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1:16 PM

Something is up... it's just not possible that the Henry Fonda Theatre sells out in 1 second (not minute but second)!
I think it's a gimmick of some sort going on for The Raconteurs show.
Let's see..... It sold out in less then 2 minutes at Irving Plaza in New York Last month and now this.
I was more then ready, I had it down.

I think there were no tickets for sale and all the people that got tickets got them some other way.
Let me know if you got a ticket. I would be real curious as to how you went about it.
Please don't buy these tickets from scalpers at anything over face value. it's wrong and bad on many levels. You see... if we keep giving into scalpers and paying their prices then we will never be able to get tickets at the normal price. If we stop then they will be stuck and have to sell them at face value. Let's keep them away. They really do ruin it for the rest of us. they were trying to sell them in New York for $200 bucks.... folks, this is blasphemy! Just say NO!

Ticketmaster is bad enough!

ok, I guess it is possible that 1) Jack White has many friends in LA and set many tickets aside and the rest just sold out. or 2) Jack White bought them all and it's an "industry show" only. or 3) It's just the most popular show EVER and they truly sold out in one second!

I would be curious to know what you think about this.

Apr-20 RACONTEURS/JACK WHITE - $1 (Sherman Oaks)

Apr-20 The Raconteurs @ Henry Fonda Theatre TOTALLY SOLD OUT! - $159

Apr-20 1 ticket raconteurs @ henry fonda - $100 (los angeles)

Apr-20 1 ticket for sold out raconteurs show @ henry fonda - $100 (los angeles)

Apr-20 the RACONTEURS w/ JACK WHITE - $115 (GA)

Apr-20 please sell me your raconteurs tix (henry fonda)

4:20 PM

the subject.... Orange County and the many reasons i hate it.

My friend Julie and I went to Fashion Island on Saturday afternoon. We took her baby who is almost 2 years old.
First of all I've never seen so many expensive cars in one parking lot! We thought it would be nice to walk around at an outside shopping mall. NOT! Although it was fun watching her baby watch the little train go around on the track near Neiman Marcus, then watching him point and get excited about the Carousel.
The shopping was way too expensive. The people were way to rich and annoying to walk around. Most of them don't smile. It really is like what you see on the O.C.
One girl brought her dog into the store, she wasn't blind and it wasn't a little tiny "purse" dog either. It was as big as a Mastiff. It was laying in the makeup isle all sprawled out.
I saw a lot of bigger dogs walking around with their Paris Hilton wannabe masters.
I'm not saying all of this because I'm jealous either. If i had billions, I wouldn't be shopping in the O.C. or walking around fashion island with my nose stuck up in the air.
Baby Christian does have good taste though, he walked right into the Kennith Cole store all on his own.
Needless to say, I will never return to O.C.'s Fashion Island ever again. Everyone there was built from plastic (cards and face).

11:02 AM


Happiness by Grant Lee Phillips off the Mighty Joe Moon CD

Lovely song - lovely man!

Nevermind me 'cause I've been dead
Out of my body been out of my head
Nevermind the songs they hum
Don't want to sing along
There's nothin' that I said

That'll bring you happiness happiness
Is hard to come by I confess
I'm bad at this thing happiness
If you find it share it with the rest of us

Nevermind the words that came
Out of my mouth when all that I could feel was pain
The difference in the two of us
Comes down to the way
You rise over things I just put down

That'll bring you happiness happiness
Is hard to come by I confess
I'm bad at this thing happiness
If you find it share it with the rest of us
Rest of us

Ooh ooh ooh

Nevermind me 'cause I've been dead
Out of my body been out of my head
Nevermind the curse I wore
Proud like a badge
Till it just don't shine no more

That'll bring you happiness happiness
Is hard to come by I confess
I'm bad at this thing happiness
If you find it share it with the rest of us
Rest of us

I recently saw him perform live at the Largo and he is truly an amazing musician/human being all around. My first introduction to him was in Portland while seeing Sugar (Bob Mould) at the club there in downtown Portland. I'm thinking Grant Lee Buffalo opened or was that Elliott Smith's Heatmiser? either way, the first time I did see Grant was at La Luna sometime back then.
this song in particular just get's to me! it should win an award or something!

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