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11:26 AM

music: rufus wainwright
If you haven't seen the Paul F. Tompkins comdey show at the largo on the last monday of the month are missing out! other monday nights are just as funny, well maybe not! ;) no they really are too!! I have been missing out for awhile now but got my fix last night. To my surprise, David Cross showed up and did a few skits with Paul and the guest singer was none other than Tom Brosseau. it was a funny night.
I got home from work and was super tired, but i really wanted to go to the largo for some i called my friend cari and she agreed to meet me there. I was dead tired and took an hour nap instead of working out , got ready and was off. it was packed. Paul must be doing something right! good for him. we were just going to stand but we got asked if we wanted a table for drinks. of course we would love a table esp. the one up front. what a cool night! Thursday is Interpol at the Palladium, i haven't been there since early 90's, i think - when Iggy Pop played.

2:13 PM

music: wire-pink flag
man this cd rocks!! i can't believe i never owned it before - shame on me!!
last night after the crowded rufus show at borders of all places, i headed to ameoba to meet up with some friends for dinner. of course i had to drop $90 bucks off at ameoba first. i got some good cds in exchange though. then we all went to dinner at spag's and my friend mark and i went to go see lost in translation at the arc (2nd time for me).
on the way to drop mark off....i almost got in this crazy accident! I was in the slow lane because i was gonna get off the 101 near broadway and this stupid fucking ass clown woman driver just stopped from the left lane on the side of me and swirved right in front of me and stopped as to not miss her exit. i didn't understand why she did this , this way. but it was just plan nuts! i came....not even an inch away from hitting her left bumper with my right front bumper. mark was flipping her off and i was just pissed because i had to slam on my breaks to avoid it. everything is cool though. it's like, if you miss your exit there will be another one and you can just turn around - it's much safer that way to take out maybe 5 minutes out of your life then the whole rest of your life!!
stay tuned for you next lesson in life. ha ha.
have a good week. let me know if any good shows are coming up ;) that i've missed on my other page.

2:46 PM

I went to a party in North Hollywood near the Hollywood Bowl last night with a friend for this guys 23rd birthday. I didn't know anyone but her. The place was full of musician type people. The party was just ok, it was the karaoke bar on sunset by the dennys / starbucks after the party that was the real clincher! I do not sing nor dance but it was fun to watch. I just sat around talking to interesting folks all night. It's strange where you meet the coolest people sometimes, we are talking the types of people who you can imagine being friends for the rest of your life with. i met this girl named lisa - cool chick, john who is a cook at pinot, martin the blues guy and a few other singers who sang karaoke very well! I never thought i'd end up in a Karaoke bar on a saturday night. I used to go with a few guys like 7 years ago and they would get up and do things like "....i am woman" and it would be hilarious but these people were serious.
I'm headed out to catch Rufus @ 5pm at Borders in West L.A. then went to see lost in translation at the arc-lite theatre again, yes it was THAT good.
have a good week!

11:26 AM

music: Radiohead...hail to the thief
Thursdays Radiohead show was fantastic! $60 bucks to get a nose bleed was fine with me...they looked like little ants dancing 'round on stage but the sound was more than what I could have ever hoped for. The big screens on both sides of the stage helped a little, it was really cool how the camera person had slow-mo on and only had the shot of part of each guy at different time. I personally loved watching the drums, Thom danced around alot as to be expected. Man, I wished I'd have tried harder to get tickets when they played the Wiltern!! a few albums ago.
of course we had to be sitting behind the " hey lets get our old frat bros together and go to the radiohead concert, drink alot, smoke some weed, sing at the top of our lungs right after thom sings the verse just so we get it right, and re-live our past concert experiences from the 80's" type of guys. It was 5 guys and when the other 4 left to go get beer one guy was left alone. and this was the loudest one of the bunch. sure enough he couldn't handle being alone with no one to talk to so he calls someone on his cell!! These guys were the worst to sit behind. But they made for good conversation on the ride home. Star Sightings: Ian Somerhalden (life as a house, rules of attraction) and Paul Rudd (phoebe's b/f, mike on friends and movie: 200 cigarettes) ok, no biggie.
It was crazy trying to get out but fun to people watch; esp. in L.A.!
We took our time getting there, we stopped by to see shags exhibit which was real pricey but amazing and had a picnic in the park across the street from the Hollywood's amazing how you are allowed to drink at this park, so we had wine and sandwiches. pretty cool evening to say the least. after going to see jon brion last night and talking to a few of my friends who have seen lost in translation....i'm finally going to go see it today! have a great w/e - Suze
ok...later today: I've seen it!! here is my review without giving anything away at all.
this movie hit me like a ton of bricks...i was feeling vaclempt from the first scene where they saw each other in the elevator but mostly the part where they were at the party and when he was singing that song.."......more than this". then she sang " ... brass in pocket" in a very sexy way-i might add! anyway thats when the tears started coming out of the corners of my eyes, just drops of 'em one by one slowly and couldn't stop for the remainder of the movie.
what a fine cast of characters. Sophia is a genius!! and Kevin Shields....ahh, when i heard the first song and the slight guitar distortion ... it's like I couldn't catch my breath. This movie made me happy! What a fine film!
and the critics who put this down.....just don't understand, thats all.

10:16 AM

tv show: ED... i only caught the last 5 minutes of it last night, but it was the only part that counted. yay! happy ending. i'm not a tv buff but catching the last 5 minutes of any show really is all you need to watch. ;)

i'm feeling a bit guilty right now as i've called into work sick. i was sick the other day but i'm feeling much better. i just wanted to sleep in til 9 and do stuff 'round the house, oh and go get an oil change. i would do it myself but that takes alot longer and i haven't done that in awhile. ok, the real reason is that i'm going with some friends to the radiohead show and we are gonna go up early to see the shag exhibit and maybe do a little picnic before the show.

11:16 PM

music: the vacation - white noise! i can't get this song out of my head...thats ok though, at least it's a good song and isn't something annoying. / The Detroit Cobras-life, love and leaving! this band is amazing, total ass shaking music!! / Rufus Wainwright / Minibar - fly below the radar.

i just got home awhile ago from seeing the vacation at the silverlake lounge, it was a damn short set but great none the less. I'm not very good a describing music.. so just go check out their sounds at The Vacation. They are definitely a visual type band. i noticed this guy hanging out after the vacation played who looked exactly like Mick Jagger (no, not Ben the singer!) i honestly had to take a double look at this guy though...
i didn't stay for any other bands because i'm getting sick yet again...damn colds!! i'm taking cold eeze and drinking plenty of OJ, i've got to work on the getting enough sleep now!! kwooool.......just in time for the big Radiohead show on Thursday that i'm going to!
oh.. i just remembered my buddy Patrick who is drumming for the Pernice Brothers told me that they are gonna be back in December 1st playing at the el rey with Stephen Malkmus! ! yay. And my buddy Judah "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion" is going to be playing at the Derby November 4th with his band 20 Miles!! also playing with him is none other than THE VACATION! stuff to look forward to.
nite! S

UDORA was great at the troubadour on monday... it was another early show, which i'm into these days. it was all ages and i'm more than sure that i was the oldest one there. these boys in the audience had spiked colored hair and some of the girls were sorta goth looking. I got there kinda early and the first band that was on had a great drummer but the singer was sorta funny in the way that he was trying to sound like napalm death at some points with the way he was growling in the mic. no one can touch napalm death okay!! ND have songs that last less than 5 seconds and they are great.
i was sitting upstairs laughing and looked over and noticed this other guy laughing as well. that was cool that someone else understood. ;)
Udora where next and they got all their stuff on stage very quickly. i just can't get over how much i like this singers voice! they are all from brazil and sing in english. they jump around and have alot of energy. the drummer hits hard!! they are very tight. the bass player broke a string, no big deal though. he said lets play one without the bass...they did and it sounded great. leo played guitar and jumped around alot without any shoes on, i guess this gave him more traction for his jumps. really nice guys i might add. their web-site is, check 'em out!

ps - the scene creamers and beehive and the barracudas are playing this sunday at spaceland!!

4:52 PM

music: mix cd with mostly grunge stuff..../ BJTM
i didn't do much of anything this w/e, no gigs or movies like i wanted to.
I did go to santa monica to do some shopping on sunday though. I forgot to get off the 10 freeway at 4th street and ended up passing malibu and into pacific palasades, pretty nice area i might add!
3rd street promanade smelled like pee and there is so many more homeless people there from the last time i went. it's rather sad!
good shopping though! my favorite record store 'hear music' was closed for re-modeling, what a bummer!
on the way home 'round got foggy by the airport and this plane just appeared all of a sudden out from the clouds, looking like it was going to land on the was scary and my heart started to pound super hard, like when you just get off a roller coaster. I coudn't reach for my camera fast enough.
i got to go check out lost in translation this w/e for sure.
and tonight i'm gonna go check out udora for free at the troubadour. they go on at 9pm....good, a nice and early show for once! i may try and catch the kills at ameoba first at 7pm...don't know yet.
take care and see you soon-S

9:13 AM

music: Low-Trust and BJTM and Todd Rundgren-something/anything!

feeling good this morning though it feels like a monday to me! I went to the largo last night and saw jon brions songbook set, he is doing only his songs.....i didn't realize that he had so many. he does songs that he co-wrote with folks like grant lee as well. the two highlights of the evening ... first off flanny shouted out in a granny here we go. everyone laughed at that and jon did it. one highlight was I believe she's lying...he did layers upon layers of guitar then piano and onto the drums where he completely went off! it was amazing. I couldn't stop smiling. then he did strings that tie to you on piano in a peanuts sorta fact i thought it was the peanuts theme when he first hit the keys, that was pretty amazing. It was a shorter set than a regular friday night show but well worth it.
When i got home last night i was so wide awake, it was a shame to just go to sleep with all the ideas in my head. I wish i didn't have to sleep. It's weird but i feel like i'm just going through the motions all day long but at night i'm completely awake... well, most of the time anyway.

9:44 AM

music: no music, just the sweet pounding in my head!
needless to say i didn't end up going out last night to see udora at the viper room as i had really wanted to. i was hungover all day Sunday and just stayed home watching upn ch. 13, mainly because i was to tired to change the station...i watched some good movies though 1) Unstrung Heros - what a tear jerker! 2) White Squall - another tear jerker but a true story! so needless to say, i was in bed crying all day! ...feeling like shit and sad. sounds like fun?

I got this e-mail from a friends band called the john wilkes kissing booth and i was wondering if you can help.... maybe you know of a venue where these blokes can play or something. thanks in advance!!
read below:
US tour dates are comin together, but there's a couple of holes in the itinerary and we need your help!
If you know of a place where the booth can play on the dates below, email with a venue contact.
oct 20, 21: indiana or ohio
oct 25, 26: massachusetts or rhode island or connecticut
confirmed dates will be announced soon. meanwhile, c'mon out and see us here...
Sept 18: The Prospector, Long Beach CA/ + Morris Lane
Sept. 20: The Hub, Fullerton CA/ + The Energy and The Valley Arena. Free show!
Sept. 26: The Arkaik, Reno NV/ + All Day Drive
have a good week.
thursday is jon brion doing his own songs at the largo.
friday is minibar at o'brians in santa monica $5 bucks.

11:58 AM

music: breakfast with the Beatles!
have you ever woke up still drunk from the night before?
have you ever had an up close and personal look at the bathroom floors at Spaceland?
have you ever missed the main band?
have you ever taken photos when you are drunk?
i wish i could answer NO to all of these questions!! well, that last one is a necessity sometimes!
LAST NIGHT the walkmen played at spaceland with Kaito and The Vacation. I don't remember much after Kaito. I hope i took some photos of the walkmen at least. I took a whole roll of the vacation and i wasn't drunk yet, so i know those will come out good.
i think the problem was that i hadn't eaten anything all day and on the way to spaceland i stopped by in 'n out and got a grilled cheese which isn't very filling for what i was about to drink that night. 1 beer and 4 mudslides. and to think i complained to the woman at the front bar that the 2nd mudslide wasn't as big as when the guy made it.... damn. she showed me!! she was nice about it though.
I never want to drink again! hey let's count how many times i've said these exact words this year?! a big thank you to my friends Cari, Scott, Michelle and Sarah for hanging with me and taking care of my stupid ass. I would have been ok If I'd eaten something!
I'm so glad i saw the walkmen the night before! I think they are more of audio band instead of a visual band. i mean they were good on friday, but just not that interesting to watch. not that you have to jump around and scream all the time either.
i'm just saying....
i met a few of them last year outside the Largo club while waiting in line to see Jon Brion ....and let me tell you! talking about arrogant assholes. .... although they do seem nice now. maybe it was just one night of being an asshole, everyone does this once in awhile. right! anyway.... one of 'em, can't remember which one... was asking me about jon brion because they had never seen him before so i was telling them about his shows and he just started talking about his band the walkmen. i'd never heard of them and he said that i will !! he was telling me about NY bands and he started dissin' Jon Spencer Blues Explosion by this time i was so over talking to them! They ended up leaving, they got tired of waiting in line and just took off. Well, the very next week.... . they got a rather large write up in the LA Weekly!
you know this could have happened 2 years ago, i don't remember for sure.
ok, getting back to last night. I can tell you that The Vacation sounded really good. a very tight band. Paxton the drummer, just bought this monstrous 1930's kit that is really loud! I told him before that he needs to wear ear plugs.... all musicians need to wear 'em! I think the vacation is a fun sexy band with catchy songs that you can shake your ass to. I especially love the screaming on this one song they's just at the start of the song but it gets to me everytime (huge smile)!! I'm sure some big band will pick them up and take them on tour with them! That would be cool for 'em. Kaito were great as well! they have that girrrrl rock thing going on, lots of noisy guitars and screaming. gotta love that!! no comment on the walkmen.... but i can tell you that the bathroom floor in spaceland is lovely!
i never want to drink again, did i already mention this?!

tonight..... go to the viper room! udora are playing. just go check 'em out. esp. if you live in the area. I'm gonna get some food in me and head down there 'round 8 or so. I do believe they go on at 9:30.

Hey... did you know that the pixies are reforming?! yes. here is the article.
i wanna go see that movie .. lost in translation! kevin shields of my bloody valentine does the music!! AND Giovanni Ribisi is in it!
ok, must go die now!! aaargh. ~S

8:55 AM

let me start off by saying it's a sad SAD day in music today as Johnny Cash has died at age 71. John Ritter of three's company fame has also passed on at age 54. Live your life!!

music: new radiohead and a mix cd that includes bands such as the undertones, Mando Diao, The Tyde, Miss Mend, KaitO, The Belles, The Pattern, The Sons, The Joggers, Vue, The Checkers, The Only Ones, The Libertines, Super Furry Animals and Kennedy. *phew* (thanks to cari)

i almost forgot to mention that the vacation and pearlene were really good at the silverlake lounge last night. i video taped the vacation and the sound didn't come out too good. oh well. the place wasn't that packed. but what do you expect... it was 9/11. pearlene are a heavy band in more ways than one. i liked them alot! the singer was at the bar by me at one point and boy did that man need a bath!! *phew* they rocked regardless. go check 'em out .... i think they play at spaceland soon...oops they played on the 15th with steve turner! click on the link to the right under what is going on... last up was starlite friends were into this band for some reason, maybe cuz they were cute....j/k .but i left after one song. just not my cup of tea. they had that whole scenester thing going on....was my first thought. nothing wrong with it.....i just ah.....wasn't into it.

this is just a short post to let you know that The Vacation are going to be playing at Spaceland this Saturday with The Walkmen and Kaito!! This will be a great show. Hope to see you there. I will be up front holding a camera, well depending if you let me in front of you.... ;) ~Suze

10:31 AM

music: QOTSA, Brian jonestown massacre

It's been 2 years.... hard to believe, to me it was like yesterday.
below is an e-mail that i sent out to my family & friends 2 years ago today.....

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and that I LOVE YOU very much!!
I don't know what else to say about what is happening to us right now as I'm still in a bit of shock. And to think my main fear was tidal waves!!
I heard the news at 7:30 in the morning when my mom called me, the sound of her voice was something I've never heard before. I turned on the T.V. and I was speechless, shaking and crying. I looked at my cat "Pete" as if he were my child. I guess you want to protect the little ones first. and I thought to myself "this is really it"!! I hung up with my mom and called a few friends to let them know and I sat and watched the news thinking to myself "If this is really it, I don't want to go to work, but what should I do". It's strange how your mind can race in so many directions at once! I gave Pete a kiss goodbye and went to work. Needless to say I was of no use all day, I was a wreck and so was everyone else. I can't stop watching the news footage over and over again and cry for all those people. My heart goes out to all those families that have lost someone!
Be Safe, Take Care

10:56 AM

music: the blood group this band is soo good, esp. song number 5! check them out.

Last Wednesday I went to the lab for 3 or 4 hours and developed 13 rolls of film, I totally forgot all about what I had taken photos of: The Datsuns, Minibar, BRMC from Vegas, The Vacation, TV eyes, Soledad Brothers, Pernice Brothers, The Kills, Kennedy, Jet, Udora, Twilight Singers and Mudhoney. So tonight and tomorrow I'm gonna do some printing!
Last friday I drove some friends of mine to San Diego to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Casbah. We got there at 10:30, it was soo hot in there!! So many bro's with trucker hats...aaargh. Why does someone want to go to Old Navy or whatever store and buy one of these ugly things for $30 bucks is beyond me! I can deal with regular baseball caps but c'mon!
BRMC rocked. the few guys up front were kind enough to let me in front of them to sit on the stage to take photos. I made sure that I wasn't in their way, I just didn't think it was fair that they were probably waiting there up font for a few hours and my friends and I waltz in right before they come on... :)
The band is mesmerizing and the back lighting was fantastic for photos! The music is what you can space-out to or have sex, whatever! anyway.....
Right before they went on the local radio guy came on stage to give away an I-POD. He only asked for someone to show him some sort of birth control, no one said anything for the longest time.....I didn't want to grab the old condoms from my purse for fear of what that may look like....aaargh. I should have just did it. Then I was glad that I didn't because some girl got dissed for holding up her pills while some guy got the IPOD for saying he was celibate!! ha ha.
The next night was at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I drove up there alone and ran into some friends but mostly stayed by myself near the stage. The Warlocks opened and were really good. my friend sarah reminded me of when they played at this Long Beach house near pine ave. That was a cool party with tons of bands playing in this huge house.
BRMC seemed better than the night before, probably because it wasn't as hot and they had more room to move around. The new CD kicks ass! It's a must have people.
I stayed in on Sunday and watched one of my rented movies called the weight of the water with sean penn and mrs. hurley. It was pretty good. A few nights before I watched the secretary with a friend and we both liked it. also at some point we watched the truth about charlie, which was just weird, but alright. just glad i didn't pay to see it in the movie theatre.
Last night I went to the detroit bar in Costa Mesa to see my friends bands (local L.B.) The Fielding and John Wilkes Kissing Booth. They are totally different bands and I enjoyed watching both of them. The Fielding have a Monday night residency at the detrot bar this month for free. It's a good thing. :)
Upcoming shows: 9/11 - the vacation at silverlake lounge 9/12 - the walkmen at henry fonda 9/13 - either grant lee at largo or waz and buchanan at the hotel cafe....9/14 - udora at the viper room.

12:44 PM

music: the kills
i went to spaceland to see mudhoney and blue bird last saturday. I took jason and his friend matt as well as my friend scott and i met all my old grunge girlfriends at the show. what a blast from the past that night was! I had soo much fun. all my friends were pretty much drunk before anyone even started to play, it was pretty funny, but paula the really skinny one got really sick by the end of the's like c'mon you weigh about 90 lbs what do you's called moderation my dear!! :) Sarah and Fay were sluring in my ear most of the night. I think the guys were alright though. and i just stuck to my spot on the side of the stage video taping with a huge smile on my face the whole time. I didn't end up going on sunday even though i was on the list and all...... i was just too tired from the night before. i watched the 24 hour party people instead. what a great movie!! now i wanna go buy some more cds!!
last night i went to spaceland to see the vacation with some other girlfriends; cari, michelle and sara. we went out to eat at my favorite place by cari's house again... the coffee table. yum! then i got a call from my friend leo (udora) and i took off to go pick him and fernanda up to go to the show with us. It was their first spaceland experience and they enjoyed it. the vacation rocked, i'm thinking the place was nearly sold out as there was so many people there! The opener was these girls who looked like they were straight out of that 70's move called "Foxes" staring scott baio!! they sounded really retro, siousxie era. The crowd was fun to watch and get a laugh out of. one guy had bleached blonde feathered hair ... total 70's rocker style.

I'm trying to hook the two bands up to play together .... UDORA and The Vacation. It may happen, but later. UDORA has a couple of shows coming at the Viper room on Sunday September 14th and one on Monday September 22 for FREE at the Troubadour. The Vacation are playing on Thursday September 11th at the Silverlake Lounge at 10 pm.
Paxton the drummer of The Vacation had me video tape their show last night with his video camera, that was fun. He later found out he had the tape in there from when they were in Europe and we taped over most of it. he was way bummed! he better give me a copy, thats all i have to say!
we didn't stay for the rest of the bands, so i took leo and fernanda home while cari, michelle and sarah stayed. I like early nights, esp. when i have to work in the morning.
looking fwd to BRMC this weekend in san diego and at the henry fonda. ~S
i've rented a few other movies of interest lately: sonny \ which was dark and sad but very good. waking life \ this was a cartoon sorta weird movie about your life and dreams, kinda makes you think about what you are doing with your life. i liked it, you have to be in the mood to think or at least smoke a joint before you start watching it. (which i don't do ;)

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