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6:25 PM

music: wire - pink flag

Greg Proops opened for jon brion last night at the largo and boy was that a treat! I'm definitely going to see him on Monday for comedy at the largo night. He went off on Arnold, it was great!! Jon was in a wonderful mood and played till almost 2am. his second set was all very well worth being there for the waterloo sunset song alone! the only thing that bothered me about the show was the fact this couple who stood in front of me were making out during half the show and making those kissing noises. i think jake was about to kick them to the ground while mark had problems of his own with the people in front of him, he's always lucky to have the twin towers right in front of him at just about every show! i just wanted to tell the kissing couple to go in the back near the bathroom to do that or there is a farmers hotel down the street. yeah, so .... i get home 'round 3:30 or so, this crazy fuck face in a tricked out lowered honda civic drives up super close behind me on the 10 freeway without any lights on so i react by taking my foot off the gas but he didn't want to go around me for the longest time. instead of getting scared in a situation like that i was thinking about just slamming on my breaks getting out of my jeep and beating the crap out of him with the baseball bat in my back seat but it didn't happen. funny how the after thoughts are always the best. and i'm not even a very violent person.

i just got back from my friends baby shower, her second kid and she is the same age as me. i couldn't even imagine that at all. although while i was in babies r us i had these feelings like "ah thats so cute ... i wanna have a kid so i can put that on it" but see....this is what is wrong with the world today. people having kids for the wrong reasons. sure enough at the party my mind was instantly changed as i watched a few kids running around like crazy little people. i think having a kid would get in the way of my rock schedule too. ha ha.
i'm going to see grant lee phillips at the largo tonight. largo=suze's second home!

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