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12:18 AM

music: Reigning Sound - too much guitar

my ears are ringing. i'm deaf. The Hunches rocked like no other band i've seen before.
they have so much energy, it's just amazing. i walked in as they were playing their second song. right away i started taking photos. the guitar player was just going off! i had a smile on my face the whole time they were playing, it's my favorite type of music - just fucking loud, chaotic rock'n roll.
The Willowz showed up to see them and a few of the other friends were hanging out. the pony's played next and i wasn't impressed with the first few songs. they just reminded me of that whole 80's happy mondays type rock... i don't really know. i mean some of the songs caught my attention but not enough for me to go run out and buy their cd.
oh... i have to mention this girl who was up front the whole time, she was super drunk and i think she just learned how to spit like a dude. she kept spitting on the hunches then just anywhere on the stage, every 2 minutes. i've never seen anything like it before. it wasn't even funny, it was very stupid. the singer took her beer chugged it and then spit it out right in her face. it was great! she was so drunk i don't think she realized what was going on. he kept the beer and set it on stage away from her. she got up on stage, went over and picked it up, took a drink and jumped back in her place. then proceeded to spit some more.

between sets, they played the Rolling Stones. yey! listening to them always makes me want to hang out with people and drink!

i left after a couple of songs of your enemies friends. i still felt like going out afterwards but no one was around.
as i started back for my jeep i walked past my friend jose who works at that fancy restaurant by that corner hotel, he's been asking me out for years. i've been parking over there for many years now, it's my secret parking. anyway i ran into jose a couple of years ago and he remembers me even after not seeing him for a long time. we just started talking as i walked past his restaurant one night. it's like, we have nothing in common but are drawn to talk to each other. i like that, and i'm going to keep it that way. tonight as i walked past him to go to the show he told me that jennifer aniston was having dinner in there and i should go take her photo. he was kidding about the photo of course. he asked why don't i get into the Paparazzi field. i told him because it's dangerous, and we just kept up with the small talk for awhile until i said i had to go catch the band. nice guy and all but he's a lot older....

as i was standing in the club after the hunches were over, i suddenly felt all alone, it was weird. i go to shows by myself and i usually don't care about being alone but for some reason i felt the need for company and stood there silent and feeling unsocial. sometimes, no .... all the time, i feel detatched from the hollywood crowd. i'm not stuck up, if you come up and talk to me, i'll talk to you but i'm pretty shy to just go up and talk to people unless i get a "vibe" from them, ya know what i mean.

I had to copy and paste part of THE HUNCHES review by roger, a friend of mine for over 15 years, from his blog called Scene but not herd.
"The drums pummel you and the guitar is feedbacking sheets of noise with notes occasionally emerging from the squall. It's like the sound coming out of his guitar is throwing him around the stage and eventually both he and the singer ended up in the audience. These Hunches shows are the closest thing lately to remind me of early eighties hardcore shows. Much has been written lately about "garage rock" like the Strokes, White Stripes, and the Hives, but most of these writers don't know what they are talking about. Good bands that use guitar, bass, and drums have always been around, but the critics are too busy fretting about whatever happens to be the flavor of the month to notice. The Hunches are just pure primal energy. Those other bands are ok, but they pale in comparison. Those bands are more for people concerned with image rather than the ability to make your jaw drop simply by what they are playing. The Hunches make my jaw drop and remind me of being a teenager still overwhelmed at discovering sounds I had never heard before." by roger

11:43 PM


i'm listening to the vacation on 103.1... they are playing live, it's pretty cool!they did "white noise" and "no hard feelings" so far. Ben has a really good radio voice, i just heard a plug he did for their show at the viper room on monday. should be a good show tomorrow, hi speed scene is playing also.
oh... they are doing a new song called "hollywood forever". cool. it's about that cemetery on gower. i've been there a few times actually. now they are doing "trash". i gotta say, i like them a lot better live and electric. just now the DJ guy was playing the wrong song off their new album so when they came back on the air he was flipping through the cd and ben would have to say no, no , no, ok thats the right one and it was so unprofessional, i loved that! it was all live on the air. it was real, no filters ha ha. just like the vacation, "real and no filters". man , i love these guys! i listened to it on my computer and i like how it says the name of each song as it plays.

i just got home from seeing michael moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. we went to 4 different theatres, or called them on the phone but everywhere was SOLD OUT until about the 10 pm showing. finally we get to the pasadena theatre on colorado blvd and got tickets for the 7pm showing, had a nice dinner at houstons (my favorite veggie burger EVER!) and went back to stand in line at 6pm. it was nice to see the movie being so popular this opening weekend! as we stood in line we watched the people come out of the theatre with this look on their face, i couldn't quite read some of 'em but it seemed that they really liked the film. i was trying to look at people to catch their eye and i got two people to say something about it by just looking at them. it was interesting. i like when you have eye contact with someone, it's one of my favorite things to do.
alright, alright... the movie. um... i will say that i think it is an important movie for everyone to see, it shows a completely different side of bush and company that you will never see on .... say .... fox news. it was well put together and was full of important information. the only thing for me was that there was so much information that i missed some of it, i mean it was hard for me to grab all of it in one sitting. i may have to go see it again. i'm not very political at all but after seeing this film, i want to learn more. there were many high points in this film but one that really sickened me was the way the U.S. military targeted these young kids at malls to get them to join, it was just fucking nuts! during the opening scene of the movie is where i started to cry, the screen was all black but you can just imagine what was going on from the sound of the planes crashing into the towers. after seeing this movie it just makes me think to myself, what is the point in voting anymore, i mean it seems like it's not worth it anyway, it's a waste of time, it's all about money and power and we have no "real" say in any of it. that sucks! i think the first 20 minutes of this film is what hit me hard, the rest is the details and important information that everyone needs to know. even if we can't change anything. it makes you wonder if the election is really "fixed". i feel numb! but i also feel anger, frustration and a lot of love...... for michael moore for just having the guts to make this movie. i think he will/is surprised at how well it's going to do at the box office. man, i so would love to go on a date with this guy. i'm serious, just to talk and have some tea.

ok, on the other hand i would love to date ryan gosling from the new movie the notebook. ha ha, ok well maybe just the character because there is no guy in the world like that in real life, darn it! I loved this movie none the less. it's a very romantic, strong soul mate, love story. i can't tell you how many times i thought i'd actually found MY soul's crazy to think you have just one out there. i sorta got lost in this movie, and by lost i mean, lost in a good way, like i was in the movie, it is a great script/story. i love the movies that are set during world war II.

all and all, despite all my plans falling through this weekend. i had a really nice spontaneous weekend. my favorite "spontaneous"
this morning i went to the record swapmeet in Buena Park with my very old friend whom i haven't hung out with in over 3 years really. i haven't been to the record swapmeet in about 6 years. it's fun to run into people that are still into records. a guy walked by me and we looked at each other as if we have seen each other before but i didn't remember where, we smiled and i said i know you but i'm sorry i don't know from where, he said "stacie? no suze right?" i was shocked and felt bad i didn't remember his name then he said "my name is Tracy, and you worked at Bionic Records!" then i totally remembered him. this was like 15 years ago!! there is also a lot of crazy people at these shows as well. i got a job offer, sorta but i just don't want to do retail again. the electric chair in Huntington Beach is hiring right now. i just don't think i can handle working with a bunch of so called punk rock kids and the music they play all day long, it would drive me nuts. they guy who i met today was pretty cool though *swoon*. ha ha. i found a lot of bootleg DVD's that i would have liked to have but they run about 15-25 bucks a pop. i went to find "cocksucker blues" and the guy who sold all the DVD's said that there will be a new one of much better quality out next month. so i'll wait. i played the other Rolling Stones dvd on one of the mini-players that the guy had sitting there and it got stuck, it wouldn't forward to the next track or even stop, so this foreign guy next to me is pointing at it telling me to just take it out and try this other one of the same DVD.... he did this for me WHILE IT WAS STILL PLAYING. the laser was still reading the DVD as this guy takes it out of the player, i soo knew that was the wrong thing to do! i just looked at my friend and we started cracking up and i'm like, um.... i gotta go make a phone call, i'll be right back. i just didn't want to be there when the guy who runs the booth sees that his mini-DVD player was fucked up. We left the swapmeet shortly after that anyway. we kept running into all of his friends and i kept seeing familiar faces but couldn't place from where.
wow! it's 1:22 now, g'nite.

10:15 PM

Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar is one of the best CD's I've heard all year! please run to your nearest record store and buy it. you can thank me later. this cd just rocks, it makes me so happy. i mean hell, it put me in a great mood after a terrible morning. i love that certain cds' can do that to me. this is why music is so important to me. sometimes i actually feel that i don't need anything else.

today i went to L.A. hung out with my buddy rick. we went to amoeba and i bought only 3 cds; sahara hotnights, the black keys and epic soundtracks-sleeping star. it's strange that i've been listening to epic soundtracks a lot lately, he sounded like nick cave and leanard cohen. he was found dead in 1997 in his bed at the age of 37, his brother is nikki sudden. they had a few bands together; the swell maps, the Jacobites, These Immortal Souls, Crime and the City Solution, and the Red Krayola. this morning i found myself listening to art blakey, pretty damn good stuff.

i had other plans today. great plans, but somehow that didn't work out, jackass! :) so i hung out in L.A. anyway and i even bought a camera! i'm dangerous with my money when i let a guy get to me. i guess i'm a typical girl who likes to go shopping. except i don't shop for clothes. i'm into cds and electronics which can be just as expensive as a shopping trip for clothes. but i'm cool now :) we are just "friends". still a jackass that needs to grow up but still friends none the less :)
nite nite. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:58 PM

music: PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her

go see saved!
i saw it the other day. i went in not expecting much and i loved it.
i think it's kind of an important movie.
on the other hand i snuck into see white chicks. i laughed my ass off. yeah, i was sitting there in a row all to myself just laughing throughout the whole movie. i was expecting to walk out at the start.... but stayed.

i have stuck to a diet of healthy choice veggie soup and salad all week and i have been getting lots of rest, not drinking. doing the ab roller every night. i'm going to try and not screw it all up on friday by drinking guinness! TRY!

3:39 PM

music: the hunches

i'm feeling guilty ...... i slept until 11:30 then started to watch chelsea walls (ethan hawk directed it, not his best work mind you) and i took another nap. my body is telling me something, but what? "hey suze, get off your fucking lazy ass and do get a fucking job" so this is the weird funk that i'm in today. you know that feeling when you are staring at something but not really looking at anything? well that's me today. i need to go check out some museums and art/photo gallery's or check out something creative to inspire me.

i was in an indecisive mood last night and couldn't make up my mind between seeing the willowz at the viper room (can't stand that place) or seeing 20 miles (judah fucking bauer) at spaceland. i choose judah because of time and well, because bernnie called me every night last week as well the night of the show to yell at me about "you have to go suze! it's judah fucking bauer". bern, i took a lot of photos to prove to you that i went, so there! i'm so glad that i went. his band has gotten so much better over the years. they nailed the R. L. Burnside song, and i can tell he was happy about it, he was all smiles and even told the band that was right on guys! it was good to see judah up there having a lot of fun. 20 miles is bluesy rock'nroll.
the first band was gram rabbit, good for what they do...but not my thing. they reminded me of high school. it was 80's keyboard electro country pop. wow did i just say all that? well, it was weird. i think the low flying owls have a lot of what it takes to become famous. they rocked, they looked cool and the bass player wore a cool cowboy hat and danced. he had this cool effect on his bass that made fuzzy guitar noises. i loved that. the sound, well i'm totally not good at all at describing peoples sounds for some reason, i usually get it all wrong. i can tell you that they are going to be playing at spaceland along with giant drag next monday for free again though. giant drag is a guy on drums and a girl on guitar singing. i don't know the whole deal with them but i kinda liked them, just not that much to pay to see them anywhere. plus by the time they came on i was falling asleep, looking for my friend so we can go home. the drummer looked familiar. i may catch them mext monday if i don't break my rule of going to the viper room. the vacation is playing there and you know how much i love them..... well, we will see. :)

so tonight if i don't crash out at home watching more netflix movies then i may head over to the largo for the greg proops chat show. john doe and grant lee will play tomorrow at largo.

2:05 AM

BIG STAR - #1 Record/Radio City

This CD is by far one of my all time favorites. tonight my friend and i sat in his car listening to it on his new stereo system. it sure does make a difference.
this cd gives me chills.

i had a very nice fathers day today. i met my friend for dinner and a movie/the terminal, then met up with our other friend for a coffee at the bourgeois pig. it was nice.

i dislike these kinds of days though i.e. fathers day, mothers day, valentines day (that's a given), just any of those holidays where you are forced to buy cards and tell someone that you love them in general sucks. i mean you shouldn't ever have to feel obligated, in my opinion anyway, to buy someone a card or buy flowers. i guess on the other hand, it's a way for families who have a hard time showing their love for each other..... an excuse to make it easier for them to show that they care. i don't have a close family so maybe this is why i feel this way, i'm not sure. the grass is always greener, i supose. i'm happy to know that one of my friends has a super close family and he actually has to attend family functions for everything. i think that is really cool. i don't know if it's something that i could handle though, only because i've lived alone for so long and i'm pretty set in my ways and i hate to be told what i have to do. but i guess if i grew up in that type of surrounding, then i'm sure i would feel differently.

hey bill, are you going to see judah on monday? anyone else going?
i was just told that he goes on first. damn it. i guess i'll have to
miss the willowz at the viper room (sorry guys). if you hear differently, please let me know.
john doe and grant lee are at the largo on wednesday......i'm thinking about it!

9:37 AM

music: Jeff Buckley - Grace

i just woke up. i hit the pillow at 8pm on a saturday night and slept for 13 hours. wow! can you believe it. i was more exhausted from the night of drinking then i was from the emotional intensity from the funeral yesterday afternoon. i saw some relatives that i hadn't seen in well over 10 years. one of my cousins is named "harley" i forgot the story behind it, but he looked like a character from a tom hanks movie thats out now or kinda like the one when he was on the island alone.
then you always have someone in the family who has piercings and tattoos that everyone thinks bad about, as if they are on drugs. i used to be this person. but no more. this younger girl, maybe about 18, was walking around with a tiny shirt on showing off her belly button ring. my aunt gets a kick out of saying out loud "hey suze, do you still have all of your piercings". this is what pisses me off, this is all she can remember of me. i said nope! they are ALL gone, infact they've been gone for 6 or 7 years! so annoying! and i was never the one to show them off.
on the way back my jeff buckley cd was playing and my mom said "who is this, i should know this by now" and i told her and she went on with story, telling my sister that when we took a trip out to see her on the east coast, that we stopped near "mud island" where Jeff drowned. i love it when my mom tells anyone these stories about rock 'n rollers, it shows she actually listens and is interested. oh but the sad part.... my sister didn't know who jeff buckley was. there is just no saving her at all! that is just way to much work. :) it's just fucking heartbreaking! and to think that she is on the air at a radio station in Boston. un-fucking-believable!

i got an e-mail from a friend who's birthday is on monday and he wants to get together with some friends for dinner and a movie tonight in L.A. I'm always up for that. of course i'm gonna try and squeeze the standard in there somewhere. it's always fun to relax with a group of people there. plus the bus boy is super nice to look at!

things i want to do:
get rooney tickets for the wiltern
get reigning sound tickets for henry fonda
be put me on the list for MC5 at the echo/A-HOB shows!

12:12 PM

music: i just read that ALL NIGHT RADIO just broke up! WTF!!

oh my head. it's so nice to stumble in at 6am, shaking from drinking the night before and having to get up at 11am to go to a funeral. yep, that's my life today! i said no more largo but my drinking buddy and i love to drink guinness together and lot's of it. we first met at the movie theatre to see grand theft parsons which was awful. johnny knoxville was the best part and that ain't saying much! the acting was the worst, but what else can you expect from the blonde bimbo from married .... with children. yep!
then we went to the pizza place by largo and hung out and talked for 2 hours before standing in line for jon brion. we drank so much. omg! the jon brion highlights... i only remember because we started to write 'em down then lost track after song 19 which was trial and error. Jack Black went up and did some Queen, Beatles and Zepp, it was fucking hilarious! he did a second set, i don't rememeber how long it took or what exactly he did but i know i left during the last "jon brion space jam" which i love more than ... well, a lot of things. i followed my friend out. we needed to sleep or walk or something. so my other friends had to rub it in when we walked back towards the largo to drop off some cds' that i burned for them, they had to tell me all that i missed and were surprised that i, of all people, left before it was over.
so anyway, i've got a funeral to go to. shit, i have to find something to wear.

....... more later..........

12:21 PM

music: Thelonoius Monster - California Clam Chowder

ok so it DOES happen in three's! (not counting derek from enuff 'z nuff) first ronald, then ray charles and now my gramps. all pretty damn old guys who lived a long life. i'm not broken up as if it were my own father but i am feeling for my mom. now both of her parents are gone. i couldn't imagine... i don't want to imagine. so now i am going to a funeral on saturday in rose hills. my sister is flying down from boston for the weekend. so that should be interesting. we are not a close family .....
i felt i had a lot more to say and i wrote it all down then deleted it for some reason. i guess i didn't want to ramble about non-music topics.

so moving right along... last night i started to watch the unforgiven with audrey hepburn, made in 1960 and i fell asleep. i'll give it another go perhaps tonight. i'm going to see Coffee and Cigarettes today by myself beings everyone else has to work.
i haven't gone out all weekend. there isn't much going on this week either.

the hives are playing with reigning sound at the fonda in early aug.

rooney tickets are still available for july 18th at the wiltern, i'm thinking about it.

the hunches.... well. i'm for sure going to that, then head over to the fonda to catch mark arm fronting MC5. this show is june 29th.

the willowz are playing at the viper room same night as 20 miles play spaceland - next monday.

the vacation is playing at the kibitz room on wednesday at 11:30 for free.

weenie roast update...

never again will i attend one of these things! even though it was free and the box seats were pretty cool.
i liked all the bands i saw there tonight. didn't really hate any of them. but wasn't fond of bad religion. we got there in time to catch the yeah yeah yeah's. karen likes to scream a lot and she has a lot of energy!
the hives were a little pretentious but thats just how they are and i can except that about 'em and still dig them. i think the crowd didn't like them as much as the hives thought they did. the new songs don't sound as strong as the other albums. cypress hill got the crowd jumping. modest mouse were boring to me. velvet revolver were.... trying to be guns n' roses... i really like slash and duff though. scott has the energy of a 16 yr old but a body like a junkie! i was surprised they did "it's so easy" by GNR. they did a few STP songs as well. we watched them on the tv's they had all over the place from the VIP area - FREE chips and salsa :) the beers were $12.50 for a 24 ounce!! i didn't buy any. the beastie boys were pretty good, adam started talking about BUSH and asked everyone to vote. i thought it was cool... even though no one was really listening to him. everyone seemed pretty drunk and stupid. a few in the crowd yelled out "fuck bush" adam loved hearing that!
the strokes played last. they rocked. it was my first time to see them. i wish it could have been in a smaller place. the only thing that sucked is during the last part of the last song the singer jumped into the audience and someone ripped off his necklace. that sucks people! he kept asking for it back, said please and everything. fuckers! he even said it really meant something to him. that just sucks!
the stage set up was way cool. it turned around and the other side was another stage so there was no waiting for any of the bands to set up and they were all on time. one after the other.
the parking really sucks there, thats what i remember about "IRVINE MEADOWS". it was full when we got there and had to park across the street and walk even further.
everyone was so drunk. it was crazy. and to think they are going to drive home right after......

5:51 PM

music: fiona apple

today i had to take my jeep in for some new brakes, how wonderful when your unemployed! my garage "dave and jims" is near my best friends house so i walked overthere knowing her boyfriend is also out of work and has a disney pass to. :)
yep, we went to california adventure all day today, rode the tower of terror, the coaster and the flying over california ride. then to top it off we had drinks at the espn zone. what a life huh!
i hope you people don't really take me seriously, i'm being sarcastic most of the time about "this is the life" and stuff. sure it's nice to do other things besides working during the day but ....... c'mon, you guys get a paycheck every week and are able to save up for a REAL vacation.

if anyone has any ideas for me... jobwise, let me know. i'd like to work at a magazine or perhaps try another record label as a rock photographer or an administrative type job. i used to work at geffen.

i just got asked if i wanted to go to the kroq weenie roast. my first thought was "hell no" then i saw some of the bands that were playing..... the strokes, YYY's, velvet revolver, the hives, modest mouse and the beastie boys! it's free so i said "sure".
so thats where my ass is gonna be on saturday. i was planning on going to a BBQ in L.A.... a friend of mine from 15 years ago moved here from london awhile ago and i haven't seen her since, only e-mail's so far and this would have been our first time to see each other since my visit to London. oh well, next time caroline :) happy birthday dear!

ok, i'm bored now.... i didn't even go see the morlocks last night. i'm not going out tonight either. so far. :)

8:50 AM

music: the byrds "super hits" and reigning sound "too much guitar"

this weekend i went to fingerprints record store in long beach and purchased The Fall "50,000 fans can't be wrong", beyond the valley of the dolls soundtrack, the byrds "super hits" and "turn turn turn", and reigning sound "too much guitar" on in the red records..... this label has some good shit!

this morning i had to get up at 7am to take my jeep in for a smog check, oil change.... nothing like the last minute - it's do today! waking up that early sucks! but i should do it more often, it's just hard when you go to sleep around 4 or 5am.

this weekend i went to the los feliz street fest with my friend rick to see the vacation do an amazing, powerful "get off your ass" set. they only had a couple of songs left and the power went out after the first line of "liquid lunch" soon after the power went back on Ben just said "just imagine the rest of the song just like the first line and you get the idea" and they went into the last song. I saw a lot of familiar faces, surprisingly enough.... i saw a lot of the largo employees walking around, though some missed the vacation.

rick and i took off to amoeba, but of course. i didn't buy anything though.... i'm looking in the C section and this guy was right next to me, i felt him getting closer so i looked up and it was my friend mark from the largo! i always run into someone that i know there. then rick comes over and said stephannie just called him and wants to go eat at el compadre.... cool. mark had to go to some birthday party so rick and i took off to meet steph. I wanted to go to the standard to hang out on the roof and i had sent out an e-mail to some friends even....hope no one showed up there expecting to see me. :) cuz i didn't end up going. it was getting late by the time we were done with dinner, i'm driving rick back to his car and i'm heading down franklin and i see this little coffee shop next door to some cool looking places so we stopped. i found another cool record store! also this awesome coffee shop, the interior is amazing in this place. i can't wait to own a loft and do it up all red and blue walls with low lighting and pillows everywhere!
over the weekend i saw baaad asssss. it was a pretty great flick. i didn't know much about the actual movie from 1971 but i understood that it was a making of that movie.

tonight the morlocks are playing at starshoes
the s'cool girls are playing at the bigfoot lodge

1:22 PM

music: elliott smith - 2:45am

the problem is that i'm having so much fun not working that i can't imagine ever working again. i think i need a sugardaddy, preferably under the age of 40. i'm kidding!! there is just to much to do and plan to be working. i know it sounds ridiculous, i think i'm going to go to hawaii soon. ha ha. i don't have any money but my mom totally wants to get away and start going on all these little trips and when she mentioned hawaii, i'm like.... um... i'll go with you to that one! so if i don't get a job soon, then i think i'm gonna go for a week with her. fun!

i'm trying to remember what i've been up to since the last post. i've been skipping the largo and not missing it really. i stayed home this weekend but started going out during the week. Monday we went to the standard hotel rooftop, the girls have never been there so it was cool to see how excited they were when the elevator doors opened to the roof. we drank and stacie danced, this chick can DANCE! she was the only one to! we took loads of photos, layed on the waterbeds until some couple sorta took over and started dry humping each other in the middle of our waterbed. i was in the bathroom but i guess stacie and cari were just sitting there when this happened. that was strange. we left not to long after that, anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre came over to us and started talking politics with us and also this man next to us so we just got up and left. ha ha. what a downer that was, but we got over it... we went to some bars and ended up at spaceland around 11pm. the like were playing so we just sat towards the back at a booth, it was fun to just people watch that night. i got to talking to this fella next to me, turns out he's from Portland, i used to live there and i miss it a lot. i think we are going to see that movie baaadassss this weekend :)

i had fun thrift store shopping on monday afternoon with the girls. i lucked out and found 4 jackets and a hat and a belt all for only $16. i'm taking stacie shopping more often, she's a good luck charm. i guess i better get my ass to NY sometime.

oh yeah, i remember what i did this weekend... at the last minute on Sunday i went to a BBQ in San Pedro. Saw a lot of the old gang i used to hang out with. Andy, my ex really knows the right type of party music! We were listening to old cheap trick then old motley crue, it was all good. our friend mark is a crazy motherfucker, i love him so much! he just goes off when the hard rock goes on, playing air drums, lighting stuff on fire then sitting on it. he gets the party going. andy put on "heyya" by outkast over and over again. it was funny. i'm sure the neighbors didn't appreciate it though.
i stayed until midnight and i was only gonna go over for a few hours.

last night we went to the rainbow to eat. the girls had never been there. it was my old stomping grounds back in the 80's early 90's. bands like poison, guns and roses, dog's d'amour, quireboys, warrent, tuff, black cherry, pretty boy floyd, sweet savage, little boots, madel fang, septembers child, electric angels, johnny and the jaguares, the zeros, and motorcycle boy would all be hanging out there on different nights, i'd see them out on the sunset strip trying to sell tickets for their shows. The Rainbow looks the same somewhat, they just added a huge flat screen tv above the fireplace and i noticed a lot more photos on the walls. We headed to the catclub next because it was free and the S'Cool Girls were playing. It wasn't to crowded for a Free night. The sound system isn't the best in the world and the place is tiny.

I'm completely exhausted today with only about 4 hours of sleep last night, i took stacie to the airport this afternoon then went to the movies and saw the day after tomorrow. movies like that freaked me out as a kid i.e. the towering inferno, the poseidon adventure.... world destruction type stuff. anyway the movie was alright, i knew it wouldn't be wonderful, the acting was terrible but i don't feel like i even have to say that because it's a given with any type of movie as such. ~Suze

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