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1:58 PM

writers block!
not that i would even call myself a writer, i'm far far from that for sure. it's just that earlier i was thinking about stuff to write about but now ..... not so much.

I went record shopping this weekend, spending close to $200 bucks. As soon as I listen to the cd's i bought and depending if I like them .... i'll write about 'em later.
I went to rockbottom with my friends roger and john on saturday night. It was pretty dead in there as we sat at the bar all night. I only had 2 beers and some nachos - i didn't count how many they had because they are pretty big guys who are used to drinking a lot.
anyway, i noticed this guy sitting clear across the bar from me who looked somewhat interesting. i asked roger what finger does a wedding ring go on because i always forget. though now i remember someone telling me it's the left and to remember that is where your heart is. hmm. anyway, i kept looking at him as did he and about 2 hours later he came up from behind me and sorta wedged his way in to grab the seat next to me and just held out his hand and said " hi! my name is so and so" i'm thinking it was peter but i'm so bad with names. i don't know how we got on the subject but it turns out that we went to the same high school and he was a few years behind me. We somehow got on the subject of music and he mentioned that his all time favorite is Pink Floyd. my thought ... oh gheez, why! and I told him that PF is the only band that I can not stand and have to actually change the station when it comes on. he didn't seem upset, we just laughed. i was being honest. after about an hour into our conversation he asks what i was doing there and i just answered it was either this or stay home watching netflix and i asked him what he was doing there.... he said "well..... my WIFE and kid are out of town and it was a free night for me to grab some beers" i already knew he was married, there is no harm in talking with some married man - it's not like he tried to pick up on me or vice versa. i don't know why he came over to me in the first place but i'm thinking because i looked bored as did he so why not talk. i'm glad he did. before i knew it - it was 1am and roger was nudging my shoulder asking me if i'm ready to roll. i was surprised at the time. i told "peter" that it was nice meeting him and i was on my way.
i'm not one to go to bars to meet people, but i gotta tell you it was nice to have a guy come up to me - even though he WAS married. at least it wasn't one of those guys with the cheesy lines spitting in your face as they slur every word.

10:10 AM

Music: "listening to 103.1 at work"

so far It's been ok, not the best music to play but better than anything else on the radio these day. although i've been getting into the ..... what they call... Classic Rock lately.
wednesday i went to see Teitur and Griffin House at the largo. excellent show. Griffin House was just him and piano player. Teitur was great to. I'm distracted right now and can't think of a way to describe them. If you are into singer/songwriter type music then check their websites for more info. I think Teitur will be very popular if not already!

i just got back from taking a walk on my break...... on my break from doing nothing that is.
i'm tryin' to figure out where to eat, i'm sick of going home for lunch. can you believe it... no one won the lottery! it's gonna be over 100 million dollars. must play, must win! i knew a guy in long beach that won it a few years ago (4 or 5 years), i think he won about 4 million take home and i think it's all gone now. good 'ol randy! he's got a nice old cadillac though.

i'm hungry! i'm bored! i'm making lists in my head again! stop!

whats going on tonight besides good 'ol JB at the Largo? i'm sorta getting burned out on watching QL from Netfilx! it's just not as good as i remembered it.
more to ramble about upon my return from lunch, that is unless i get super busy with actual work.

1:14 PM

Music: Rolling Stones "metamorphosis"

"I'd much rather be with the boys - Rolling Stones"

I was looking for this on CD ever since Reigning Sound covered "I'd much rather be with the boys". To tell you the truth I like The Reigning Sound version much better.

"I'd much rather be with the boys - Reigning Sound"

although this cd called Metamorphosis by The Stones is quite good, in my opinion. It's totally a brian wilson/beach boys faze they were going through. I'm not so much of a Beach Boys fan, although some of the stuff is amazing, just never was a big fan. just like some people prefer the stones over beatles......that one is hard to choose for me because i love them both. If you asked me when I was a teenager I would have said The Stones no problem but as I grew older I got into The Beatles. I actually had a hatred for The Beatles at one time, only because my boss at one of the first record stores I worked at as a teenager played everything by the Beatles all day long. He was a Beatles nerd! We are talking, interviews, live stuff, bootlegs... you name it - this guy had it. My co-worker Dennis, who now owns and operates The Bionic Records/Furnace Skateshop Chains, we used to go crazy having to listen to The Beatles all day long. I think Dennis is still fucked up from that experience and will never want to hear The Beatles ever again.
So I'm listening to Metamorphosis and it's growing on me, I may even buy some Beach Boys CD's other than "Pet Sounds" that I already have. give me time.

I haven't really gone out other than to see Jon Brion on Friday. Not a huge excitement but if you've never seen the guy, i'm sure it was. Jason Schwartzman was roaming around, now if only jude law was! I'm kidding. I'm sure he was there because of the I heart huckabees movie that is due out soon. Jon Brion has his hands in that one.
This past weekend I did take the metro (blue line) from Long Beach to LA/Amoeba Records. I love taking that thing, it's pretty cool. it was only 3 bucks and you can go anywhere all day/night long. So we went to my favorite restauraunt Houstons in Pasadena to. We had to hop on the Yellow Line for that. I'm gonna do this more often. It beats traffic, which has been getting worse and worse in LA and I don't have to buy gas! The metro is good for people watching. Although i did run into a few punks, not as in punk rock but as in older brats, i didn't mind, it all goes with the experience. One guy stood right in front of me and did a pull up on the bar above me head... i had to look away towards this other guy and it was like he was reading my mind and my mind was laughing, because he smiled. I didn't want to look directly at the pull up guy because I would have laughed in his face, he might have been stripped of his ego.
I could have done without the screaming kids and moms that yelled at the kids though. It's like, give the kid the quarter that he thinks he lost *but you found and kept, just to shut him up! Sometimes I wonder where the kids get their brattiness from *duh.

This weeks gigs:
Frisky Jones 11pm and Vexy Strut midnight and Paul Chesne 1am at King King on Wednesday.
Griffin House with Teiter at The Largo. I think I'm going to this one. although I'd like to shoot some more photos of VS and Brady (Frisky Jones) ah well, what are ya gonna do!
Griffin House is also playing on Thursday but I plan on seeing Ben Kweller at the Anaheim House of Blues.
Did anyone go to The Sunset Junction? I didn't go.
have a good week. buy a lottery ticket, it's up to like 74 million now! Could you imagine?!
I'd have a huge party and have bands play (maybe the stones) and have these envelopes with a check in each one to give out to everyone that comes! then just travel.

12:19 PM

PJ Harvey kicks ass! It was great to see her in such a small venue as the Henry Fonda. She oozes energy, excitement and beauty. I think Jon Brion as the opener was a splinded idea. It was cool to look around at the audence when he did his "looping". Jon was up there all by his lonesome doing full songs just as a regular 5 piece band would be doing. As I've mentioned a few times in the past... the guy is a f'ing genius. the very last song started out to be "you made the girl" on the first few beats of the drum and he changed his mind. i'm sure no one noticed. I was hoping that Josh Klinghoffer would have gone up and played the guitar on that one. When they get together on that song, it can last for 40 minutes. perhaphs that is why he changed his mind. Josh plays guitar with PJ now (excellent gig for him).
The Black heart procession were great as well. I'm sure if i wasn't in the mood for them, I wouldn't have thought so highly of them. They had that Radiohead/mesmorizing feel about them. I was in a daze most of the time they were on stage. I may have to head back over to Amoeba and grab a cd of theirs. while I'm there I should just f'ing talk to mr. light blue pants. oh man, he had these faded torn and frayed levis on with a plain white t-shirt yesterday. that is my favorite!
It took forever for PJ to get her ass on stage, i was about to say fuck it but i have her 5 more minutes and she was on in 2. lucky for her.
I am not good with song names but she did a few old ones right off. man! I mean if you know her music at all.... just think of the energy that is put into those old albums and thats what you get Live. It's amazing how much punk rock she has in her for such a little thing. I was pretty close to the stage and just stayed there as I used to when i was much younger just enjoying the show and not taking photos. I was very happy to say the least. and I have said the least.

oh ... how can i forget. I also went to the secret Jeff Buckley movie/documentary - amazing grace that was showing at the Arclight for Don't Knock the Rock. Jeff's mom was there to talk and answer questions. If you know who Jeff Buckley is (good for you) you know it was a tear jerker. It was done very well and will be showing at Woodstock. They are also releasing a CD from the Grace Days... I think it comes out on the 24th with some "unheard" songs.

If you are a huge Helmet fan as I am then you will be pleased to know that they are going to be playing the Troubadour in October. other ones to look into at the troubadour soon..... Hot Snakes, Melvins and Sebadoh. HELMET is going to be as good as The Hunches (this is how much i LOVE them!)

12:58 AM

My two favorite local bands are getting BIG!
Both are touring the UK in the next few months.
This is Awesome. How fun is that gonna be for them!

I'm just saying......... see them while you still can in a small club.


I saw the Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel movie/documentary tonight at the arclight in L.A. @ the DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK FESTIVAL.
It was one of the most amazing documentarys on a dead musician that I have ever seen.
It took 6 years to make! Gram was the man! hanging with The Stones/Keith Richards...
He was an amazing songwriter. very passionate about country music. He paved the way for many country musicians to be heard by the rock 'n roll type crowd. Plus he looked f'ing beautiful in a NUDIE! gram in nudie.jpg
I'm glad I got to see this film in a big theatre like that with so many Gram fans. It was an experience. Watching some of the footage of him singing brought tears to my can tell that he was a very passionate man with a comical side to him. He was Lovely!

8:48 AM

music: Jeff Buckley (kcrw sessions & Grace outtakes)

I wonder how The Willowz were last night at Cinispace or BRMC at the El Rey. I really wanted to check out Nisennenmondai and Grand Champeen at the Silverlake Lounge. I didn't do any of these, instead I started working out again after work - actually at my work -we have a gym and now I don't have to pay $100 to renew my Ballys membership.
I was sorta looking forward in seeing the Backyard Babies tonight at the Troubadour but I've decided to pass on that also. I went to their website and listened to a few of the songs and I wasn't impressed in the least. I think the whole reason I wanted to see them was because of The Hellacopters. No one will compair to them, I just have to realize that and wait for them to come back. The Willowz are playing at Spaceland tonight at 10pm. They are also playing on Friday somewhere in East LA, I want to go to see the opening Japanese band called "Nisennenmondai" but I'm not going if it's that same place I saw Jon Brion/Lily and the Ladys/Telecast, I just don't like the set up at that place (the stage is up above in a loft). On the other hand I am looking forward to Sunday's PJ Harvey, The Black Heart procession and Jon Brion as well as seeing a movie in the afternoon.
I'm gonna stay home this week and watch my Quantum Leap dvds i just got through Netflix. ha ha. do you remember this show. I used to love it. The idea going through time and helping people..... it's just cool.

9:22 AM

music: stones - let it bleed

Does anyone really know what they want in life? I'm thinking that once you get what you think you want - you want more or something different. I also think it is healthy to want things and have goals, just not so out of reach that you aren't able to attain them. If you have unrealistic wants and goals then you probably won't find any kind of happiness. If you are afraid to try , again....... you won't find whatever it is you want. I see so many people just stagnant and settled in their jobs, marriages and personal goals. This just makes me not want to be married ever or have kids - what is the point. when you find that certain someone, how is it that you can just throw that away after just 9 years? I understand that people get married at very young ages and as you do the whole growing up thing, you change. I just hope that there is a certain "feeling" or "knowing" when you find that special someone. I know I will never settle because I've lived alone -happy- for over 3 years and I know myself pretty well and I know what I want.
I hope I'm looking up when it comes around the corner. It's just sad. I mean, how can anyone go through life -the only life you get,- going through the motions every f'ing day not "feeling" anything, not trying to better themselves, not truly happy! how?
I also see some people who strive to be the best and are going so fast that they forget to just kick back and enjoy things along the way. i don't know what the hell i'm talking about. I've never held down a job (by choice) for more than 3 years anyway. I choose to see what is out there.
I'm not trying to put anyone down here, i'm just rambling.......

Let me tell you, it's boring getting paid and not having to do anything. I'm the new girl here and my boss isn't in once again. Out of 7 people in this department, there is only 3 here. Everyone does their own thing. Honestly there isn't anything to do. Believe me, i'm always the first to say "hey, do you need any help with anything, i mean ANYTHING". I think it's going to be a long day.

I had a garage sale this weekend and it wasn't worth the trouble we went through. I got sunburned and felt sick on saturday night, so i didn't end up going to the troubadour as i had wanted to. (planes mistaken for stars) were playing and i wanted to check 'em out.
I did however, go to long beach on sunday night to meet my friend rick for dinner and then we went to the art theatre on 4th to see "man at the end of the world" It is a great movie! I loved it from the start. There was this guy in the movie who played Colin's characters older brother at the beginning of the movie who i wouldn't mind seeing in person! gheez, I don't think anyone can be anymore adorable then this guy. The story was great, the acting was great. It was very a very touching movie. Let me just point out that I have nothing against homosexuals at all. although the whole time rick and i were sitting there in this long beach - gay-area theatre..... I kept hearing this couple to my right and a little ways back making noises. It was that kind of " rubbing your hands on your pants " kind of noise. I didn't want to look but after awhile i figured out that it was just the one shaq big guy rubbing his hands all over his friends big fat huge belly during the whole f'ing movie. as we got up to leave the couple was still sitting there, it was just a silly sight to see. just picture Matt Pinfield and Shaq. ha ha.

1:44 PM

music: reigning sound - " you got me hummin' " i can listen to over and over and over again but never get tired of.
The song rocked so much that Greg Cartwright broke two strings at once but he played it anyway and it STILL rocked! I very much enjoyed watching RS last night. I just wish they would do a headline tour so they could play longer but in a smaller place such as Spaceland.

They have a "country" feel to them, and yet they rock. Greg has excellent song writing skills, he's been around long enough to know what works and what can make you feel. I mean.... I can watch the guy while he is playing up there and I can tell he is feeling something. He sings of heartache, pain and love.

They played a lot of songs i wanted to hear. i noticed they didn't do one of my favorites called " i'd much rather be with the boys" which is an old STONES tune that johnny thunders also coverd and also " you don't hear the music". They played a lot that i haven't heard before, I better check on what they have out because I thought i had everything. (too much guitar, time bomb high school and break up break down) I even have a few Oblivians CD's. I ran into a friend who was telling me about some other bands Greg, the singer was in. I must have everything! I'm thinking that I really want to go to the Las Vegas rockaround fest now, just to see them.

The Sahara Hotnights took the stage and I was so over this whole rock 'n roll experience and was happy when my cell phone rang and a male voice was on the other line - i had no idea who it was. i could only hear him tell me to go to the patio. So on my way, i run into Ritchie from The Willowz. He just got back from NY with a bunch of secrets that he wasn't gonna share with me.
He seemed happy though so i'm thinking it was all good news! I'm excited to be seeing them play very soon. check the rock schedule, I put their shows up on that.

ok... so back to the guy.
I walked up the stairs and into the cool night air. He appeared in front of me as I turned around. I was happy to see a familiar face. While we were talking this little punk rock kid with a spiked mohawk came over and asked if he would buy him a beer. At first I thought it was a friend of his, a very young 17 yr old friend at that. but nope. The kid was just trying to score some beer for himself and his friends. He didn't know what to ask for and said he didn't want to break a 20. weird kid. so mr. little punk rocker gave my friend some one dollars bills and asked for a corona and some extra cups. ha ha. I walked over with him to the bar and we laughed at the whole situation, trying to remember what is was like being 17 again.

They didn't have Corona so we got the kid newcastle instead - now thats an upgrade! giving this kid some taste. I handed the kid his beer and extra cups and he went back over and sat with his friends [ a bunch of girls......]

The Hives were about to go on so we head down the stairs. The Hives were great, it's just I wasn't much into it. We left pretty much after they did "walk idiot walk" which I wanted to stay for (lame- i know) but I just love the drums on that song! I was pretty much not feeling the rock anymore and was OK to leave at any time. As was he.
We both bought a Reigning Sound t-shirt and left a little early. I parked way down the street. I will never pay for parking - thats just me. I like to walk anyway.
So he walked me to my car. I'm glad he did because it was a little shady where I parked.

I'm at work, bored again. I brought in my July issue of a magazine called WORD (music and more) with Jeff Buckley on the cover to read. So far today I made a phone call to get medical insurance, i e-mailed a few friends and helped my boss with some fixings on his powerpoint presentation that was due this afternoon. He is now at the Anaheim convention center and I'm here bored out of my mind. I'm not going to complain to much due to the fact that I was out of work for so long and complaining about that.


Don't knock the Rock has a Music AND Film Festival so check out the link located on the sidebar. Lot's of cool movies are gonna be played at this film festival including "Gram Parsons" Fallen Angel" This is a pretty much MUST SEE for me. It just sucks that it's on a Thursday at 7:30pm at the Arclight. oh well. I got my tickets for PJ Harvey/Jon Brion/Black Heart Procession for Aug 15th at the Fonda. This will be a very cool show.

1:21 PM

music: the hives

I am bored! I'm at work and seriously there is nothing else to do. My boss is working out in the warehouse getting ready for the anaheim convention thingy this week/end. I told him that I'll go put some Levi's on and help him but he is the type of guy that doesn't want women doing a mans job (i'm assuming) he doesn't know that i used to do the tire changing when it came down to that with my last boyfriend. yeah, i like to do stuff like that. i didn't want my boyfriend to ruin his "piano hands" and boy are they beautiful! I think i have drummer hands (whatever that means)..... always has to got back to "music".
so yeah, i'm listening to the new hives and it's pretty good. I am excited about going to see the show tonight but i'm not excited that it is sold out and it will be packed. well at least i know many people won't be there to see Reigning Sound (possible the best band in town) so i can at least enjoy them. i don't care much about seeing the sahara hotnights. i like them alright but i don't care if i see them live. I am pissed that The Fonda doesn't allow for photos to be taken tonight.

ok somethings gotta go wrong soon - this is too good to be true. I'm sitting here at work listening to music and searching the net (updating my blog) and buying Pixies Tickets on-line (yeah - i got 'em for both nights) now i gotta find a date or two..... hmmmmm...

This Thursday afternoon I get to go to the Anaheim Convention Center to check out some Unmanned Helicopters (oh how i wish it were
THE HELLACOPTERS) for my work.

I started making these lists of things to do - - this is how bored I have become!
1. transmission fluid (need to do soon)
2. new printer ( i want to make iron on's - for t-shirts )
3. electronic drums (for practice)
4. digital camera (yeah, i know - i said i wouldn't)
I guess this list is more of an "I WANT" list rather than a "TO DO" list.
Things I want to do...
1. go to Yosimite and hike the half dome again
2. drive to Boston
3. go to NY
4. walk around Hollywood at night
5. play drums
6. practice piano more often
7. visit/find old long lost friends:
eric gallow in chino - cool rocker guy that lived around the corner from me.
eric short in cape cod (the one that got away). hot guitar player on the east coast.
tracy heiser(maiden name) in Oregon - we grew up together in Norwalk, Ca.
brian brown from cypress high class of '86 - not popular. but coolest guy at school (i think)
mike powell from England (ex-stand up bass player of the love cowboys)- fell in love one night with this one.
"smiles" a guy from largo that i let get away without talking to him, we just kept smiling at each other all night at a grant lee show many years ago (ok so this one isn't really a long lost friend - more like a long lost ship passing in the night).
Sarah Miller - an old next door neighbor i used to babysit, i always wondered what ever happend to her. she made me play Joan Jetts - "i love rock n roll" over and over again, her parents thought i was corrupting her, i'm sure. they should just be thankfull I wasn't into my punk faze yet.
Brent & Michelle (kids) Gary & Renee (parents) also old next door neighbors, they moved to Corona.
Todd & Michelle Bumbarra (the kids) also old next door neighbors.
I'll think of more, i'm sure.

The Willowz are playing a few shows coming up (check the rock schedule).
now i'm listening to Jon Brion, a bootleg - which is f'ing amazing and now I feel like going to see him again. I'm sure i will but just not as much as I used to.
I just checked out this new guy called
Griffin House on the largo website and he sounds pretty great. I'll probably go check him out one of the nights he's there later this month. He's got that singer songwriter country feel to him (story telling type) with a touch of that whiskey voice.
The Backyard babies are coming up pretty soon at the troubadour. Guided By Voices are playing there farewell tour in a few months at Canes in San Diego (i read). The Shore has a new full length CD out now (as in today). c'mon stephen, i know you wanna buy it! even though they are the new "reo speedwagon". i love that! hee hee.
Jon Brion is working on some more soundtracks/music scores for movies..... I Heart Huckabees starring Jude Law and Naomi Watts.

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