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4:21 PM

music: BRMC man, this new cd rocks!!
Fridays Jon Brion show is on my top 10 list of amazing Jon Brion shows at the largo!! as soon as my buddy writes up a review i'll have topost it here.
Jon seems soo happy these days! it's great. i've heard he is getting ready for a tour.
Saturday was the sunset junction..... i tried to make it to see the muffs but i took so long picking up my buddy mark and finding a parking place that we missed it. I ran into kat and cari and talked for like 5 minutes, they were headed down the street to a bbq but i didn't feel like going. the circle jerks were up next but we were soo hungry that we left and headed to el coyote for some margaritas and grub. it was cool to hang and talk with a good friend on a saturday night.
i ended up not going to see motorhead as planned on monday. oh well.
over the weekend i bought a couple of dvds... punch drunk love and triple X... yes, i like vin!! hee hee
what is up for the w/e you ask...well one of the greatest bands in the world is playing at spaceland. :) no...not them! the OGG. original grunge gods.....non other than MUDHONEY!! c'mon down. have a drink and get ready to rock. - suze

4:57 PM

music: Ben Kweller...."..i am wasted but i'm ready...i'm runnin' as fast as i can" da da da dum!!

today is thursday.....i went to spaceland last night to see the twilight singers, i really enjoyed them, it was just like seeing the afghan whigs again. greg duli has a way with words. the place was packed, i mean really packed for a $10 dollar wednesday night. kim from the fastbacks was playing with her band Visqueen first. I liked them. they reminded me of my grunge pop years 10 years ago. the middle band was awful, as soon as this woman on stage took off her jacket and reviled a bustier and shorts with fishnets and started to do the hands in front of the eyes dance.....i had to go upstairs for another guinness.

5:58 PM

music: QOTSA

i had a wonderful w/e. i ended up going to the silent film thingy in L.B with my friend Jason. They showed two films that dated from 1913-1918 with buster keaton and fatty arbuckle . The pianist, rick friend was amazing which made for a more dramatic storytelling ambiance (ok, yeah so that was written on the flyer - so what!) ha ha. It was a new experience that I want to see more of.. I'd like to check out the silent movie theatre by the largo now. It was a good time!

I was dead tired on sunday but i'd already bought my ticket for sonic youth at the el rey a month ago.
The security was rediculous! ok so they looked through my purse and made me throw away my ink pen that was visable and not the other 4 underneath my wallet, and to think they didn't even notice the 9mm i was packing on my i went to that and surprisingly enough the opening band called dead meadow were great, even though i only caught the last song... they rocked, Neil Hagerty was boring. sorry. i missed the first band who i heard were good, all girls or something. ok, sonic youth were good and i absolutely love guitar noise and screaming, i really do but i was so tired i just couldn't stand up any longer and left about 1/2 way through. but i don't really have that feeling as if i missed something for some reason.
have a good week!

10:50 AM

music: the mars volta my new favorite band right now!!

last night was a blast, i met cari and my friend leo at the Kibitz Room/Canters in L.a., to see the sons. Cari missed the first 3 songs and Leo only caught the last song, but they both enjoyed it regardless. Leo and I stuck around to catch the other bands, the guy that books the bands there played last night as well, really heavy sound and he wears tight pink nylons/leotards and a boa around his neck. they were actually really good and the chick drummer rocked! it's a super small place/bar but the other room has tons of tables that are good for chatting with your friends and grab a drink, or get some deli food at canters.
ok, this was just a quick "hello" i got to start working now. see you`Suze

oh i forgot to mention....some woman came up to me as i was waiting for my friends outside the Kibitz Room and handed me a flyer and said my aura was purple and she wanted do a reading for me while i was waiting, she seemed worried about me and claimed i was worried about something. c'mon, this is scary when folks you don't know read something like that into you. if i wasn't worried about anything before i am now! thanks lady. ha ha
i sorta believe in this sorta stuff to a point, but it's just kinda scary to get deep into it.

ps - this weekend is also the "don't knock the rock" and I believe the sunset junction is the following w/e. man, that will be hot out there on sunset during the day watching all those bands!! have fun.

9:59 AM

music: UDORA
While at the largo a few fridays back, i met this super nice brazillian guy named leo. After talking awhile he hands me a flyer for his band called udora and said that they have a bossa nova sound to them. I was intrigued. And i liked the fact he likes jon brion.

i head to the club lingerie which i haven't been in in like 10 or more years. the place is desolate but the sound system kicks ass!
i walked in and they had the new radiohead blaring, which was a good start to a great night. Udora haven't played in quite awhile from what the singer said, the thing couldn't tell when they were on stage! They are a really tight band. The singer has a wonderful melodic voice i can't really describe it other than that he has that chris cornell of soundgarden type voice. The guys rock! They played all new stuff last night which was amazing, very upbeat with a heavy sound. I'd like to hear the older stuff, Leo tell's me it's much darker. You can check the web-site for MP3's. They are going to be playing at the troubadour soon. I think you shouldn't miss it!!

right before i left tonight, my cat "pete" was choking on some corn husks. He now only has 8 lives left! (d'uh cat's shouldn't be eating corn husks)....I heard a noise in the hall and it was pete throwing up then walking a few feet and falling over, not breathing. i screamed like i never did before then immediately picked him up, held him upside down and stuck my finger down his throat, he then bit my finger really hard! ....ouch! but hell, i'd do the same thing, i'm sure. He seemed to have trouble breathing.....he's ok now. *phew*

2:42 AM

music: motorhead
I'm sick!, I go to the show anyway!! Cari gives me some cold drugs and i'm feeling much much better.
I drove to Cari's, we ate at this place by her house called the coffee table, great food! then i drove us to see supergrass for the second night in a row. we arrived in plenty of time to walk around and find a spot to stand. I saw people that I recognized from like 10 years ago! pretty cool. Supergrass were wonderful, the sound man was excellent. oh...when we first went up to get our tickets out of will call I noticed we each got a second wristband this time....turns out it was a VIP, after party one as well as a 21 and over one!! cool. but we had plans to leave a bit early to go catch the sons at the garage, which we did! they were great too! I sat on the couch while i watched 'em, I would have stood up but I was standing though all of supergrass and I was starting to feel worse. Why am I still up typing?? ah...Sunday is a day off!! nite. :)
ps...although all night i was extremely happy, i almost punched this big drunk guy in the face! he was such a dork just making everyone miserable around him. and to think he kept going back for more beer as soon as he finished the last one! He kept trying to dance with his hands in the air with these ladies standing in front of us, they were annoyed. I know you should not start a fight with a drunk person, i could have got my ass kicked. I did push him but he seemed to like it! when he and his buddy came back from getting yet another drink the guy stood right in front of me and started dancing into me, there was no place for me to move so i moved in front of him, he touched me on my arm and i turned around, pushed the guy and said in my mean voice "you touch me again and i'll kick your fuckin ass!!" he smiled. This was actually not ruining my night, hmmm.... the wonders of cold medicine. so anyway i moved back behind him by cari and maria and they thought i was getting mad but i showed them i surely was not. finally some drunk woman stood in front of us and all the drunk people were happy together, holding each other and acting very very stupid. We left during the beginning of the encore. later to find out we could have stayed longer because the sons didn't go on until 12:30!! aaargh.

9:39 AM

movie: road trip
ok, i saw the Datsuns on Tuesday at the el rey. the el rey workers are begining to know me there by now, 4 times in one week!
Let me just say that Phil Datsun has flexability that is undeniably fantastic!! He can ware girls pants like no other....also he is an awesome guitar player! there were 2 opening bands that night, one was a really heavy heavy metal type band with a chick who reminded me of doro pesch (sp?) from the metal years. she was in the full leather outfit and blonde rocker hair plus she had all the metal moves down. next up was the pleasure club, i kinda liked them. this sounds weird but they reminded me of the sex pistols though they were not punk at all. i think the singer just acts like johnny rotton, looks a bit like him. the drummer was great!

last night (Friday) i saw supergrass at the same place. Palo Alto opened up, they are just alright but the singer is way boring. As soon as Supergrass comes out and starts singing..i turned to cari and said "this sucks"! she agreed. it was the sound .... i don't know what the sound guy was doing but it sure wasn't his job. i don't know if he just needed a new mic, but i'm sure everyone noticed that when Gaz sang his "S's" it sounded "hissy". it was awful. I coudn't really get into it. besides it was much better being able to see them in a small place such as spaceland before. Well, i am going again tonight. I think I'll have a little talk with the sound guy before the show, make sure he is doing his job. ha ha.
Towards the end of the encore i saw this guy walking past me, I turned to cari with a huge smile on my face and she was smiling too, we both said "Jason Falkner" at the same time and laughed! Cari actually knows him from a long long time ago. So the highlight of the evening was meeting Jason, he is one of the nicest people that i have ever met in my life!! He is friendly beyond words.
Me and the girls are going to leave a little early from the supergrass show tonight and go catch the sons at the garage - i believe they go on around midnight.
ps - only saw one trucker hat last night! this chick looked like she lived in a trailer out in the woods in one of those midwestern states.
time for breakfast - who's making it for me?!

1:26 PM

music: the stones - "let it bleed"
below is a letter i wrote to my friends who were also at the Libertines show last night ...
ladies, let me just say ......
i left after only 4 songs. :)
I was bored out of my mind. i think what really ruined it was the fact they took forever to come on! and all the while i was thinking of what they could be doing back there (none of my business but...) having just finished the kurt cobain book is making me think alot more about drugs in the music industry.... I know it's everywhere and it shouldn't really matter to me, a fan, but i can't help but care! damn it!!

so anyway the bands before them sucked ass. well the kid (sorry when i say kid) he sorta had this young leonard cohen thing going on with the way he sang. but it didn't save it, for the songs were totally lame!

and regarding the kroq crowd....this was to be expected right!
this is why i had reservations of even buying a ticket in the first place, then i thought oh, they never tour here and the cd is pretty good and i wonder how they would be live. but then again all these kids.....aaargh.
The Libertines music has been done before, i know, i many other bands that are out there now (it's all been done before to), sometimes it works for a band and sometimes it doesn't .
my prediction.....the libertines will fade. sorry.
on the other hand.....BRMC will rise. they have something! so do THE VACATION (the sons) and JET and perhaps even The Datsuns.
sometimes you HAVE to be choosy in the rock industry, this is how the good bands get lost in the mix of yucky bands, people just aren't choosy enough.

this is suze coming off her soapbox now.......
the datsuns are sure to give me a smile tonight!!

p.s. I don't know who made the trucker hats popular to wear....but PLEASE make it stop. thanks a bunch. I'm no fashion expert but my friends and i cringe whenever we see someone sporting one of 'em, c'mon - don't be supporting the riverside/fontana look. it's just not right!! same goes for certain mustaches!! YUCK. beards cool!, but the 'staches gots to go!

12:18 PM

music: t. rex, godflesh, leonard cohen
i had so much fun yesterday! first i went to a friends bbq where we sat around doing jello shooters and talked about working at yamaha, they all do, and i used to. after we talked about our dream jobs then i had to take off to spaceland to see jet and the sons and low flying owls. This night was full of energy, i'd have to say mostly from "Ben" the singer of the sons! they are off to europe pretty soon, i guess they are big over there, which means they will be big over here in a few months. lol
seriously these guys can rock! They had a residency at the silverlake lounge for awhile and i kept meaning to go to all of them but i took it for granted and only ended up going to the last show there, which just blew me away!
Jet were amazing as well. They are a type of band that you have to shake your booty to and you have a smile on your face the whole time. i hope my pictures turned out, i was shaking quite a bit!!

tonight is a bunch of bands doing kinks songs at the derby. i'm gonna try and make it and it's only 8 bucks! elliott smith and kennedy are playing. we will see. it's my moms birthday so i'm gonna hang with her for a bit before hand.
I've updated the right side of this web-page - i've added more bands. and i've also updated the gig listings page.

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