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music: reigning sound-break up break down / joe pernice -big tobacco / percy mayfield-live ------ TONIGHT - JON BRION
lately i've been thinking about how lucky i am to be able to go see so many great bands any night of the week.
actually i got up at 8:30 this morning and went to the lab to print for 3 hours, i only came out with 2 prints. I got overwhelmed with all the negatives and couldn't focus on just one picture. I did get one good print of BRMC but i have so many more to do.

last night was another amazing night for me....i went to see Jon Brion. are you sick of his name yet? tuff! hey.....remember that band tuff from the sunset strip back in the 80's ha ha. naw, didn't think are to young. young and lucky!!
i was talking to my friend at the largo last night about old bands and i brought up that band autograph, of course he nor ellen the bartender knew who i was talking about but gabe who is a wonderful fiddle player, overheard the name and laughed cuz he knew of them and even works with one of the band members! now that was funny. i can go on forever about old sunset strip bands, pay to play, the cathouse, Bordello, Retail Slut Jeans, Black Stretch Fucking Jeans, exposure 54 club, ...but i won't! your lucky this time....but someday i may be in the mood and just bring up everything from GNR to Sweet Savage, Faster Pussycat, Warrant, Black Cherry, Tomorrows Child, Bang Tango etc... and you will be sorry you ever read my blog and just wait till i break out the pictures from my hair metal past!! I honestly wish i did a blog back in the 80's though....i do have most everything that i've ever gone to written down somewhere.

getting back to jon....ok, amazing yeah oh...he did one of my all time favorite replacements songs called unsatisfied. everytime i hear that song it just brings back some memories and i get all teary eyed. in a good way though! well, sorta. he even did a kate bush song. wow! this guy just comes up with the best songs to cover all the time. my memory isn't so good so my friend sent me a list of some songs jon played last night in no order i'll just list 'em: to start the night a burning amp inspired a deep purple 'smoke on the water' riff. no damage done, i don't first i thought we would have to evacuate the place but luckily they have some excellent techs working there ; scott the sound booth guy and bob.
on with the list.....equip. demons continue, broken string on
'meaningless', few other originals 'i'm on a roll with you'- i haven't heard this song in soo long, it's one of my favorites that jon does, 'same mistake'
short NY homage, heads 'once in a lifetime' into
stones 'miss you'... (yeah for the stones!!) and of course my favorite unsatisfied by the replacements! Gabe came up with his fiddle and did a few songs with jon.
merle travis... 'divorce me c.o.d.' whatever it's called...
prince 'pop life', lipps inc. 'funkytown' (he did these just bits and pieces though)
1st set ending crowd sing-along unplugged monkees
'daydream believer' 2nd set began w/ kate bush 'running up that hill'
somehow there was stevie wonder's 'i wish' or
other noise then straight into 'the girl i knew'...
a long beatles 'i want you (she's so heavy)' fucking unbelievable, i might add!!
benmont tench (tom petty fame plus many others etc...)joins, leads off w/ zombies 'she's not there' the irving berlin songbook, 'someone to watch over me'
2nd set ending w/ request, zombies 'this will be
our year' - 'odessey & oracle' and as jon left the stage...he still had his guitar in hand singing and playing with gabe following close behind him through the audience.... he turned midway through and started screaming the lyrics again (huge smile). thanks for the list lon! you have a pretty good memory!
- S

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