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music: Bob Dylan
YES! It's jacket season! doncha' just love this weather. being in the mountains would be nice, except of course for the fires.

i went out last night for the first time in a long time to a place other than the largo. spaceland to see THE VACATION and the british sea power. i felt uncomfortable as i steped into the room for some reason until steve of The Vacation came over to me and said hello. um i'm pretty sure it was steve, though sometimes i can't tell ben and steve apart until after i see them on stage ha ha.
i stood waiting which seemed like forever for them to start. the band before them had all this .... what looked like a setting for animal planet on stage and it took them a long time to get most of it off. They left some of the shrubs and trees and fake owls behind and it didn't go to well with what type of music the vacation play. i think it was actually the british sea power's shrubs and things so it was left up for them.
most of the time it's just hard for me to give any details of a band because i'm sorta in my own world taking photos*, ya know. and last night was the first time to use my new fish eye lens, so i was getting used to that. a few of the times it almost seemed that ben was coming over to my camera on purpose but of course my flash didn't work, either he was to close or i couldn't get it together in time. aaargh. *i mean i hear the music and i like what i hear..... it's all to easy to say that they suck or they rock. maybe i should start some sort of star system like rolling stone. it that were the case i'd give The Vacation 4 stars out of 4!! the british sea power would get 3 out of 4 because i didn't dig the shrubs. ha ha. no they were really good as well. they just rocked in a different way than The Vacation. more like old Bowie, that 80's sorta thing. one of the guys had this intense stare almost as intense as maynard of TOOL but not quite as scary. these guys were 'pretty'.

did anyone notice the crescent moon a few nights ago during all the fires? my god that was beautiful! i was walking out of the gym around 7 and just happend to look up and the moon had this red/orange glow to it. totally halloween!!

does anyone dress up anymore, not that i really care. i was never the one to dress up anyway. the one time that i did remember dressing up was back in the 80's and MTV had just started.... my best friend tracey and I dressed as punk rockers though looking back on that, we looked more like a couple of hookers. ah.. no wonder why those guys were honking at us and asking how much. i though they were referring to how much candy did we get. ~Suze

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