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1:35 PM

music: the kills
depressing w/e to say the least. except for going to ameoba for some new music.
I didn't do anything else all w/e! i guess that is ok once in awhile.....i know i will get out of the funk that i'm in, i just hope it's very soon.
no calla, no paul f thompkins, no free mondays at spaceland even! oh well. i'm looking forward to this w/e though. minibar are playing near my place in the LBC!
gonna spend the rest of the week job hunting and a cheaper place to live!!
why does EVERYTHING happen at once!!
it's amazing that i can keep a smile on my face through all of this. ((happy suze))

3:49 AM

music: jet, pernice brothers, the loves
cari and i went to ameoba today then to see "down with love" which we both agreed we could have done without! so we felt like drinking afterwards.....we started out at a place by her house called the roost, where elliott smith used to hang out and write songs....., it was ok, then headed down the street to the big foot lodge, then the tiki room and good luck bar and ended out night at the short stop. i only had 3 mudslides all night :) funny but elliott comes walking in about 1/2 hour later and then i see greg dulli, the owner of the bar, lead singer of the afghan whigs!! yay for the short stop! cari and i had a nice conversation with some guys about some guys hair cut! it was fun! then we both met some other nice folks!
bed time! can't wait to listen to all the cds i just purchased today!!
oh - calla is playing at spaceland on sunday night! yay! monday is the paul f thompkins comedy show at the largo.
have fun - suze

9:28 AM

music: JET, cop shoot cop, clinic
yay! my cd player in my vehicle works now. i guess it just needed a rest. strange.
last tuesday i went to the troubadour to see t.v. eyes, featuring jason falkner and that's the only reason i went. the screen behind them playing old movies and old bands was awesome, the music....well, lets just say i was over 80's music when the 80's were still here. sorry my cool friends!!
wednesday night i went back to the troubadour to see verbena. i had to sit through two awful bands first. verbena are good but the sound wasn't so good. that's all i'm gonna say about that. on saturday i went to spaceland to see JET and TSAR. fucking awesome! jet remind me of led zep meets the rolling stones and iggy pop, theres more but i can't think of it right now. anyway, trust me if this band ever comes around again (and they are....JUNE 19th at the troubadour) don't miss it. TSAR were a surprise, icing in the cake if you will. i've always wanted to see them but never have until saturday. they are fun rockin' pop.
coming up i may go see rocket science at spaceland tonight, but i'm pretty tired. they are an aussie band and it only cost 6 bucks. unless mario lets us in free again...
wednesday is greg behrendt at the largo, he is the comedian i'm always talking about. this weekend is calla at spaceland, yay!
ok, must do some work today....

11:25 AM

music: lily's, jet, soledad brothers, the greenhorns, red cross, the loves and iggy & the stooges!! (cari's awesome suze mix cd) :)
saw the sadies last night. sally timms from the mekkons (sp?) opened with the sadies backing her. it was great! it was a low key night. if you want to check 'em out go to the bloodshot records website. ok i really got to get back to work. tonight is silvercities at di pizzias in long beach, only 3 bucks! tomorrow is either verbena at the troubadour or luther russell at silverlake lounge. *suze*

5:02 PM

happy moms day! - no music... tonight will be a different story though.
i'm going to see the sadies tonight at spaceland. yay!
ok, where did i leave's yes, bj' we are all talking and watching the laker game, i'm drinking ice teas (the regular kind) then decided to have one beer. it was cool hanging out and talking to these guys all night. i see this guy i had a class with in college and i tried to avoid him but he is one of those pushy kind-of-guys that needs to be told to fuck off sometime. he kept having the nerve to keep coming up to me or looking at me while i was talking with my friends, ghez buddy get the hint, i'm not interested at all, never have been, never will. so my friend gene and i kept watching him try to talk to all these girls at the bar. we were cracking up. he almost scored with this way older lady, it was gross to say the least. ok, so anyway i guess you had to be there.
i say my goodbyes in the parking lot and head for my didn't start at all. i'm thinking ...kewwwwl, no cell, no ride. i run out trying to find where they all parked and found 'em all talking by one car..*phew*. they all gave me this whats wrong look. now this is a crack up watching 4 simi drunk guys trying to jump me * ahm* my jeep!! it didn't work, so i got a ride to my moms and borrowed her car and went home. had lunch with my mom the next day, took a nap and went to see unsane at spaceland. on the way up i ate the other half of my sandwich from lunch and after i was parked on the hill i drank my beer. i was feeling cheap last night and i wanted my good beer from home! HMM! i walk in the place and it was full of guys.....ah yeah! ha ha. there was grind-core guys. dirty, smelly, greasy hair guys. i was in heaven. just kidding! the first band was on as i walked in and they had those cool george harrison beards going on. ah man, i love that! ya know what i'm talking about from the cd "all things must pass" - amazing cd btw.....
as the second band came on i see my buddy bill walk in, i wasn't able to catch him right away. the only person in the whole place that i knew. he didn't see me until later though. i was the only girl there for awhile then all these motorcycle mamas come in, pretty cool. i was feeling to shy to take photos at first but then after talking with bill and right before unsane were about to start i just said fuck it i'm going in! and i did. i stood at the bass players side snapping away for awhile then i was getting really excited and i wanted to get some of the singer who was clear on the other side so i just moved my way to the front center. the drummer was actually playing with a broken collar bone! ouch. what a trooper. they ducked taped him up pretty good though. he fell off of a motor bike the day before and hadn't gone to the hospital yet. i'm sure he will go, it looked pretty bad but he sure did hit hard! i just love to watch all the cool grind-core stances they do, especially the bass player. as if the bass is heavy, hanging way down and he kind of hunches over and bobs his head. anyway.....*got it*? ha ha. the singers facial expressions are interesting as well. especially when he has the mic IN his mouth!
and this brings us to today. i just had a nice brunch with my mom. we made it here at her house and ate on the patio. it was relaxing to watch the birds and butterflys and hummingbirds in her backyard. she has loads of plants and bird feeder type things. she even made a house type thing out of wood for the doves to build there nest in. and they did. right on her patio. pretty amazing.
now i'm going to head home and take a nap before i go out tonight. monday is my friends band "silvercities" at a place in long beach called di pizzias (sp?) it's only 3 bucks! tuesday is tv eyes at the troubadour featuring jason falkner (yay!) wednesday is luther russell at silverlake lounge, friday i may go see daniel johnson at spaceland or just stay home for once. but saturday is non other than JET w/tsar at spaceland ((double yay!!))
i was just reading in the oc weekly that faster pussycat, pretty boy floyd and enuff z'nuff are all playing together at the galaxy on july 25th! this is soo funny to me. i used to love these bands back in my "glam metal" days. funn!! i think i'm going to try and drag my friend sandy and jason to see this, we used to all see these bands together. okay. i'm done for today. suze

5:24 PM

music: minibar - ep.
hmmm where to start on this one, so many things have happened since the last post! alright so on friday i decided to go have some drinks with some of the guys from my old job. i met them at BJ's off of the 405 and beach blvd. ((alot happened since then. some fun, some not-so-fun)) but i just noticed the time and i really have to take a nap before i go see unsane tonight. i got home at 4am!! i'll fill in the blanks tomorrow. sorry, running on fumes here....aaaargh.

10:58 AM

music: jeff buckley
okay so last saturday i went to see minibar at o'brians in santa monica with cari. good times. lot's of drinking, great entertainment. i couldn't have asked for more on that night.....well, maybe but i won't say here.
last night jon brion played at the largo for making up for not being there lately due to working on fiona's cd at abbey road studios in london. he just got off the plane and drove to the largo to play. needless to say he was really mellow. i was actually falling asleep in my chair, only nodded off two or three times (head jerk thing). they changed the salad dressing on the largo salad at the largo, it was homemade! ellen told me the guy that makes it is just lazy right now. aaargh. it's the only thing i eat there!
jon only did one set. he was in a beatles type of mood.....
looking forward to unsane on saturday. then a bunch of shows including: the sadies, silvercities, tv eyes, luther russell, the sons, jet, the liars?, greg behrendt (comedy), calla, paul f tompkins (comedy), ash, grandaddy, minibar, flamming lips w/ liz phair, the datsuns, the eels, jet again, the pernice brothers, califone, soledad brothers, the kills, and last but not least supergrass!! 'phew' - suze

4:50 PM

wow! i can't even begin to believe how many amazing shows are coming up between now and august!
check it out here. SHOWS

10:44 AM

music: music: music: pavement (brighten the corners), grandaddy (the sophtware slump), wilco (a.m.), elliott simth (figure 8), pernice brothers (overcome by happiness)

i haven't gone out in awhile. just house sitting for my mom, feeding the cats etc... i miss my own bed!
i've been listening to alot of music lately though. i love to grab an old cd that i haven't listened to in like a year or so and remember how great it really is. for instance pavement, brighten the corners is sooo good! they are such an under-rated band as many others. grandaddy (the sophtware slump) is an amazing cd as well. they are going to be opening for pete yorn soon, i'm thinking it sould be the other way around, but hey- that's just my opinion. the pernice brothers (overcome by happiness) has been in my cd player for a few days now and i can't help but play the song 'clear spot' over and over again really loud. it makes me happy!! the pernice brothers came out of the ashes of this amazing band called the scud mountain boys. ok i'll stop.
p.s. minibar are playing at o'brians in santa monica this saturday or rhett miller is playing at the largo ut's sold out but if your early enough you can sit at the bar or stand. and brian jonestown massacre w/the tyde, love jones are at spaceland tonight!
have fun all the time!

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