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2:09 PM

music: George Harrison ( a concert for george...)

I have a feeling that i'm going to skip the troubadour tonight and go see Jon for some reason. i know that's not a surprise anymore.
I got a call for a job in Long Beach, I'll know by next week. I am enjoying my time off, what? it's been 5 days! I went to Disneyland yesterday with Cari and her two friends from the band THE LOVES- Liz and James, from Wales. We had fun! although i could tell disneyland didn't have enough "excitement" for them so i took them over to my favorite park - california adventure where there were plenty of "drops" and "dips" and fast coasters. We were lucky enough to go there on Thursday because they had a sneak preview of The Tower of Terror! it doesn't open until may 5th. OMG that is the best ride EVER. You can not even take a breath, it's non stop falling! and not just one long one, it's a few long ones then up again then down..... it was amazing!
my one major complaint about D-Land is the prices....... a slice of pizza was 5 bucks! and the drinks were 3 bucks. the ice cream was 3 bucks! man, i feel sorry for the families who go there and not know what to expect. you gotta save your money and treat it like a vacation if you wanna have fun. or just pack some food. Downtown Disney is just as pricey. The circle Jerks were playing that night.... it was funny to see Keith walk through Downtown Disney..... i don't know why. I saw a lot of little punk rockers...... or at least the "i buy my clothes at hot topic" type of punk rockers. ha!
We didn't stay until it closed because they had tickets for the El Rey to see The Tyde, Brian Jonestown Massacre. I didn't go, i was to tired though I did want to see BJM.
Did anyone go see TV on the Radio last night or tonight at the echo?? man, i totally wanted to go last night but it was sold out. i would have "woken up" for them!! if you went.... i want to hear all about it!
I know of a few things going on tonight as well as this weekend, if your not going to Coachella. Tonight The Pixies are playing at the Glasshouse in Pomona but of course it's sold out. it's a secret show that wasn't so secret. I kinda want to go see Black Rebel Motorcycle club at Canes in San Diego but .....I had Cari buy us tickets for the Vue show at the echo on monday and BRMC is the special guest. it's sold out. It's going to be like Vegas all over again with us seeing BRMC together!! (michelle, sarah, me and cari).
i don't know if i need to go all the way to San Diego.....

did anyone watch the OC..... I honestly never watch it... hardly but for some reason I was home that night and it was on, nothing else was on and i just started watching it. it's not a very good show....... the OC isn't even close to being like that, sure there are plenty of "fake" people but they are everywhere! anyway ... what i was getting at is that they played a lot of good music during the show, it's what i notice more than anything on any show. They played The Willowz during the cat fight scene in the pool "meet your demise" that was cool to not expect that. also featured franz ferdinand and electralane.
and another thing...... did anyone watch that show one tree hill? well i do and i kinda like it for some reason. it was so lame that this last episode they actually talked about 80's rock bands as if it was a huge deal. "ratt and tesla" i mean c'mon! it really made me feel old that someone actually made a big deal about finding an original tesla record, signed no less! um...... if that kinda stuff is actually worth something well then i'm rich! i've got actual concert shirts and records just collecting dust in my garage. i did break out my fleetwood mack, 1979-80 tusk concert t-shirt last week and wore it to the largo only because Flanny and Jon has had this thing about tusk lately. i can't believe that thing still fits me. I've got Iron Maiden, summer strut, rod stewart, soundgarden and lots of grunge shirts. and remember those concert books? i've got a lot of those to! i save everything.....

12:18 AM

i have to tell you to check out this fucking spider! I can't believe this. go to this blog called Pantyraid and scroll down midway..... omg! I don't know what i would do if i saw one of these things up close. i freak out when i see a normal size spider!

music: to tell you the truth i can't stop listening to the Willowz.

I saw the movie "young adam" it was pretty good. very sexy, done tastefully. lets just say ewan is "hung". ha ha
Tilda does a wonderful job, she is an odd woman though. i met her once while i was living in Beaverton, Oregon (20 mins from Portland), i was actually doing a photo shoot of her for that Virginia Woolf movie she did called "orlando". i honestly didn't know who she was back then (1993). i was doing it for a local magazine, my first and only assignment - i did it for free, they developed the film for me and stuck a photo in their magazine (the stranger? or.... i don't remember) anyway .... she is odd, thats for sure. i didn't know what i was doing. i'm used to shooting bands who move around the stage not someone who is being interviewed in a hotel! it was alright. i did alright for a non-paid assignment.

I know i said i was going to see All Night Radio on Friday but for some reason Largo was calling for me! David Garza and Robyn Hitchcock where both there and did some songs with Jon Brion. David got soo drunk, he was hilarious! he did the whole .... stumble on stage "rock star drum sticks pose" while robyn and jon played guitar/piano and sang.
they all did a couple of beatles tunes and george harrisons "isn't it a pitty". fucking amazing as usual.
it's great to watch the new peoples reaction as soon as Jon starts his whole "looping" thing. i'm still amazed at him sometimes after all these years of watching him.
i know for awhile there i was like "man, i gotta take a break" and i did for a couple of weeks...... i think i'm ok now. :)
i really wish that i hadn't bought my ticket for "the like" and "everybody else" for the troubadour this coming friday. Because there is so much more going on. and the like are playing for free every monday in May and everybody else is doing a few other shows with some other bands i want to see soon. i guess i could just not go, it was only $8 bucks.
On Saturday night my friend got a table for 4 at the largo for Robyn Hitchcock. That was a pretty good show. i may be mixing some of the stuff up from Friday.... it all blends together to me as soon as i walk out of the club!!
i did drop $20 bucks before entering the club, i know it. good thing i had another $20 in my pocket. i wasn't too worried, ya see.... i found $20 bucks walking outside the largo a few months ago. so no big deal. though it would be nice if i still had a job..... yep! told ya i wouldn't last there. the lady was nutz!! my temp agency called me on saturday afternoon and said that they hired someone from within the company so i won't be needing to come in on monday. i was so relieved! i'm extremely happy right now. i was just thinking that i needed a vacation. it's just to bad that you can't really take a vacation when your not bringing any money in. and when your working you can't really take a vacation unless you have "vacation days". I say fuck all the corporate BS and their office politics. most of the people that i have ever worked with are all bored with their jobs, hate their life and are just settling for .... a reason really, mostly because they are married with kids.... you know that sort of thing. oh well. you have to do what you have to do.
i'm glad i don't have to do it though!!
hmmm..... do i say this because i don't have a job now? am i just bitter? hell no!
sometimes i wish i had gone to trade school then i see some folks that are working for $10 bucks an hour in some retail dead end job with a degree. so it's like what is the point?
i want to hear that song "bitter sweet symphony" right now!! i love that video, is that the verve guy? yeah i think it is.
i went to BBC today, had a few beers with susan and talked about boys, it was fun. then this biker guy kept mouthing to me "your gorgeous" he smelled like a pack of camels (thats what he was smoking) yuck! susan and i talked to him just to be nice. if it wasn't for his breath and the fact that he had 4 kids, i would have given him my number. i'm totally kidding of course!
i have a lot of time on my hands now. i want to just hop on a plane to anywhere, have some lunch and walk around. this is something i would do every week if i had the money. just any random place in the U.S.
alright, time for bed or perhaps a netflix movie....

shows this week.... the only thing i have on my calendar that i really want to check out is "tv on the radio" at the echo on thursday. oh..... then the next monday is BRMC in San Diego - i must get my ticket soon.
oh.... has anyone heard the new Wilco yet? wow! can they get any better? i don't think so! while at the largo on saturday night i hear this amazing noise, like all this fuzzy, reverb then jeff tweedy's voice! i was like what the hell is this? i had no idea that they had a new CD coming out. (i don't read as much about music as I want to) anyway... they were playing an advance copy of it. it's for sure on the top of my list of cds' to buy.
so if anyone wants a lunch date or perhaps a movie during the week, i'm your girl! or just to talk and tell me what i should do with my life, that would also be cool! ha ha. or if you want to just give me some money so i can get my photo book started that would also be cool!
<3 always and forever - suze

ps - here is an article about michel gondry and he mentions jon brion......

3:34 PM

Music: Willowz

I got my pink Willowz shirt last night and that made me very happy! I bought the shirt in the dark so I was assuming that I was buying a white shirt, they also had red but not in my size (child XL). I saw a few grey ones as well. To my surprise as I walked into a lit area to take a better look at it, it was pink! Yay!
I also bought their CD which totally rocks! I was listening to it on the way to work this morning and I thought that they sorta had the 7year Bitch sound but faster and Jessica sometimes sounds like holly golightly.
Seeing them live is a bit different. They just rip the joint up. You get more of a visual of what they are about. I’ve seen them only 3 times so far and last night was probably the best. I didn’t know this but it was Iggy Pop’s Birthday yesterday. Richard mentioned that’s why they did the Iggy Riff during their set. This time Richie didn’t throw the drums at the audience. It’s a good thing too, cuz there was a lot of people watching them and for sure they would have gotten hurt. Richie and Jessica did throw their guitars at Alex’s drums and Jessica told me that her bass neck snapped. Yikes!
These guys better have some money the way they treat their instruments, that’s for sure!
Being as young as they are they weren’t even able to hang out in spaceland except to play. they had to leave right after they were done. That sucks for them! A few of them are at least 21 now and were able to hang but they made the other two actually wait outside before they went on.
I guess I can understand from Spaceland’s point of view, having a liquor license and not wanting to loose it.
I left right after they were done as well, i should have stayed to see texas teri play with cheetah chrome! i didn't find out that was going to happen until the next day! The Willowz were enough rock for me for a worknight.

Last night I got home and my cat was laying on my bed, I hate cat fur! I gave him a wintergreen Altoid because there was only pieces of ‘em left in the tin. I had my camera ready for a “face” but he actually likes ‘em! I thought he would make one of those "thats so wrong, get this out of my mouth" faces.

Tonight I’m going to meet a friend at the South Coast Plaza to catch a movie called Young Adam , should be a good one. All Night Radio is at Spaceland on Friday.
Did anyone see Scrubs the other night, I thought Polyphonic Spree were amazing in that episode!! Very cool gig for ‘em.

The Fall at the Echo is already sold out! The Willowz are going to be opening for them. I must find a way in (guys?)

have a wonderful weekend!
Alex Willow Plays On

5:11 PM

Has anyone ever seen Grant Lee Phillips? The guy is one of the best singer songwriters that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He was at the Largo on Wednesday. Tom Brosseau opened up (the guy who reminds me of mr. Leonard Cohen).
Grant did a Gram Parsons song (what was it again?) anyway, his new stuff is really really good. I don't understand why amazing musicians such as himself aren't any more popular than they are.
Thursday I went to see The Willowz at El Cid then went to see The Vacation at the El Rey. I got hit with a set of drums by the Willowz, nah just kidding but surely they came close. Instead he "Richard" threw valentines hard candy at everyone... some people seemed upset but I thought it was funny even though I got nailed in the forehead with a heart. I was video taping as well as taking photos, I think I got some pretty good "up close" shots as the drums came towards me! They seemed to have some trouble with the guitar..... before he threw that off the stage as well. He was taking a long time to tune so i don't know if it was them or just the sound system. Then his strap kept coming off. I'm still looking forward to seeing them at Spaceland next week. They Rock!! A bunch of really nice guys too.
We headed over to the El Rey just in time to catch The Vacation. I can only say that the sound system sounded awful there, it happens there a lot..... like the Sonic Youth show. I just couldn't hang. I took my friend who didn't care for them the very first time we saw them when they were called The Sons (I loved them then too) anyway I think his exact words this time around where along the lines of "man, these guys really rock" or something like that. His mind has been changed, as yours will if you ever do get to see The Vacation!! They got a new drummer. I can't really comment on how they sounded because I couldn't get past the fucking sound system at the El Rey. They looked good and they got the whole "rock star" thing down :)
My friday night consisted of a trip to Koo's in Long Beach. I should have stayed home. Please don't tell me about what I missed at the Largo!! ok, go ahead.... let me have it. If you tell me that Beck did a surprise appearance at the Largo on Friday I'm gonna be so upset, you don't even know. I missed him there twice before. Ok, getting back to Koo's Cafe. First of all it was an all ages show. Second, the sound system sucked! sorry Joe. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. He was doing the sound and he also does sound at a little bar in Long Beach The Que Sera.....come to think of it, the sound really sucks there to! but i'm sure it's just the building - ha ha. Oh yeah. The John Wilkes Kissing Booth was playing their last show with Greater California. I was falling alseep. although I kinda like Greater California, I was just very tired and bored the whole night. enough said about Friday night.
Today I saw Kill Bill 2. Awesome movie!! I don't see how anyone could not like this movie at all. I loved the first one to.
I'm gonna watch my netflix movies that have been sitting here for over a month (Last tango in paris, masked & anonymous and lost in mancha) that will be my saturday besides laundry and house cleaning. woo hoo! I wish I was going to see The Darkness tonight at the Fonda though. Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping then go to a Lingerie Bridal Shower for my friend.
Next week i'm looking forward to seeing The Willowz with Cheetah Chrome then All Night Radio both shows at spaceland and next Saturday Robyn Hitchcock is at Largo.
The Vacation:

9:59 PM

music: Fountains of Wayne - Welcome interstate Managers

Has anyone seen the new Victoria Secret commercial with Bob Dylan?? I love that song, and it's a pretty cool commercial.

I went to a friends BBQ/get together on Saturday night. We all watched a 1970's movie called "Over the Edge" starring Matt Dillon as a teenager. The soundtrack is great! (cheap trick, AC/DC, the cars) I'd never seen this movie before but I loved the memories of fashion and the talk that this movie brought back to me. Although none of my friends started riots and set things on fire or had to go to "reform school". It was pretty funny as well as a little sad. I remember back yard parties but we weren't doing drugs - we just drank and some guys would be break dancing or we would go to the park and drink, talk about heavy metal bands and make out.
Today I watched "riot on the Sunset Strip". That was a cool 60's movie for the music and fashion. I need to own that soundtrack! I met some friends at Fingerprints today to catch Iron and Wine at 4pm. He is a really wonderful singer! very mellow and good songs. I just wasn't completely in that mellow mood to fully enjoy and appreciate it. I bought the new Ben Kweller "on my way", Franz Ferdinand and Modey Lemon. I had Napalm Death, My Bloody Valentine and Nebula in my hand but put 'em back for some reason.
I am so not looking forward to work tomorrow.... i have a feeling that my boss is bi-polar. She makes simple things very complicated and she says some crazy mixed up things sometimes. I'm thinking that I won't be working there much longer.
have a wonderful week folks.

12:46 PM

music: YYY's - Fever to tell

Last night i had planned on going to spaceland to see Electralane but changed my mind and headed towards the largo for some reason. I arrived at about 7:45 and I only see 3 other regulars. That was strange. After the incident at the door between some idiots and my friends regarding who was in the right line and who got there first, my friends gave in and let them go ahead. doesn't matter - i asked PJ for a table and what do you know, we got one. After dinner and the conversations about dylan and some other amazing musicians, Jon headed for the stage and went on playing the regular stuff. At first i was in a really good mood wanting to drink and after 3 I was pretty tired and felt myself fighting to stay awake. Jon did do some amazing stuff, cool covers and just pretty much rocked out but for some reason I was still nodding off. Then he called up MICHEL GONDRY to play drums! Cool!! They did some covers. I still like Jon's version of "everybodys gotta learn sometime" better than Becks version. Then for the closing second set he called upon Nickel Creek. They are good. As I have mentioned before.

Thats about it. I'm pretty burnt out now but I am looking forward to a few shows coming up.... Grant Lee at the largo on the 14th and Robyn Hitchcock at lago on the 24th. The Like with Everybody Else at the Troubadour on the 30th.
Back to working out and not drinking for awhile :)

12:50 PM

Music: Elvis Costello – Best of….

Jason Falkner is no Jon Brion that’s for sure! I was talking to a friend of mine after the show and he mentioned that he thought that Kennedy was actually a better performer than Jason. “Kennedy”, being the singer of Kennedy. I have to agree.
Kennedy opened the show doing a solo singer/striptease performance. It was incredible!!
he not only stripped down to his shorts, he went a little further and had some kind of speedos on. Only Kennedy could pull off Speedos!! Then Ives (excellent guitar player in Kennedy) came up and did a DJ kinda thing using Olivia Newton John’s “lets get physical” wow! Is the only thing I can say. Ives is so adorable. His dancing leaves you smiling from ear to ear.
While waiting for Jason to hit the stage….. my friends and I were people watching and let me tell you some of the most beautiful women were there last night probably due to the fact that Jasons girlfriend is a model of some sort. His ex g/f, Heather Grahm, Ben Lee, Rebecca Roman Stamos, The funny gay guy in Sex in the City (I love him!).
Jason used his ipod most of the time for the back up band. The ipod contained a lot of his old material so he just played guitar and sang over it, which was pretty cool.

Please check out the website over there (look to the right) for Jackie Farry…. She has cancer and needs financial help. There is gonna be some kind of raffle on April 15th to win all sorts of really cool stuff, so check it!!
- Suze

7:43 PM

music: Bob Dylan Live 1964

it was 10 years ago today (april 15, 1994) that i was working at the Virgin Megastore in Costa Mesa when I somehow heard that Kurt Cobain was dead. my heart sank a little and I wasn't able to work the rest of the day. we all just walked around with sad faces. It was as if a family member had died but i couldn't cry for awhile until it really sunk in. I remember i was at home that evening and my mom walked in and she knew I must have heard and how i felt and i just let it out, just cried my eyes out.
For a little bit older generation it was John Lennon but for my generation it was Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley ..... and Elliott Smith. oh god I don't want to know how many others. man, if you really think about it you can go on forever!!
The last time I think I saw Nirvana was at the Roxy, but i'll have to look that up. I don't believe I've ever seen them in a big arena nor have i ever wanted to. I am kicking myself for not going to see them with Mudhoney in Pheonix though, I had a photo/and all access guest pass for Flipside Magazine and didn't go!! I had planned on going with one of the other writers but passed on it.
I still have my memories of seeing them at Jabberjaw/Rajis and the Roxy though. I was even at the video shoot for Smells like Teen Spirit. my ex boyfriend has part of the smashed fake guitar and a drum stick from that shoot. (william, you better not have sold 'em on ebay!) My friends Sarah and Gary are all over the video, Gary is the one who does the backflip off the bleachers and Sarah has the long redish/purple hair just rocking out shaking it while standing on the bleachers.
Seeing them at Rajis was an experience that I wished i could have remembered more clearly but i was young and drunk! I only remember someone tapping me on the head because i was alseep on the jukebox (yes, on top of the jukebox laid my head!!) and they said "hey, Nirvana is coming on" I stumbled to find my friends up front, i did and i just sat on the stage the while time. at least i didn't fall asleep but i really don't remember anything else but the show was crazy... most shows were back then and also the bathrooms at Rajis were really gross (it was punk rock).
The Roxy was fun. Sarah and I knew all the songs because we had bootlegs and Kurt was like "hey, how come all you guys know all the songs already?!" man, i loved broken mirrors!!!
Jabberjaw was wild! That was the night I met Iggy Pop. The place was sold out, packed to the rafters, and there was Iggy just standing in front of me watching Nirvana play. The Walls were all wet from the heat. I was standing on a small ledge holding my camera with one hand and trying to grip the wall with my other hand so i wouldn't fall on top of Iggy. We were near the front door which was the back of the stage really.... so my live Nirvana shots didn't turn out so hot.... just the back of Kurts and Chads head. Although I did get enough nerve to ask Iggy if I could take a photo of him and he was really nice about it .... I noticed that Kurt and Krist were standing right there next to me so I just motioned for them to move in for the photo. That was the coolest thing ever!! I remember taking a 'Hole" flyer out of Krist's hands and he just gave me this look like, what the hell?..... I saw that it said "hole" and Dinosour Jr. on it and I had to read it for myself! :) I should have taken a million photos that night but I didn't!! I should have gone to Arizona that night but I didn't!!! I knew Nirvana was gonna be big but I didn't think he would be dead in the next few years!
I don't know what to think about "who killed him" or if ms. love had anything to do with it. i doubt we will ever know the whole story. Kurt had his drug issues and stomach problems ....... i just don't see how he could have shot himself in the head. I once saw ms. love and Kurt do this special show at the club lingerie way back when i was into "doll parts" by hole. Kurt was so out of it, it was like he was looking right through me from across the stage. Courtney was doing a song and i noticed Kurt standing off to the side of the stage just looking right through me at the wall. it was sad! Courtney was a complete bitch to him! he was doing everything for her to make her happy and she wasn't happy with anything. she stands on the stage with a drink and smoke in one hand and the mic in another hand and starts complaining that she doesn't have a stool and that why does he have one and not her.... so he gives up his stool to her. She just kept barking at him and he would just take it......

does anyone else have any Nirvana stories?
hey bill weren't you there at Rajis with us? how was the show?? ha ha.......

PS - for all those who think that Nirvana started grunge.... you are wrong! it was Mudhoney!! look it up yourself, sure Nirvana sold some albums but Mudhoney was rocking the scene before Nirvana....... The Melvins rocked to!!

12:14 PM

whats on everyones agenda today?
i was gonna go to disneyland with lindsay and bobb but it's a blackout day for us! spring break.
so if anyone wants to hang, go to the movies, build a cd rack or whatever.... my phone is ON!! hint hint.
ps - i'm feeling better, not sick anymore.
last night i was feeling mellow so my friend susan and i went to see secret window then out to dinner. it was a good flick, johnny depp is aways good to watch on the big screen.
i guess i'll just do some laundry and organize my cds' for now. have a wonderful sunday.
man, it's bright out there today.

9:37 AM

music: back from the grave part one and part four cds today, plus some my bloody valentine bootlegs and suicide ((this is what i will be listening to today while at work))

i wake up this morning with that sexy sick sound in my voice, now i can barely speak which makes it even greater once the phones start ringing and i have to answer. i'm not really that sick it's just my throat sounds bad. i'll take some drugs later on so i will get the loopy effect tonight while i'm watching NEBULA and Cutthroats 9 (ex-UNSANE) guys. drugs = tylenol cold medicine for me :)
..... about last night. well like i said i really should have just stayed at home or should have gone to zen sushi to see the willowz! i really feel like i missed something there!!

the vacation are in the studios working on there new album and they will be playing at the el rey with the shore and many many others on april 15th. check out the rock schedule for details along with other shows.
Arons is having another huge parking lot sale this weekend april 3rd and 4th from 11am - 6pm - tons of used cds for only 3 bucks!!
Prince added another night "june 5th" at the staples center - tickets go on sale monday. i kinda wanna go, but i've seen him before and i don't like big arena shows really. hookers and blow are playing at the paladinos on april 23rd. i just love that name!! it's dizzy reed from gnr and members of bang tango (remember them!) and gilby clark. that should be an interesting show.... doubt i'll go but should be cool. does anyone know of ben jelen? he just played at the knitting factory last night...... just wondering. it seems that i missed out on a lot of other things last night while i was at the troubadour.
also one more thing before i go update the rock schedule.... on april 5th - Population 1 feat. Nuno Bettencourt is playing at the viper room for Metal school.

wow! it's noon and i haven't done any work..... just here listening to suicide (kinda loud for work) and fixing my website. i really should get a job doing something in web/graphic/computers because i just realized that i love doing this stuff. time goes by quickly when you are doing something that you enjoy. you will notice that now when you click on a link you won't lose the home page, it now opens up in a new window!! now i'm looking into photo webblogs so i could get mine up and running - the one i have now is way cheesy! i want one with thumbnails and a slideshow! if you know of any free ones- email me please! i'm looking into a few right now. i'm also looking into buying a scanner, one that scans negatives pretty fast, i have one but i want a new/better one as i have a million negatives that i need to scan.

ps - omg! i'm listening to this my bloody valentine "the creation rarities" and its the most amazing thing i've ever heard in my life!! seriously. i could listen to this over and over again without getting tired of it. all MBV stuff sounds like it's on repeat anyway.....i love the drowning guitars thanks roger for letting me borrow this cd.

1:11 AM

throat hurts!! damn.
i really should have just stayed home tonight. besides all the bands sucked! even the liars.... well they were just ok tonight. all the kids seemed to like it. the first few times i've seen them i was blown away. i'm not blown away with the new cd at all. oh well, can't love everything.
more later - sleep now.
anyone see the la weekly this week? jet are doing a tower records instore on thursday!! at 4pm. man, some people gotta work.

1:48 PM

music: public enemy, the liars and cheap trick "heaven tonight" , bowie "space oddity is what i've been listening to for the past few days.

i totally don't feel good right now. i want to go to sleep. i'm at work here with my cold eeze, OJ, water and ready to fall asleep! i need someone to rub my back until i fall asleep (....ah yeah). c'mon i'd do it for you!! well, maybe you...

i'm here at work all alone. it's pretty cool, it's gonna be like this for tomorrow as well. so i'm listening to my music a little louder today.
did anyone watch the gilmore girls this week? i don't know why i love this show as much as i do. jess is a dick but i love him and want rory to just go for it with him. but i'm sure they will drag it out for the rest of the season between the two guys (bad boy - good "newly married" boy who is clearly still in love with rory).

i haven't gone out all week but tonight is the liars at the troubadour - i'm soo ready for some noise. The liars have this sound that would bug most people, especially with their new album, but i simply loved them when i saw them last....... who likes aerosmith?? just kidding. (see below comments for mar 28th)

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