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9:47 AM

music: still radiohead and LOUD!

I'm glad i went to the largo last night, all my friends were there and we were all feeling the same way. i even hugged strangers in the bathroom as all of our eyes filled with tears.
i noticed a familiar face coming out of the stall, from a movie that had a big impact on me and i know her character was a cool and prominent part of the film. i should have just said all this to her but didn't say anything. later i figure it out on my drive home. i had this vision in my head of her saying "Fank you" but really meaning "fuck you" to her mom in the picture. it was the sister in almost famous, the one who gave her little brother all the cool records. zooey is her name. she was just on a tv show i was watching too.

jon came out and said that he wasn't going to do any Elliott Smith songs so don't ask and he that he didn't want to do B+ versions of Elliott's amazing work. i totally understand.
he continued to talk a little about Elliott after the first song or two and i heard almost everyone in the audience sniffling, including myself. i knew i wanted to be at the largo last night as well as tonight, just to be around others who feel it to.
jon did an amazing set which included his own song called trouble .... a song that elliott had done in the past. jon asked what everyone wanted to start out with and the first voice was perfect......he yelled out QUEEN and that is the way it went last night.....jon doing Queen covers. fucking amazing indeed!
Jon was upbeat the rest of the night, which helped us all....sing alongs are always the way to go!! then he did prince - 1999 - he was on the floor screaming and rolling around like Prince even.
i'm just realizing that we will never hear anymore new music from Elliott and this is just unbelievably sad. i think the cd that he was working on was almost finished .... so i'm sure they will release it. just as they did jeff buckleys cd that wasn't finished before he drowned.
as jon said last night, and what i was actually wanting to tell him myself... "i'm glad you are alive, stay that way!"

i remember seeing Elliott get on stage at the jon spencer blues explosion concert at the el rey the last time they played here and Elliott looked so happy and excited and why shouldn't he have been, he was on stage singing with jon fucking spencer! Then next concert in san diego at a place called the scene, i noticed Elliott peering out backstage with a huge smile on his face, giddy like a little kid. this is how i'm gonna remember him. jon shared some moments between him and Elliott and flanny, that was nice of him.

ps read all the LOVE for ELLIOTT here.


This kinda thing just makes me want to go hug all my friends and make sure they have someone to talk to if they needed that. i mean that in everyday living not just because of what happened. this is another wake-up call!
everyone should just look around at what they have and be happy to be alive, give more hugs, more communication, visit friends and family more often and just be more considerate and nicer to people around them. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!!

on another note... i've been so busy lately that i don't have time to relax and think, i need to do this. if anyone wants to go grab a beer or an iced tea with me this w/e and talk, let me know. susan? jeff?yeah, lets DO THAT!
i just got my LAST bill in the mail for my jeep. that was 5 long years of payments, now it's all mine. and now it will break down or someone will steal it!! ha ha.
i need to get 2 new tires and perhaps one of those yearly checkups with all the fluids and stuff. i do try and keep up with all that kinda stuff anyway.

if you haven't been to the largo in a long time or never been, tonight is the night to go!
see you there - be healthy and stay alive ~*I LOVE YOU - Suze*~

Elliott once said that there wasn't enough love in the world, he was right!
someone at the el ray yelled out "we love you Elliott" and that was his reply.
i just want to hug everyone i know. so please give me a hug when you see me and if i start to cry....... then smile and tell me everything is alright.

"I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow" E.S.

this photo is of Elliotts memorial site and was taken from someone on this WEBSITE .

the memorial in l.a. is at: Solutions 4334 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (in Silver Lake) They have one in just about every big city as well, check the above web-site to find out.

ps here is an interview from BB Gun - INTERVIEW WITH ELLIOTT
and here is a very nice photo gallary of elliott smith.

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