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12:53 PM

Saturday night I drove to the El Rey Theatre to see once again, The Hellacopters. They really are the best shit kicking rock ‘n roll band out there.
I arrived just in time to see the first band called The Illuminati, they were pretty rockin’. Just looking at them brought back some memories of my heavy metal days seeing bands on the sunset strip……. Long hair, no shirt – just pure rocking guitars.
Nebula was up next. I wasn’t really looking forward to yawning to them again but they surprised me this time. They were actually really good! I didn’t yawn once.
I stood on the steps near the front of the stage the whole time. Of course all the crazy fans had to come near me as The Hellacopters were about to hit the stage.
How come I get all the gangsta looking fat scary Mexican- double beer holding- dudes standing next to me all night? The guy starts to talk to me and I try to be nice but I’m sick of being nice to ass-holes. I just know he’s going to be an ass hole by just looking at him and I was right!!
This guy on the other side of me whispers in my ear “hey, looks like you have a new friend”. I smiled at him, he was smart he found another place to stand. I just didn’t want to give up my place to an asshole and I know that’s why he was being an asshole, trying to get everyone out of his way. I didn’t care that he was over 300 lbs, I was not going to move.
At first I was nervous that he was going to start pushing and spilling his 2 beers all over me. Lucky for me he drank them before they came on. Oh great, I have a drunk very fat mean Mexican dude standing next to me yelling ‘I wanna Touch, I wanna Touch”. Of course this song has to be from my least favorite cd they have called High Visibility.
He kept putting his hands in the air and bumping into me. I was the only one tolerating him – everyone else found a new place to stand. There was more stage diving and mosh pits going on then any other show I’ve been to. Well, besides Suicidal Tendencies/Slayer about 15 years ago at some OC college. Robert D. / Strings kept getting upset at the other fat Mexican who kept stage-diving, he even kicked his ass once but bounced back.
He was so big (how big was he?) He was so big that the fat security guy couldn’t even grab him. At one point the crowd opened up and the guy landed on his face (ouch!). Nicke A. (the singer) even said “good lord!" with a wry smile when the guy jumped in front of him and almost knocked him down. Kenny (the bass player), was a little lit looking in SD and LA. He really did look and act, like someone they had picked up at some squat house in Frisco.
The sound system was great and the performance was true rock as what rock is meant to be!
I got really sad as soon as they were done because who knows when they will be back. Especially after what happened to them in Vegas, some crazy fan stole Robert’s I-pod and laptop off the bus and Nicke got food poisoning. What is up with people stealing bands things when they are trying to entertain us! I mean if you really wanted to know what Robert was listening to then you could have just asked him, he’s a nice enough guy!

I miss them already!

1:26 PM

The Hellacopters - San Diego - Casbah Thursday Night.

I can’t even put into words what an incredible show they put on in San Diego last night; but i will try. My heart is still pounding with excitement! Deep breaths…

I started my drive to San Diego at about 7PM and made it there in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I got there way to early. The first band hadn't even gone on yet, not until 9:30 or so. It was desolate in the tiny Casbah club.

I came out of the bathroom stall and this kid/boy, ok 20 something year old guy was standing there with his travel bag giving me this (I’m sorry) look. He said “hey, I’m sorry – the boys room was full and didn’t have enough room for me to change”. I said it wasn’t a big deal at all. I took my time washing my hands….hahha. I was thinking that he would start to change in front of me. LOL
I asked if he was in the first band and when they go on. We talked a bit but no changing occurred so I left.
I hung out near the DJ booth until the first band came on. In the meantime I met this nice guy also from LA and it turns out we had a lot in common, mainly that we both drove from LA just to see The Hellacopters!

The first band was pretty 80’s , Whiskey-Roxy playing scenesters. I was over it as soon as they started.
Sorry bathroom friend.
Nebula was up next. I used to like them a lot. I was just falling asleep this time. They don’t call them stoner rock for nothing. It seemed like they were playing forever. One exception was that they did “Suffragette City” by Bowie. That was a surprise.

I made my way to the front of the stage before the ‘Copters were to go on. I feel more comfortable when I’m up close and personal like that. I want to FEEL and SEE the energy. They all walked on stage in their teeny-tiny pants and the kind of rock ‘n roll coolness attitude that most bands don’t understand and don’t have. This is REAL ROCK!
During the first song someone behind me poured or spilled (felt like poured) a beer on my head. I wasn’t mad one bit, that’s how happy I was. If I were seeing anyone else I think that would have ruined my night. But this was the fabulous Hellacopters from Sweden who haven’t played the states in over 4 years!! I just flipped my hair back and wiped the dripping beer from my face and kept smiling and taking tons of photos. Most of the crowed was pretty lame. Some were moshing/pushing even when they weren’t playing anything. The singer even mentioned it. I think they were all rolling their eyes at that. At one point I was bending down for a shot and the next thing I knew this guy was flying over my head. He dove from the side of the stage at that precise time, as I came up his leg brushed up against the side of my head. It didn’t hurt at all. It wasn’t like the time I saw The Red Hot Chili Peppers (when they were actually good) in Ventura (circa 90’s) where I got a Doc Martin to the back of my head (ouch, yes!).
The Hellacopters did a lot of old and new songs. They included MC5’s Kick out the jams.

I was home by 2:30AM and made it into work on time. I even had time to stop by the Coffee Bean for a Tropical Passion Tea Latte and a toasted sesame seed bagel. YUM!

I listened to K-EARTH on the way up. The funny thing is …. I knew all the words to the songs and actually enjoyed them.
I stuck my i-pod in on the way back with Silversun Pickups and Sabrosa Purr.

3:50 PM

I went to the Echo to see Black Moses and The Morlocks on Friday.
The first band was actually pretty good – I wish I remembered their name. The second band was a little too rock star for my tastes. I get annoyed very easily with the whole “I’m a rock star” attitude on stage. I forgot their name also. If the clubs would keep a history on the net it would be much easier!

My friend from work came with me, she doesn’t usually go see bands, especially 45 minutes away in LA. She was pleasantly surprised and wants to keep coming out with me. It was funny that her ears were still ringing the next day. I forgot to warn her to bring ear plugs. I used bits of napkins and I was fine. Rick also showed up so we all hung out and got to see Black Moses together, they Rocked! DJ ‘Tami’ was fantastic…. I couldn’t bring myself to leave while she played George Harrison.
Outside it seemed like it was 42 degrees. These guys out front of the club asked me the temperature and I simply said 60! They thought I was crazy to say that, I was being honest though. I told them that I got so hot from the rock inside that I hadn’t cooled down yet. The one guy asked if he could borrow my jacket then. Hahahaha.

I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Monday at the Henry Fonda Theatre. I get up to the door guy and he asks if i had any guns and smiled at me, i said excuse me - guns did you say? he said no GUM, as he was sifting through my purse. I laughed and said you have got to be kidding me, you are worried about gum over guns?! He said i'd have to throw the pack out before going in. I said fuck that and went back to my car and took out all my valuables in my purse (money, gum and lipstick) and put my leather jacket on and headed back with the gum in my jacket! fuck you security guards and your lack of action against all the underage drunk kids bringing in their own beer and drugs. i hate the smell of teenagers smoking pot! I got there when my favorite band Elefant was on… I totally kid you. It’s just another “I’m a rock star, annoying” type band. I still can’t get over them from when they played at the Troubadour and the singer threw his towel out into the audience as if he was giving them gold. Ugh! I do however listen to a few of their songs on the radio when they come on but as for seeing them live (no thanks!).
Peter (BRMC) walked by me and I didn’t even recognize him. He lost so much weight, not that he needed to.

I’ll never forget the time Cari, Sarah, Michelle and I went to see them in Las Vegas. Amazing time ever!

Peter came out and did some songs alone off the Howl CD then the band joined him. They played about 5 songs off the Howl CD before they kicked it into high gear with the more rock-ier songs. I enjoyed all of it. It’s just always better to see a band in a small club before they hit it big. To me this was a larger club then I’m accustomed to.
I went to the BRMC website and I couldn’t have put it better with the way I was feeling about the crowd then this person.
chripage Posted: 14-03-06 11:04BRMC are such a talented band. True to the music and as usual put on an incredible show. But, what was up with all the obnoxious teenie bopper drunken idiots there. Talking and yapping on their cell phones while BRMC where playing? That opening act elephant fint eleshi! were a bore and why they are playin with BRMC I just don't get. They drew a untolerable group of kids. I've seen BRMC many times and the crowds usualy are good, not last night. That was very disappointing to me. I almost felt bad for BRMC. Anyone else feel this way? The show musically was great and hope BRMC get the recognition and respect they deserve. Cheers to those going tonight! Do the band right!

I was pretty annoyed with the crowd just as this person mentioned.
I left during Peter’s encore. I just figured I’ve seen them many times before and I will see them again if they ever play at a smaller place.
Sabrosa Purr were playing at the Echo for free at midnight but I was just too tired to go, plus I didn’t get out of the Fonda until after midnight. I was told that BRMC were to play a secret show at The Viper Room at midnight. If they did then they were late.
If you didn’t like their latest CD entitled Howl then you surely wouldn’t have dug the show at all. They did a lot of Howl and it was super mellow. I really liked the show, it’s just I didn’t have that feeling as when I’ve seen them all those other times.
I’m sure the reason is simple. It wasn’t a small enough place and the crowd was full of kids who came to see Elefant and just didn’t get BRMC. I wasn’t feeling the bass through my chest as I did in the smaller venues. My ears were history when they played the Echo last year and I was standing in front of Robert the whole show. It just wasn’t the same this time around.
I like the feel of smaller clubs that’s all.
The largest club that I can have a good enough time seeing a band in would be The Troubadour. That’s my limit from now on.
Once a band gets beyond the Troubadour and I haven’t seen them yet then tuff luck.

3:41 PM

Music: Silversun PickupsPikul

I can’t seem to get this CD out of my head. It has the perfect amount of distortion and loud drums. The vocals are mesmerizing. They remind me of a lot of the Seattle bands from the 90’s. The guy’s voice reminds me of someone and of course I can’t think of who it might be.
God I love this CD.
It slows down and just when you think it’s almost over …… BAM! You have even more guitars, the kind of guitars where you crinkle your nose and shake your head as if you get it, ya know what I mean? I can’t stress enough how great this CD is.
I’m not a spokesperson for Dangerbird Records or anyone but honestly they put out some amazing bands, just like Sub pop used to.
I love that feeling when you are listening to a band and you feel all excited and forget to breathe because you’re concentrating on the rock so hard.

I just want the music to cut through my chest and pull out my heart, give it a good squeeze and put it back only to leave a scar!

Last night I went to see a 70 year old folk musician named Kris Kristofferson. As I left my house I was feeling like not going because I was exhausted for some reason. I went anyway because I had already bought my $32 dollar ticket and well, he’s a legend.
Granted I only recognized a handful of songs and only knew the name of one of the songs, I was pleasantly entertained both spiritually and intellectually. I love the stories. This is why Folk music holds a special place in my heart as well as some “real old” country music. He is by far not a good guitar player but he does know how to tell stories. A few even brought tears to my eyes. I kept thinking about my dad- wishing I’d have asked him to come with me. I know he would have enjoyed it just as much as I did.

The crowd was mixed with both young and old fans.
Kris mentioned that he was upstairs taking a nap on the couch before the show (something I did at home before I left) and he woke up to Bobby North staring at him. He also mentioned that he was amazed that everyone had to stand through the whole show.
He looks amazing for a 70 year old man. Some guys just look better with age. I’d love to knock a few back with him and shoot the breeze!

Thank you and good night.

Movies to see soon.
Sorry, Haters
The Libertine
Thank you for Smoking
V for Vendetta

2:07 PM

Do you ever just stare at your keyboard while your hands are on the keys and everything becomes a blur? no? well I do...... a lot. I think the term is called boredom and it usually happens at work.
It's really amazing that I'm getting paid to do nothing. Yeah I do feel awful about it but what would you do? I spend my downtime (9-5) thinking about various projects, what I need to shop for, music, photography, movies, bills, travel and men. I have time to find out when and where all the gigs are and even make a rock calendar.
I shop on amazon a lot.... even too much because I have the time. I buy all my cd's on there also books, shoes and dvd's. I like the fact that there is no tax plus free shipping. That totally rocks! I just either read up on the band on-line or go listen to them at the overpriced Tower Record in Long Beach then get it through Amazon. Tower is only good for the big sales.

I recently saw Sabrosa Purr and Peter Walker at Spaceland and they were great. It was a fun night actually. My friend Rhonda came with me and the bartender upstairs remembered us from two weeks ago so we talked and joked with her. I like it when the bartenders remember your drink and what your limit is etc... it makes ya feel special. I know, I know.... that's their job. I feel bad that I forgot her name (maybe she never mentioned it though). She and I talked about Jeff Tweedy and Wolfmother so she is cool in my book. She remembered "Pen guy" a very handsome fellow that borrowed a pen from Rhonda a few weeks ago, then there were these girls who asked her when the CONCERT started. LOL so this time Rhonda and I walk in the bar and first thing that comes out of Rhonda's mouth was "Hey, when does the concert start" we all started busting up. I don't think I've been to a concert since Radiohead played Hollywood Bowl, even that's hard to call a concert. Perhaps Van Halen at the Forum?!
Some guy comes in the bar and asks for a screwdriver (as in the tool to fix a pedel) we all look at each other and I say "I DO"! I even shocked myself. I forgot that i had this little keychain that folds out into a .... what do you call those things? Anyway, I was very helpful to the guy. He brought it back after they got done playing and thanked me. It was time for Peter to play so we headed down to the front table. He is really good. I'm not just saying that because I have a slight crush on the guy either. Next up was my favorite ..... SABROSA PURR. I just can't put into words how amazing these guys are. I told Jacob (the drummer) that my face hurts from smiling so much everytime I see them. I always get excited when I hear them. It's that kind of excitement when the lights go down before a concert starts and then the band comes on stage and all of a sudden there is bright lights and music! I just love them so much.
Jacob is so sweet, he walked us to our car after the gig so we wouldn't get mugged.

I went clothes shopping last night and just got frustrated. I mean after you've shopped at Ross and Target how can you go back to those over-priced malls? I can't imagine paying $75 bucks for a t-shirt when you can get it at Ross for $14.99. Sure Target and Ross both have a lot of crap but sometimes you get lucky. I also like Nordstrom Rack but you really have to look in that store, sometimes the shoes are so messy that I just can't deal with it. Macy's is good when they have huge sales but any other time they are just way over-priced. It used to be easy to find cool stuff at thrift and vintage stores but not anymore.
If I win the mega million, forget the stores - i'll just have my clothes (suits, dresses, shirts, trousers) made or tailored just for me!

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