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1:07 PM

i was in chili's today at lunch and 4 guys walk in and sit at the table next to me. i felt each of them look at me as they walked by. one guy had simi long hair and was so damn cute that i couldn't even look at him. they were all very obnoxious.... why is it that when guys get together they have to be loud and boisterous? i finished my lunch and started reading the book i brought [nick hornby - "how to be good"] until my check came. this book is hilarious, i'm actually looking forward to going home and reading it tonight. anyway...... as i got up to leave the table got quiet and i felt that i was being stared at, it felt uncomfortable. was my shirt undone? did i zip my pants up? was my eyeliner smeared? what? so i looked over and a couple of them gave me that flirty look and smiled. i was relieved. i smiled back but still couldn't bring myself to look the cute one in the eye.
yes. that's me. somewhat still shy at 36!
oh.... so i was patiently waiting for jason's blog to be updated this afternoon, as i'm an avid reader now. low and behold, it's a good one today. though sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth - ya sissy! i dare not tell him about when i got all four of mine pulled out during one office visit (probably didn't even need all of 'em out). i was living in Portland Oregon at the time, not that this makes a bit if difference. i slept for a bit after the surgery then went to see that band "Sugar" and "Grant Lee Buffalo" play at La Luna the same night. my mouth was swollen but the drugs that they gave me made me feel "oh so good!"
here is a bit of what Jason put on his blog that i thought i'd share. i can relate because i work for a Japanese Company myself. funny stuff!

oh, those crazy Japanese!
Leave it to the Japanese, when they're not making weird cartoons or, um, whatever else the Japanese do, to
take the humanity out of cuddling.

My favorite line: "It keeps holding me all the way through," she said [of the pillow] in her home outside of Tokyo. "I think this is great because this does not betray me."

Ms. Suzuki, congratulations. You're the craziest bitch I've ever heard of (and considering my female friends, ex-girlfriends, and lady hitchhikers I've picked up, that's quite an accomplishment).- posted by Jason

try reading that site is pretty funny sometimes! ~S

9:25 AM

i've just wanted to mention the following .....
ps -
judah and russell from the blues explosion are on letterman with tom waits tonight!

1. napolian dynamite is working at In 'N Out in Buena Park on valley view near the 91.... i was at the drive thru window and as i handed the girl my money.... i noticed him behind her. i almost said something to her but couldn't bring myself. this guy had the look and funny way about him down. next time i'll go inside and see if he talks like him.

2. those fries and shakes from jack 'n the box "50's" look really yummy!

3. has anyone else noticed how that burger king commercial is so WRONG! the one with the king in the bed handing the guy a burger. it freaks me out.

4. at first it bothered me about all the songs they use on the car commercials etc.. but now, i'm digging it. i'm not even thinking about the car though, i'm thinking i need to dig that cd out and listen to it! the latest one is rolling stones for victoria's secret.

5. i can not stand that magic mountain jingle. it's annoying. the guy dancing is a little funny though. the jingle just reminds me of a rave, you know like back in the old days were you would have to meet some guy holding an egg at the corner of a certain street then he would hand you the egg and there would be directions to some other guy with a red cap holding a donut on the other side of town and he would give you directions to the rave? yeah, it's kinda like that.

6. sometimes i watch 7th heaven, well..... boston public isn't on anymore! this show is so unbelievably preachy. they have to deal with every topic, even within one show (sex, drugs, racism, love, sharing, honor etc...) i start watching the show then i ask myself why am i not just reading a book instead? ....because everwood will be on in only 1/2 hour. :) ha ha

7. "thank you" - yeah, this whole thank you thing from citibank is kinda cool. i just did it. i never would have if it weren't for the commercials that peaked my interest. i'm like what the hell is this all about and looked it up on-line, only then did i notice on my statement that i had a bunch of points. i got a couple of gift certificates for some stores.

8. i like that one gum/mint commercial where the couple bump into each other going to different trains and she spells out her number and he didn't have a pen. it's like buddy can't you remember it or just kick one of the other guys ass and grab his pen!

9. music can fill [so many] voids in a persons life. if you get lonely, put some dylan on and you have someone else to feel lonely with. if you are in a party mood and no one is around, you can put some happy music on such as the hellacopters. music gives you memories. you can reflect with it. take that 80's crap for instance.... well, now you can actually re-live it . it's almost like it never went away.

10. i just saw this scary commercial - it was for "firewise" prevention of fires... it had scary monsters in it. i think i may have nightmares tonight. i'm serious - wait until you see it. i think they would only play it after 10pm though, when all the kids are asleep.

11. last night i saw the new pooh toy commercial and i laughed out loud. pooh can walk, it's a toy! they make it look like it walks fast and it's just silly looking.

i just found out that we are having a susan koman fund drive here at my work and if we donate some money for breast cancer [which i was gonna do anyway], we can wear levis to work on oct. 8th. my work doesn't inforce folks to wear perfessional attire. we are pretty much business casual. today i'm wearing white levis.... i figure that if girls can get away with some of the crap i see them wear that i can wear white levis.
so now i can check out all the guys asses in levis on friday! you can tell a lot by a guy in his levis!

anyone going to the New York Doll's on Friday? or Dylan soon? or anything?
what else is there to do then to go see bands and buy music? i'd like to know. really, i would. i guess it would have to be something interesting for me though.

hey... do you guys want to get a bunch of people together and go to Yosmite? such good times there! we can hike [the half dome] and stay in those cabins, i'm not much for the tent situation with the bears and shit. no thank you. one time i saw a bear walking down the row of cabins with a tag on his ear and i snuck out with my camera and followed him to the trashcans and took some closeup shots. poor "shautsi" ( thats what the employees called him).
Yosmite would be fun! it would be a rock 'n roll weekend - hiking in the great outdoors.

9:43 AM

I didn't do much this weekend. i did go visit my dad though. i walk in and there standing in the corner is this huge big screen tv. i was shocked! they will never have to leave the house. i can't wait to retire and start going on all these hawaiian cruises and buying huge t.v.'s! it was pretty great. though he did have the football game on the whole time i was visiting. i stayed for 2 hours.
they always ask,
well my step mom askes: so suze, do you have a boyfriend yet?
me: no, i don't know whats wrong with me! then i start crying really hard and she holds me as my face turns all red and puffy.
Naw! just kidding. but wouldn't that be great?!

so anyway.......Is anyone going to see the New York Dolls at either Anaheim HOB on Friday or Avalon (the palace) this thursday.
Ticketmaster is charging $30 bucks plus almost a $10 dollar service fee. i mean really, what
the hell kind of service cost 10 dollars on a f'ing ticket? what does it all really mean? handling fee? i mean, what is that all about?

9:24 AM

i'm just exhausted and starving.
i forgot to mention that the greek starts their concerts so early that you don't have time to eat.
last night was much harder to sell a ticket [ damn scalpers]. i get there around 7:20 and as i'm walking up i already hear grant lee. i was pissed! i needed a little time to get rid of my ticket. all my friends flaked out on me and i actually screwed myself - anyway.... i deserved eating the other ticket. i got a call on my cell as i was walking around and this girl on the line said "hey, do you still have that extra ticket". i didn't even know who this person was, i'm thinking it's from craigslist.... a person who i replied to early in the day. so she calls me as i was about to just give the ticket to one of the scalpers to sell. i waited for her while grant was on thinking 'oh .. i can just see him at the largo as usual, no biggie' it was getting later and grant was off. i end up leaving the ticket for her [holly mills] at will call [ keep in mind i dont' even know her ] i took a leap of faith. i go back to find my seat and ran into my friends and told them the story then my cell phone rings... it's Holly Mills again. this time she said she just got a blow out on Vermont. in the back of my mind i'm like c'mon, this is bullshit, she's totally screwing me. so i just go over to where i came in at and talked to the manager of the ticket takers. she was very nice and accommodating, i must say. she asked what i wanted to do. i wanted to sell the ticket but didn't want to miss the thrills. she told me to go watch the thrills and meet her back here afterwords. i did and we walked over to will call together, i grabbed the ticket (wow! it was still there) then started feeling bad for ms. holly mills. ha ha. holly- if you happen to see this.... its all your fault! you should have left much earlier and called me earlier, we could have had a good time rocking to the pixies. but no! you had to leave late, call me late, have a fucking blow out and you missed out on the pixies. i was gonna just give my ticket to someone with a bad seat but everyone was in couples. ** this was much to long** sorry.

the thrills were excellent! now i want to go see them at the el rey. the pixies... well, they were much better the first night. why did they do "wave of mutilation" twice each night? for the first 5 songs i noticed that the drummer was way off or it could have been Kim, but it was bad. it was non-stop fuck up. it seemed no one else really noticed.

later after the concert i meet up with my other friends and one of them also noticed that someone was off. it's like i was there standing by my seat with a smile on my face then all of a sudden it turned to a confused look and all i could do is notice all the fuck ups in each song. the guys next to me were smoking pot and singing to each song in the beginning. during the line in that song "hey! i've been trying to meet you" the guy put his hand on my back and looked at me and sang. it was so cheesy! the couple in front of me were acting out some lines to each other from the same song "and if you go, i would surely die" it was so lame. then the girl in front of me started chain smoking... smoke coming from all sides - yuck! needless to say, i still enjoyed myself.
it was another beautiful night at the Greek.
i didn't run into beck last night but i did see Hyde from that 70's show. he was sitting in one of those special box seats behind section A. thoses seats seem pretty cool even though you look like a tool sitting there while the waiters bring you beer and stuff. i'm sure they cost a huge amount of money.

so that was my pixies story.

i just got an e-mail from my other favorite local band [the willowz]. they are playing tonight at zen sushi then tomorrow at koo's.

8:45 AM

the pixes were amazing last night.
my friend and i mentioned beck in our converstaion on the way up and waddaya know...... as i was on my way to my seat, i ran into beck!
ok, back to the pixies... they did all the hits. i didn't realize how many pixies tunes i really knew until they played all of them.
it was like bam! bam! bam! one after another - non stop rock, i tell ya.
i'm looking forward to seeing them again tonight.

we missed grant lee. he must have went on right at 7:30 because we got
there [walked up] at 8pm and the distillers were just going on.

during one song was the most amazing musicial performance i've ever seen. the guitar player put his guitar down while it was still playing [noise] then the drummer threw one of his drumsticks to him, he caught it and played the guitar with that while it was leaning there then came the tricky part [amazing] he threw the drumstick back to the drummer and he didn't miss the beat.
it was just like the song. i'm sorry, i forgot the name of the song. i'll have to remember when i see them again tonight! everyones jaw dropped.
the only thing i'm gonna say about the distillers is 'courtney love'. the distillers are good for what they do but i wasn't impressed.

ps - if you aren't heading to the greek tonight then may i suggest you go to the viper room and catch the vacation before they head off on a tour of the UK. they are playing with the flash express and the drugstore cowgirls. i would go if i didn't already have tickets for the pixies.
ps - parking totally sucks at the greek- i suggest you walk and get there early. parking is 10 bucks and they stack you and it will take 2 hours to get out. 40 for vip. total rip off. i walked.

did you hear that russ meyer died?

10:34 AM

today is perfect! it's autumn now!
if you thought i was happy before, just you wait. this is my favorite time of year. everything about it. the weather, bands coming around more often. ok, well mostly just those two things.

i woke up with "motherfucker in hell" in my head and i've had "in love" on my brain all day.
my faith in rock 'n roll is renewed! i saw the datsuns last night at the troubadour and they just tore the place up.

it was so 'high energy', unbelievably awesome! they are by far, no hellacopters but they rock just the same, or almost the same. no more anxiety. no more sitting around the house waiting for the new episode of the gilmore girls. i'm back and it's high time to rock!
oh, did i miss the new episode of the gilmore girls last night? damn it! did someone tape it?

i arrived just in time to see my friends friends band, sorry i forgot there name and i'm to lazy to look 'em up at the troubadour website. they came on second. they were rockin'. i love it when bands dress up in jackets and ties. they all had black hair. the keyboard player was my favorite. he was pretty much posing and dancing with it [keyboard] with his sunglasses on. everyone seemed to dig them. in between bands they played the stones which put me in a good mood right away. i stood upstairs with my camera, leaning against the top of the rail (my spot) and waited for the datsuns to hit the stage. the lights went out and the stones faded as the datsuns picked up their guitars. it was full throttle rock 'n roll for the remaining 35 minutes. i don't have any of their cds but i will pick up the new one, i really liked the new songs. they have gotten a lot better since the last time i saw them. side note, i have to pick up the new thrills cd - i didn't even know they had a new one! i'm looking forward to seeing them with the pixies tomorrow night.

i just got back from lunch. i went to supermex. this is one of my favorite mexican food places for lunch. i sat out on the patio sipping iced tea and reading my new Mojo magazine with the stones on the cover. i like to read the reviews of cds from the back of the magazine and from that ... i'm going to pick up a few on my next trip to amoeba: the thrills, blues explosion, interpol, tom waits, k.d. lang, elvis costello and maybe mark lanegan, ray lamontagne and nick cave.
it was so nice sitting outside today. i love the dry heat where you wake up with a bloody nose in the morning! i really do.

on another side note...... i was thinking about what i had posted awhile back where someone had made all these nasty comments to me on my blog. i don't mind the comments but i started thinking about the post regarding: being married for 9 years, having a few kids and getting divorced..... i wasn't trying to put anyone down for this at all. it's just that i know a lot of people like this and i just felt like writing about it. sometimes (most of the time) i don't think about who i may offend but no one should get offended from what i write, it's just me.....and i would never want to hurt anyone. i think my parents got a divorce after about 9 years same with my sister same with a few of my friends. i'm not judging them, i'm just observing them, i guess. i'm almost afraid to get married, i can't even imagine it actually. maybe at one time when i was a bit younger - the thought crossed my mind a few times but as i get older ....... not so much.
i think these thoughts came up because of a conversation i had with my friend who works by the troubadour, i ran into him after the show and we talked a bit. he had asked me before if i was married or if i had kids. i get this a lot. it's like what? should i be married? should i have kids? my answer is no. no. i still feel like a kid myself, i don't want to [grow up]. he asked me what i thought growing up is? i pondered the thought and said - gheez, i don't know. responsibility? yes. but i already have responsibilities ( i pay my bills on time), what else? i don't know. i am grown up. i just think the kid at heart is gonna stay. growing up to me doesn't mean having kids, buying a house or having a career. i'm sure if i had those things that i would think that was the meaning. being grown up could mean whatever the hell you want it to mean. my dad still says from time to time that he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up.

i think the more i read jason's blog, the more relief i have as my own thoughts run through my head.
i could go on forever on this subject but i won't. my thoughts trail off on...... autonomous rmax helicoptors which means back to work.

4:32 PM

i'm bored!
this morning the only thing i could think about to cheer me up of my boredom was the fact that any minute jason will update his blog and i can laugh.
yes, this is what it's come down to.

work is picking up but it's work all day that i can finish in just one hour. i spread it out. oh gheez i'm becoming one of them! at least today i got some photoshop program on my computer so i can practice with that again, i also have cd stomper and a cd burner....... hmmm!
i wish you can listen to my office right now. there is this guy who's office is right behind my cube and his office door is open, he's on a conference call and he is talking super loud. just think of that annoying woman in office space who answers the phone the same way ever 10 seconds, it's 10 times worse. this happens almost everday. i'm thankful when everyone is out of state on business!
yesterday i updated my 'rock calendar'. a lot of good stuff coming up. it's weird but i like the idea of seeing the band live, i just don't feel like going after i get off work. i sure hope this isn't my age factor playing games with me. i'll just go home get ready and put the stones on, that should get me in the mood.
the datsuns are tonight, the pixies are wednesday AND thursday. i think i still have an extra ticket for thursday..... really really good seats (50 bucks). i hope one of my friends e-mailed me with good news regarding the ticket when i get home.
i got a ticket for supergrass, clinic, old 97's, helmet and wilco. i'm really looking forward to seeing soledad brothers with my favorite local soon to be huge band The Vacation! i'm also going to see the dirtbombs, melvins, hot snakes, holly golightly, ATP at the Queen Mary and Blues Explosion! they don't call it ROCKtober for nothin'!
this past weekend i went to see Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow and as soon as it was over, I totally wanted to see it again. yes! it was that good. i can't pinpoint why i liked it so much but it was highly entertaining. i noticed my head was leaning forward most of the time in anticipation. I was excited when
Giovanni Ribisi's face hit the screen, i wasn't aware he was going to be in it. i love him!

4:56 PM

just a quick note:

does anyone have an extra ticket for the interpol show at the wiltern....
i just need one for face value. pretty please
i waited a few days to long to buy tickets and now both shows are sold out. :(

9:41 AM

music: Faces - 'five guys walk into a bar'
i'm so excited about this purchase. i wished i'd gotten to see the faces!
although i did see rod stewart in the early 80's a few times. (older sisters are good for that)

not just rod stewart but she took me to see fleetwood mac, tom petty and i talked her into taking me to see iron maiden at the summer strut festival - i still have the t-shirt.... i know foreigner was on the bill.... i forgot the rest. i could only really remember ' eddie ' damn that was amazing to me as a kid. well.... um since then i've seen iron maiden about 5 times.. ha ha.
i was a heavy metal kid but also listened to bands like bow wow wow, minor threat and tommy tutone.
my sister either dated him or stalked him, i just remember meeting him a few times and hanging out with him and the terrible bands that opened for them. we even made these t-shirts with the famous phone number (867-5309) that we wore when we saw him live back then all the time.

my sister is the creative type. she used to manage a few bands and even made their stage clothes. one time skid row was playing some small clubs in and around garden grove so my sister had this great idea of making a jacket for sebastian bach so i could give it to him.
we never finished it. it was a white levi jacket with a bunch of patches all over it with safty pins and gumby and other crap all over it. come to think of it, i think i got my nose pierced because of rachael bolan from skid row and i only wore the chain from my nose to my ear a few times just to shock family members and friends. i was 19 or 20.

i shocked my friends in london when i went for a visit at age 21. i remember being super drunk walking down the street with a bottle of wine with a bunch of friends i had met and we were searching for a place for them to get pierced. i didn't remember that at all the next morning and no one got pierced, or maybe we got turned away.
one night walked into this punk rock pub and i was in heaven - it was full of pierced/tattoo'd youngsters. we did a pub crawl and i think i was literally crawling.... we walked into this one club and there was Lemmy playing a video game with some beautiful blonde chick next to him.
my old rock 'n roll stories are surfacing, must resist.... ha ha

how did i get from tommy tutone to lemmy again?
i bought some poptarts yesterday when i was in sav-on, only because they were one dollar for a box of 5. i never eat this crap. it's like they had 'em at the counter and they say ' hey do you want to buy some poptarts, they are only $1' .

last night i watched everwood and kept switching back in forth from 'renovate my family'. i knew it! the couple on everwood are gonna drag on the whole season and never really end up together as they should. gheez!
the pixies are coming up fast. i hear now they are playing the verizon theatre, that would be IRVINE MEADOWS to us older folks or even LION COUNTRY SAFARI. they need to put that back and maybe so many kids wouldn't think twice about jumping the fence to sneak in for free to see a band, instead they would get eaten by a lion. irvine meadows, err i mean verizon sucks, the place is just go big.
i'm going to shut up and go eat my poptart. ~S

all this and can you believe it ~ i don't even drink coffee!
i just figured it out though 'why i'm talking so much 'it's called sleep deprivation'. i feel as though i've only slept for 2 hours. i have been having nightmares for a long time now. i usually don't even remember my dreams. i guess my demons are taking over ~ ha ha. my dream/nightmare consisted of 'retail hell'... i was at my old record store job at bionic records and it was a bigger place and after 15-20 years of not working there, all of a sudden i have to learn all over again and i kept screwing up and no one was around to help me with the long line of people. though some cute guy was sitting next to me sorta helping out with the cash register. the manager who actually still works there today had a mullet in my dream and was running around like he was on drugs. so i'm wasting my day on this thing instead of working as i should. my boss is out of town and i only have a few things to do all week. not a very challenging job right now but i guess thats what hobbies are for. right?
Just got back to work from lunch thank god the codine is finally kicking in!

ps - in case you like to look at photos... i've organized my live band photos 'suzephoto' over there on the side, so they are easier to look at. i will add more as i start scanning more.

2:13 PM

Music: Soledad Brothers " Steal your soul and dare your spirit to move"

I had an o.k. weekend..... finally saw "Hellboy". i thought it was cute and funny. No, I don't think you would find those two words under any part of a review of this movie. more like "skip it" or "hell no". but i thought it was entertaining. I would not mind having a little "hellboy" toy doll, he was such a cute little monster! yeah, i would have been a little pissed if i had seen it in the theaters for 12 bucks.
On Sunday some friends and I went to see Diane Lane in "The Fabulous Stains". It is/was playing at the theatre on Beverly Blvd for only 6 bucks. I loved it. The sound quality wasn't so hot but what do you expect for such an old flick that hasn't been remastered yet. I definatly want to own this on DVD when it comes out. Diane Lane was/still is ... hot! I mean, she is one of those clasic beautiful women who get better looking with age. I was surprised to see Laura Dern in the movie as well as E. G. Daly. The lead singer of the English boy punk band reminded me of James Chance. They were really good but The Stains sucked. :) it was a funny flick, not quite spinal tap but totally worth the 6 bucks.
We had planned to stay to see the whole double bill with school of rock to but, it was so f'ing hot in the theatre we didn't stay.

instead we went to Chebo's to eat. our friend roger told us about the place only what he had read about it so we were all game for something new. first the prices were a little high and second it wasn't that much cooler in this place then the movie theatre. this was all forgiven as our very good looking waiter came to our aid with really great iced tea. we each had like 5 of 'em!

as the waiter read off the specials, i couldn't help but actually listen to them as we shared glances (ok, i was totally staring at him). are you suposed to look at them while they read the specials or just ignore them and stare at your menu? I was with two other girls and roger so i had to mention how hot our waiter was and the girls (who wouldn't) agreed with many giggles. The food was quite good. As i came back from the bathroom i passed by our waiter and he said "hey, thats a great shirt". i just said "thanks, yeah it is isn't it". ha ha it's like i don't know what to say, i don't know how to flirt (well, sometimes). why couldn't he just start making out with me? i would have responded to his advantage, thats for sure. why don't guys just pull our hair and drag us to the cave anymore? man, i'm living in the wrong time!
ok, so maybe he really did just like the shirt.... hee hee. who wouldn't like a vintage stones shirt? at least he has good taste.

i talked everyone into going to amoeba after our early dinner. (that was easy to do) I told them that my b/f might be working there.... mr. levis - white t-shirt guy, i think he's even to cool to wear his amoeba shirt. so yes! he was there. i got one good look at him and i walked off to find a cd came back after some thought on what to ask him and couldn't find him. suze the stalker! he probably thinks a)i'm crazy showing up at amoeba at 4pm every other sunday b)doesn't even notice me c) also is very shy and goes running when he see's me come in. i'm hoping it's B! the girls came up to me and asked which one was he and i said "he's gone and they are all starting to look alike to me, they are all cute" we all laughed and got our stupid asses out of there as roger just rolled his eyes at us. poor roger.... having to put up with three girls all day long.

i did end up buying this rock 'n roll french cd because the cover looked cool and it had some french guy singing "paint it black". turns out it's pretty rocking, a good blind choice i must say! sometimes you CAN judge a cd by it's cover.

tonight is the start of the new season of Everwood..... i think the young couple who should have been together all along will finally get together! ha ha also renovate my family is on again (same time as everwood) they should show Jude alot tonight, he will be doing the familys hair and makeup and they will show the finished house from last monday. I'm looking forward to the gilmore girls new season. i'm sure as usual i will forget when everything is on as i start into Rocktober! LOL

ps - has anyone heard that song, well not really a song rather a guy talking over music (not really a rap) anyway... he's really honest and mentions homeless guys. if i were drinking anything at the time, it would have come out my nose! this was hilarious! i must own it. it was on 103.1 around 2:45 or so on sunday afternoon.

4:34 PM

I think I need to post Jasons blog for all to read.
He is so funny! i've been reading it for the past 10 minutes and I couldn't stop laughing!
in fact i had to stop reading it because i started to laugh out loud. i had tears running down my face!
I really hope it will bring you as much joy as it did me!

He seems intelligent and has just the right amount of humor to keep me reading.

so check it out!


enjoy~ Suze

4:24 PM

.... still working my my rack (cd rack that is). i'm going to take my time on it so it will turn out a little better then my last one.

i went home for lunch to find an orange paintball in my driveway! i then looked at my jeep and found some dripping/ splatered orange paint on the hood. i was more confused than upset. i guess as i grow older i'm less angry at the world. i'm thinking ... did a bird drop it? no. it came from a weird angle that only someone on my roof or someone who just shot it up in the air and it went over the garage, hit the driveway, splatered my jeep as it rolled under to the rear wheel. i just don't get it. i'm thinking it happened while i was inside eating lunch because i don't remember seeing it this morning. kids! what can ya do?

i got a new scanner that scans (negatives and slides) faster and much better than and also a printer that faxes and copies. i know every one has digital cameras now and they can just upload them to their computers. but i really like having my negatives! so there!
i guess it's time for my sister and i to get tested for breast cancer (oh fun!) my aunt just found out that she has it. lets see.... first my aunt who was only 27 when she died, then my grandmother (her mother as well from what i just found out the other day) and my mom (survivor) and now her sister (my aunt). she goes in for surgery soon. my mom has now decided to get the genetic testing. It's weird but i'm not scared. well....... thats right now and not knowing if i have it.
as i always say " live life like you want to and have as much fun as you possibly can, but try not to make others miserable in the process" and "fuck any form of cancer!"
i think it's time to start going out again, i haven't really gone out in a long time (for me anyways). or i can just "deal with everything" by talking with family. hmmmm.

i'm just going to get caught up in projects at home. i was thinking about how much i love to build cd racks. perhaps i can look into starting a business? then i may have to go back to school for some business classes. why didn't i just stick with those classes back in college!

1:15 AM

music: listening to Jon Brion with my headphones .... while e-mailing friends back (yes, i actually have a few left)

most songs sound better with headphones on. lately i've been really listening to music, as in every note, every hand clap, every guitar lick, every drum beat etc... it's pretty cool.

i've e-mailed "blogspot support" so they can help with getting music up on my site. if that doesn't work, i was told i can sign up with earthlink and go from there. i'd much rather find a free music storage place for my mp3 - in order to get them to play on my site.

before i forget..... i picked up the new Mojo magazine (the 150 greatest rock lists ever) and what i've read so far, it's pretty great.
for example one list was... 10 people who left bands just before they became famous (poor chad channing - nirvana) (jeff bradford - stones) i bet these guys were kicking themselves!!
another list.... 10 great double bills you can pretend you saw (rolling stones with little richard 1963) get back! oh and (nirvana with sonic youth 1991) i was there! and lets not forget (GNR with the crue) i think i was there, i'll have to check my ticket book.
last list that i will list.... 10 rock stars that wish they were keith richards (chrissie hynde, joe perry, joan jett, slash, all of motley crue)
OK now go buy it!

it was a beautiful day today! The weather was perfect. I love when it's partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain! except it never (well hardly ever) rains here.
I look forward to thunder and lightning (just so i don't get hit).

on days like today.... i get giddy. i was taking a walk around my building on my break and i was cracking myself up with the thoughts in my head.
sometimes my thoughts come and go quickly as a person who has had about 10 cups of coffee. (i don't drink coffee)
- i just don't feel it anymore or i would type some of those thoughts out. hmmmm.

it's midnight, i'm listening to "You Made the Girl" or "Sun Go Down" whatever you want to call the song by Jon Brion and it's amazing! This is the one that can go on for 40 minutes, it's got that drone feel to it with lots of guitars. Josh Klinghoffer and Jon did this song together once at the largo and i seriously was in tears by the time it was finished - it was so f'ing beautiful! The most amazing piece of music that Jon has ever written to date.i better get to sleep...... g'nite!

9:25 AM

music: Faces box set

This weekend I went to tower records to get The Faces box set. It cost 64 dollars! today I was looking on-line at Amazon and found it (and bought it) for only 47 dollars! So it's back to tower I go to return it and get some money back, Tower is way over priced unless it's on sale anyway. I will never pay 18 bucks for a cd! especially after working in record stores and knowing what the actual cost really is.

I almost finished with my cd rack that i'm building myself. This is my third one (all are 7 feet tall and made out of wood). The first one, I made for an ex-boyfriend, the second one i'm using and it's overflowing - hence the third one. I've got it all painted. tonight I will measure, cut and put it together.

I also finished watching all of the episodes of Freaks and Geeks. I do not understand the reasoning behind this wonderful show being cancelled! especially when they have all this other crap on tv now. I didn't want Freaks and Geeks to ever end, it's the same feeling with That 70's show. Other tv shows I have gotten sucked into (when i'm home and not out rockin' - that is) um... Everwood, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Summerland, and I LOVE all the house/family renovation shows.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Roger and he mentioned our friend (my old hairdresser) was doing yet another show which shows him talking as well as cutting hair on one of those renovate my family reality shows. He previously was working on all of the Osbornes hair for their reality tv show as well as Sharon's daytime talk show. Jude Alcala (thats his name) has come a long way! I just about cried with joy when I saw him on t.v. in "Renovate my family". These shows make me cry anyway.

I couldn't sleep last night because of the heat so I stayed up until after midnight watching Moonlight Mile with Jake Gyllenhaal. I dug this movie a lot! The music they choose is great. I like Holly Hunter and Susan Sarandon. Of course one of my favorite scenes is when Joe (Jake's character) was in the bar and selected this Stones song... you just have to see it. cheesy yes! but hopeful romantic/music lovers such as myself will love it and appreciate it.
speaking of listening to music instead of talking...... a similiar part of a movie that was my favorite was ........ in Almost Famous when Anita (Zooey Deschanels) character played Simon and Garfunkel to her mom as she was about to leave home. I like when people explain how they feel through music.

didn't you love it when people made mixed tapes for you? I know I did. I loved making them as well. It just seems like now people aren't interested in that sorta thing anymore. I've kept all of mine from every single guy and I still listen to them from time to time.

9:02 AM

music: old 97's, the twlight singers, stereophonics, radiohead, icarus line, clinic (brought 'em to work today)

i think it was tuesday..... i went with roger to see midnight movies at amoeba for free. actually i was just going to see if mr. light blue pants was working there. :)
roger brought the new cd to listen to on the way, oh man - i was squirming in my seat, i needed to make it stop. it's just not my cup of tea. mmmmmm. t e a ........ brb.
ok, we get there and oh wait a minute ...... i must turn this new old 97's off, there is only about 3 songs on here that i like. i need to put on something different. stereophonics it is......
there. much better (sorta reminds me of the faces). so anyway, mr. light blue pants was not working (or i didn't see him) midnight movies started and from the first beat of her drum i was intrigued. they were really good live! i mean REALLY great. she is beautiful and cool looking, plays drums and sings. it was beautiful noise. she very much reminded me of Nico. (velvet underground). still, i would not buy the cd. it's just one of those bands that do it for me live but not something i would listen to any other time.

we went to swingers afterwords. i love eating while listening to rock 'n roll in a public place, it's always a good idea. it's not just that crap you hear on the radio, it's a jukebox full of everthing from tom waits to blondie to ac dc.

I went to get an eye exam last night after work. i got the full check up meaning i got my eyes dilated. the last time i got an eye exam back in 2001, i refused this and couldn't remember why. so anyway i had it done and i'm looking for some frames right after and about 5 minutes later everything got super blury. the doctor had to check for something else and after that the lady asked what kind of frames i wanted. i'm like, i can't see well enough to be picking out any frames now. i guess it effected me different then most. she just tightened my other glasses and i was on my way. i never wore them and it turns out they are the same prescription, so the doctor just tells me that i need to actually wear them this time! i drove home with my eyes dilated, it was a trip. kinda like looking through the eyes of an alert drunk person.

on the way home there was a checkpoint, for what? i don't know! i'm so glad it was on the other side of the street or i would have gotten pulled over for sure.

i get home and i couldn't go on the computer. i could sorta see the tv but the stupid republican party was on every single channel and seinfield was just ending. I started to watch Freaks and Geeks (the yearbook box set). oh my god! this is the best show EVER! I couldn't stop laughing. mainly because i totally related to most of it in some way or another. i wasn't a freak or a geek in school but i was friends with them. I was happy to see James Franco playing the lead "hot guy/bad boy"! If you are 30 something then I think you will love Freaks and Geeks, it's amazing. the part about the drummer who practices with a 29 piece drum set with stage lighting and dry ice is f'ing hilarious!

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