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9:56 AM

Last night after watching the news about the weather, they said the storm was going to pass over my city and end at 6:31pm. I was amazed that they would know the exact time and all, so at 6:31 i'm looking at the clock and the rain stopped. Wow!
In other news, I'm saddend by the passing of Jerry Orbach, the Law & Order guy. I love this show and he was great in it. He died of Prostate Cancer on Tuesday and was only 69 years old.

Worst of all...... The Tsunami!! This has been my greatest fear ever since I was really young, I don't know why, it just is. I'm not afraid of the ocean but just those rather large waves towering over buildings! Over 100,000 are dead from the Tsunami that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives.
I bet a movie is already being talked about.
A friend from Italy that I had just met at the largo a few weeks ago has been traveling around. He tells me his original plans would have taken him over that way and he would have been there when it all happened. "Music" saved him! He decided to come here to see some concerts instead. His friend is over there and was on high ground when the Tsunami hit and is fine.

Christmas was alright, I didn't do much but go to the movies though.
On Monday I went out to dinner with my friend from Italy then we headed over to Spaceland to see The Willowz and Thelonious Monster. I was tired, he was sick and it was just alright, nothing to really be amazed by.
Tonight I'm leaning towards going to Boardners to see The Gunshys and Sky Parade. They both have profiles on where you can listen to what they sound like as well as checking out what they look like, if that's more important to you....

I'm hungry, The sky is very Blue and I think I'm coming down with a cold.

9:51 AM

Movie: Dogtown and Z Boyz - This is one of the best films/documentarys I've ever seen....

i’ve been meaning to watch this film ever since it came out a couple of years ago and finally this guy at work mentioned he had it so we did a trade -- Dogtown and Z Boyz for Wilco’s I’m only trying to break your heart --

just as soon at the movie started, i was hooked! the photography by Glen E. Friedman and Craig Stecyk moved me. even though it was just photos, they moved.
the film showed the history of the Zephyr skate team. the mentors are Craig Stecyk, Jeff Ho and
Skip Engblom and my favorite guys on the team are Jay Adams and Tony Alva. all the guys on the team are still alive and doing well… some have even made a name for themselves and have their own businesses.
Jay is the best one in my opinion and had this style like no other, he was always in it for the thrill of skateboarding/surfing and not the money and it’s a damn shame he is the one that ended up in jail on drug charges. he should have had it all! it really bummed me out hard to find this out.
the whole team had their own style and they looked damn cool!
i remember my old wooden skateboard with clay wheels - - if i find this one photo of me on a skateboard with a homemade budweiser outfit on, i’ll post it. ha ha.

some of my favorite lines in the movie: ……(talking about dogtown) -- a place where pyromaniacs, junkies, artists, and surfers could excel in symbiotic disharmony.

(talking about their first skate competition in del mar)-- it
was a hockey team going to a figure skating contest!

the music selection was excellent, it was never out of place and it always went with whatever was going on – on the screen.

check out the Dogtown and Z Boyz website, it’s pretty cool and the history timeline is really interesting.

have a great rest of the week, i’m off starting tomorrow – yay! happy holidays and all that.
love, Suze

10:45 PM

Music: Dead Meadow

I ended up going to the largo on friday to see Jon Brion once again. Basically the only reason I decided to go was because Bob Bruno was going to open the show and I also heard that Fiona Apple may get up and do some songs (nope). Bob was great in his bunny suit! His music reminded me of aphex twins or something like that.... it was fun. My friends and I ended up getting a table at the last minute otherwise honestly I would have left. I was in a very annoyed mood because of traffic and hunger.... and no i didn't have a fuckin' snickers bar handy!
I ordered a guinness and drank it like it was water then I had this bright idea of drinking wine, we ordered bottles of it. Merlot of course. (have you seen Sideways yet? - ha ha) after the other. there were 4 of us at the table, one being our new friend named holly. so pretty much we each had a full bottle of wine to ourselves plus our dinner. i barely remember Jon's set at all. bad bad bad!
let's just say that i don't want to see another bottle of merlot for a long while.

i don't know what got into me and why i didn't stop. i was having such a good time..... then "bang" it just hit's you! I ended up strategically refilling the empty glasses on our table ...... if you know what I mean!! yeah, it was that bad. but really, i was impressed with my ability to only fill it up - stop - move the glass away - grab another - and refill it. then i motioned to my friend to help me to the bathroom and when the bitches wouldn't let me in i went to the mens room where there was no line at all. I felt so bad about getting that drunk that i cleaned off the table with the toilet paper that i brought back. my friend kept emptying the glasses that i "refilled". i thought it was pretty amazing how i was able to do that one after the other like it was a game or something. ok it was pretty gross as well. i feel terrible that i got that drunk. soo stupid, i tell ya.
drinking to much is really really stupid, and it's no fun, and you feel like shit the whole next day.
plus i missed most of nels cline! i'm the one that spotted him and i'm the one that was excited that he was going to play, but no. i had to get drunk and be sick the whole time he was doing his thing on stage! damn you alcohol!! bad!!! Nels is fucking amazing. so basically i paid 10 bucks to get in, then 50 bucks for dinner and drinks for what? yeah, fuck that. never again. - - thanks to my friend stephanie for taking care of my sorry ass that night and letting me sleep at her cool pad.
back to the health kick for me. in fact, i just bought some better headphones for my ipod so i can work out without them falling out of my ears.
i may go see thelonious monster on monday night at spaceland, i hear that josh will probably play with them. then i'm thinking about seeing the gunshys and sky parade at boardners on the following wednesday - 29th. i missed the vacation last wednesday because i was feeling sick.
i just finished my christmas shopping today. usually i'm doing it at the last possible minute. i went to see the Aviator this afternoon and let me tell you -- it was fantastic! Leonardo will win an oscar for sure on this one.

9:16 AM

Music: The Troggs , The Kinks

".... it's not just a show for her, she actually lives that way" -- speaking of the coolness that Jennifer J. Herrema of RTX (from Royal Trux) exudes all over the damn place!
there were no gimmicks other than cigarettes and water on stage. she came out in these hippy, grungy, homemade Levis and a tattered sweatshirt..... it was all about her attitude. it wasn't like the "fuck you" or the "i'm better than you and i'm gonna kick your ass" attitude either. it was more like "i'm me and i rock and you can rock with me" type. Just picture putting your hips forward and your shoulders back with your hands in your pockets, just close your eyes and move your head to the music. thats it! thats the sound!!
The whole band sounded .... just rockin' - - metal, i guess you can say. If you've seen the movie Hi-Fidelity then you've heard the sound.... remember when those punk kids were skating outside the record store and jack black was inside listening to their demo? well, it was that music (royal trux). They have a sound like no other i've ever heard of before. I can't explain it.

1:50 PM

music. yes, of course MUSIC! i can't get enough of music. If i can marry music, I would!
at current i'm listening to The Chamber Strings "everyday is christmas" this song is perfect. It's a happy song! and I'm happy!

I haven't blogged in almost 2 whole weeks for no reason at all -- boredom, I guess.

My spirits were lifted sunday when I was out drinking at The Cat & the fiddle with a couple of my friends. I had to go to amoeba first and spend $60 bucks on: the killers, damien rice, the kinks, the warlocks and the troggs. I ran into amoeba boy as I was walking out. we start walking back to my jeep and I decided to go back in because I forgot something ( I also felt the nerve to say something to him) so i told my friend I'd just meet him at the Cat & the fiddle. As I walked back into amoeba I didn't see him.

so after the cat & the fiddle I went to see my friends band called "the dirty little secrets" not to be confused with "dirty little secrets". My friends are from Orange County, the other ones are from LA. I saw them at que sera in Long Beach. More drinking to be had beings they weren't going on first as they had told me. they had the second slot. so we hung out outside talking and arguing about who sucks now (motley crue) and who doesn't (hanoi rocks) until the first band was over. My friends are totally young and I was trying to make them understand that I saw all the bands that they are into now... when I was their age (pretty boy floyd, guns and roses, nirvana, motley crue etc...) and i'm just not into them anymore except for nirvana.
after a few more guinness in my system my friends go on. besides me, there is only one other guy on the floor with a video camera. everyone else is sitting at the tables. The band is good and I can see them getting better. They just remind me of my "rocker" days seeing bands on the sunset strip all the time.

Gig's i'm looking forward to....

1) RTX (ex- royal trux) and S'chool girls at Spaceland on Tuesday
2) The Vacation at Boardners on Wednesday
3) Jon Brion & Grant Lee at Largo on the 23rd
4) Thelonous Monster and The Willowz FREE at Spaceland on the 27th
5) The Gun Shys and Sky Parade at Boardners on the 29th and Judah Bauer at Spaceland..
6) New Years Eve Party at Andy & Kims in San Pedro!! nothing better than hanging out, drinking with good friends.

1:34 PM

music: no music - i'm sick of music today. -- it could happen!
i found this link today: secret bands and a list of worst bands ever!

i'm actually feeling a cold/flu coming on. i'm gonna stay home and watch LOST tonight. you know what i hate?! christmas.... music. one of the guys in my office has had it on all day long, kinda low but my cube is right outside of his office and well, sound travels. it sucks! i'm not enjoying this and i'm not looking forward to hearing it for the rest of the year. ugh!
it's not even half way decent christmas music (don't think there is anyway) it's just complete crap they would play on coast or some shit station like that.

.... The Kills.
It was freezing last night! I went to the troubadour and arrived just as the first band was heading off stage. Then I had to sit through the awful Dance Disaster Movement. oh man do they ever suck-ass! I just didn't get it with the crowd actually liking such an untalented piece of crap band like them. wow! i'm sorry, that was really harsh huh. sometimes i feel bad (for about 5 minutes) for talking smack about a band. It's like.. 1. hey, they are trying 2. some people actually like crap (i.e. blink 182, limp bizkit, korn, linkin park, hootie, creed, dave matthews) 3. i can't play 4. perhaps i'm wrong and they are great 5. i dont' see any flying monkeys... do you?

The Kills took what seemed like forever to come on. Alison and Jamie are definitely something to watch. sorta like watching a rock 'n roll sex show -- not that i would know about that, beside the fact that i've seen them a couple of times before and blushed. Alison is quite a beautiful site to see in a "bad-ass" kinda way. she had these skin tight red pants on with her signature cowboy boots that only she can pull off. her long straight dark hair was all over the place as she moved to the beat of each noisy guitar riff that Jamie belted out. They completely belong together musically.
I only like the older stuff pretty much as it was much more noisy rock then the newer "mellow" stuff. They did a lot of old stuff and you can tell the crowd has heard it all before.
some of the crowd was super annoying almost to the point where I was about to throw down these kids who were standing in front of me as i waited for the kills to come on. they must have been on something like "E", i don't really know but they kept touching, hugging, pushing, headlocking and jumping on each other like a bunch of monkeys (cuz you know monkeys do that sort of thing all the time!) anyway, they were getting a little to close to me and i yelled over to roger [a saying that i usually say when this sorta thing happens] "hey, I remember my first beer!" then i went upstairs.
I shot off a whole roll of film of The Kills while standing upstairs. a pretty good spot.
i just didn't feel like fighting the crowd.
I'm so looking forward to my bed when I get home tonight.

i just received the e-mail at work [for all employees] regarding super old people. i'm not a huge fan of christmas but i don't absolutely hate it and i can understand those who do absolutely hate it... but this for some reason brought a tear to my eye. please tell me i'm lame-- so i can get on with my life. --this is part of the e-mail --
**There is something magical about receiving a gift during the holidays, regardless of age. Without YMC's help these individuals won’t even get one gift. Wish lists from the most frail and needy have already been gathered. This year, as in others, requests include slippers, underwear, warm clothing, and sweaters. One lady only asked for a cup with a straw, another wanted a book on the Civil War. Still others hoped for Old Spice cologne, make-up, a shaving kit, three bottles of nail polish, a music box and one just wanted the movie, Love Story. Their needs are simple; their responses are often the same**

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