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9:21 AM

music: aimee mann (lost in space) , elvis costello (blood & chocolate), jayhawks (sound of lies)
sunday was cool. i took a two hour long walk to the queen mary and back while listening to the jayhawks on the way up and aimee mann on the way back.
went to the belmont brewing company with a friend and had some beers and chicken tacos while watching the end of the 4th qtr of the laker game.
didn't see any bands this weekend.

1:41 PM

music: fiona apple, unsane, honeydogs
it's a lazy saturday afternoon. cleaned all morning after watching cartoons and stuff of course. missing coachella. it's too expensive and i'm really not into big festival shows. well, i would be if i had a photo pass and i got in free :) i'm sure i'll hear all about it from all my friends that wound up going. got nothing else to say right now...

9:43 AM

music: the beatles, the cars

Jet is my new favorite band!! they were amazing last night. they played at spaceland for FREE with flair, superbees and the flash express. i think the whole night was like MC5 meets a bunch of bands from the 70's early 80's. it really is amazing at how many bands are out there. i gave up about 5 years ago telling myself that there wasn't anything out there worth listening to..... then i woke up, got rid of my boyfriend, got off the comfy couch and started seeking music again. i'm so glad i did because there is much to see/hear these days. anyway back to last night.....the jet boys made me smile and think to myself 'why do i like boys with guitars so much'? beside most being sexy... or as bill gazarri used to say "foxy guys....if they ain't foxy guys then they ain't getting on my stage" really,.... he did used to say that!!
i think i'm jealous of them....i just don't have the patience of actually learning the guitar or bass.
jet have a heavy guitar sound with hard drum beats and they all sing, mostly the drummer. the front guy has a pretty deep heavy voice that i was surprised to hear come out of him.
i was talking to this guy who works at the viper room and he was telling me about a couple of bands that i should check out- lucifer and cato salsa buddy in chicago mentioned this band to me a few months back and i still haven't gotten around to listening to 'em. he also told me there is this secret show this friday at the viper room with the soundtracks of our lives. everyone is telling me how amazing these guys are. i don't like the viper room one bit. i won't go. there is this other secret show that is tonight at the detroit bar in costa mesa with the breeders. i'm all about secrets today!! another friend told me that calle is playing at spaceland soon....i had forgotten that i saw them with him a few months back and i liked them alot. flair played first. they reminded me of a 70's band.....i don't know i can't think right now - i wasn't that impressed but if they were on a bill with some other bands i'd go see 'em again! flash express were very upbeat, happy soul rock brian, the front man can get the crowd going. the drummers sound was annoying....i don't know if it was just his snare but it was flat. he has rhythm and style .... i donno what was wrong, no one else seemed to notice. i'm kinda over the whole 'i'm a white boy with soul - brian 'singer' thing'. (sorry) the superbees came on 'round midnight.....they were great as usual. i like these guys alot, i only wish they played flash expresses spot instead. i had to leave after a few songs.

11:56 AM

music: trains and boats and planes (minimal star) -the grifters (ain't my lookout) - percy mayfield (live) afghan whigs (up in it) faces (a nod is as good as a wink..)
happy easter!
yesterday i went to the block (a mall in orange county) to see rhett miller play for free. some friends and i sat at "two to tango" for a drink while waiting for rhett to show up. it was strange to see him at this outside mall. he was opening for tori amos the same night at the pond. he played alot from the old 97's cds and then he asked 'doesn't anyone want to hear anything from MY new cd', everyone laughed. he then broke into a few from his cd. he ended with 'four leaf clover', a song the old 97's did on one of there older cd's - i believe it's an X song......

10:54 AM

music: jason falkner-author unknown

the kills were fantastic last night.
........the night started out with me having to scrounge up some money before i left so i pulled a reality bites and as i was at the local gas station near my place i put $10 bucks worth on my credit card but only put $5 bucks worth of gas in my tank. got $5 cash back. i like to think of it as being 'resourceful' not poor! i noticed this guy getting gas at the pump next to mine and he looked like he would have enjoyed the show i was going to, he was alone. sometimes i see people and have these exact thoughts but i never do, what was i gonna say ' hey, you wanna come see a really good show with me tonight'? ha ha anyway. nothing. i got my $5 bucks and headed to spaceland. cari and i met at the thai place by spaceland before the show. i had rice and water. didn't feel to daring. and THAT guy walks in!! the one from the gas station near my place. funny. but we didn't even say anything to each other. i know he noticed me because we both were laughing at this crazy person at the gas station together. whatever. it wasn't like i wanted to date him or anything. so on to the show. we get in free once again (thanks mario!) the first band was from clairmont 'nuff said!! BAD, very bad. (funk kinda rock) so we went upstairs for a beer. my first beer in like a week or something. the smoke started getting thick up there but it was better than having to listen to them. the hangmen were next. i used to see this band all the time back in the late 80's. cari didn't realize it was the same band from back in the day. it was and they were pretty much the same, haven't changed. except maybe dying his hair BLACK and wearing it short instead of long with a bandana around his head. not so much into the 80's rock any longer. that 80's rock star guitar sound just doesn't cut it. i was falling asleep. finally..... on with the kills. it was just a guy on guitar and a girl singing with guitar. they had everything recorded and just played over it. i know that doesn't sound right but it was cool. they had chemistry the way they played off of each other. and boy can this chick move! they were across between boss hog and royal trux. with a mixture of sounds from some of the 80's bands that i used to go see as: D. I. and Raging slab.
it was packed and hot. they even had to turn some of the folks in line away.
i'm heading to the free show at spaceland to catch JET (aussy band) the superbees (great 60's sounding garage band) and the flash express (shake your booty garage band) on monday.

10:20 AM

music: radiohead-kidA //// minibar-unstoppable ep
still feeling weird, strange, unaware, not here....i can't wait to have my appetite back!!
as i was driving into work this morning listening to radiohead, i got this urge to keep driving east towards boston.
i guess i need a vacation. doesn't everybody?!

8:56 AM

music: velvet underground
i stayed home and watched ED on friday night....yay! he got the girl. i noticed a wilco song during the show, that was cool. speaking of music on tv shows....have you noticed that most of the car comercials have really cool music on 'em lately? branden benson has a song on one and rhett miller has one on a citi bank comercial.
i think i had food poisoning friday night and saturday …!
i met my friends maria and cari outside and cari was such the mom bringing me all this stuff to make me feel better and making sure i was okay during the show. :)
i just got home from seeing the datsuns, they were so rockin’ i haven’t smiled that much from seeing a show in a long time. i think they went to the same rock school that teaches you all the flexable rock star moves as the hellacopters did! the sights were awesome too. the datsuns opened up with cheep tricks hello there ladies and gentlemen and we were all ready to rock! at the end of the set they got all rock n’ roll crazy with diving into the audience and climbing on the rafters and amps and jumping. the guitar player took the cymbals and handed them to the audience then the roadie would retrieve them that was funny cuz he kept doing it as soon as the roadie would get them back. then the singer carried the guitar player off the stage like a little kid.
right now i have this craving for a jack n’ the box taco! i want meat, why is this. i could go for a meatball sandwich or a bacon sandwich. this is crazy for me. i don’t eat meat!!
i didn’t get up today until like 4 or 5pm because i was sick and didn’t have an appetite. i ate top roman but lost it if you know what i mean. so i didn’t have anything in my stomach all day. i tried to eat an animal cracker but couldn’t even do that. i probably should not have gone out but i’m so glad that i did.
no more shows until late next week…. suze

10:07 AM

music: yeah yeah yeahs!
i saw bright eyes last night. he is super good. kinda like rhett miller meets elliott smith but with a little more umph! it was an all ages show.
did you know that the 80's are back? i mean wasn't it bad enough for us the first time around with the bad music and clothes. all these little girls running around with those godawful 80's looking minskirts and high heels and ripped shirts (flash dance style) i don't get it!! and the guys well, i like the skinny ties and dress shirts hanging out of the jeans look. so no problem there. lets just hope they don't start wearing the parachute pants!
i was bored until bright eyes hit the stage. i'd like to check him out in a smaller venue. the henry fonda is sorta like the palace in the way of size. i'll stick to spaceland and the troubadour. looking forward to seeing the datsuns on saturday at the troubadour. it's going to rock! although, not as much as the hellacopters. not much else to say today.

1:48 AM

music: the cows (orphan's tragedy)
listening to the cows brings back so many memories from the early 90's...going to see them all the time, they were so punk rock! not like minor threat punk rock, just punk with horns and crazy sounds.
ok, it's like one o'clock or something and i'm not tired! today i saw a newborn baby at my work....believe me it was a relief from seeing dead people all the time. i won't go into how young the mom was and how the dad looked like he just robbed a liquor store. i work in bellflower, okay so anyway. cari sold our bright eyes tickets, well actually traded them in for the next nights show. we went to spaceland tonight to see the belles. they were pretty good, glad i went and it was a plus to get in free! the door guy knows us now!! yay! my friend was telling me what a great show i missed the night before (the black keys). beck was there, steve macdonald and anna were there and jet played. oh well. i can't be everywhere.
today i get home and i get this fuckin verizon bill for $100 bucks saying that it's overdue phone charges for 3 months! and they might disconnect my phone. i haven't received a bill from them since november, i get bills from at&t.....i thought i had everything on at&t (long distance and local etc..) but nope! so anyway, the thing is that i haven't received a bill from verizon so how can i pay? i'm never late on bills so this absolutly pisses me off. those fuckers! i hate them and so does everyone else that i know. i told them to send me the actual charges and i'll pay what i owe but i'm not paying any late fee's due to there fuck up!! aargh!
oh i just thought of something else to save you money....check out your apr on your credit cards and if you have any that is over like 6%....just call the number on the back of the card and ask them if they are having any deals to lower the apr and they almost always do. really! just ask. no one should be charged over 9% apr!!!! i've been doing this for years anytime i noticed the apr went up - i just call. ;) just odd thoughts before i go to bed.
have you ever wondered what it would be like if we all had hippity hops instead of cars? this is a subject that came up alot back in my record store days. just think about it for a minute. it will bring a smile to your face.

2:16 PM

music: the belles (omerta) & sloan (twice removed) & jeff buckley (sketches of my sweetheart the drunk)
*****i've NEVER been so high at a party before in my life! no, no, no not drugs but a bounce house castle!! omg. it was the best thing ever. i went to an indie rocker party in sherman oaks with cari. her friend doug or was it mika, anyway he rented this bounce house for the backyard, we thought he was joking but he was not! we were the first to arrive and got to see the house erect before our very eyes with music even. it was funny. so we took our shoes off and jumped in, i don't think i've ever had that much fun at a party. it's alot more fun when you jump with 5 or 6 people, we all got so high. i even touched the top of the castle. the kids had great taste in beer to, a keg of sierra nevada pale ale. around 11:30 we desided to run over to catch minibar at o'briens in santa monica. we caught the second set as they did all cover tunes and for an encore they did a couple songs off there first cd. it was worth it. we walked in as they did one of my favorite dylan songs..tangled up and blue and they did an obscure song by the jam then an elvis costello song...the list goes on - the crowd was lame. a bunch of drunk party people dancing to cover get the idea. i bet they never been in a bounce house before. believe me, you haven't partied until you bounced!
p.s. don't forget that tremolo are playing at the knitting factory this friday the 11th and hawkeye are playing at the hotel cafe at 11pm the same night. i don't know what to do.

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