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12:57 PM

Music: listening to Faces "flying"


We all know that tickets are sold out for the Greek shows. We all know why and that it sucks. Not just because they are a great/ interesting band but because the Scalpers know this and play on it. They pay kids all over the world to stand in line and buy tickets for them, in return they will get paid bank and for that the real fans lose. I can't say this enough ..... PLEASE STOP BUYING FROM SCALPERS AND BROKERS.
I found this on craigslist today and I couldn't agree with this person more.
He wrote " yes, it is great to see your favorite band. yes, i would love to see radiohead and yes i got screwed out of tickets by these pieces of human garbage.
but if you hate the fact that these assholes are allowed to raise the price of a
$44 ticket to $399 and some of the retarded prices i'm seeing on ebay then
put these fucks out of business by NOT using their services. the good things in life are not meant solely for rich assholes who don't even give a shit about the band other than to say 'oh yeah, i got tix for that radiohead show that sold out in ONE MINUTE.'

Same thing happened to The Raconteurs first show at the Fonda theatre.
A message to the Scalpers...... GET A REAL JOB and a message to the kids that are working for them YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE, GET A REAL JOB
$$ isn't everything. what the hell happened to the cool scenes? kids now days wouldn't be caught dead riding their bikes down to May Co. or another ticket outlet at 8am to stand in line to get tickets for Van Halen. Now they only have to pick up their cell phones that their mommy bought for them, because they are too damn lazy to teach their kids any real life lessons, and call for tickets using their parents credit cards. Kids are too damn spoiled these days! Fuck Hollister and Paris Hilton.
I know that was all pretty random.... i'm getting off my soap box now. It's just not worth getting upset over.
I'm not even really mad about the Radiohead tickets. I'm just saying that it sucks for the real fans to have to pay such high prices to the non-fans who are only in it to make a crap-load of money. They don't see the big picture.
People need to see the big picture!

ok, back to The Faces.....

2:05 PM


Why is it that women giggle a lot? I’m not saying every single woman giggles but a lot of us do.
The reason why I’m bringing this up right now is because I’m about to walk over to this woman in my office and explain to her that life can’t be that funny….. every fricken day!
It’s been going on for months now, probably longer. She cackles like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard in her life. Her high pitched cackle carries way across 15 cubicles. I’m sure everyone notices.
I’m the quiet one. People come by my desk sometimes, and make comments on how quiet I am. That’s annoying too.
Other annoyances around the office……. This woman was one of the first to get those ear phones; the ones that you can walk around the building and talk on the phone, yeah and she talks on it while she is making coffee in this teeny tiny room right next to some cubicles. My friend over there says she knows her whole life story because she is on personal phone calls all day long while walking around the office talking rather loudly. Many of the “bigger” women around the office, I notice that they take breaks throughout the day just gossiping to each other either about their health, their husbands, kids or just about other people in the office. I know this because every time I walk to get some water there they are. Then you have the lady in the cube next to me who talks to a family member everyday about the same time about the same things…. I don’t want to know these peoples life stories. This is when I pull out my I-pod. One more thing that annoys everyone around my Department is my boss who constantly clears his throat and by clears his throat, I mean [loogie hawking] rather loudly and spits it in the trash. Yep, everyday at least 15 times a day since I’ve been working here. I know the guy has allergies but c’mon!

Today I simply turned off my alarm at 6:45 am and proceeded to sleep until 9:10am. I woke up disoriented and thought it was Saturday. I turned on my computer and while that was booting up I tried to look at the calendar and figure out what day it was but I had nothing to go by. I guess I was really tired. I did hit the gym rather hard the night before. I called my friend at work all panicked and asked her if it was Saturday. She thought I was at my desk joking around. I asked her what I should tell my boss because I thought for sure I’d be fired for this. Though I’ve never done this before… okay once before close to 2 years ago.
She said to lie and say my jeep wouldn’t start. I couldn’t do for two reasons 1) my jeep really didn’t start a few days ago and I had to get it towed to my mechanic – it was the crank sensor. I left early yesterday to go pick it up. 2) I’m just not one to lie.
I called my boss and told him the truth. He simply laughed and said that I just needed the sleep. […phew]
I got to work at 10:15 and told him that I hit the gym a little to hard last night. He said that he doesn’t have that pleasure of sleeping in because his dogs are his alarm clock. I took that as it was no big deal to him.

I feel really good today. I’ve got a bunch of projects in my head that I can start working on that I’m excited about. (building a bed frame that I designed in my head, painting certain parts of my jeep again, getting the front of my jeep fixed, photo stuff that I’ve been putting off, organizing my CD’s…) I did clean out my closet last week and got rid of 5 bags of clothes. That feels good. I let my friend go though them first. I’ll take the rest to some organization for kid’s that needs clothes.

My debt is just about paid off. I’m looking forward to a few concerts coming up.
I’m ready to quit my job and go work for less money in the field that interests me…. so I say today anyway.

I think that once my debt is completely gone then I can do that. I was thinking that I was saving to buy a loft but there is no way I can afford that anytime soon. I’m going to look at some lofts this weekend anyway.

I love Feedback …. Just listening to ‘my bloody valentine’.

Tonight: Thursday May 18th Peter Walker is at The Prospector in Long Beach.
Saturday May 20th – Look at Lofts oh no.. the Gay Pride Festival is going on, I’m not going to find parking in Long Beach!

Sunday May 21st – Denim Sale w/ Julie
Monday May 29th - The Bronx / 400 Blows at Spaceland
Thursday June 1st - Peter Walker at Spaceland
Tuesday June 6th – The Vacation, Icarus Line at El Rey
Friday June 9th - Josh Ritter & Richard Swift at El Rey
Tuesday June 13th - Wolfmother at Canes (San Diego)
Wednesday June 14th - Black Crowes at Greek
Wednesday June 14th - The Raconteurs at Fonda
Thursday June 15th – The Vacation at Spaceland
Thursday June 15th – The Walkmen at El Rey w/ Mazarin
Thursday June 15th – The Giraffes & Eagles of Death Metal at Fonda
Friday June 23rd - Neko Case at Fonda
Saturday June 24th - The Hunches at Spaceland
Thursday June 29th - Radiohead at Greek
Friday June 30th - Radiohead at Greek

11:48 AM

May 9th 2006

Music: AC-DC song: Thunderstruck

The wedding was amazing! Mark and Karen looked beautiful and so did the rest of the wedding party. They were surrounded by so many good friends and family, love was all around. The music was great [no chicken dance, no bad wedding songs], just a wonderful piano player and a few really good mixed CD’s filled with everything from The Rolling Stones to Lyle Lovett. The food was so good, lots of different types of pasta and salads. Instead of a wedding cake they had a cupcake tree, also cheese and crackers and all the ingredients to make your own s’mores, perfect! Including a flowing chocolate tree and an OPEN BAR!!

The wedding took place on the grounds of this fabulous house in Del Mar. The front yard had this grassy slope where they set up the chairs and alter where they were to say their vows. Off to the side you can see all the little kids rolling down the slope with their cute little dresses and suits on. The little flower girls were walking around together holding baskets of flowers, it was so adorable!

Before it started we kept hearing what sounded like thunder or someone taking large trash bins down the street. One of Marks friends who sat behind me heard someone say “it sounds like thunder” so he started in with the beginning of “thunderstruck” by AC-DC and the whole row started singing it.

It was classic and would only happen at Marks wedding! Mark is a total rocker.
It turns out that the noise was the wind blowing on the microphone.

Mark and his best men walked in from the side to the alter and I can see that Mark was already getting verklempt and as Karen came down the Isle he lost it. It was so emotional for him. If you knew Mark you would fully understand. As most Capricorns are, Mark is very sensitive and sentimental. Karen held up perfect and even tried to comfort Mark as tears rolled down his face. I’m sure the guys all had a bet as to when his waterworks would start.
I believe it was a Beatles song that was playing as Karen walked down the isle.
The vows really pulled on everybody’s heartstrings, mostly because Mark was so adorable with his handkerchief while saying them. They had passed out a little booklet before the wedding that had words from both Karen and Mark about everyone in the wedding party. It was so cool of them to do that.

Later on the toasts were being made by some of the wedding party. Some were long and some were really really short, so short that it was basically a look of “I love you man” and a raise of the glass. I started to cry when Rich made that toast, he just couldn’t speak….. totally understandable beings they have been friends forever. Rich got him his dream job of working with one of Marks favorite musicians ever, Brian Setzer. Mark got to live his dream back in the day, thanks to Rich.

I was extremely happy to see Jude at the wedding [he used to be mine and Julies hairstylist years ago]. It’s just nice to see friends become a success. He now does The Osbournes hair. He was doing hair on an extreme makeover show but I think It didn’t last for to long. The Clayton brothers were there, artists that Mark took classes from at the art school in Pasadena.

After a few glasses of wine I was coaxed out on the dance floor. If you know me then you know that I just don’t dance but after a few more, you just couldn’t take me off the dance floor. It was so much fun. I definitely want to learn the different types of swing dances now.

The wedding started around 4pm and lasted until the last van full of people left the hill at around 11pm (my friends and I). Luckily Sandy was sober and was able to make sure everyone got home safely. THANK YOU SANDY!!

Pictures to follow when I get around to it.

9:54 AM

May 4th

I’m writing on here less and less, it seems.

I’ve been listening to this CD by Peter Walker called Young Gravity, on and off for the past couple of weeks. I have to say that the songs are clever stories that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. His voice reminds me bit of Jacob Dylan and a tad bit of Neil Young voice-wise and the flow of the music. It’s beautiful. I think if you’re a fan of bands like Wilco and Son Volt as well as The Wallflowers and Neil Young you will enjoy this CD.
One of my favorite tracks is track 3 called Flagship. It has so many different guitar parts on this one, it’s really cool. The other one is song 10 called By a thread. The guitars just flow in a pretty way. Songs 1 and 2 are my other favorites, it’s all good!
What’s even better about Peter Walker is that he’s a really nice down to earth guy.
If I lived in LA and if the gas prices weren’t so high, I’d be going to all his show’s coming up.
I recently saw him at The Prospector in Long Beach. That was an interesting place to see a band. My friend and I walked in and everyone turned around and looked at us as if we were in the wrong place. There was this Lounge type Jazz band playing with the most awful lady singer ever, she was so way out of tune that we just had to turn around and walk out.
At first we thought that maybe we got the date wrong because it said 9pm but I guess it was Hollywood time which means 11pm. So we drove around a bit and came back.
This younger guy was hanging out front on a bench so we talked to him and found out that he was playing in the band after Peter, I forgot the band name because we didn’t stick around…. It was late and we had to work. Finally around 10 or so Peter and his band showed up as well as some friends of the other band and the Jazz crowd went home to bed.
Peter picked up the tempo a bit with his 3 piece rockin’ band.
I took a few photos that I haven’t put on the photo page yet. I’ll get to it.

One of my best friends [Mark Miller] is getting married this Saturday. I think it will be very exciting. All of our very close friends will be there. These are friend that I’ve known for about 15 plus years. Music brought most of us together. That and working at Tempo Records and going to High School together.
He told me it’s going to be an open bar and he’s got a band [the piano player from Brian Setzer Orchestra, J.P’s band] It’s going to be at a nice house in Del Mar.
I’m really looking forward to it.
I have been looking for something to wear for the past month or so and finally just last weekend I found a dress at the Citadel Outlet Mall off the 5 freeway. They really have built that place up, a lot more shops then the first time I was there years ago. I got a black (yes black) dress at the BCBG store – on sale! I also got a great deal on some Copper Kenneth Cole heals from Ross.
I’ll post some photos from the wedding…….. sometime.

I finally got Tivo. The first one was a bad box and I returned it to Amazon. I got the new one just days after I re-ordered it. I set it up that same day and taped The Bedford Diaries that same night. I need to get VH1 so I can watch Love Monkey! I’m sure I’ll just end up buying the DVD’s when and if they ever make any.

In other exciting music-related news, I just found out that Wolfmother is going to be playing at the Henry Fonda on June 14th and The Hunches are going to be at Spaceland on June 24th. Also Spoon are playing with Death Cab for Cutie at the Greek in August, Radiohead is playing the last 2 nights of June at the Greek, and Soul Asylum will be at the Troubadour July 11th.
If you aren’t going to a wedding this Saturday and you need to see some amazing rock bands then I suggest you get on over to The Knitting Factory to see Sabrosa Purr on the mainstage.

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