The Girl that gets the B-Sides......"for the love of music"....


7:03 PM

movie: Amores Perros "loves a bitch" isn't it though?!
um... i've decided to stay home and watch Gael Garcia Bernal, eeer.. um..i mean the movie that he is in called amores perros, he plays a streetwise loser. what do you know ... just my type!! what a lovely man he is!! I should have "À la Folie... Pas du Tout" w/ Audrey Tautou - (he loves me, he loves me not) by monday. I'm into the foreign flicks right now as you can tell.
yes, i've decided to stay home on this beautiful saturday night, put my pj's on, drink hot chocolat and watch dvd's.
i just got an e-mail from my favorite aunt who lives in Kenya, she mentioned that my sister is planning on going to Kenya for a visit in the near future. I totally want to go! I'm sure, my sister doesn't even mention this to me... whatever. i just love how close my family is (she says sarcastically). I just need the money for the plane ticket and I have a place to stay. anyone wanna go?? someday.......
hey - anyone who went to spaceland tonight, let me know how it was. and i'm sorry for missing you once again sara, i'm sure i'll catch you at the hotel cafe one of these days. and to my best buddy in chicago, bern - let me know how rocket from the tombs are tonight, i missed them for some odd reason when they played here. keep warm. ~Suze
ps- turns out that i've already seen this movie before. it was a good one so i watched it again. i tend to do this from time to time.
i stayed home all day on sunday..... the movies on tv suck on sundays. no one called me and i didn't call anyone so i just stayed home. i do have some tenacious D dvd's i could watch....... hmmm.

1:19 AM

music: gimme skelter!!
if you haven't picked up this amazingly wonderful cd then i strongly suggest that you go out and get it right away. you can't go wrong with a buddyhead compilation full of bands such as Mudhoney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dead Meadow, Le Tigre, Wire, Weezer and Iggy!! and i can't forget a band called shat doing "what the fuck do you think christina aguilera is doing right now?" it's the bonus track.
It's chalk full of screaming voices and fuzzy guitars. simply fantastic.

before i forget... did you hear that SLAYER is going to be playing saturday?! I would totally go if it weren't going to be at the Universal. I read that they are going to be doing the full "Reign in Blood" album plus a full set. that would be amazing!! also Pat Benatar is going to be at Ameoba at 2pm Friday Dec 12th "hit me with your best shot" ;)
I also just read that at the Viper Room this Monday Dec 1st is going to be Metal Shop as usual but Black & Blue are playing! Now I'm wondering if it's the same Black N' Blue that I was into in my so-called "metal" years?! if it is...... I wanna go. oh but i'm planning on going to the el rey to see the pernice brothers anyway.

i just got home from spaceland. I wasn't gonna go but then my friend scott called and wanted to go see a band so i suggested we go to spaceland. The Rolling Blackouts were great. It's like one of those bands that you enjoy while watching them right at that moment but two days after you don't really remember much of what they sounded like. don't get me wrong, i do love this band and I'll go see them again and again. I think it's just that they don't have catchy songs. and thats fine with me. I love music with heavy guitars and screaming voices. I absolutely love it!! bands like blue bird, fu manchu - stoner rock if you will. it's all like that. great though.
i didn't like kittens for christian at all. scott said they sounded like korn, i'll have to take his word on that as i've somehow avoided that whole music scene in my life and never heard a full song of theirs. the guys couldn't sing, they didn't even have the guitar stance down. ha ha! the drummer was annoying to say the least. they just sucked.
i think i'm going to spaceland tomorrow night as well (saturday). besides my friend the ever so lovely sara melson playing, this Argentinean woman by the name of Juana Molina is the headliner. please check out her website, it's pretty cool. have a great w/e, whatever you do - S

4:13 PM

music: rolling stones

do you ever get anxiety attacks? i don't think this is what i have, but sorta. i feel the need to go out because i haven't in a long time, but at the same time i'm completely happy with staying in watching a movie as i have been doing lately. that netflix really comes in handy! tonight the rolling blackouts are playing at spaceland. should be a great show.

on monday i went to see paul f. tompkins at the largo. jack black showed up. that guy if fucking amazing! i find him attractive in an odd way too?! it was a funny night to say the least. and thats just what i'm doing "saying the least".
on tuesday i was bored and finally got out to see 21 grams as i've been talking about doing for awhile now. great flick!! i drove all the way to the grove in L.A. to see it. traffic on the way up and traffic on the way back. after that i'm not going to get a job in L.A. unless I end up moving there! I missed jason collett at fingerprints. it was my intention to see him at 7pm on my way back from the movie. just didn't happen.
on thursday, which was thanksgiving, i didn't do much at all. i hit a movie with my mom. we saw the missing, which was better than i expected. later that night i watched julian donkey not a very thanksgiving type of movie. ha ha. it was good though, not great but pretty good.
more later - S

10:55 AM

music: grant lee phillips - the Detroit Cobras

another night at the largo. Robyn Hitchcock did a pretty long set. older stuff ... even balloon man. i was surprised he did "so you think your in love". of course his banter is always great. you never know what the hell he is going on about. I was surprised to see all the jon brion largo regulars at this show, well not really surprised just happy. My friend sandy who i hardly ever see anymore and the gang had a table near PJ/the door so i switched seats for awhile with my old friend steve who i haven't seen since the NAMM show last year. he sat at my seat at the bar while i sat at the table. i could tell sandy wasn't into robyn at all just by the look on her face. we went back to my bar seat for awhile. she was just along for the ride. her boyfriend and my ex are big robyn hitchcock fans. we all had a good time.
Grant lee phillips was there, so was Jon Brion! they got up and did some songs - beatles/dylan and other stuff i don't remember.
i may just go on tuesday but i don't know. 15 bucks is a lot for a show you've just seen.
today there is an instore at fingerprints in long beach with new model army - an acoustic set. (clash/jam/billy bragg) kinda sound. it's at 2pm. i'm gonna go. then i'm thinking about going to watch 21 GRAMS at the arc in L.A. - a new movie that just opened.
have a good week. watch out for the stuff in turkeys that makes you feel sleepy!!

......later sunday - just got home. new model army were pretty good. just not my cup of tea. sandy and dave were eating at supermex across the street from fingerprints so i went over after a few songs. i'm super tired now! i ran into a few friends over at fingerprints. jory and i were talking about heading over to ameoba but desided to wait till during the week. i bought the new strokes cd and that "gimmie skelter" various artist cd and also the new Uncut magazine with the Clash on the cover.
i think i'm going to just relax tonight. i'm looking forward to seeing Paul F. Tompkins comdey night at the largo on Monday. ~ S

11:20 AM

music: supergrass

I went to the largo last night to see Jon Brion. David Garza opened for him. this guy has an amazing voice and sings in spanish sometimes. beautiful!! he started out with a song in spanish then did two of my favorite songs: too much and disco ball world!
it seemed that everyone was there last night. meaning all largo regulars old and fairly new. it was like a mob scene. a fun mob scene!
jon started out with one of my favorite songs further along. then a few other songs and later some beatles just like i wanted him too, as if he read my mind or something. david garza and benmont tench were called upon the stage and it was an everly brothers night. strange but true. they did i think four or five everly brothers songs which included "wake up lil' suzy" my pop would have liked that one! he always told me i was named about that song. weird but i ask my mom and she says i was named after the model suzy parker. parents, what are you gonna do? benmont was tom pettys piano player. i remember 1976, when tom petty and the heartbreakers cassette was released. i had to have it along with stevie nicks/tom petty - stop dragging my heart around. my mom, my sister and I were traveling somewhere in her brown oldsmobile 442 (which i thought was an eye sore as a kid) as we did a lot back then and i just remember having to stop at a record store along the way and pick up the new tom petty. i was 8!!
tonight.......robyn hitchcock will be at the largo along with me, my best friend sandy, her boyfriend dave and his brother/my ex-boyfriend of 10 years andy and his wife kim.
this will be fun!! no really it will. i like them all. :)

11:46 PM

music: snowflake

it was a nice day today....i didn't have to work. i took the day off. went to 2nd street in Long Beach and had breakfast at the shorehouse cafe. while i was there "living on a prayer" by bon jovi played from the classic rock station they had on. i swear it's bon jovi week or something for me. too many references on that band lately! i'll get to that later......
last night i went to the largo to see greg behrendt, a funny rockin 40 yr old who has a comedy act called "bring the rock". last nights guests included moon zappa, karen kilgariff, peter stuart and wayne federmen. the "rock" band was called snowflake. they were great! the singer of the band is none other than nina gordon (awesome). They did songs in between the comedy guests. karen talked about her first sexual experience with some guy when she was a teenager, what that had to do with rock? i don't know but she is a funny lady. she also talked about liking adam and the ants as a kid, so did greg. this is when snowflake started in with "ant music" this was awesome! nina sang it slow. next up.... peter spoke of a bon jovi/richie sambora experience he had regarding attending some songwriters class in the south of france that either richie or jon attended.... it was a funny story. he went on to sing "wanted dead or alive"complete with the rocking guitar solos and of course the line......."i've seen a million faces and i've RoCkEd them all" and snowflake came up and did "living on a prayer" and then they did a Led Zeppelin song after a segue from this guy wayne federman. my favorite one of the night was moon zappa. she spoke of her childhood as a teenager which reminded me of mine except of course i didn't have a hit song called "valley girl - OMG, like totally, for sure" she liked the same rock bands as i did and wanted to marry these guys. she used to go to the NAMM show every year with her brother Dweezil, who i totally remember seeing every year at the NAMM show, i even had a slight crush on him. why? i don't know! anyway moon spoke of going to the NAMM show to find Bon Jovi or whoever.....but never did. instead found a certain lead singer who shall remain nameless till the story is over...this guy flew her out to florida for one of his gigs and even got her a hotel room. she was stupid just thinking they were friends. ...buddies if you will. long story short she had an abortion. yeah, it was her only 2nd time having sex and this happens to her. i can't believe she was telling all of us this. she was humorous about the whole thing. she had valley girl money so she could afford it etc....without letting her parents know. The guy later found out and was bummed. she was over him by this time. So snowflake comes on stage and does "round and round" by RATT. yeah, it was stephen percy. I also had a huge crush on this guy back then! I think me and Moon would have been best friends if we had ever met. beside the whole slutty thing, that wasn't and isn't my style. though i may have looked like one back then, complete with the stiletto's, ratted hair out to "here" and little black leather mini skirts. yikes is right! would never have guessed that i was the quiet one admiring from afar.

after all this bon jovi talk lately, i'm gonna say this. go ahead and start laughing now all my friends do. i was at/in two bon jovi videos. "living on a prayer" and "you give love a bad name". yeah, that's right! oh and a poison video "cry tough" and GNR "welcome to the jungle" AND the Nirvana video for "smells like teen spirit" although i'm not seen in it, my friend sarah and gary are all over the place. gary does the back flip on top of the people on the bleachers. sarah is rocking out with long black and red hair while standing. my friend cari is the only one i've shown the "living on a prayer" video to. she actually had a copy. we spend about 15 minutes using the slowmo on the remote and paused it when you can see me. it was just before or right after the drummer throws his drum sticks in the air. not really. i had some good times while growing up 10 or 15 years ago.

.......then at midnight i head over to the silverlake lounge for the vacation show. good. although i just have to mention that the silverlake lounge wins hands down for having THEE WoRsT bathroom I've eVeR been in. i was about to go into the mens and two guys and a girl walk out. um ok..... the girls were taking a long long time...finally i walk in and what do you know ... no paper of any kind anywhere. soo glad i keep kleenix in my purse! i even left some for the nice girl behind me. this other girl came up to us with her herion looking body to tell us her band is playing soon, she was drunk and/or on something. the other girl and i just gave each other this "how sad" look. she then stood in front of the vacation smoking and giving ben and steve the "i wanna fuck your brains out" look. it was pretty sad to say the least. the music...yeah the music. sorry, this is what it's all about...anyway. They sounded good, i was standing in the only area that was open which was next to the stage by paxton. the sound is super loud over there. it was really crowded because it was the FrEE Monday night show. they played a few new songs and i really like the one cherry cola song (again, sorry if i'm getting the name wrong) the other new song they did, i didn't get. I'll have to hear it again or something.
I didn't see any of the other bands that played with them. that was a long monday night....

tired, hungry. 2:30am! nite!!

ps- remember Al's Bar?
man, i had some good times at this punk bar back in those days same with jabberjaw as they also mention in the article. I miss Bogarts and Fenders of Long Beach. :(

8:43 AM

music: Nirvana

ok, my cat pete... still cute, only not as much anymore..... I get home last night from the Largo and my record player is going around, cd's on the floor and the needle is digging into the LP mat. yeah, you can say i was a little pissed. I'm not really one to own an animal but he just showed up on my doorstep at my old apartment in Long Beach and I couldn't resist. As many of my dates back then, just kidding.
My last one was all black and very small with a crooked tail, i'm talking about the last cat that was on my doorstep, not my date..... I didn't keep that one, though I wished I had still to this day.

Who would have thought that you could be walking by the Largo on Friday night at around midnight and hear everyone singing "tainted love" at the tops of their lungs!
Jon Brion put on one hell of a show once again last night with Tom Brossau opening. Tom opened with "I believe she's lying" he slowed it down alot. It was as if he were telling us a story, the way he sang it reminded me of Mr. Bob Dylan back in the 60's.
Jon took the first request that was yelled out which was "Here we go" (punch drunk love) then continued with T-Rex- The Slider (awesome version i might add!!), The Greys "Not Long for this World" Aimee Mann "Amatuer" The Boss "dancin' in the dark" Nirvana "broken mirrors" (he has been doing this one alot lately).....other highlights..... Gabe, the fiddle player came up. they did pieces of songs like The Replacements "Unsatisfied", The Pixies "Gigantic" - suze's mind goes blank and forgets the rest for now. It was a good night.
Today at 4pm Carla from the Geraldine Fibbers is going to be playing at Ameoba. She is also playing at Spaceland tonight, though I'm not going. I ended up organizing all of my cds only to find out that I need to build another cd rack, which I have no room for.

5:47 PM

my cat pete is soo damn cool!
he was in my room making the record player go around with his paw, just sitting there watching it go 'round and 'round. I don't even get mad at him anymore for doing stuff like that. hell, i don't get mad anymore period! except in traffic, but i already mentioned that. anyways i end up laughing at myself for getting pissed in the first place. I like to laugh at people who get upset so quickly!
I'm working back in the Bio-Lab in the hospital where I started out. I'm sure glad it's at least the same pay. I get to see more dead bodies go by. Work is getting slow, budget 's etc... Pretty soon ( a week or two) I'll be looking for another job. If anyone knows of any Administrative/Project Coordinator type work, let me know. thanks. I'd prefer in a creative environment but at this point, I probably shouldn't be too picky.

On the music side of things, I haven't gone out to see a band since Sunday. I think I'm starting to have withdrawls, can't .....breath.....
I went to the movies last night to see Love Actually, I know I know! I do have many other movies on my list to see but for the entertainment value of it, it was cute. I didn't have to think about anything. hee hee. The best part is when the cute little boy falls in love with the 10 year old singer and he learns how to play the drums to win her over. and what do you know, it worked. oops sorry - gave that one away, didn't I? as if you were going to go see it anyway. so there I saved you 10 bucks. you can thank me later.

11:26 AM

All Tomorrows Parties!

I ended up going with my friend roger, though he left to go drink during some of the bands that i wanted to check out so i was by myself for the most part.

I heard the bangs as i drove through the parking lot. I love that 60's girls garage band sound. I think the first band we saw was electrelane who played on the ship stage, I remember liking them but i don't remember the sound. this is what sucks when going to a festival, or maybe i have a problem with my memory (i'm sure that's it). sometimes a memory of a band pops in my head for no reason and i think to myself, wow! i saw that band??! cool.
if someone reminds me then it will come back to me.
We walked outside to see James Chance...this was all about noise. They remind me of bands i'd go see at "Ourhouse" in Costa Mesa many years ago. Horns, Keyboards.... just jazzy punk rock noise. Back to the ship to see part of Jackie O Motherfucker....nothing like i expected from the name at all. I saw about 10 people on the stage with instruments strewn about on the floor, in their lap - just everywhere. no room to walk. it was noisefest2003! at first i was walking around trying to find a place to watch but it was just so packed and i couldn't tell if they had actually started playing yet because their sound was as if they were tunning the whole time. Jon Brion would have had a field day with all the toys! it got better toward the end. they kicked it up a notch or two. {smile}
same thing with terry riley....i had no idea they were even playing, it was these older fellas playing mood music.... like enya or something like that. just not my thing... this is when i ran into the 3 guys i went to high school with. I asked one of them if the band started already and he laughed and said i think so. he also told me that the new guy in mars volta (keyboards) still lives in long beach and used to work at fingerprints. he did look familiar... pretty cool gig for him, traveling around the world a few times before he even hits 30! next i walked over to the main stage outside to see mission of burma (punky pop). i don't own anything by them but i may pick something up now. I then ran back to the ship to catch Carla Bozulich and her hubby Nils Cline. She was in a couple of bands i'd see many years ago called Ethel Meatplow & my favorite Geraldine Fibbers. Now is doing this 'red headed stranger' thing - doing Willie Nelson songs. her voice is amazing and i enjoy listening to her.
back to the main stage (legs are getting a workout!!) for the Elliott Smith Tribute with Lou Barlow (sebadoh) and elliotts band backing him. they did bled white, division day, cupid's trick, needle in the hay, a passing feeling. then the MINDERS came out and did a few. On the last song , "Happiness", some people came out on stage and i'm thinking one was elliotts sister. they were all off key. i had a few tears in my eyes as i could tell it was hard for them..... not because they were off key {smile}. man they were bad!
next up was Mars i'm standing around alone just people watching, this is when i start to notice all these drunk kids, either passed out or just stumbling about. I did see these 2 nice guys holding up this pissed drunk girl, trying to get her out of there. they were pulling up her skirt which was sorta falling off of her. (this is what i mean by a nice guy) who knows what they did to her once they got her back to the car. ... just goes to show you, it's nice to have good sober friends around when you can't see or walk!!
i've found a nice spot on the grass near the stage and no one is around, waiting for the mars volta to hit the stage when i see this fat drunk guy stumbling towards me. *please don't come near me*please don't come near me*please don't come near me* AND what does he do? .... he almost fell on me, he mumbled something then fell to the ground pretty much right next to me. his friend came over - drunk as well. I sat for about 1 minute more then got up and walked around and came back just as Mars volta came on. I couldn't handle the crazy slam pit so i opt to move back a few feet. I've never seen "at the drive in" but i'm sure i'd like them because The Mars Volta were great! The singer goes nuts on stage. The sound is like experimental rock noise. I think this is the band that all the kids came to see.
Next up was Iggy... as i was waiting for the stooges to hit the stage, again i sit alone. this guy comes walking over to me and it's one of my old flipside friends who i didn't expect to see there. he didn't have a camera in his hand which was a surprise to me!
I took some photos throughout the day/night but didn't bring my telephoto lens in. I totally could have, seeing all the other cameras and video cameras!! I may have got a few alright shots from where i was standing for the most part.
the lights went out - enter THE STOOGES...... crowd goes fucking nuts.... I move back a few more feet. Iggy says the word *fuck* alot. I guess to impress the younger crowd... i don't know. he did mention something about knowing more than that word, so he was well aware and amused by it himself. after about 3 songs - off goes his shirt. his tight stretch jeans were falling off his ass. I couldn't help but think to myself....this guy is done, he can stop now, he proved his point. He can go home and relax, he's done it all. retire.
but as i look around, everyone is really into it. I mean *hands in the air* into it.
I don't know what happened to mr. pop, but he had this awful limp and as he was trying to climb the amp i was praying for his safety. he did start humping the amp so i figured he was ok at this point. It didn't stop there......he jumped off the amp and headed for the crowd and didn't stop. STAGE DIVE! twice even.
as he ran from stage right to stage left his limp seemed to get worse. he still rocked though. I stayed until the encore started.
((older version)) - he's getting up there and he can still rock but his body isn't as hot as you may think. it's all elastic and it looks as though you could set a drink on his lower back while he was standing. he's got a weird shape to his body now. and something was wrong with is hip or leg or something. he has this bad limp.
though he was still running/jumping/stage diving/climbing and humping the amps.
i'll write more later, perhaps about each band i saw, if i don't get them mixed up.
one more thing..... why do i always attract the drunk old fat men? ha ha.
so many drunk kids there. it was stupid. it's like "i remember my first drink"!
i saw 3 people passed out. in the grass, on the sidewalk just ouside the queen mary and one up front by the side of the stage. this was all before the 2 top bands.
i ran into 3 guys i went to high school with. it's weird how some people don't change at all then others look completely different. i had to look them up in my yearbook after i got home. as i was looking i noticed that i did have alot of friends back in high school, more than i thought. Yet i've only kept in touch
with about 6 of them, including my high school b/f up until about a year ago when i went to visit him and figured out he was still dealing, just bad news all around. I think i only kept in touch with him because i was the only one he could trust and he needed that in his life. the real subject here...

i'm glad i went but then again, i could have missed it and it would have been no big deal. it was something to do. i enjoyed it more than i expected for a big festival show. many many beautiful people were there!
talk later - suze
ps - i feel like i can sleep for a whole day right now. so much walking back and forth between stages, outside and inside.

11:30 PM

music: the new pornographers / nirvana
i just got home from seeing the vacation at the record store.
at least two of my friends out of like 10 that i invited came and liked it. yay!
man, paxton rocks on the drums! i was watching him most of the time.
i took a nap before i left and still wasn't quite awake when i got there so i had
some hot tea then rocked out and now i'm tired again.
after the vacation were over i caught a bit of high speed scene then left to see
UDORA at the hard rock cafe. i parked and looked for my buddy leo but no one was in site and i started feeling impatient (i do this from time to time) i felt like i walked around outside of the beverly center, around the building a few times. it was weird cuz i felt like i could walk forever. i was alone in my thoughts and wasn't in the mood to see a band anymore. i could have walked some more but i wasn't sure about how safe the area was so i just went home. tired now. g'nite.
keep it real {wink}
i'm going to ATP @ the Queen Mary to see IGGY POP and some other bands but now i'm not that excited about it anymore esp. because i wasn't able to get a photo pass this time. i hate going to big gigs w/o my camera!

4:24 PM

music: swervedriver - raise
i don't have much to post today. just bored at work thinking about seeing jon brion once again tonight. it's more of a social thing now, gotta get out - ya know.
man, i love the guitars on this cd! esp. the song called 'sandblasted'! wow!!

oh yeah - i just got this e-mail: THE VACATION....... SATURDAY!!!!!
THE VACATION is gonna play a free show tomorrow (Sat. Nov. 8th) at this cool record store called Found Music which is at 5472 Wilshire Blvd. (near the El Rey). Our friends in The High Speed Scene are also playing...THE VACATION at 7:00 p.m. and THE HIGH SPEED SCENE play at 8:00
that's all. thanks.

11:43 AM

CD's that I grabbed on the way to work: captain beefheart 'safe as milk', big moma thorton ' ball n' chain, dead boys 'young loud and snotty', butthole surfers ' independent worm saloon (this rocks!) & electric larryland'my CD's are all out of order and I had the urge to listen to the butthole surfers and came across the rest, the captain beefheart is what someone mentioned last night and a friend of mine had made this CD for me awhile back saying I would like it.
It reminds me of Jon Wahl meets 60's hippy rock. You definitely have to be in the mood for this. I'm diggin it right now. Dead boys because I'm going to see rocket from the tomb soon / cheetah chrome was also in the dead boys.

************ wow that was a long intro*********

I went to see 20 Miles, The Vacation and The Rolling Blackouts last night at the Derby. And to think I almost stayed home! after work I came home took a snappy nap and almost said fuck it I'm too tired.
I couldn't miss seeing 20 Miles or the other bands which were like icing on the cake.
so to the The Derby I went! I was still feeling sleepy so I went to the coffee bean and got my favorite hot passion fruit latte tea and drank that outside while the first band was on.
The Rolling Blackouts were great! I can't believe I hadn't seen them before. They are a local L.A. band that has the 70's rock feel but really rockin'!!
The Vacation were up next, they have this new song I've heard a few times now that I like called "cherry cola" or something like that. Sorry if I'm saying it wrong.
I look forward to seeing a set with the new songs. They get tighter and tighter every time I see them. Though Ben still scares me when he comes over and sings in my face, especially when my camera isn't ready. ha ha. Ben did this break dance thing on the floor next to me that was amazing. The man can move!! He also did this sexy chair dance and this was while he was singing. Pure Talent! Seriously.
The whole band is tight. : Paxton on drums, Dutch on Bass, Steve on guitar and Ben rocking the mic.
next up was 20 Miles. Though it was late, nearly midnight people stuck around, which was cool. I think a lot of people are unaware of Judah of 20 Miles only because he is on a smaller label than the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Judahs other band). It's a shame really, because he is a really good guitar player who is trying to do his own music besides just The Blues Explosion. I only own 2 of their CD's, and wasn't aware that they have 4 out, one being the new one. They are on Fat Possum label with amazing old blues bands such as R. L. Burnside, Paul Wine Jones, Junior Kimbrough, T Model Ford.
The last time I saw 20 miles his guitar player was sick, judah broke like 3 strings all night and it just wasn't a good show. This time made up for it completely. The band is as tight as they could be. I'm not familiar with the new songs. They played some old songs which I absolutely love and they did 'going down south' by R.L. Burnside which was almost as if R. L. was on stage singing it himself.
A great night all around.
I had such a great time that I didn't mind just 5 hours of sleep. Though I am staying in tonight.... I think. well let me check my schedule.
raisins are good!

10:03 AM

Elliott Smith Tribute Concert L.A.


Elliott Smith Tribute NY

this first article forgot to mention that elliotts little sister appeared on stage first and it was just heart breaking to watch. she told a story about elliott putting hundred dollar bills in homeless peoples boots while they were sleeping. how sweet is that!
the other highlight for me was the 88 who were on first then some people who i didn't even know. the problem is that they never announced who they were.
i'll post more article as they come in. : Alaska, whiskey biscuit and future pigeon, jenny lewis/rilo kiley, john doe, lou barlow, radar brothers, tito from tito and the tarantula...ithis man had a hard time getting through the song with out tears. it was sad.


9:58 PM

music: jon brion

i don't mean to get all randy newman on you but I LOVE L.A.!! It was such a beautiful day today. I picked up my friend mark and we had lunch at swingers (gotta love a jukebox that plays devo). drove down melrose and saw BUZZ from the Melvins looking in a shop window. the hair, oh the hair! ha ha. or it was my friend KirK, they both have the same crazy hair. then we walked around downtown and ended up at the standard hotel. OMG! this place is amazing, i mean the roof is totally cool. this was my first time up there and it's like a different world. cool furniture, these waterbed things that you can sit and talk on, a pool, a bar and a few areas to eat at with heat lamps even. You have to go check it out, I think It's off of 3rd, around the corner from the library.

we walked over to MOCA (museum of contempory arts) then i went to the elliott smith memorial by myself. lit a candle for Rowan, (new friendster friend from england) with his message on it and took some photos for him. as i got there I sat in my car fumbling for a sharpie and i got all shakey. as i walked up and started to read all the beautiful things that people have written on the wall and letters and photos on the ground i started to cry. it's just really overwhelming to see.

11:36 AM

music: still dylan, well in my head cuz i'm not listening to anything right this minute.

yesterday while driving home from work i got this incredible feeling of happiness and i started to have all these thoughts about this feeling. I'm talking I was completely giddy and i don't know why. I think it's a choice you make in your life to be happy or sad. wouldn't it be nice if everyone choose to be happy, everyone smiling all the time? traffic is the one thing where my happiness can do a complete turn around. especially when i'm driving alone, i start cussing at people even though they can't hear me then i start laughing at myself. you know what. forgive me, this all sounded so profound in my head and now....not so much! okey, yeah, so point taken. be happy.
i am so glad i didn't stay home last night. i was tired and all but i felt the urge to go to a place where i felt completely comfortable. hmm the largo, yep.
Kennedy was there, but he did some comedy. he dressed up as jon brion, flanny dressed up as Bob, the new guy (forgot his name. sorry guy) he dressed up as flanny, and bob, well he had this most horrifying archie mask i've ever seen on. oh and ellen the bartender dressed as a flapper, she looked amazing with a black bob wig on. the new waitress dressed as audrey hepbern and the other waitress dressed as kennedy. ok the comedy in all of this is that fake flanny (new guy) came on stage and introduced fake jon and fake jon (kennedy) came on stage and fake bob (flanny)kept coming on stage and drinking jons guinness. finally the real kennedy took off the jon brion clothes and proceeded to belt out one of jons songs in a Run DMC style which was the funniest thing ever! Jon Brion finally ended up coming on stage and made flanny turn off the lights while he played halloween theme type music on piano and when the lights came back on he was in this skeleton jumper costume with the hands included. he had the doctors office vibe going on in the back of his costume. Meg and Jack White came in thru the back half way through jons set......well, at first glance. ha ha. cool costumes! PJ the door guy was dressed as a Viking. I wished I'd have dressed up, next year I will if I go to the largo. ps - jon did a great version of Helter Skelter!! awesome.

i was gonna go to the memorial last night but it started to rain really hard, which was cool, i love the rain but it probably wasn't the BEST time to go. Today is beautiful though. I love the after rain feeling. all the scum is washed off the street on (taxi driver) ok so...... have a wonderful w/e!!

it's 6:30pm now. today i got a hair cut and someone mentioned that tom waits may show up at que sera tonight as his old drummer is going to be playing. i highly doubt this is true that tom would show up in long beach at some dive club but it's possible. i just can't be bothered though. i mean, i'm pretty tired. tonight is a good night to stay home and watch DVD's. i'm still waiting for josh to get back to me on that ticket...tick tick tick tick. hmmmm.
i think i'll go have lunch in LA somewhere, hit a movie and the memorial for Elliott.

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