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8:45 PM

music: superchunk - foolish esp. song "keeping track" the guitar distortion on this is amazing!!
Grant lee Phillips at the largo was so good last night that i don't have any words to describe him. the rest of his band just happened to be in the audience and it was a grant lee buffalo reunion type thing. great!!
he has alot of new songs that i had not heard before, he played about 5 or 6 of them.
todd carlin opened the show with some comedy. funny guy as usual. yep, he is george carlins nephew. John Doe came up and did a few songs with grant along with sara waserman (sp?) and a few other guys who i forgot their names.
ok, screw this web-site stuff for tonight, feels like my head is going to explode.
have a good week. upcoming shows: monday - greg proops at largo / tuesday i'm staying home to watch the Gilmore Girls - the pernice brothers have their song 'Weakest Shade of Blue' on it at some point tonight!! or some girls at spaceland feat. juliana hatfield and opening is none other than sara melson/ thursday mr. airplane man at spaceland or jon brion at largo / Friday my friend mark is playing somewhere and I'll be going to that! / saturday rocket from the tombs at knitting factory.

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