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8:22 PM

music: Wilco

i went to breakfast this morning with my friend roger at the Hoffs Hut midget bar in long beach, then we went to tower where i bought the new thrills and kings of leon cds... then on the spur of the moment we said "hey lets go grab a drink at rock bottom" and as we drank we had another wonderful idea of taking the blue line into L.A. we ended up walking around downtown to the standard hotel roof top! awesome view!

12:11 PM

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

i've just been hanging with my friends and family, watching movies and eating.
i'm not much into christmas these past few years and this year i didn't even get a tree. i feel sorry for the trees anyway!
anyone see the lord of the rings yet? i wanna go see it in the theatre soon.
i just saw the others from netflix. excellent. i love viggo mortensen! i had forgotten that he had been married to excene, but not anymore. what strange names for a couple.

whats up for new years? i'm thinking about seeing the Detroit Cobras at Spaceland or just stay home.

10:42 AM

before you hook me up with a tube in my veins full of guinness..... don't! i really dig the taste, i want to taste what i drink. i go on and off the whole "i don't drink anymore" kick. 3 is my limit and i also drink lots of water.

it was another perfect night at the largo last night. jon kept it at a rockin' level, not too heavy and not sleepy. it was just perfect. he did a lot of his own songs including: roll with you, walking thru walls, here we go, citgo sign, further along, happy with you, girl i knew, same mistakes, why do you do this to yourself, love of my life so far. then the requests started rolling in. he sang a great version of purple rain! also waterloo sunset. amazing song as always! I almost forgot that mary lou lord also played/opened for Jon. I kinda liked her songs. one song she did she referenced a lot of obscure bands based out of Seattle that I found quite amusing. I'll have to check out her music.
feel free to comment on what i've forgotten..... 3 guinness and all, my memory isn't so hot anyway.
It was a great night - people seemed to be in a happy mood plus the christmas cookies were a flowin'. it's so sweet that ellen (bartender) made us a little cookie plate from the little assortment of cookies that people had brought in.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend! stay clear of the malls!!

11:38 PM

music: The Vacation

I needed something to write for this week....what better than passing on a little information from one of my favorite local L.A. bands! read on.....

Tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 18th) we're gonna be Jed the Fish's "Catch of the Day" at 4:40 p.m. on KROQ - 106.7 FM. He's gonna play "White Noise" so tune in and check it out, and for everyone that really digs the band, call the station afterwards at 1-800-520-1067 to request the song or just to say you dig it.

Tune in!!!!

ps- Is anyone going to see Rufus Thursday night? I'm thinking about going just to see if I can get a floor seat. or perhaps going to Spaceland. donno yet.
i stayed home and watched finding nemo instead! excellent movie.

10:32 AM

music: Aimee Mann - I'm with Stupid

A day that will go down in History....

They caught that phucker, Saddam!

Saturday is a day I will always remember.......
where to start, where to start!

i layed in bed all day feeling very tired and drained, probably because i got home at 3:30 or so from the Largo the night before. anyway, so i'm laying there watching "american move" a funny documentary about this guy in the midwest who took years and years to make this short film. anyway, i'm really tired and fell back asleep.
long story very short.... my mom tells me that night that she has breast cancer. This wasn't a big shock because it runs in my family. well, i guess in a way it hasn't sunk in yet really. we talked about it.... the doctors are catching it in time, she thinks. *phew*. i'm sure it will be alright. my turn to go get checked now.

.....and now back to music - I went to the Largo last night after the news "tears in my beers", hanging out with friends, seeing Grant Lee Phillips. This man is fucking amazing. I don't understand why he isn't even more popular than he already is, same with bands like Wilco..... i can go on and on but i won't. :)
Grant did a lot of new songs and they all were beautiful. His old band was in the audience so they came up and they did some old grant lee buffalo tunes. I'm so glad that I made the decision to go out! It made it all the more special to see Lindsay and Susan and to top it off PJ gave us a table for three. excellent.
take care and goodnight. i'm burnt out.

11:45 AM

music: AC/DC, Ratt, Def Leppard - it's called classic rock stations because again, my cd player in my car stopped working - a cd is stuck in there! actually i'm enjoying the rock.

on thursday i felt a lot better. i drove to san diego to see the Pernice Brothers. i met my friend for dinner before the show. three of my other friends also showed up from L.A. it was a pretty cool turn out. they did a Pretenders cover...."talk of the town" which was fantastic. joe pernice did a few solo songs, which is always amazing. i can go on forever about how much i love the pernice brothers. i got to hang out for a bit after the show and i talked to them, they are such nice down to earth guys. of course i have to bring up the largo and some of them have been there before and know who jon brion is. i'd love to get them to play at the largo next time around. we'll see! i was taking photos and only one other photographer was snapping away he waved his friends to come up front with him and one girl stood right, i mean right in front of me. people you have to have seen this place.....everyone was standing about 10 feet from the stage as if their was a invisible barrier...i liked that because i could take photos from all angles and not feel like i was in peoples way. getting back to the girl who stood right in front of me.... usually i wouldn't mind but c'mon...all the room and she had to do it. i looked at my friends and they couldn't believe it either! what do i do? well, i go and take some photos on the other side but come back and stand right in font of her. yeah for me!! and i kept doing that all night only because she had other places to go from the start and choose to annoy me. Blake Hazard played right before the PB, she was solo. just her and her guitar. she had a lovely voice. i have a lot of respect for people that can just get on stage alone and sing like that.
i get home around 4am from San Diego.
yesterday 'Friday', my friend roger had asked if i wanted to go to the taping of the craig kilborn show. at first if was not into it then i found out that adam brody was gonna be one of the guests so i said sure, lets go. the last time i went to one of these things i said i would never do it again. just a little to much clapping for me also standing and sitting everytime someone came and left the stage. it aired last night and was taped at 5pm. Scarlett Johansson was charming as was adam brody. they both are "pretty". we had to sit through this awful kroq type band called story of the year. when i say awful sometimes i just mean awful for me, not my kind of thing, and i'm sure it's not your kind of thing unless you are a 16 year old girl who likes kroq bands. after the show i was gonna head to the largo to see jon, it was his birthday on thursday. he just turned 40. so i figured it was gonna be some kind of birthday show. roger and i had time to grab a bite to eat before he left so we headed towards that awful pizza place 'damianos' by the largo. i should have just stuck to the greasy pizza because the cheese ravioli was worse than something you would get out of a can! i had two beers to kill the taste in my mouth.
i walk to the largo and there is this huge line. i'm so glad my friend lon was at the very front of the line (thanks buddy). jon covered "Starry Eyes" by The Records, which Jon said was one of the best songs written about the record industry, he decides to follow it up with another industry slam... Aimee Mann's "It's Not Safe."
other highlights......he did "Helter Skelter" and " I will survive" but first he asked the audience to yell out some rockin' songs that haven't been played at the largo before, although helter skelter has been played many times before he decided to play I Will Survive in the STYLE of Helter Skelter, which turned out to be pretty cool. jon then asked the audience to request the worst possible songs they could think of. so much shouting going on! 'baby got back' (which he said he would learn just so he can change the chords around and do a crazy version of), rico suave, a Paul McCartney song... he ended up doing "dancing queen" by Abba. it's not a bad song at all, i think he just wanted to do it when someone yelled it out. Benmont Tench was in the audience so he came up and they did "sexy sadie" and some other songs. i was actually falling alseep at this point, sometimes I just need to Rock. i enjoyed the show though. Paul F. Tompkins came up towards the end of the second set to hand jon a body fat gauge for his present and led the audience in an awful happy birthday song still in the melody of sexy sadie. thank you and g'nite!

5:36 PM

wouldn't ya know it.... i've been totally looking forward to seeing the Pernice Brothers tonight and on Thursday and I'm getting the Flu!! i hope it's just a 24 hour cold, my throat hurts and my body is achy. i started thinking about all the people that are dying from this flu thing that is going around. i started cleaning out my closet, getting rid of all my concert shirts that i never wear that are just way to big on me, it's like when am i ever going to wear a kiss army XL t-shirt? then in the process i also started cleaning the rest of my room. i wanted to listen to some old 7 " records i had in a box but i couldn't figure out how to make the sound come out for the record player! i tried everything, believe me! i used to be so good at stuff like this, i don't know what happened. i'll get my friend to come over this weekend and figure it out for me. it's so annoying when you want to do something and just can't.
i just got sick of all my cds for some reason, you wouldn't think i would having 2000 of 'em huh?! i needed to listen to something while i was cleaning so I picked these five to listen to. The wedding Present- hit parade 1 / Wilco- summer teeth / Radiohead - the bends / Aimee Mann - I'm with stupid and Slint - spiderland.
i sure hope i feel better tomorrow! I'll start sucking on those cold eeze and drinking orange juice now. I'm going to see the Pernice Brothers sick or not!!
there is so much going on tonight to!! oh well. you have fun for me!!

12:44 PM

go see The City of God if you haven't already!!
i just noticed that it's playing at the arclight in L.A. next to ameoba.
i absolutely loved this movie!!
City of God - (4:15 PM), 10:25.

2:16 PM

music: modey lemon

saturday i just layed in bed until it was time to get ready to go out. entertained myself by watching channel 13 again. man, this station shows the most depressing movies on saturday afternoon. i watched "little women" i love this story, i really do. it's too bad that people don't live like that anymore. then a christmas carol came on, i just couldn't sit through that one so i left early. my friend in chicago told me to go see the modey lemon and he was right! these guys were very different from anything i've heard before. the drummer did remind me of my all time favorite drummer for JSBX, russell simins. fantastic!
it was 3 guys. the singer phil played guitar and keyboards the other guy played keyboards and guitar. no bass! i got there before the first band "the few" was playing. they reminded me of a high school band heavily influenced by the cars, that you would have heard on the radio a few years back. i tell ya' they had all their family and friends there for them cuz the place cleared out pretty quick after they were done. the action slacks were next. i was falling asleep. i found it odd that people were turned on by this crap! if you like dave mathews then you would probably like the action slacks. by the name i was hoping for something a little more jon spencer blues explosion but naw, of course not. i ran into an old co-photographer/reviewer from Flipside, bob. he knew the ML so i met the singer of the modey lemon, his publicist said hey come meet phil... he just got dumped by his girlfriend. at first i was like no that's ok but bob said c'mon. Phil was one of the nicest guys i'd ever met. the drummer too. anyway - thanks bern for turning me onto them!! they were super heavy for having keyboards in the band. i love listening to guitar heavy bands especially when the drummer rocks as hard as russell simins!!
during the action slacks i was sitting at a table alone and this guy comes up and asks if he could sit down, i smiled and said sure. he reminded me of my glam rocker years. he asked if i was alone, i laughed and said yeah. he seemed shocked and said oh, your a g/f of one of the band members right? i should have lied but i can't lie. i said no, no i'm not. he just kept going on asking why i came alone.
hey, tell me what in the hell is wrong with going out alone?? i've been doing this for over 3 years now!! oh i see......3 years is a long time for being alone huh?
anyway....i just told him that none of my friends are into the same type of music as i am, so i just go alone. which is true. i asked why he was here. he's in a band from sweden called dollhouse and they are recording an album and tomorrow is their day off so they were going to get pissed drunk. i wasn't drinking so i really couldn't get into the conversation..... the modey lemon started so i got up, smiled and went toward the front of the stage to watch. excellent! THE MODEY LEMON

3:25 AM

music: Crunt (just for Paul F. Tompkins!)

is anyone awake right now?? I can't help it, i just got home from an amazing show at the largo and i'm wide awake! i wanna hang out..... boo -
Jill Sobule was the opener for jon brion tonight. i love this woman! she can sing a song with the word fuck or cunt in it and it doesn't sound bad or angry, it sounds lovely!
she had a cd for sale, i'll have to pick it up next time for sure. there was something in the air tonight that seemed almost magical. that sounds corny, i know. but seriously everyone seems in a great mood. during jons second song......ready for this story?..... cleavage woman got on stage while jon was on the drums and she started dancing. the look on jons face was priceless. this woman was drunk already before the show even started. jon was in the middle of his looping thing that he does with this song and while the drums were in the loop he waltzed over to the piano almost running into cleavage woman, she walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind and proceeded to dance. flanny finally came up and showed her off the stage. this has never happened at a jon brion show before, or not one that i've ever been to anyway. He did a lot of songs but i'm just not good with names at the moment. he got into a david bowie kick toward the end of the set and proceeded to sing along with the crowd, 3 or 4 bowie songs. it was wonderful!
hey Lon, Rick, Lindsay, Scott or Jake if you feel like writing about the show on my comment thingy, please feel free either with song titles or whatever you want. thanks!
ok, i gotta get some sleep now. take care - S
ps - saturday - the modey lemon at spaceland monday - xmas comedy show at largo or kennedy at silverlake lounge tuesday - hard place at bigfoot lodge or polar goldie cats at q-topia wednesday - so much going on! thursday - pernice brothers at casbah.

12:17 PM

music: the bigger lovers

still watching movies and have not been going to shows as much. I HAVE been watching the simple life though! omg!! this show is funny. Paris has some serious money and her looks are a bit plastic but she is pretty, i guess, perhaps a bit on the skinny side (ya' think!) but damn, that girl needs to read some books or something. I'm sure most of the show is for SHOW. i hope. ps in the photo.... my sister and i had the same saying "got blow". one time when i was visiting my sister on the cape, we were at this dive bar and this scary lady came up and asked if we had any blow. the joke for the rest of the trip was "hey, you got any blow". i guess you had to be there.
as i was working out on wednesday night i got to catch the 4th quarter of the laker game while running on the tredmill. the 4th quarter is always exciting, that was a close game 90-86. i'm not an avid fan but i do enjoy a game from time to time.
on wednesday afternoon i went to the long beach aquarium with my mom. it was actually pretty cool. it's a very relaxing place to be during the day. my favorite thing to do is to watch the turtles in the water. i love turtles!
they have some very strange but interesting looking sea creatures there. they even have birds now.... i walk in and all these amazing birds just flocked to me, i was like bird lady or something. actually they did this to everyone so i'm really not THAT special. they landed on my jacket, my arms but the first one tried to climb up my pants and my moms comment was that my pants were too tight and that the bird didn't have much to grab onto once it got to my knee. moms can be such MOMS.
if you get a chance to come to Long Beach sometime, GO! they have built it up quite a bit, even since i lived there less than a year ago! Do you remember where the Pike used to be? well, they have built a whole new area which includes movie theatres, california pizza kitchen and other places to eat, the plunge (just like the one in the early 1900's) not everything is open yet, some things are and it's just nice to walk around there.
i missed a few more shows this week: sara at the hotel cafe and the vacation at the silverlake lounge with the pleasure club. i liked the pleasure club when they played at the el rey. i'm sorry i missed that show, i'm sure it was a blast.
it is friday and all and i need to go out, oh what do you know... jon brion is playing at the largo ah but brian jonestown massacre is also playing at spaceland. i'm indecisive at the moment. i gotta go update the gig guide. ciao

11:12 AM

music: white stripes

the Pernice Brothers were great last night! i thought stephen malkmus was pretty good also. i didn't plan on staying to see him but ended up staying for the whole show. i only saw three people that i recognized last night; my friend tracy, patrick the drummer of the bigger lovers/pernice brothers and jason falkner.
i haven't had a beer in a long time and patrick brought me one from backstage, i had 4 sips and threw it away. oops sorry patrick :) needless to say i woke up with a headach this morning. funny or what.
the pernice brothers only played for about 40 minutes. i'm looking forward to seeing them next week at the coach house and the casbah where they're headlining, as they should be. i first got into the scud mountain boys which is a band joe pernice formed in the 90's. my favorite cd is called massachusetts with songs like; in a ditch, lift me up, liquor store and cigarette sandwich, you can't deny the amazing talent that the pernice brothers have. YOU JUST CAN'T!!
tonight dec 2nd tuesday.....UDORA is playing at the dragonfly and it's Leo's birthday! dec 3rd wednesdy.... sara osmer is at the hotel cafe. dec 4th thursday.... THE VACATION is going to be at the silverlake lounge with the nervous return, Slydell also the pleasure club, a really good band btw, go and check both of them out!! dec 5th friday....of course it's jon brion at the largo or brian jonestown massacre at spaceland. dec 6th saturday... the modey lemon at spaceland.

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