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11:01 AM

music: rhett miller

i went out with some buddies from my old job to BJ's in Huntington Beach last night. It was nice to get out and talk about stuff other than music for once, even though i found myself relating everything to music in some way or another. they talked basketball, their kids, fires, navy stories. it was interesting. i had a beer and pizza and an pizookie (oh sorry gene i owe you more than $10...i just realized this morning) i promise to get it next time. we can go shoot some pool and eat bad bar food at that one place on beach or something.

I haven't been to spaceland since.... well, lets just say i had a bad experience with alcohol one night long ago. and the same band will be playing tonight...hmmm.
i'm not gonna drink, just gonna shoot photos and enjoy the music.

regarding the tickets for the elliott smith tribute concert... i've read on the sweetaddy website that they will be releasing some more tickets thru ticketweb today at noon. i don't know if this is true or not but just try and buy 2 and you can always sell the extras at the show for sure. i'm going to keep trying until i get one. OK I GIVE UP. I BOUGHT A TICKET FOR ALL TOMORROWS PARTIES INSTEAD, can't go wrong with iggy pop, carla from the geraldine fibbers, mars volta and elliotts band playing with other singers singing elliotts songs! so, i'm alright. but if you happen to know of anyone with an extra ticket for Monday...:)

on another note....i got this little card in the mail from the Burbank Police Department yesterday saying that they were investigating the fraudulant use of my drivers license. i called the number on the card just now and they didn't sound very professional...almost like the guys on tv. so who knows. he just told me that a woman by the name of Bridgette Newman who happens to be a photographer and has alot of tattoos, rented a car in Burbank with my license number. i have my license with me and i haven't left it anywhere for any amount of time for someone to get the number off of it or anything. and don't you need a picture id when renting a car? strange! the conversation was odd and he asked for my home number, i just told him i don't have one and if he needed to get ahold of me the best way was thru mail and that i'll call him if i think of anything. he stumbled around in talking to me, he was gonna ask me something and forgot at the end of our conversation. i almost hung up on him but didn't.
i'm gonna investigate this a little further, i should have got the name of the car rental company where this woman rented the car first off. always the afterthoughts......take care, be safe - suze

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