friggin tired from wednesday and thursday nights. no more beer for awhile....;) love, suze

8:24 AM

music: ben kweller / beulah / elliott smith

too much to drink last night.
we went to the good luck bar first. the bartender kept giving cari and i samples of different drinks along with our beer!!
i was telling cari that i saw my first body bag (dead person) today.....working at the hospital right across from pathology- i'm bound to see a few. (yikes)
then we headed over to el cid for some rock. as soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by the lovely luther himself. he told us to have a look around, the place is pretty cool. we headed over to the bar and i heard my name being called "hey, it's suze dodd" and i didn't recognize him at all at first. it was someone i went to jr high and high school with, scott. i couldn't believe he even remembered me let alone my full name! he was the drummer of the band who was opening for luther russell.
luther russell, mark lane on bass and chris joyner on piano (band) were awesome! i didn't know the drummer though. looking forward to another show - monday at largo!!
tonight is the elvis costello tribute at the knitting factory.

4:21 PM

music: velvet underground / jason falkner

let’s see…..okay, tuesday I went to spaceland to see bare jr, the hacksaw boys, bigger lover and the court & spark. It was a country rock kinda thing going on. thursday I went to the detroit bar to see helio sequence for the 3rd time, they just didn’t do it for me this time around.

friday was amazing! I met a few friends at the largo to see jon brion, it was sold out for dinner but we ended up getting a table right up front anyway. his show the week before was just okay….no second set or anything special. but omg. this show was one of my top 20 shows by him. grant lee graced us with his spectacular self, and josh played the drums for a bit. they did a cool version of “funkytown” and then “isn’t it a pity” I just about lost it! He did two sets. It was such an amazing night. my friend wrote down as much as she could remember of all the songs he here goes: in no particular order.
isn't it a pity (george harrison) - all you need is love (beatles) - you shook me (ac dc) - hail to the chief (including bits of purple haze, day tripper, star spangled banner hendrix-style etc..) - i just wasn't made for these times (beach boys) - god only knows (beach boys) - here we go (punch drunk love soundtrack) - 2nd set goodbye yellow brick road (elton john) - grant lee phillips song (forgot title) - take me to the river (al green/talking heads etc...) funky town (lipps inc.)w bits of../every day is like sunday (morrissey) - baba o'riley (the who) man, josh rocked on the drums on this one - i was just about in tears it was sooo friggin rockin'! - instant karma (john lennon) - why don't we do it in the road (beatles) - love will keep us together (captain & tennille) - what's so funny about peace, love & understanding (elvis costello) what a night!!
he spoke to the audience of the war and about relationships with such passion that I just wanted to hug him. jon has been doing a lot of new songs lately along with covers, not so much of off meaningless anymore. his new stuff is amazing. I know I say that word a lot but it’s true.
in-between sets my friends and i were speaking of the old days at largo when it only cost 5 bucks and you could actually sit on the floor in front of the stage and watch him. although we all didn't know each other then - it was nice to know we were all there during the first few years. i'll never forget the two most amazing shows ever that we all witnessed. it was jon doing the history of music. he started out on the floor banging his hands on it, keeping a beat and he moved on from there to everything else that he had laying around. i think i had tears in my eyes that night because it was such a beautiful experience. another night was when he did the song "jet", and he sang parts of it through this telephone/megaphone thing (that was my favorite). there has been lots of amazing nights where he would do straight beatles covers all night long, singalongs with the audience. okay you get the idea...

saturday was a busy day/night. cari and I met at amoeba music to catch tim easton playing, that was a bitch to get to because all the protesters were right there at the CNN building on sunset next to ameoba!! that was very moving to see, glad I had my camera in tow. i did do some shopping (aaargh) nothing new just stuff that I once had and either sold or thought I had, trying to build my collection – I already need to build myself another cd wall unit.

anyway so after seeing tim, we went to the mark ryden opening reception…it was his “blood” series of paintings and drawings (great stuff). He was there with a really cool red velvet suit on and his kids were hanging ‘round looking cute, you can definitely tell that his kids are his muse. After running into a few of my friends and chatting with ‘em for awhile, cari and I went to eat then to the movies to see SPUN. I think I may just have to go see it again. the movie was all about crystal meth. It was well done-the way it was shot, wonderful cast-great acting. I was surprised to see eric roberts play a gay dude in it, (did i just say that?!) it was hilarious! Jason S., Britney M. and Mickey R. were superb.
okay so after the movie we head over to the hotel café to catch mark lane play and to my surprise I got to see a few other wonderful singers….sara, a girl I had met at the largo while kennedy was playing-didn’t even know she was a singer. then Luther Russell and chris joyner from the freewheelers joined mark on stage, all very talented musicians. What a great night!! I’m looking forward to catching luther at el cid on wednesday. then there is that elvis costello tribute going on at the knitting factory on thursday the 27th. and I just found out the elvis is actually playing at the royce hall at UCLA on the 28th and 29th!! I wonder if it’s sold out? He is amazing live- in fact he is one of my favorite “big name singers” to have seen live besides Tom Waits (the best ever!)

i spoke to my buddy mark today and we were talking for a long time on the phone about being social and shyness and he brought up an interesting point that i just wanted to write. there is a certain amount of egotisim in shyness. if you are always thinking that people are thinking about you and your actions all the time .....well, thats pretty egotistical. dontcha think? i think everyone has a bit of that in them but some people have alot more. i used to think i was shy and i still do to a point. i'm trying hard to break out of it. i think my shyness was/is more than ego related though.
i think most musicians are shy and egotistical but thats what makes them interesting and i go turning everything back to music again. i'm not a musician but i've always loved to be around music, it's what keeps me going.

last little note....if you want to know where bands are playing, click here. it's all happening
cherish what you have because you may not have it for as long as you might think.
i say that because i think my cat "pete" is dying. sniff *sniff ...(i only hope it's just a cold!) i feel bad because i left him with my mom and she takes care of him. my place didn't allow animals, and i found that out after i picked him up off the street so....anyway i feel bad because my sister did the same thing with her cat "moo" . he died before my sister could fly back from boston to get him after she was settled in. sad. it was just a cold!!

1:09 PM

music: white stripes

this morning was like something out of a wrong movie for me!
i was walking back to my jeep from the post office and another jeep drove by really close to me as i was about to open my door and i just could not believe that this guy hit this puddle just right to get me all wet from head to toe!! i was laughing, i wasn't pissed at all (what is wrong with me?). dripping wet i headed for blockbuster anyway....but it was way too crowded to even get a parking space so i came home. i'm pretty tired beings i didn't get to sleep until 4am and got up at 10am. i'm just kicking back watching something on tv about turtles, buring nag champa and lounging 'round. don't think i'll make it to see califone at ameoba today at 3pm. i may just head down to the detroit bar and catch my friends band silvercities.

3:44 AM

music my bloody valentine
tonight was an interesting night at the largo with jon brion.
i had a nice conversation about my bloody valentine and other cool stuff with a couple of guy's, one of which was in the movie good fellas. i gotta rent it again cuz i just can't place him right now.

7:14 PM

music: blur/stones/foo fighters

still haven't got my cd changer fixed (or better yet, a new one) kroq isn't as bad if you only listen to it like once a day for 'bout an hour. but any longer then you start hearing the same shit over and over again, and i mean shit.
it feels good to be back in the work force. finally! i've started a diet type thing....just eat better (no more animal cookies). it all started when i went to the grocery store 'round 4pm on a saturday while i was starving_hadn't eaten all day. i started buying all this crap that i never ever buy. but those fudge bars....yummy! but no more, i'm done! my favorite thing is sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream. ah man, i'm so hungry right now. i got this frozen pizza in the freezer (gee where else would it be)...i think i'll have that tonight.
i'm taking my lunch to work, going for walks on my breaks and doing tae-bo and ab work-out on alternating days when i get home.
i was thinking that i wanted to do another web-page starting with my earliest memories as a kid and going from there...sorta like a book i guess. everyone should do this! well, maybe some folks aren't as interested in the past as i am.
last night i was bored and i stared watching one of those really stupid shows....this was about kids finding a date for the mom. i don't understand why or how these shows even make it on the air!! ok, i watch blind date, elimidate and the fifth wheel - i get sucked into it, i'm just so amazed that people are acting that way on dates. i'm afraid, very afraid! ha ha. i should be reading instead of watching the tube. and i feel guilty for watching.
other thoughts...what should i take in school next semister? photography or computers? i'm only taking one class, can't be both! almost forgot to mention, this was the second time i saw a friend on blind date (stupid show)...he was one of the gondola riders while this couple was on a was derrick from JWKB, he was funny! another time i caught part of the show where my friend "christa" was tripping on the sidewalk on her date, haven't seen the whole show but i'm sure it was funny.
enough about tv (again)-*s*

9:01 PM

i haven't been listening to any cd's lately, i did hear some new songs from KCRW & KROQ though.
i got to get the new white stripes, jayhawks, sea and cake, and some other stuff i wrote down that i can't think of right now.
today i rented 3 movies. rules of attraction (only because this guy Ian Somerhalder was in it) cari and i were in line behind him at the Interpol concert, he had such lovely eyes!!, oh the movie sorta sucked....go figure ha ha. big bad love, i rented this because i read the book which was really good. igby goes down. don't know why i rented this one, i like susan sarandon and jeff goldblum though.
i did my taxes the other day. yippie!! i felt like i was starting to get sick again so i have been staying home alot and drinking tea and resting....could be because i have no money. i'm getting used to it. it will make it all the more special when i do go out again. ;)
life stinks right now. no war! peace, suze

12:31 PM

music: : JELLYFISH "bellybutton"
yesterday i went with roger to ameoba music, after being there less then 10 minutes they start playing one of my favorite cd's (bellybutton by jellyfish), this is such an under-rated band. it set the mood for the rest of my day ((happy)). i was a good girl and didn't buy anything. i forgot to look for the ben kweller cd anyway. the store is just soo overwhelming, the used section is great. on our way up there i saw the most stupid truck decoration ever, this guy had rubber balls hanging from the bottom of his know what i mean. from the looks of him, i was surprised not to have seen a gun rack in his truck as well....gross!!
last night i started watching sat nite live...and as usual i feel asleep before the musical guest came on (the donnas).
i don't know what the heck i'm going to do today but i really need to get outside.....anyone up for basketball or catch??
looking forward to 20 Miles tonight ......-suze-

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