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3:02 PM

I’ve got to Ramble…..

I finally let go today, it all hit me like really fast while I was driving to work this morning.
Life goes by fast, sometimes too fast.
A friend of mine’s mom passed away the same day as Elliott, she was active and healthy. She died from an aneurysm. The sad thing is , is that I told him to go visit her around mothers day and surprise her. He was really thinking about doing this but money and his job held him back. His kids went though. To this I say, Fuck work! Family and Friends and your life is always more important than work. Take time off and enjoy life once in awhile. I think people in the country work too damn hard and aren’t any happier in doing so.

My thoughts are: Don’t hold back, tell your family and friends how much you love them.
And things I’ll say now but most likely won’t go by: Don’t be shy, tell whomever you have a crush on how much you like them, or go up to that musician and tell them how much their music means to you.
Smile at people more often and mean it. Smiles are infectious! Thank the waiter or waitress and look them in the eye when doing so. Making others feel better makes the world a better place.

Man, this hurts so much! I mean, coming to the realization about life and how you want to make it better. Things you wish you would have done.
I keep thinking about the show last night and what Jon said to make everyone in the room completely silent and cry…. Silent Tears.

OK, personal I shall get – I mean what have I got to lose right? And I can always come back and edit this later if I want to.

About me: I don’t have a close relationship with any of my family members at all and for no reasons either, other than the lack of love that they grew up with (parent). I’m not complaining and I wasn’t treated bad at all, just not a lot of communication going on. I think Love and Communication are the two main important things you can give anyone. I’m just happy to be alive and well regardless of my childhood.
I only wish I had a closer relationship with my sister who lives 3000 miles away in Boston and of course my parents. It’s hard to change once you get older (meaning them). I’m sure they all know that I love them. My friends have been my family growing up. I’ve always attracted those who share the same feelings towards music. Always, ever since I was in Jr. High School. For me parties were all about the music not the drinking and drug’s. I would meet guys and we would have full on conversations about musicians and records.

As far as musicians and how I feel about them go. I often think of things I want to tell them about their music but what stops me is the feelings like, they have heard it all before and already know how great they are so why bother them. I would feel like I am bothering them anyway. Watch, now I’m gonna go up to them all and tell them what I think about them and they are gonna turn to each other and say “hey, yeah, she just told me the same thing, what a psycho!” Haha. i think too much!! ha ha
I love all my friends and I'm here for you and I'm glad you are there for me. Thank You. Thank you for the e-mails and phone calls and for caring and thanks for sharing your personal experiences with this sort of thing, it means alot to me. It truly does. I mean this on so many levels, not just the death of one of my favorite musicians.
Now go out and communicate with and love everyone around you!

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