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8:11 PM

music: tv on the radio

somebody needs to tape dateline for me on friday! it's all about kurt cobain.... hmmm!
i had a nice sunday. it started out with some time at the gym then some more time at BBC with some friends, no beer though, just iced tea. it was great just hanging out on a sunday shooting the breeze with some good friends. then we took a walk on the boardwalk in Long Beach, it was soo nice outside.
we went to tower records first and i bought david bowies space oddity and just looked at a lot of other stuff that i didn't buy! the melvins has a book out that i want. i actually want the new aerosmith.... don't laugh, it sounds pretty good actually. sorta on the blues side. i still think steven and joe are hot! 57 and they still got it!!

did you get the la times today? there is a huge article on kurt cobain in the arts secton. the photo of him and his daughter is amazing!
ok, i gotta go eat and watch american dreams now.... have a nice week.
telecast is playing at the silverlake lounge on wednesday, the liars are at the troubadour on thursday then ... friday is NEBULA at spaceland.

2:20 AM

music: 400 Blows / CoachWhips

i just got home from the smell and they don't name it that for nothing!! the place is right smack next to skid row! i walked by a homeless guy who was in his sleeping bag peeing.... it was, oh never mind you don't want to hear sad stories from me now. you wanna hear all about the bands i saw tonight don't you?!
well, it took forever to find a parking space for one thing then all these kids were hanging around outside in the alley so we thought we might have missed the coachwhips. nope. they went on last. we missed the first band, don't know who it was even. but the second band was fucking awful! it was an all girl band from frisco and ..... it's not even worth a mention. the singer or whatever you want to call what she was doing, was annoying as hell!
the next band was 400 blows - i later found out after they were done. i've always seen this name around and wanted to check them out. yay! finally got to! i took some photos not knowing who they were. they were speed metal! it just rocked. the energy that i needed after seeing the last band. the mosh pit was going and the drummer was super fast and wonderful! i think that if i ever were to start a band it would be a speed metal band. a melodic speed metal band!
next up on another stage, well not even a stage really it was more like the middle of the room on a dirt mound and broken concrete, was the coachwhips. the singer used to be in a band called the hospitals and they were on "in the red" record label. when he sings it sounds like he is singing through a megaphone, which i LOVE! they didn't even have a stage, they were in a corner but in the middle of the room set up on the floor so unless you were up front you couldn't see a damn thing. i just aimed my camera over my head and hoped for the best. a few times he stood on an amp and leaned against the wall so everyone could see him.
this guy started to talk to me after 400 blows were on, actually i asked for him to move back so i could get some photos, and he was very nice about it. i asked him who they were and after he told me he started talking to me, i felt bad because i couldn't understand him... the in between band-music was too loud and my ears were ringing at this point. don't you hate that when someone is talking to you as if you can really hear them and they just nod and smile. well, this is what i was doing to him. i was annoying myself having to say "what" all the time... but i picked out bits and pieces of the conversation and tried to figure out what he was saying... he mentioned "Sun Ra" and i was like... how the hell did that come up ? to myself. so i told him that my friend roger was really into sun ra and he played me a cd, which i don't remember and i was blown away. but that was a long long time ago. so he started talking "jazz music" to me a little. he said he felt really old there. i felt the same way.. it was an all ages show! then another band started before the coachwhips and they were set up by the front door. i didn't watch. it was a weird set up for bands! one kid annoyed me soo much.... he was smoking but not even .. was as if he was trying to learn how to which he clearly didn't know how to. he would take a hit then immediately blow it up in the air but not breathe it. "thanks buddy" second hand smoke is the best - don'tcha think?! Especially when there is no windows or open doors and not air on! yes! my favorite!! it's like a breath of fresh air.
alright, i should try and get some sleep, it was a long day.
have a wonderful Sunday :)
*************************************(added sunday morning at 10 am) i woke up to bowies - five years song of f of ziggy stardust, stuck in my head this morning.

I forgot to mention the Jon Brion show on Friday..... i AM starting to take it for granted!! it sucks. i didn't want it to ever be this way. i showed up what i thought was early for a friday but there was susan, lindsay, mark and ben already in line with only a couple behind them. this was like 7:15. they were shocked by my haircut. yes, it's ALL gone. some of my friends didn't even recognize me, that was funny! so we all get inside and have our normal seats at the bar although since ben has been back after being gone for like 2 years (which most of us has done at some point since 1996) he thinks that the first stool is his now!! i'll let him have it, he gets there earlier than me .... i'll let it be :)
i didn't see my new buddy erich and his roomate sean.... it felt sad, like part of our regular crowd was gone. then i get a call on my cell and he said he was at the hotel cafe!! i'm like "get your ass over here now, what? are you bored of us regulars already only after your short 2 months of being at the largo every fucking friday??!!" he said that the hotel cafe sucks and he was on his way. so i'm outside on my cell talking to him and he is walking up to me on his cell. sooo L.A.!!
he's like is that really you?!
the line was still long and PJ wasn't letting anyone else in, it was packed inside and this was 9:30 or so. i said "c'mon in guys" and asked very nicely to PJ to let them in. he said "sure! 10 bucks each!!" PJ is a nice guy, i don't care what anyone else says about him. he's just doing his job. he's also going to school and has another computer systems type job as well, so he's not just a "door guy"!! we used to talk school and computers because i was going to school to be a computer programmer (didn't happen) and he was also taking some computer classes at the time. he stuck to it and i didn't.
so yeah, um we all go sit down and the opener came on. it was a friend of flanny's. a girl from his town, i guess? and she just got up there solo with her guitar. it was alright for what it was. but i wasn't very much into it. though as i mentioned before in the previous friday night... i couldn't sit still. jon brion came on around 10:40 or so and what i can remember from the set he did some elvis presley, pretenders, bob dylan's (it's all right mama, i'm only bleeding) i was amazed by that!! i wish he would just do covers all night of dylan/bowie/beatles/cheap trick/tom waits and nirvana all night! benmont tench even came up and played with him... see, i AM taking this place for granted when i can't even get excited about that!! i'm going to be skipping next weeks Jon Brion gig because i'm gonna go see some stoner rock. Nebula and cutthroats 9 (ex- UNSANE) are playing at Spaceland. I absolutely love these bands. i used to see unsane why back in the early 90's. i liked chris spencer a lot back then. they got their name from a 1972 flick . i'm soo excited about this show, i can't wait.

added 4/2/04 : (for lindsay) Man, are we still on this??

Crunt ps- it's russell not robert! - drummer of JSBX!!

Gavin Rossdale…. C’mon! look at this poster boy!!

Joe Perry with the help of steven snorted up all the drugs in the 70’s

Steve Albini IS wonderful.

9:00 PM

music: The Walkmen (song number 2 over and over again)

Saw the Mayor of the Sunset Strip today. Man, i feel drained!...... wasn't planning on going until sunday, things just happen that way.
My original plan was to hang at BBC, have an afternoon drink/chicken tacos then walk on the boardwalk for awhile with my friend roger then I was gonna go work out and go home...... but nope, roger got a call and some friends (my ex and his wife etc...) were on their way to see the movie around the corner in Long Beach. So we went to. Then ran into another old friend from my "record store days" , Joe.... this guy has the funniest since of humor EVER! once he lit his jacket on fire!! this guy was nuts. we would play jokes on each other .... he used to work in another record store called middle earth in downey, maybe you've heard of it? anyway.... all of us would prank call the other store almost every day.
.... i'm sorry to bore ya, sometimes i just start to remember stuff from a long time ago and i wanna write it down.
so yeah, the movie was excellent! it made chris carter out to be an asshole at one point of the movie, and it also made rodney seem like he had a sad life. but he really didn't. it was a total tear jerker though. i couldn't help it. man, it really hit me when jed the fish was talking about how kroq would feel bad to fire rodney so they just give him the fucked up hours. it's like "fuck you kroq" Rodney plays the best music ever! a million times better than YOU fuckers ever do!! Fuck YOU Motherfuckers!! Rodney should fucking leave KROQ and maybe do something on 103.1..... help them out a little more. He could have the COOL hours as he deserves! even though i rarely even listen to any radio station at all.... i think 103.1 is one of the better ones. ok, enough talk about this stuff.
i gotta go get ready to go see a band called The CoachWhips at the Smell. they rock!!

9:55 AM

music: Rooney / BRMC / Probot

i'm not feeling to good, my eyes are all watery and i feel drained. so it's cold eeaze to the rescue. Last night i went to El Cid to see The Willowz, even though i wasn't feeling 100%. I"m so glad that I went because they went on first and they were awesome, my new favorite band!! they are a three piece out of Anaheim - guy on drums, girl on bass and another guy playing guitar that sings. The singer wore a really cool izod burgundy sweater and brown trousers - such the hip rockstar look with the shoulder length hair. sooo cute, and sooo 18 years old!! He just goes off, he is a really good front person with a lot of energy. HE screams and moves around on stage looking out of control of his movements yet never falls down. during the last song as me and this other girl were sitting at different tables taking photos, the singer started throwing the mic stands just missing the other girl, then grabbed each piece of the drums and was throwing them without looking at the standing area in front of the stage. hmmm no wonder why that when i turned around to see if anyone was getting hurt, they were all standing way back, yet still enjoying the show. That was a punk rock show! though i'd rather him not do that if i were to ever stand at the front of the stage! They are playing at Zen Sushi as well as Spaceland pretty soon, check the website and go!!

11:14 PM

music: The Willowz

This band is going to be playing at El Cid on Tuesday for FREE!!
check out the Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack......

The Mayor of the Sunset Strip opens this Weekend, some of you may have seen the sneak preview last year!

12:00 AM

music: beatles - white album / Rooney oh and i almost forgot... PROBOT! you will not believe this but i LOVE this cd! it reminds me of really hard stuff like cannibal corpse, napalm death, motorhead, death, damn its good!!

Friday night was alright..... largo, drinking and socializing. I don't remember much of it though. not because of to many beers, but because i couldn't sit still, i wasn't in the mood to ... sit still and watch a band. Especially the band that opened for Jon, um... That was excruciating! i almost felt like throwing stuff at them, it was that bad to me. then Jon played - flanny introduced him by "Mr. Eternal sunshine". i thought that was cool! Neil Finn got up during the second set after just about everyone went home. that was alright, i was pretty tired and somewhat bored. i need to stay away from the largo because i feel as though i'm starting to take it for granted!!
but i won't...... stay away - i mean.
ok, so i had to much to drink and stayed in my jeep for a few hours with my friend talking till 4am, then we both felt sober enough to each drive home. i roll in about 5am! largo on fridays really fucks up my saturdays. so erich and i made a bet that we can't drink at largo anymore. i can stick to it. it's the only time i drink anyway.... water and working out is what it's gonna be all about for me for awhile starting today!!

ok, so today...... you will never guess what happened to me! i "lame-ass" locked my keys in my jeep by mexico city in los feliz. i was meeting some friends at the vista to see eternal sunshine and had to go grab a bite to eat first, at the pizza place across from mexico city. i'm looking for my keys after the pizza and couldn't find them. i never do this!! this has only happened to me once before, somewhere in the mid-west a long long time ago. so, i'm with my friend erich and i felt soo bad!! i called my friends who were in line at the vista and told them we weren't going to make it, i had to wait for A A A to get there. half an hour later, the first triple A guy couldn't get my jeep open, but his friend - a second triple A truck was able to within 5 minutes of his arrival! Erich went home and i started to but the 101 was sooo crowded, i went to Ameoba to wait for my friends to get out of the theatre then we went to The Standard, one of them got lost so didn't show up. basically my saturday morning sucked!! before i went to ameoba, i went to jetrag to check out jackets and i run into Nina and the dude from S'Cool girls or what ever the hell the name is... the glam band that plays around now... anyway, that was weird to run into Nina. later after the standard with rick, natasha, jake and myself - I met Lindsay at the ArcLight to catch the 7:50 showing of Eternal Sunshine..... and we run into everyone there.... all the other largo regulars, it was to funny! ben, pat, mark and their friends. it was fun.
the movie was so good. it was a little hard to follow at first but once you get into the story, it gets better. the movie hit lindsay and I about the same time, I also heard others talking about when it hit them and it was towards the end. i just started to cry. it was sad, yet happy. i don't think i can sit through it again for awhile, even if i really wanted to.
i'm home now and very very tired on this wonderful saturday night at 11:30pm.
i'm gonna try and stay home in the morning, get some laundry done, get my other computer hooked up and do some house cleaning. then go to LB for lunch with a friend.

12:16 PM

music: Bowie / Grant Lee
& soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine

on Monday i went to ameoba to catch Franz Ferdinand, it seems 300 other folks had the same idea, it was sooo packed! i got somewhat close 3rd record bin and took a few shots then left after the 4th song. i had plans for the old 97's at the troubadour......
i missed gray desilva (sp?) she sounded good though, sorta country; as i heard her outside getting my ticket from will call. Minibar were up next, they played like 4 new songs i'd never heard before .... except from when i saw them at O'Briens last saturday or was it the saturday before? anyway.... they were all good. Simon, the singer looks like he put on a few lbs - not to be mean at all because it's great when musicians aren't all dissapearing when they turn sideways, ya know. same with rhett miller, he looked like he gained about 10 lbs but his wife just had a baby not to long ago, so..... husbands tend to gain the weight same as the women..... from what i've noticed, mind you.
The Old 97's were doing this taping for a new DVD they will put out later this year so there was cameras and mic's everywhere. They were so ready to rock, and that they did!! I wasn't blown away as the first few times i've seem them live but they still are a great live band.

other than monday.... i'm staying home this week to catch up on some sleep and movies, mostly sleep!
i'm so looking forward to the weekend though.
come on down to the standard hotel rooftop on 6th and flower on saturday between 4 & 5pm!!
just something to do on a saturday afternoon. (eat, drink and be merry)

12:47 PM

103.1 FM LIVE

franz ferdinand is playing for FREE tuesday march 16th
at The Cooperage @ UCLA @ 8pm with Irving

3:19 PM

music: Kix - cool kids

ps! does anyone know of any FREE photo sites that i can use besides geocities? I want to upload some photos and make it look a whole lot better than what i have, with thumbnails etc... but i don't want to pay!! e-me and let me know ((thanks))
yours truly - Suze

lets see thursday.... i went to see Neil Finn at the largo. a friend of mine got a table for 4 and was kind enough to ask me. Neil sang some old crowded house songs of course, as well as some sold and new stuff. he was great but i was dead tired for some reason and kept nodding off to sleep at the table. not a good thing when you are trying to enjoy a gig. Friday was a duel rock night for me..... i wanted so much to go see Jon Brion but I just had to catch All Night Radio at Spaceland. I get in free (thanks Mario) i was like one of the first people to arrive. I liked the first band but already forgot thir name, the second band.... well, even though they were from the UK, i was bored with them - they started out alright but i was soo done listening to the guys voice. he just kept talking and talking. ok, All Night Radio = They fucking ROCK! Jimmy hey is an amazing drummer, i first saw them open for the Shins in San Diego and i thought they blew the shins away. i wasn't much of a beachwood sparks kinda gal as most people are....but i really dig All Night Radio. and i'm really getting used to their new CD!!
so i'm standing in front video taping and just rocking out and i noticed the time.... i was missing JB at the largo - i thought 'oh well', i'll just head over for the second set as soon as ANR ends. my friends roger, sarah, dat, and cari, nina were all there to witness ALL NIGHT RADIO!! i left straight away for largo... arriving just in time for the second half of the very last song... which was one of my favorite songs ever by JB "you made the girl" man, i can just loose myself in his guitar playing... and I DO!!
i walk in at like, 1:20 or so - i think but PJ lets me in anyway... no cover! i sat down got my guinness and finished listening to jon play. my friends asked me how ANR was and i told them all about it. then they tell me that i missed 3 all new JB songs! damn it!! new! never before played!! i wonder if any of them are on the eternal sunshine soundtrack? i'm so excited about that movie! i gotta get an ELO album!!
so... i'm all giddy talking to my friends at the largo and it seemed that rick and erich wanted to go get something to eat. so i took them to the 101, jakes personal favorite place (kidding). erich and i had the grilled cheese w/tomato and the other guys had burgers or something - jake of course had his favorite root beer! he's known for his root beer!! erich spotted Eric from THAT 70's SHOW. the dude looks the same except he had a girl on both sides of him at a table full of guys. our waitress likes stars cuz she had 'em all around her waist. we had a little table mishap when we first arrived because their was five of us and we grabbed a booth but it was a booth for four so we pulled up a chair for the end for jake but the waiter wouldn't have any of that, no sir! fire hazard but what i didn't understand is that their was chairs right across from us .. ok, so rick goes and finds us a big table near that 70's show group. thats all, thats my story. must sleep now. i didn't go out tonight to the warehouse party or mary lou lord. i wanted to kick it at home and watch my netflix movies but a friend of mine just got AIM so she wanted to 'chat'. hmmm! i get on and like 4 of my friends are on there, so i'm chatting (which i never do) for like 2 hours! what a waste of time. it's now almost 3am. i've only eaten once today and i'm hungry. i was suzehomemaker today.. did my laundry, cleaned the house then went to lunch with stef, an old highschool friend.
i've added many many links this afternoon... some good "rocker" sights which brings back memories.....
take care - have a nice sunday! The Melvins are playing at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa tonight! they rock like no other - i'm excited about seeing them again.

12:14 PM

music: everly brothers - roots & all night radio - spirit stereo frequency

so... yeah, i'm at work and i've updated and organized my blog a little more this morning.... even though i said i shouldn't work on this at work.

at the last minute yesterday my friend susan calls me and tells me she has an extra ticket for elefant at the troubadour.
i don't really like Elefant, no actually i don't like them at all. i don't undertand what the young crowd saw in them.... have they not seen or heard Interpol ever? the singer is very pretentious! I couldn’t stand to watch them. I went to the show with the preconceived notion that I wasn’t going to like them only because I’ve seen them at spaceland before and didn’t care for the singer at all. He just doesn’t pull the whole “rock star” thing off , some guys do and well, some guys just don’t. at one point in the show he put his hand out to someone holding a red shirt in a “hand it here” motion…. They did and he proceeded to wipe his face with it as if he was doing some lucky audience member a favor and throws it back.
First up was the vacation, as usual they rocked. But tonight I felt a little …. I don’t know how to describe it… not mad, not sad, just sorta disappointed. Not because they didn’t rock, like I said they totally rocked. I don’t know the whole story and maybe we will read it on they’re website sometime in the near future but what first made me cringe is when Ben the singer proceeded to stand on Elefants drum kit…. Yikes, I was thinking “don’t fall – don’t mess up the other guys drum kit” that’s just not cool. Sure it looked cool but I don’t know, I mean unless they were friends; but I don’t think that was the case here. Then Ben dropped a 5K house mic - airborne to the floor because I think they turned the mics off on them. He went from mic to mic and throwing them to the ground “boom”! then drank a beer and chucked that to the ground and kicked it around.
like I said, I don’t know the whole story and usually there are two sides but from what I saw…. It just wasn’t cool. (( did I mention that they rocked though??))
next up was Everybody Else….. this was my first time seeing them live and I’m just sorry that I’ve missed all their other shows because they were soooo GOOD!! Total bubble gum pop and whadda ya know, I was chewing bubble gum and moving my head from side to side while watching them. They have catchy songs with hand claps. All the guys are “cute” to boot! Very tight great band!! Must see them more often.

tonight is Neil Finn at the largo which I am totally looking forward to.
everybody should go see All Night Radio at Spaceland on Friday… hey, if I can skip a Jon Brion show for All Night Radio then YOU can show up and see a great great band that is All NIGHT RADIO!~Suze

4:07 PM

.......Lesson number one! always back up what you have!
.......Lesson number two! don't blog while you are at work!
.......Lesson nuber three! always write down your links!

hey guys - this may take awhile to remember everything that i had on the side of my it would be of great help if you could and let me know what was there; i.e. links of bands, photosites, artist, clubs, oh god.......FUCK!!
ok, must go walk the stairs right now and get my mind off of this shit!!
i'll get it right again! it may take a month or so but i will ........hey maybe i'll try and improve it or something, yeah! thats the way to look at it! an improvement.
damn improvements!!!
Suze (heavy sigh)

ah - a friend of mine said he knew of a way to find old archieves of my blog so i can copy and paste stuff back at least. ((rick when ya gonna e-mail me))
ok, got the e-mail..... looks like i have some serious work to do on it but for now you can try this link folks. SUZE'S "SAFE MODE" WEBSITE

ok, yeah, its midnight now. there is nothing more i can do until the folks at blogger fix the problem.
i've done a lot of changes since the above archive page!! man, i hope the problem gets fixed. i just went back and saved everything into a word format on my computer, just in case this happens again i will have my journal saved along with the links!
hey rick, if you can find an even more recent update archive.... that would be great.
i really appreciate what you have done so far!! you, my friend are getting a beer at largo - my treat!

10:43 AM

music: Grant Lee Phillips / Bowie / Jeff Buckley

Woke up this morning with a song in my head - "...honey, it looks like you got some explaining to do". Such a beautiful song!!, it's off of Evan Dando’s “baby I’m bored”
it is such a beautiful day today, it just felt good waking up at 7am and driving to work!!
I got in at 2am from seeing Jon Brion, Kennedy, telecast, and lily in L.A. (not at the largo).
my friends and I met at amoeba at 5pm where I brought my cd list with me this time and bought bowie’s honky dory, Neko Case “blacklisted”, the corn sisters "the other women", the walkmen “bows and arrows”, the smiths – meat is murder and public ememy's "it takes a nation of millions to hold us back". I gotta stay away from amoeba for awhile! Must resist!! But it seems my cd list of “must haves” keeps growing and growing.

I drive us all to eat near steph’s place, some little Mexican place by the guitar center then we head over to the rifle gallery. We were early so Erich and I went to get a drink while Steph and Rick waited in line. The gallery was small and the stage was up in the open loft. The gallery featured all the series of Elliott smith photos with the shadows and balloons my personal favorites! The lily band came on first, they were rockin’ it 60’s garage style. Telecast came on next; I love this band a lot! Though I can’t describe them really so go to their website and check ‘em out for yourself.
During the show I noticed a lot of cute boys everywhere, the dj was spinning great great stuff! I think I fell in love at least 10 times last night. do you think it’s cool to just go up to a guy and say “hey I like your shirt, wanna make out”? Do you think that would work?? This is the topic I was talking to all my friends about last night. Rick and Erich said “hell ya – it would work”. I, on the other hand don’t think it would work!
PJ Harvey was there, Josh Klinghoffer was there and played with Jon Brion. Steve McDonald was there.
It was definitely the place to be, that’s for sure.
I think Kennedy stole the show with his striptease and I do mean TEASE!! He climbed the ladder to the loft and half way up he started taking it all off. He was walking around in his underwear; it looked like a bathing suit with a buckle.
They just rocked with songs like “cold pussy” which went out to all the ladies in the house; he ended with wake up motherfucker, my favorite! Then he just walked around the rest of the night with his underwear and shades on.
Next up Mr. Jon Brion, he started out with alone again naturally and did 3 or 4 more songs. He had the suit action gong ON! He looked amazing in his suit and bowling shoes!
I didn’t want to leave, I was making eyes at the dj guy but he wasn’t noticing me! Just kidding. I was secretly video taping him smoking and spinning though.

I woke up to having a dream: I was in some strange house with hard wood floors, which looked like it was in a small town with dirt roads. Anyway… my friend sandy was inside the house with me and it was very dark outside, she opened the door for some reason and my 3 cats went running out the door. 2 of them stopped at the porch but the other one (my favorite) just kept going. I let the others back in and I ran out looking for “Pete” as I was running down the street I heard a loud crash and a flash of light in the sky then everyone was running around the streets like crazy people. I saw this guy and asked him what it was and he said hieroglyphics and I was like what the heck does that even mean? We were talking while running….. Then he grabbed my hand and we were holding hands running down the street. He was running from some kind of war, I was just running to find my cat Pete. We stopped because the bombs were getting closer and closer so we knew the end was near, there was no where to run. I was chewing gum and all I can think about is I want to take my gum out of my mouth and just make-out with this guy until we die! Then I woke up. Don’t ask!
I NEVER remember my dreams.

12:46 PM

music: BOWIE

last thursday i saw rhett miller at the largo, neil finn was scheduled to play but he cancelled for some reason and rhett played.
rhett belted out what seemed to be like 50 songs that night. he did 3 or 4 new old 97's songs and a couple of new solo songs, one sounded a lot like bowie - he even said so! i'll make a list of the songs he did - in order: the mud song (forgot the name, but it had mud in it), instigator, rollerskate skinny, jagged, am i too late, musta been stoned, half way there, moon light - judgement day (new old 97's songs), barrier reef, question, victoria, dressing room walls, murder or heart attack, 4 leaf clover, world you see, bowie sounding/new rhett song, aint that strange, enter jon and sean/sara watkins of nickle creek they did beatles - i'll cry instead. THAT was a rockin show!! fast and rockin!!
COFFEE & GUINNESS .......the ultimate poor mans speedball!!
tastes great and very filling!
neil finn's son- liem finn opened for Jon Brion on Friday. it was like seeing a little neil finn :) the kid can sing!! during the second set of the night, before i forget..... dan mcCarroll played drums with jon (almost a greys reunion)
ok, i'm going through my notes from the show which have coffee & guinness stains all over them! Jon opened with his usual 5 minute intro on the piano which is always amazing. he went into the strokes, feel so bad then his own song and everybodys favorite "love of my life" i wrote down drunk piano keys here..... i'm thinking because he just sorta went on in a drunkin way hitting the piano keys during the song., stop the world from beating up my heart, how it used to be, i believe shes lying with heavy heavy guitar distortion, which i loved!! trial and error on piano,cheese & onions in a foreigner style, theme for little rascals, further along, XTC's making plans for nigel, the guy from Telecast came up and did a song then jon did round and round by ratt, nirvana's yeah yeah yeah song, white stripes 7 nation army, styx - too much time on my hand then mr. roboto (omg!), stairway to heaven in the style of free bird, cheap tricks - everything will work out if you let it, foreigners hot blooded, then victoria, then he made a bunch of my bloody valentine noise on his guitar - fucking amazing!! i believe that was the show. i had a great night hanging out with my friends at a table. we were drinking guiness like it was water. as we steped out of largo i had this great idea to walk around fairfax.....mostly to walk off the beer. everyone was in :) we dropped stephanie at her car because she had to get home, so me and the guys just walked down melrose at 3am then went to this little grease pit mexican food place on beverly where a couple of them ate. i got home at 5am and for some strange reason i was up at 8:30 feeling great and energized.

i was running on fumes all day on saturday. so as i usually do, i pushed myself to keep going - no nap! i met cari and my new largo regular friend erich at ameoba where i finally bought the new grant lee. then we went to santa monica to see minibar. it was 5 bucks at the door and as cari got up there to pay for us...... i don't like to pay to get into this place called O'briens, the guy at the door asked me if we were regular minibar fans and i replied "of course we are"!..... um... do we get a discount for being such huge fans? he said maybe next time, i gave him some sorta look; wish i knew what it was because he said wait a minute - come back, and handed us 4 bucks back.
inside, it never fails cari and i always end up standing behind some drunk dancing girl. we just laughed. it was like ...... do you remember the episode on seinfield where elane (sp?) was trying to dance? well - then you get the picture.

alright, must get ready for a beautiful sunday - ameoba then dinner then jon brion/kennedy!!!

12:25 PM

Music: here is a list of cd's that i've had in my cd player for 2 weeks now + one extra that i just started listening to today that i felt the need to mention.......

  • andrew bird - weather systems

  • bob dylan - time out of mind

  • oasis - definitely maybe

  • big star - #1 record/radio city

  • the vacation - they were the sons

  • wilco - being there

  • aimee mann - bachelor #2

  • jeff buckley - sketches for my sweetheart the drunk

  • beulah - yoko

  • allegra gellar

  • best kissers in the world - puddin (this is from 1993)

  • i have lots to share but at the moment i have step out so i'll be back, i have lots of notes from the rhett miller and jon brion shows that i will be trying to read and write out. i'll be writing about friends, beer, walking around fairfax at 3:30am, getting home at 5am, getting up at 8:30am, poor mans speedball, bowie, beatles, ameoba.

    rhino records in westwood (2028 westwood blvd) is having their first annual "I/ACME" event on sunday from noon - 4, mike watt and nels cline will be thrashing through stooges covers.....

    ................ok, i'll be back! ~ Suze
    ps - get out today, its beautiful outside.

    7:28 PM

    music: Kelly Hogan (i'm on a country kick now....)

    rain rain rain..... oh how i love the rain!! the sky looked amazing tonight, all purple and orange!
    I was gonna head out to catch rhett miller ..... as it turns out he is also playing at the largo on thursday. so i'm gonna stay at home a catch the gilmore girls as i really wanted to anyhow. yay!
    dead meadow is playing tonight at the silverlake lounge with the manifolds (hey bill!!) in case you don't want to stay home tonight.
    if you have enough money to fork out...... the one and only ELVIS COSTELLO is playing at the UCLA Royce hall tomorrow night. i sooo want to go!! (anyone, anyone?)

    last night i stayed home and watched laural canyon. i actually liked it alright. it was somewhat exciting in a heart pounding way..... but only when people were being totally honest in what they really wanted and went ahead and did it, which is rare! so in that sense, i liked it very much.
    my next two movies waiting for me are.... sylvia and lost in la mancha.

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