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music: The Blood Group
earplugs are a wonderful thing. Not only do they help at super loud concerts like Motorhead at Santa Monica Civic but they help you to sleep. I got in at 3:30 and slept until 11. Greeeeeeat!! I think they actually cut down on the random thoughts that are always going through your head which makes you not able to sleep. so earplugs are a good thing all around.
i think the college bus let out right in front of the largo last night. it was very strange but i enjoyed seeing alot of new faces for once. clem snide was the opener. I really liked them, they kinda have that wilco thing going on, just a touch though.
ben lee was also in attendance. so after most of the kids filtered out after jons 1st rockin' set, jon asked ben to join him and they did a few ben lee songs then jon didn't know what to do. he ended up doing an amazing version of a led zeppelin song just going off on the piano then drums then guitars and bass then on top of that sang it in a tom waits voice. fucking hilarious!! If you haven't seen jon brion then i'll tell you right now, you are completely missing out on something rare yet amazing, a musical phenomenon!
if anyone knows anything about rocket from the tomb playing somewhere tonight, let me know! i had it on my schedule and it's gone. they were gonna be at the knitting factory tonight but it's not listed anymore. ~S

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