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2:24 PM


Fresca is back!

aren't you excited?
I remember always getting that in the mid 80's when my mom would take me to Palm Springs.
man, I loved that drink.
It's back with different flavors.

Don't forget that next Wednesday is Sabrosa Purr's last residency date for October at the Silverlake Lounge. I'm sure it will be a blowout!@
Come on and see them while they are still playing at small clubs! Seriously.

I mean, look at The Vacation now. They are always on tour nowadays, opening for bigger bands.
I tell ya' Sabrosa Purr are on their way!
Their new CD entitled "music for the violet room" is out now, you can either pick it up at their show for only 8 bucks (comes with a sticker and really cool CD cover) or you can get it on itunes. Indie 103.1 has been playing a few of their songs lately, you can help out by calling indie and requesting them (the lovely people) and (pink). They both ROCK!!

I'm just a big fan.......
Have a nice weekend


1:41 PM

Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hello. I've been in a Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, The Allman Brothers, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Thunderclap Newman, Rod Stewart, Yes, Todd Rundgren, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, The Seeds and Stillwater kind of mood today. can you guess what I'm listening to. well of course you can after that last one. Everyone I know owns the DVD!

so today I was buying tickets on-line for some shows coming up and I got to the Henry Fonda website to get a Turbo Negro/ INC ticket when Ticketmaster came up. That's the only way to buy tickets from the Fonda theatre! The ticket is only $18.00 but with all their bullshit service charges it comes out to be $27.35, which is nuts! The building facility charge is $2.00, then you have the convenience charge of $7.35, which of course in an inconvenience to all of us, then they try and get you with a "recommended" ticketfast for $2.50 where they e-mail you your ticket and you print it out. So if you do this..... why would all those other charges apply? We all know that ticketmaster is a huge rip off but why are you still buying from them? I'm not, and I haven't in a long time just for those reasons above. If bands can't play somewhere that you don't have to use ticketmaster then I don't need to see them anyway. Turbo Negro are playing with INC at the Anaheim House of Blues which is closer to me anyway, I can just go get a ticket at the box office anytime I want, even days before the show.
I bought my old 97's ticket for November as well as my ticket for the El Rey for this Sunday night with all these bands / comedians and entertainment going on for a benefit for habitat for humanity and the american red cross. check the
el rey website for details.

5:38 PM

Paul "Wine" Jones 7/1/46-10/9/05

RIP -We are sad to announce that Paul Jones died of cancer on Sunday, October 9, in Jackson, MS.
A memorial service will be held at 11 in the morning this Saturday, October 15at the Humphreys County High School gymnasium in Belzoni, MS.
Paul "Wine" Jones and RL were the last of the Greats! I'm lucky to have seen them both play live. ~ Suze

2:34 PM

Music: Jeff Buckley - Grace

Today (for me anyway) is perfect for listening to GRACE by Jeff Buckley. This CD makes me cry everytime I hear it. It's both Beautiful and Dark. This is how I feel today beautiful and dark. ha ha. I'm just getting over from being sick and I have that 'getting stronger' feeling. I love it. I have this strange and wonderful energy. I'm at work and I'm actually working as in... doing 4 things at once. I'm feeling good each time I get closer to finishing each project.

Back to Jeff Buckley. I'm listening while at work thru ear-pods and it's LOUD. so, if the phone rings I can't hear it unless I happen to look at it and notice the light. I love how you can hear every piece of music thru headphones. The breathing, his hand sliding up and down the guitar - god, that turns me on, and every pitch of the vocals which can be a little overwhelming at times. And my favorite is on Dream Brother about 2 minutes into the song the guitar part when the music stops for a split second and all you can hear is the slide.
You can almost see the music if you close your eyes and listen.

I love October!
The weather is the best.

There are so many CD's that I need to buy - it's not even funny.
(not that it would be anyway)
I didn't make it to see Jason Falkner at the Derby last week or to see Supergrass for free at Amoeba as I wanted to. The only show I'm going to see this week-so far - is on Wednesday. Sabrosa Purr with Sons and Lovers, two bands that I absolutely believe in and love so much. They will be at the Silverlake Lounge on October 5th, this Wednesday. Actually Sabrosa Purr have a Residency there every Wednesday in October.
This Saturday is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Henry Fonda Theatre but I haven't bought a ticket yet. I need to hear the CD a few more times first. I've seen them many times before but they took this different direction with this new CD that I'm just not that sure of yet. Perhaps it's one of those that has to grow on me before I 'get it'.
I'm looking forward to hearing the new project by Jack White and Brendan Benson called Racountours. Someone mentioned that it will give you that feeling like when you first heard "Nevermind". Now that's a lot to live up to, I must say. My friends and I were huge and I mean HUGE Nirvana fans! We had bootlegs and even went to the video shoot for "smells like teen spirit". I miss that band, such good times!

Did anyone catch Bob Dylans 'No direction home'? I only caught the first one. I totally forgot about part 2. I'll have to get the DVD. The footage of the old photos is well worth it alone for me. It was interesting to see all the bands that influenced Bob and to hear him in the interviews.

Over this past weekend, although I was sick as a dog I still went to the movies with some friends to see ' Corpse Bride'..... I really wished I'd have stayed home in bed. That movie bored me to tears. I appreciated it for what it was though. I'm not a huge fan of musicals at all. I love music but just don't want to see dancing and singing on the movie screen, I guess. We saw the movie in Long Beach at the Pike. I've always wanted to go on the farris wheel, so we did. It was cool but probably not such a good idea for me being sick and all. I stayed in bed until about 3 in the afternoon on Sunday.
I watched a few netflix movies lately: Kinsey, House of 1,000 corpses (no wonder why people are afraid of clowns!), if lucy fell, dummy (adrian is amazing!) and we don't live here anymore (not so good - just kind of blah).

ok, back to work.


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