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9:37 AM

music: radiohead - hail to the thief - LOUD!

nothing like starting your day off with a blackwidow in the bathroom. nothing that a extra strong can of raid can't fix! ... i'm blow drying my hair, head down hair dangling to the floor, i turn my head open my eyes and there is a huge black widow at my eye level. keep in mind that i dislike being around any kind of spider more so than any kind of snakes. i'm not usually 'girly' when it comes to stuff like rats and things but spiders.....aaargh! when i used to have the top of my jeep off a few summers ago, i'd come out in the morning to a nice web where the window would be if it where up, and a huge spider in the middle of it! i hated that.
I guess it's the season though. boo!

i have a friend who went to see the strokes last night at the palladium, she loved it and wants me to go with her tonight at the shrine. i'm thinking about it.
must find out how much the tickets will be. if i don't go to that, then jon brion it is.
i'm just wondering if jon will do anything for elliott smith, though if i remember correctly he didn't do anything for george harrison, johnny cash, jeff buckley, joey ramone, or joe strummer. i just mean, do any songs by them. eventually he does but not right away.

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