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12:29 PM

music: Nirvana - Bleach
NEWS* Monster Garage Show
Jesse and the gang are going to modify/destroy a classic DeLorean tonight,
and make it into a hovercraft.
I say destroy, only because
sometimes they don't actually succeed in their transformations. I've seen them make a fire engine out of a limo - that was pretty awesome.

Grep Proops was funny last night, so was Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt , can't say much for kathy griffin though. I get home and turn the tv on and still can't get away from kathy....a re-run of suddenly susan was on! annoying is a good word to describe her. Paul F. Tompkins was in top form last night. Jon played 'waterloo sunset' in between comedians.

tonight - staying home for the Gilmore Girls! If you feel like going out tonight...go catch "SOME GIRLS" at Spaceland featuring Juliana Hatfield with my friend Sara Melson opening
and if you aren't doing anything on Wednesday then you should go see The Vacation at the Viper Room playing with Kennedy, this will rock your socks off or pants whatever..... probably pants though! thursday & friday jon will be playing at the largo as usual. ~S

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