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4:09 PM

I'd have to say that November is almost over and I'm glad! It will forever be the worst memorable month for me, well I shouldn't really say that .... it could have been worse.
fuckers from the bad side of town decided they needed some jeep parts from my jeep and stole it from the parking lot at my work on Jeff Buckleys birthday, no less (November 17th). I walked out for lunch around noon to find that my jeep wasn't where I had parked it so I find the security guard who was sitting in his little golf cart reading the newspaper, to tell him. He gave me a strange look as though I was annoying him and asked if I was sure I parked it there.
I walked back over and there wasn't any glass. I went inside to talk to the other security guys and a cop showed up to file a report. This was all caught on video tape, it happened at exactly 11:01. You can see this black guy with a white t-shirt on bending over behind my jeep and just seconds later you can see my jeep pulling out of the parking space by passing the security gate and pulling into another parking space closer to the grass/street, then over the grass it went and onto the street with his getaway friend in a black SCION!
The details sucked. They found it the next day or sometime before 7am the next morning at 182nd street and S. Denver Ave. in the oh so lovely city of Carson, Ca.
I went to the tow yard in another lovely city of Wilmingon to look at the damage. They took the hard top, both doors, the back seat, my 10 disc changer and they broke the steering column. ASSHOLES! and get this ....... I had a basketball w/ pump and a couple baseballs and mitt, guess what they took?! need I say more? I'm just saying.......! FUCKERS!!
It was my dream car! I fucking worked hard to buy it all on my own! It was all paid off! I hope that one day someone will find them and just torture them by holding their eyelids open (ala clockwork orange) and make them watch and listen to a Celine Dion concert over and over again. Then of course throw their ass in jail and make them work hard labor everyday until they can pay me back for all the trouble.
I've become very popular at work though. I'm usually super quiet and don't really talk to many people but word sure does get around and I have people coming up to me all day long and they ask what happened and tell me how sorry they are to hear about my jeep.

ok, I'm done.

I took my friend Fay to see The Old 97's at the El Rey on Friday. It was pretty good, not amazing but Rhett Miller moved around a lot more then the last I saw them. Adam Brody and his girlfriend was sitting next to me the whole time then they left early. We left a little early as well and went to Damianos pizza on Fairfax near the Largo and what do you know..... Adam Brody and company were sitting in the booth right behind us. He kept making out with his g/f. I think she is also in The O.C., I'm not sure because I don't watch it. It was 2am before we got out of there and we headed over to the Largo so I can say hello to some of my Largo friends as they were getting out of the show.

That's it, that was my week/end.
needless to say, I was pretty calm about the whole stolen jeep situation.
I'm just glad the wheels are still there and that it looks repairable.

I'm also thankful that it is paid off and that I have full coverage.
I just hope they don't total it. New jeeps cost to much and I don't really want a truck.
I definitely don't want a car. It's hard to go lower after you've been driving an SUV.

Happy Gobble Day (poor turkeys!)
Here is some before and after photos of my jeep.

1:25 PM

Detroit Cobras
Reigning Sound
Flash Express

Last Friday Nov, 4th I went to the Troubadour to see these bands. I got there much to early, stood around for awhile until Flash Express came on. People started showing up during their set. They rocked as usual. So much energy and dance-able tunes. Up next was one of my favorite bands ever, called Reigning Sound. I have been waiting to see them for so long and finally the were here. Greg Cartwright can do no wrong in my eyes! The man knows how to please! They did some new songs which I wasn't familiar with at all and I'd have to hear them again to give a good review of them. The sound was a little high at the Troubadour that night. It seems the rest of the tunes just flew by too quickly, probably because I could never get enough of Greg's singing. If you don't have any of Reigning Sound's Cd's, I suggest you drop everything, run to your nearest record store and buy either 'time bomb high school' or 'too much guitar' to start out with. You can do no wrong buying any Reigning Sound cd's. I was so happy to be able to see them that I didn't even mind that this totally drunk kid dropped his glass of 'drink' behind me and got it all over the back of my pants. I didn't even turn around. I don't know why I didn't do anything, I guess I just figured the guy was drunk and didn't mean to do it. He and all of his friends seemed to be either drunk or on something the whole time. He did get really close to me at one point so I gave him a little shove, he came back at me and asked why I did that. I told him because he was in my space. He just gave me this confused look and headed towards his friends who were front and center during all of the Detroit Cobras set.
I ran into my friends Rick, Kevin, Sarah and Dat.
Detroit Cobras were missing some players so Greg filled in for them. It also looked like Reigning Sound was missing some people also. hmmmm....
Rachel (D.C. singer) mentioned that for those of us who saw them last year saw her cry during a song because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. The same exact thing happend this year but she didn't cry this time and it wasn't as moving as last years performance. It was the same damn boyfriend all over again. It was a good show and she still has the 'hip' moves! she is a hip-shaker, that's for sure!

I haven't been to any other show's lately.
Have a nice 3 day weekend!

5:02 PM

I have a new website. It's called Suze's Spin.
It's my top 5 CD's for each week.
I copied from my friends blogs:

Eugene's Rotation

On the Listening Device

If you would like to do one, let me know and I will add it to my website.
It's fun to share.

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