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10:28 AM

I saw The Devils Rejects last night and was pleasantly disturbed a little.

It was a beautiful movie.

I think the music parts were perfect for the calming effect. Just when you were getting all grossed out you hear rock classics from the 70’s like “Midnight Rider” from The Allman Brothers Band; “Shambala,” the gold Top 5 pop smash from Three Dog Night; “Fooled Around And Fell In Love,” Elvin Bishop’s gold Top 5 from 1976; “Funk #49,” The James Gang’s 1970 fave; the Top 40 “Rocky Mountain Way” from Joe Walsh’s 1973 post-James Gang solo debut; “Rock On,” the 1973 Top 5 from cult pop star David Essex, and “Free Bird,” Lynyrd Skynyrd (which was a really great ending to the movie).
The Scenes are amazing especially with the guts splattered all over the highway after the mac truck hit the girl. They made the devils Rejects look sexy, ok well 2 of them anyway or am I just sick and find sexiness in the strangest places?
I wasn’t nearly as disturbed as I was while watching either “Henry, Portrait of a serial killer” or “Deliverance” A few of my friends had to walk out of the room while watching “Henry”.
I love Rob Zombie. His wife is beautiful in the movie even though she is killing people.

3:29 PM


I saw them on Monday at the Echo and .... man I love this band! They have so much to offer... great sounds, screams, loud, lovely lyrics and they just rock live. The singer (Will Love) was even dancing on his peddels - how cool is that! The Guitar player (Jeff Mendel) does all sorts of cool things with his guitar including slide, playing with a violin bow among other things, he also plays keyboards with his feet. Then there is the drummer (Jacob Thompson) .... my personal favorite. It's hard to believe that he hasn't been playing that long - he plays different styles throughout their set with large mallots, brushes and drumsticks. He sounds as though he has been playing all of his life. Fucking amazing - I tell ya! it's a must see! I took a friend of mine and she was instantly turned onto them. I don't try and shove music down peoples throats, I just like to mention the bands to them and it's up to them (you) to make that move to go see 'em now for sometimes free or $5 or wait until they become huge. These guys are the ones to look out for!
They play at Spaceland on August 3rd with
Silversun Pickups, another great band.
also Jeff Mendel plays guitar for
Jonneine Zapata who also opens for Sabrosa Purr a lot. Jonneine has a great voice. The first and last time i've seen her so far was at Spaceland and I was an instant fan. I got all vaclempt during her songs because they are so emotional and strange yet exciting to watch.

2:55 PM

I went to see Jon Brion on Friday, surprise surprise. And It was an excellent show! here are some highlights: Beatles; baby you’re a rich man/ Under the radar – and – roll with you - and – happy with you – and – you made the girl all Jon Brion originals / Kinks; waterloo sunset / Brian Eno; Baby’s on Fire / George Harrison; Isn’t it a pity/ Oasis; Supersonic / Elvis Costello; Peace Love and Understanding.
I saw Sabrosa Purr last Tuesday at Tangier. They moved the stage to the other side of the room. I don’t like that set up anymore. They put tables up to the stage and there is standing room then behind that is a taller platform with more tables. They had a different set this time. they were very mellow but still rocked. They had to mention to the crowd that they are usually a noisy band. I’m really looking forward to seeing them tonight at the Echo at 10:30 for free!

I like the comedian Greg Berhrendt, he has this show called “Bring the Rock” at the Largo sometimes; so I went to see him on Saturday night. It was just ok, there were to many guests doing the comedy thing instead of him this time. I love his stage band called “electric snowflake”. They come out and do a song which usually pertains to a funny story about a musician or rock band that the comedian on stage is telling. Another of my favorite comedians, Paul F. Tompkins is going to be there tonight. He’s a whiskey drinker and is very funny as well.
The International Noise Conspiracy is playing at the Echo tomorrow night. I haven’t seen them since they opened for The Hives at the Roxy a few years ago. It’s only $5 bucks!

I’m also looking forward to The Pernice Brothers at the Knitting Factory on July 31st! Sons and Lovers are also playing at Zen Sushi that night, I’m going to try and make both!

It was so hot this weekend that my rearview mirror fell off. I had to go buy some special glue to put it back on; just thought I’d mention that exciting tid bit of news to ya! ha ha
ps - who want's to go see the devils rejects this week!! i love Rob Zombie!

I hope both of you have a wonderful week!

1:23 PM

I’m tired today and I have no excuse. The only exhausting thing I did all weekend was riding my bike up and down the boardwalk near the Queen Mary on Saturday, and I had a hangover from Friday night even.

My friend Dat is playing in the Donita Sparks band so I went to see them at the Doll Hut on Friday night. I got there way too early and had to sit through some pretty awful bands with a few of my friends, actually the worst bands we’ve ever seen. It was excruciating to say the least. By the time Donita and her band and the rest of my friends showed up, I was pretty much drunk already. I had to be or I wouldn’t have made it through all those bands. Donita still has it. I mean the girl can rock! I was an L7 fan though I don’t listen to them anymore and her new band is really rockin’ from what I can recall. I’m gonna have to see them again at Spaceland on August 12th but I won’t drink as much.
I know Spaceland won’t book 3 sucky bands in a row …anyway.

I saw a couple of movies this weekend. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wedding Crashers. I love the Willy Wonka story and Johnny Depp was amazing in it! The Wedding Crashers was hilarious, I haven’t laughed that hard since seeing Jackass.. ok, well… I laughed a little bit harder in jackass at some points in that movie!

I’m gonna have to mention myspace because I’ve been on it for 2 years now. I was addicted to it at first, I don’t know why. I think it’s a really big ego booster though. All these people wanting to be your “friend”, that kinda treatment just doesn’t happen outside of the cyber world does it. Some say it’s a meat market for kids and you can believe that and there are a lot of attention on there but I like the fact that you can find out about bands that you normally wouldn’t have heard about so quickly. I think it’s a good thing. I’ve actually met a few really cool people on myspace that I still talk to. I’ve met a few really good bands from all over the world on there as well. One thing I don’t understand is the ones who put photos of themselves half naked…. It does get peoples attention, I guess…. If you want that kind of attention. It’s sad, really. Some say that myspace isn’t real, I don’t understand what people mean by that. It’s just another way of meeting people in this really big world that we live in. Why not? It’s hard for people to meet people in such big cities (LA, NY,)! It’s really cool when you come across a long lost friend that you haven’t seen in 15 years. yes, It’s happened to me ….. I was just talking…. Or “e-mailing” one of my new friends that I met on myspace from London and we started talking about music and bands and it turns out he used to be in some bands with an old friend of mine in London…. Small world! So he got him to sign up and we are pen-pals again. All and all….. I think myspace is a good thing.

9:27 AM

music: I woke up to "she said she likes the dirty rock 'n roll" in my head by Sons and Lovers then later it was "whatchu whatchu waiting for" by The Vacation. it's a Brownsville Station type song. I can't remember the exact title at the moment but it reminded me of "smokin in the boys room" by Brownsville Station.

I didn't do much over the weekend. I did go see The Fantastic four and if it wasn't for Jessica, I think it would have been a really cool flick. I skipped shows on Friday and Saturday, saving up my energy for last nights show at the Troubadour with The Vacation / Sons and Lovers. I really hope these guys play together again.
It was a perfect line up. Sons and Lovers were so good that [dave] the singer even got a lady in a wheelchair to stand up and dance! That was amazing!

It was good to see The Vacation again after a long-ass tour across the States. As always they put on a rawkin' show.
I only wanted to punch one person at the show and I would have if I turned around and saw her mimicking licking my arm and giving me the "hail" sign with her hands; as my friend later told me. i guess she was jealous that i was in front of her taking photos, like i "took her camera spot" or something. get over it! why is it that some people feel the need to come up to you and ask what kind of camera you are using during the show? I mean.... what difference does it make if i said an instamatic or a canon AE1? I'd be flattered if it where some cool guy trying to talk to me after the show but nooo, it was some really drunk little girl while a band was on stage
. I couldn't hear her that well so I just waved my hand at her to go away. she did. other then those two insidences, i had a lot of fun. A lot of my friends whom I haven't seen all in one room in ages where there. I'm glad they all had a good time seeing both bands as well.
I'm telling you ...... go see The Vacation and Sons and Lovers! ok, and Sabrosa Purr

If you have any shows to tell me about, please feel free to post 'em here.
If you've been watching that INXS 'rockstar' thing on tv.... vote for Neal Carlson! He's from a really cool band in NY called "Bona Roba" last week he did a Stones song, last night he did CCR's "fortunate son". He will be on tonight as well. check it out.

12:44 PM

Music: The Hellacopters "Rock & Roll is Dead"
I can't stop listening to this new CD, it rocks so much! There is this one song they do called "leave it alone" that is really stonesy sounding that actually brought a tear to my eye.

The CD doesn't have that hardcore rock sound as say... 666 supershitty to the max or Payin the dues but it does rock and it's a great album.

I saw Helio Sequence last Thursday at the Knitting Factory and it wasn't all that great. In fact I was pretty bored. It doesn't help for the fact that I just wasn't really in the mood to drive to LA and see a band that night either. The sound guy must have been new or something because the feedback was not cool. I love feedback but it has to be done on purpose, ya know what i'm sayin? HS is just two guys from Portland that has been playing for over 5 years that I know of. One on vocals while playing a mean guitar (sounds like jesus & marychain) and the other on drums with some sort of program that he tends to in between songs. It's a pretty cool sound they have, it just wasn't their night.

Friday I ended up seeing The Backyard Babies.... totally different from The Hellacopters, I say this because one of the guys is from The Hellacopters. They were at Alexs Bar in Long Beach. On the bill was about 3 other bands who reminded me of totally bad sunset strip rock. We are talking Hair Metal! It was baaaaad! The Babies came on and we went up front for about 4 songs and then a fight broke out between two guys right in front of me. It was so lame. I noticed how it started and the guy was just a complete dick. I wanted to intervene but didn't want to get my ass kicked. I stood there shaking my head for awhile then we just left.
This past weekend I played basketball, watched a movie and went to a BBQ.

The movie is on HBO right now, I believe until the end of August.... called "The Girl in the Cafe" It was really great! Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald were wonderful playing the main characters. He played a shy civil servant working for a British delegation to the 2005 G8 Summit and she is an alluring young woman who he meets in a cafe (hense the name) & ends up inviting her to the summit on a whim... together the two unlikely (and i do mean unlikely) couple might just change history. yah, so I copied that from the internet! check it out if you can!

I'm looking forward to these shows coming up this week:

Sabrosa Purr at Spaceland on Friday
Jason Falkner at Spaceland on Saturday
The Vacation / Sons and Lovers free at The Troubadour on Monday

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