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11:37 PM

Music: Electric Eel Shock - Go Europe!
This CD fucking rocks! They sing half in Japanese the other half English. The guitars are going OFF! It's soooo Gooood!

I rushed to Bionic Records after work to pick it up and i was hoping to see one of my crushes working next door at furnace, the skate shop. nope.

Tonight at the last minute I decided to go see The Veils at The Hotel Cafe. My friend Rick who lives in L.A. said he would meet me at Amoeba and then go with me.
I got to shop around Amoeba and check my other crush out while he was working in the cheap bin..... he always dresses so cool. my dad used to wear the same pants he was wearing tonight. those levi brand slacks. ohh man how I love those! He had baby blue ones on. :) I can never find those. I want some in black! The dude is just so hot, but he seems the type that doesn't know he's hot. i like that!
I didn't buy anything, i was just lookin'.
Rick and I went to eat first then headed to The Hotel Cafe..... it was kinda packed in there. Turns out it was a solo gig with just one of the guys from The Veils. It was still amazing. He started out on piano then sat and played guitar and sang the rest of the set. He's sounded like the bastard child from Morrissey and Rufus.. ... I mean .. if that were ever possible. I'm glad I got to see him in such a tiny place. I kept thinking about how cool it would have been to see Jeff Buckley in such a small place such as Sin'e in NY. The Veils guy went on a little after 9pm and I was home by 10:40. I wanted to get some sleep ..... but here I am on the computer, listening to Electric Eel Shock with my headphones.

I'm probably going to skip the largo tomorrow (friday) and go see The Vacation/ The Thieves/ The Flash Express at Spaceland instead.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Reigning Sound withe the Hives on Tuesday at the Fonda. I'd like to go on Monday as if you know anyone with an extra ticket, let me know. :)

6:13 PM

Music: The Hives and Harry Nilsson

save save save! damn this computer!
here goes again....

While I was at work today I had Indie 103.1 down real low on my computer so I wouldn't disturb the meeting which was going on outside of my cube (Japanese guys - btw, have you ever seen this website called
ENGRISH.COM? - it's worth a look) anyway.... I heard something that sounded familiar so I turned it up a bit and to my surprise at 4:57 p.m. they were playing "No hard feelings" by The Vacation! Very Cool!!

I've been sick since last Wednesday with a sore throat. I'm thinking I got it from something in the air at the Rooney show because my friend Erich had been sick since then as well and he went with me.

I went to see JET at the Anaheim House of Blues on Sunday. It was just to crowded for my taste and I wasn't in the mood to find a good spot. I stood near the door so if I felt like leaving early (which I did) I wouldn't have to fight the crowd to get out of there. It was hot and the crowd was really lame. What is it with men thinking that it's ok to talk and talk and talk to women even though they are obviously not interested? I don't get it. Get a clue! The guy was getting drunk and the first band wasn't even done yet and he kept leaning into me at the bar to talk to me... just asking me stupid questions like "where do you live". ok, maybe It was because I wasn't in a friendly/talkative mood but c'mon .... leave me the fuck alone. perhaps if the guy had something interesting to say or he looked like a JET fan then It would have gone differently but this was not the case. As soon as these girls came near the bar to order some drinks I snuck behind them and off to the other bar to stand. Now I was super close to the exit and I could see the stage alright, just not the drummer so much. The first band sucked ass. I think their name was "everybody something" I'm not sure. Sloan was boring to me. I was a fan about 10 years ago but over it now. As soon as Jet came on I was already over it. By the time they played "Hold on" their hit, and everyone started singing along ..... I had to Jet myself. I couldn't take it. I will never go to another big show again, it's just not worth it to me. I'd much rather go to the Troubadour or Spaceland, maybe even The Fonda Theatre. I think even the Wiltern is too big to really enjoy. I wish all my musician friends luck with "making it" and all but I'd much rather see them at smaller venues. Both Anaheim and L.A. House of Blues venues suck when it is a sold out show. never again! Have i complained enough yet? sorry.

This week has gone by pretty fast for me. I can't believe it's already Wednesday. I haven't really gone out much lately. I did go to L.a. on Sunday to meet a friend at the Farmers Market for Brunch. Have you ever been to Kokomo cafe? (spell?) it was awesome. I had this Black Bean cake, it was the best! The waitress reminded us of Fiona Apple. I totally want to go back again some weekend. I went to Amoeba after brunch and spent some cash on : Nilsson, The Hives, Stereophonics and The Partridge Family. I have a crush on a couple of guys who work there, I finally got enough nerve to go up to one and ask about a CD (Electric eel shock) and he walked me over to the computer to look it up. thats it, I said "thanks" and thats all. Thats all I need. ha ha. I'm afraid to actually get to know him because what if ..... .. he isn't as nice as I think he might be. ha ha. I like to have little crushes all over the place and just leave it that way, it makes life that much more interesting. Don'tch think? I haven't really had time to listen to any of the Cd's all that much but I am enjoying Nilsson right now, this brings back childhood memories.
I like that music can do this......

I've been watching that T.V. show called "Summerland" and i'm getting sucked into it. You know these sitcoms are just as bad as soap operas, it is a soap opera! The only show that I really enjoy watching is the Gilmore Girls or perhaps CSI but thats about it. I don't watch to much T.V. but when I was unemployed ... I used to watch "i love lucy, andy griffith and john edward" everyday! I don't have Tivo or Cable. Shows like the divorce court and cops gave me a headach listening to all the yelling, though sometimes those shows were interesting to.

I saw the new Bourne movie this past weekend. I liked it as much as the first one. I love going to the movies.
The Bourne Supremacy was action packed of course. I was pissed that the girl dies so early on in the movie. sorry for giving it away, but you knew it would happen! and now there will be another one. I wonder if Matt will bulk up even more for it, if he does he's gonna start looking like the Hulk! The two movies that I feel I can wait for Netflix are: Catwoman and I, Robot. I totally want to go see Garden State, The Village, Little Black Book , Meet the Fockers , Danny Deckchair, Alien vs. Predator , King Arthur, A Cinderella Story, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow , Wimbledon , Wicker Park , Vanity Fair , Novo , Head in the Clouds , Cellular and A Home at the End of the World.

I kinda got carried away with the movies there. Tonight I'm going to watch "The Slaughter Rule" with Ryan Gosling.... hee hee. I also have "Open your eyes" - the original one to watch, probably tomorrow night unless I decide to go out and see a band or something.

PS - a friend of mine sent me this interesting article about
this kind of stuff gives me a headache to actually sit and wonder about, kinda the same feeling from asking yourself that age old question "what is beyond the sky/stars/air.... OUT THERE?"
I think the world would get seriously fucked up if we could actually travel through time. sure we can maybe fix the 9/11 and some wars but from all what has happened, I'm sure some good things have come with it. I say "live and let live" Leave time alone.

Cheers -

11:54 PM

music: wilco - being there

i went to see Rooney on Sunday at the Wiltern Theatre.
i met my friend at about 5pm at the theatre then we headed to melrose to find a place to eat before the show. the line was almost around the block when i picked him up. thats just nuts to be waiting in line for 2 hours in the sun for the doors to open. i don't think it was even sold out. we drove around the hollywood hills for the hell of it then finally around 8pm we head back. turns out there were two bands we had to wait through. we were both pretty tired and before Rooney even hit the stage we were both yawning and complaining. ha ha. we were the oldest ones there.... well, i was at least. although i did see some "parents" lurking around. Rooney came on and the little girls were screaming. it was the same screams i remember hearing when i saw Scott Baio sing, yes sing! at Knotts Berry Farm. crazy. I was way into the guitar player. the guy is awesome. the singer is definitely a "showman" with all his hand claps and whatnot. the girls were eating out of the guys hands. after hearing one of their awful, and i do mean AWFUL new songs called 'the one armed man" we were both totally ready to hit the road for some much needed sleep. i can't believe how bad that song was. it's like they ran out of ideas and just had some random idiot off the street make some words up or something. i can almost guarantee you that the second album won't even hold up to their first. it will suck bad.
all and all the band was good live. i'm sure i would have enjoyed it more if i wasn't so tired.
speaking of which, i was also feeling like not going out tonight but went anyway. another friend from the O.C. was going to the galaxy to see The Walkmen so that swayed me into going to see The Vacation open for them. I'm glad i went. Both bands were excellent. it just sucked that The Vacation didn't get the second slot because it was excruciating having to sit through the other band waiting for The Walkmen to come on. Unfortunatly there was only a few people to see The Vacation, mostly from L.A. :) Goes to show you how lame the O.C. really is........ i mean how can these people be into that second band and not get there early enough to see a REAL rock 'n roll band such as The Vacation. i'm just trying to make a point. The second band called Ashbury or something like that.... they were like a secondary, wannabe Interpol with a bad lead singer.
The Vacation are entertaining, i love to watch stephens' "guitar faces", the guy just rocks on guitar. he has a distinctive style.
i noticed ben's voice in a different way tonight.. i think it was during one of their new songs... i love the guys voice .... i can totally see him doing singer/songwriter songs and i think he would be great at it.
It was my 4th time seeing The Walkmen, i think. well maybe just 3 because i was completely wasted the one time they played at spaceland also with The Vacation back then. anyway..... It feels good not to drink so much - duh! The Walkmen make me smile because the guitar player has an infectious smile. he looks so damn happy up there! the drummer is amazing. I always seem to watch the drummers the most and he is a really good one to watch. he and his drum riser was higher than everyone else. it was good for photos. The singer had this way he held the mic and screamed some of the songs, i think it's his signature 'hand held mic scream". he does it so well. if the singer was walking down the street you would not know he was a musician at all. he looks like a normal guy, in fact they all do. i wish i could remember which one i was talking to in line at the largo that one night about two years ago or so. they seemed like such assholes before they blew up into what they are today.

oh man, it's almost 12:30 - i must get some sleep now. g'nite!

5:29 PM

music: Sun Volt  - Straightaways  (i've been listening to this over and over)

....... i finally got a job after being out of work since... what? November. wow! nothing like the last minute with almost being out of money completely. oddly enough i haven't had any stress whatsoever while being out of work. my new job even pays more than i expected/asked for. i'm extremely happy, even more than usual! so no more sitting in front of my computer checking guys out on "myspace" ha ha. kidding of course!
first thing i'm going to do this weekend is buy some new tires for my jeep, it's soo over due.  you would think by getting a new job that it would slow me down from going to see bands, nope! i'm going to see the Finn Brothers tonight as my friend invited me with an extra ticket. Last night i went to Spaceland and was out until almost 2am and was still able to make it to my first day on the job on time. MC5 played last night with mark arm and evan dando and a special surprise guest......LEMMY! man, i was so excited to see him walk on stage, warts and all. the man is beautiful and i love him! It was an amazing night. mark, once again belted out the songs as if he was doing an early mudhoney concert. I took, i think, like 3 rolls of film.
the bellrays opened the show. boy can this woman sing! she has the biggest afro i've ever seen on a woman. nebula were next. to me they sounded like one big guitar solo/practice. i used to be into them as well as fu mancho but not anymore. i guess if you are high, you may be able to enjoy sitting through them.
ok,  um ... i think i made a complete idiot out of myself last night....... mark finally recognized me while he was on stage with evan and waved (i think i even got a photo of that) but afterwards i went over to him and he gave me a hug hello but then i had to speak... first it was cool, i just told him that the shows were great then i had to bring up how in shape he seemed, i mean the guy is scrawney, i think i can even take him. but i meant it in the way of the energy, like the old mudhoney days.  i don't like it when i have a crush on a guy, cuz i can't speak. yeah... that's quite a crush, we are talking since the late 80's! well, i felt lame for saying what i said and just said goodbye as there were a few people around him that i'm sure had better comments to say to the guy. i then saw larry from "in the red records" and he asked about The HUNCHES photos that I took and wants to use them. yay!
i also ran into another friend who i haven't seen in a long time (Bo) and he asked if i knew anyone who wants to be a "photo assistant" but only on the weekend. and i'm like.. ..... are you fucking kidding me?! i'm totally into that as well and the best thing is that it's in long beach. so .... at the start of this week i had no job and now i have 2! assuming that i actually work on the weekends. thats amazing to me!
after the new tires, i want to start looking for a loft in L.A.

12:22 AM

.... Kick out the Jams motherfuckers! the MC5 with mark arm and evan dando was awesome tonight. Mark Arm had the same kind of energy as he did in his early mudhoney days, which i missed from him the last few muhoney shows. i was shocked at how he belted out the songs tonight. he and evan sang together on a few and evan did a few on his own but it was mostly mark up there. evan seemed a little shy, it was cute and i think he did a fine job. the turn out wasn't so hot but who cares. i don't know what else to say about the show..... it was pure energy, pure rock'n roll at it's finest. Mark has the best screams out of many rock 'n rollers! he was just up there giving it his all! at one point he was in the audience dancing with a biker looking guy, they were twirling each other around, it was funny. (hey, bernnie... i don't what you meant when you said evan was all messed up because, he was totally fine tonight) i'm looking forward to the spaceland show on wednesday, i'm sure it will sell out beings Nebula are the openers. yay!
not much else to say......
i did go see jon brion on friday, and he did a lot of beatles songs, lots of sing a longs for the audience. gabe came up and did "ohio" again. man i love when he does that!
it was a good night. before we saw jon, we .... meaning a few largo regulars and some others, went to see my friend Erich's band at the gig on melrose first. they were so good! but man, i'm not drinking anymore. i know i had a good time and the band was good and all but i can't say much more.... and that is starting to suck for me! I want to write more about it but just can't remember the details....
this was because we drank and ate pizza first then went to the gig... then to see jon. the only thing that sorta stood out seeing the objectives, besides all the colorful lights.... was when erich stopped the band at the start of a song and made them all start over. i thought it was cool, but i guess the band was sorta mad at him for that. it's all rock n' roll, not a big deal. i've seen this happen at many cool shows before. point is ..... no more drinking on friday nights. we all rushed back over in time to catch jon brion, this is where i stopped drinking and i felt better the rest of the night.

10:36 AM

music: chris bell - i am the cosmos

i've skipped a few things lately but i'll go back to them now. first of all i would like to say, this is not my very personal diary, i don't type all my secret thoughts on this, i wouldn't do that. i guess it may seem that way to some, but honestly i'm just an open/ minded person. i don't read other peoples blogs much mainly because i'm to busy not because i feel like i'm invading their privacy. I write this mainly for the simple reason for my memory. sometimes i go to four shows a week and forget what i've seen. only certain times do i get so blow away by a band that i will always remember them.... such as THE HUNCHES!

alright so let's see.... the 4th of July. I had a plan of going to the standard with some friends to hang out... i guess it wasn't a good plan for the 4th because too many others had the same plan. i don't like crowded places because you can't enjoy anything. and the people that my friends and i saw going up to the roof of the standard... PLEASE! NO THANKS! not the people that i would want to be around. It looked like the Newport Beach bus just dropped a load of 'em off and they forgot their shoes and shirts. blah! Rick, Jake and I continued to play pool downstairs in the lobby waiting for Sean and Erich to arrive so we can tell them that we can't go up because of this enormous party still going on. We all ended up at the Cat & the Fiddle for dinner and some jazz. That was nice. We decided to go to the arclight to see what was playing beings it was within walking distance. I'd already seen spiderman 2, which wasn't that impressive the first time but it seems that none of them have seen it yet so I, as a good friend decided to go see it again. I should have taken Erich up on his offer to see a different movie with me (the clearing or even the Notebook for the 2nd time would have been great). but no..... i didn't.
after the movie, they all were very amazed that i was able to sit through Spiderman for the second time. a couple of them fell asleep, one didn't care one way or another what we were watching and Jake actually liked it. that was my 4th of July. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, but we could have done without the movie.
I didn't do to much this week, just watched more movies, i went to see harry potter which was good and napoleon dynamite which had it's moments. but my favorite was the notebook, typical romantic chick flick which i'm a sucker for. on netflix i've been watching "how to deal" yes, mandy moore... ha ha, it was kinda cute, it had some good lines in it - i just really dug the whole 'jedi trick' that was played on mandys character. i got wonderland in the mail but it was totally cracked so i'm waiting for a replacement, i watched under the tuscan sun with diane lane... i like her especially in "unfaithful", this movie was just alright, pretty scenery. chelsea walls was just alright with ethan hawk, somewhat interesting but all in all i wouldn't want to see it again. i finally finished watching the unforgiven with audry hepburn... it was just ok, not her best work - it's a very old cowboy type movie.

enough with the movies already... i bought some books to read; nick hornby/songbook (in hardback and it came with a cd!), lester bangs/psychotic reactions and carburetor dung (a friend recommended it, bang your head/david konow, and Old gods almost dead/stephen davis. but you know what ... i started reading the "da vinci code" and i got to chapter four so far. i always find other things to do other than finding time to read.

last night a friend of mines band "fly denver" had their debut at the prospector in Long Beach. I first heard his demo cd almost two years ago and i was quite impressed with what i heard. it was so good that i didn't know why he wasn't playing during that time. seeing them last night .... um, i do want to say that they sucked....... that would be harsh and he may not want to talk to me again. the singer was awful, just your typical "green day" sound. the drummer has potential but i heard so many mishaps, though i gotta hand it to him, he was really trying with all these impressive fills and whatnot, he has balls! and in a few years, i think he will still be playing. i think my friend was the best of them all really, he sorta stood out and i even liked his singing better then the singers... way better in fact. and i'm not just saying this because he's my friend. i already mentioned that they sucked didn't i? well then... his mic was turned down way to low though. he is the only one who even looked remotely rock'n roll, he had the whole rock'n roll style. i can only describe them as a pop rock band with a green day feel. i understand it was their first show and all and i really think they might have something if they just got rid of the singer. but what do i know... it could be something a lot of other people love. i mean look at all the bands that kroq has played in the past, i don't like 99% of them and they are doing just fine without my vote. :) my friend jeff ended up going with me and i'm glad i had someone there to talk to or i would have probably left after the first song. he liked the 3rd song which i can't remember anything about. we left right after they were done. it was an early night.

tonight should be fun... i'm going to see another friends band at The Gig on Melrose then catching Jon Brion at the Largo with him. I've seen his band before, they are called "The Objectives" and they are good, great song writting, great talent. I'm looking forward to it. :)

1:44 AM


song: you got me hummin' by reigning sound. this song kicks ass! listen the the guitars. i play this song over and over and over again!

"Suze, There is a guy out there for you - but that guy isn't me" = i loved hearing this the other night. seriously, i did. it's the best thing anyone has ever said to me. it was so honest and i admire that......even more! we laughed about it. call me weird. he better write a song about it now!
i had the most amazing adventurous weekend (a lap dance wasn't involved though) and it's only saturday night. Friday i met a "friend" at Boardners and we drank and talked. then we took a taxi somewhere......... walked around. later we ended up at the 101 for breakfast we both sat there in a daze, you know that feeling in the morning after a night out of drinking and staying up all night... well, it was like we were under water or something. i kept staring at people but not really looking at them. i was craving grease so i had a grilled cheese. we went to catch the first showing of before sunset with ethan hawk and i have to say it was a pretty good flick. lot's of dialogue. i came home and crashed for a bit then got up and went to see the Detroit Cobras with some other friends. man, they rock. it's total "shake your ass" type of music. flash express opened the show, this time they reminded me of early jon spencer. it's cool , cuz no one else does right now so it's alright, i'll let it slide. i still like 'em.
on the way home from the movie as i headed down by melrose / fairfax, a fire hydrant was shooting water 100 feet up in the air. it was so cool looking. cars looked like they were in a really bad storm. i'm so glad i had my camera with me! :) then on the way to meet my friend at swingers tonight before the detroit cobras show, i saw a car on fire in the fast lane of the 710, black smoke filled the air and the flames were shooting higher and higher, yep - got a photo or two of that also! all the cars were stopped then the cops arrived and let cars go around. i could feel the heat as i drove past. strange happenings....then i saw this white pit bull walking down the double yellow lines of melrose ave. right off the 101. it was sad.... so i took a photo. all the cars were stopping but everyone seemed afraid to get out of their cars to try and help him at all.
man, there is nothing going on for the 4th of July. i was gonna try and get some friends together to meet at the standard but i don't know if anyone would be into it or not. it might be fun to watch fireworks from the roof...... while eating 5 dollar fries of course!
g'nite, i'm so exhausted.

10:25 AM

music: huh.... still Reigning Sound - yes! they are THAT good.

i was so bored yesterday. i just find myself going to the movies just to get out of the house. so i go see Spiderman in Long Beach then called my old friend Fay, who lives in LB. i picked her up and we went to supermex to eat then to fingerprints. i was hoping my boyfriend was working because i worked up enough nerve to say hello to him this time. ha ha. but no luck. on my way home i got a call from another old friend, what is this "talk to OLD FRIENDS day?" it was strange and yet just what i needed. mark, my old friend is going to be graduating from Pasadena School of arts in a few months, i'm so proud of him. i remember when he first started there 3 years ago, it seems like yesterday. he always has the nicest things to say and very positive about getting my butt in gear, he fills my head with creative thought. now i just have to write it down and just do it. mark is one of my dearest friends who i can talk about anything at all with. our birthdays are the same month and we are a lot alike. when we are surrounded by people who love and care for us then we can be our crazy outgoing selves. when we feel uncomfortable and don't know anyone, we tend to be on the shy side.

i'm gonna go for a long walk on the beach today, try and figure some things out. i hope by tomorrow i will have kicked in my creative process and start working on something!


i walked for miles today. the bottoms of my levi's can tell you it was rough. many thoughts run through my head as the wind blows lightly on my face. boy did i ever get sunburned! i walked past all sorts of people and i wonder what they are thinking about, some guy even called out to me... i think he was making fun of some bald kid that just walked past me but i didn't want to partake in making fun of a total stranger TO a total stranger. because it's just not right. ha ha
it is a clear, beautiful day. i can see catalina and san pedro. i'm sitting across the bay from the queen mary and i glanced over to the right of it to where i saw Iggy Pop not to long ago at the "All Tomorrow's Party's" fest, now there is some sort of carnival being set up for the weekend.
I thought that i needed to go for a long walk by the beach today but for some reason i'm not feeling it. I mean the walk was/is good for me and all but i wanted there to be a breakthrough in my thought pattern or something. no luck. i'm at a loss for words. well, maybe on the long walk back to my jeep....
i've been working for about 20 years now, i've always had full time jobs,i've never been fired and i only quit one job in my life the others have been through temporary agencies where i'd get laid off after a long term assignment. it ends. i think i need to just change that. i don't mean like the way i am now and not work at all, although it has been rather nice. but perhaps look into a part time job doing whatever so i can save some money and have more time to be creative. i don't have the aspirations of becoming a doctor or lawyer or even a housewife. i just want to create images of how i feel about rock'n roll music.
i'm STILL thinking about what i witnessed at the troubadour the other night.... The Hunches made me FEEL!!
my dream job would be to go on tour with a band that i felt completely comfortable with and take photos of 'em while seeing the world. it would be a major plus if i ended up with a band like the hunches, i mean i would be in heaven every single night getting to feel that kind of energy EVERY SINGLE time they played.

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