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6:52 PM

music: elvis costello

*cough, cough* *sneeze, sneeze* i'm taking cold eeze this stuff really works!
i woke up with a sore throat yesterday but felt good enough to go out to the largo and see Jill Sobule! Amazing is one word to describe her. Her songs were like little stories which reminded me of how i feel when i listen to Leonard Cohen except some of hers are a little more upbeat and very cute!! i'm just trying to say that they make you feel and think. she makes me happy! Goldenboy opened the show. he's from diamond bar. singer songwriter type, very good singer and plays a very beautiful, Red Gretsch guitar! I'm not in the mood to write up a long review so i'll just say this, Jill sang this song which stood out called lucy at the gym. i actually got choked up by it. Jill used to sneak into this gym every once in awhile just for their breakfast bar ---it was about this girl she kept seeing at the gym, very anorexic looking, always on the stairs. until one day she didn't see her there anymore, so she made up this story in her head to make herself feel better instead of sad and wrote this cool song about it. Jill is a very clever songwriter. *sneeze* ok, must stop now.

3:24 AM

music: buffalo tom

i went to the tangier tonight to see Trespassers William and the shore. i'd never been there before and didn't know what to expect. the tangier had this largo vibe to it, except people were talking while the bands were playing. sooo fucking rude, i tell ya.
This John Gold band played first. i was way impressed with their monsterous drums, the sound was great! after they took them down the next bands drums looked like a kiddies drum kit. oh! i would compare it with Paxton ~ from The Vacations' 1930's drum kit. amazing! John Gold reminded me of Mark Curry. ah but you probably never heard of him, anyway they are worth seeing again. In fact they have a Wednesday night residency at the Tangier in March. ok, i'll tell ya anyway---- Jack Black was there to see John Gold and even helped them carry equipment off the stage.
next up were Trespassers William....ah.... i've already heard mazzy star and jewel although i like mazzy star, i just don't ---- ah fuck it. i didn't like them, enough said.
they were B O R I N G. I had to hold my head up the whole time so i wouldn't hit the table with it while i took a snooze. most of their songs were like 5 minutes too long. if you don't already know ... songs should only be between 1 min 50 sec to about 3 min at the most well, unless of course you are led zeppelin then you can jam as long as you want and it would be really cool. and i don't know what is up with the singer playing the acoustic guitar on her lap as if she were.......oh man what was that blind guys name again?? he played with an electric guitar on his lap, but he was BLIND!! i'm really not trying to be mean but.....oh maybe she just needed to sit down and have something to do to keep herself awake. maybe the other nights they played were better?? i don't know.
up next was The Shore. I love this band! and it's not because every band member is beautiful either... if i was blind i would love this band. I loved that they played a Gretsch guitar as well as the epiphone, they sound amazing! This band is tight, the singer is very melodic and hits all the high notes dead on. they just rock, ok! their next show is at the hotel cafe on jan 30th. for me it's a toss up between seeing them or going to see jon brion as usual for a Friday. jon who? just kidding jon! as if he would be reading this anyway. i don't even know the guy and have been seeing him at the largo since the first year he played there back in 96?? i don't even remember, but his music really changed my life.
so go see The Shore! and don't forget about The Vacation..... they are playing EVERY monday at 11pm for FREE at Spaceland in February along with other wonderful bands.
did anyone happen to hear The Vacation on KXLU tonight at midnight?? if so, let me know how it went! I was gonna go to my car but The Shore were just getting ready to hit the stage......
I'm planning on going to see Jill Sobule at the Largo on Wednesday. This woman has incredibly wity lyrics as well as a great voice, she is so darn cute! Goldenboy is also playing. ah.. but now i hear that the drugstore cowgirls are playing the same night at this new place, to me anyway - called star shoes! damn!! I'll have to catch them in February with The Vacation at Spaceland.
OMG, it's past 3am. must sleep now.

10:35 AM

The Thrills, not the stills or the kills, but The Thrills were pretty great last night. The sound was fantastic. Although it's one of those bands that I don't have the urge to see again. I really didn't like most of their new songs, maybe a few but they played about 5 of them. Patrick Park opened for them. A really mellow singer songwriter who i've seen before and also like a lot.
i had brought my camera then at the door the guy was nice about it but said no cameras and explained that it was the bands request. i figured as much so i was prepared to take it back to my car. inside i saw kids with these little cameras and camera phones. it's like what the fuck! just because mine is a normal size! i'm not really mad right now i just like to say fuck a lot, or type it at least.
as for the no camera and recording policy --- after seeing the documentary the other night at the knitting factory i've been thinking. I really think the bands should be happy that people want to take their pic's and record them. In 10 or so years they will be remembered, ya know? well, bands i've seen 10 or 15 years ago, i just haven't gotten around to doing anything with the pic's or recordings, but i will!
anyway, i just don't see the big problem with any of it. if you do, please explain.
if it's that they are afraid of losing money or not getting any money for it, c'mon fuck that! they can make money with what they are already doing. i could understand the bootleg t-shirts though. just not the live recordings and pics, thats all.
so, i'm all for pearl jams views on this sorta stuff. they let cameras in as well as recorders. though i haven't been into them since..... i don't even remember.
a cool thing i noticed outside the troubadour as i was leaving was these kids handing out stickers, pins, postcards and these little variety packs from Filter Magazine of band stuff. pretty cool for bands. I really like the fact that The Thrills also had iron on's that they were also giving away with the stickers. pretty great idea. all bands should do this!
if you are in a band and want to be included in the Filter variety giveaway pack here is the info: call 323.930.2882 or e-mail or
i think it's a great way to get exposure for your band.

1:58 PM

music: rooney
mood: tense

wow! it's friday already. i'm excited about seeing the thrills tonight. this week has been sorta a downer besides going out last night to see the NYC Punk Rock TV show - live music from 1974-1980 at the knitting factory. they showed footage from CBGB's of the Dead Boys, Blondie, The Offs, Iggy, The Go Go's, Talking Heads (yawn!), and many others. it was pretty worth it. someday they will make a movie out of it and have a DVD of all the footage that these two women taped back in those days.
--- so my sister came into town on Tuesday from Boston. my moms surgery was Thursday, we were at the hospital from 7am - 6pm. the staff screwed up a few times by losing my moms lab work, forgetting to schedule this- before surgery thing And forgetting to make sure they had the films, which i had to run back to the hospital from having lunch at the claim jumper across the street to give them to them - i didn't know they were in this bag that i had of my moms! they should have had everything ready to go before my mom even went in the surgery room!! so i hear this beep on my cell as my sister and i are having lunch - the doctor leaves a message saying i had the films in my moms bag, so as i was running over with it they call claim jumper and the manager "ross" seemed more panicky than us, he said it was an emergency call from the hospital about our mom. my sister said that i had just ran over to the hospital and was taking care of it. the manager gave us a free meal and wished my mom a speedy recovery. thanks ross! very kind!

my sister is the motherly type so i let her take care of my mom while i went out last night, i was feeling like i was in the way as i always do in my sisters presence. i'm sure she feels guilty for not really being around and not coming to vist often enough so i let them have their time. we are not close at all, complete opposites. so anyway...... i won't get into detail.
i thought i'd go work off some tension by hitting the gym, i was gone for an hour and a half.
i really hope that i don't come off as if i don't have a heart, cuz i do. people just deal with certain things different ways. if my sister wasn't around then i'd be staying home. i almost feel like it's one of those soap operas---- almost. gotta get away!

12:19 PM

music: stones!

the party didn't stop on Friday, no sir! my friend roger and i ate at supermex in long beach before heading to the blue line for our lil trip to L.A. we had to stop at rockbottom for some drinks first because we knew that the standard hotel drinks were out of control! we missed the first train so we walked back to rockbottom and had a shot. i'm feeling good. we arrived to the standard one and half hours late but my friends had just gotten there only 20 minutes ago!! sarah and her husband were there with some of their friends. my friend ric from the largo is the only one who showed up out of my peeps. we all had an excellent time. the martinis were flowing big time. for those of you who know me know that i usually only drink guinness, they didn't have any. blastphamy!
we all sat on the couches by the heat lamps for hours just drinking and talking about old times. Sarah was reminding me of all the concerts we used to go to --- she got punched in the face at a show in ventura -- i thought it was the red hot chili peppers but she claims it was faith no more "we care alot" tour. early 90's i'd say.
i got kicked in the head while shooting photos of the chili peppers in ventura once, some guy comes flying off the stage after a stage dive and bam! doc martin to the back of my head! then we were talking about seeing Nirvana at places like jabberjaw, roxy and raijis. oh those were the days!
---- we went to the round white waterbeds by the pool and relaxed, someone lit up a pot pipe so i had some. again, this is not usual for me at all. just one of those things where you just do it, no reason at all. we all got on the train and headed towards cat & the fiddle for some food i believe they lit the pipe up again on the street even. i looked over at some cops on motorcycles but they didn't see us. *phew*. after a wonderful dinner and good conversations, we went our separate ways. everyone was going to see the muffs but me, rick and roger so we walked over to ameoba and did some shopping until they closed and walked back to the train to head our separate ways home.
i had a fantastic weekend to say the least. my birthday w/e will be a memorable one!

lots of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks on into february as well!! LOTS!!
tonight i'm gonna go check out the country teasers at the smell.
never been there. yeah, i'm pretty tired but i'll get over it once the rock starts! i just layed around today with a headach, watched a foreign flick "the horseman on the roof" it was pretty good.

11:38 AM

music: why Kennedy of course!

alright! alright! My birthday night was FUCKing FANtastic!!
What more can a girl ask for than to have a bunch of friends hanging around at the
coolest club in town watching KENNEDY, JON BRION, RICKI LEE JONES, BENMONT TENCH, GABE, also SARA WATKINS simply rock!
My very creative friends made me homemade cookies, cards and cds!! awesome. thank you!!

Kennedy was wheeled out on a wheel chair complete with his fur coat pimp outfit on, he looked amazing to say the least! He did all my favorites "wake up motherfucker, coldpussy, cocaine junkie o.d. and i love me" also they did a song that jon brion made up right before they came on stage! Kennedy stripped down to what looked like my 6th grade gym shorts - except mine were blue with the white trim not green.
up next was Flanny whom i love dearly and who wished me a happy birthday and introduced ricki lee jones and jon brion. ricki said happy birthday and sang "raindrops keep falling on my head" with jon on piano. pretty cool. you know--- they did a few songs then jon rocked by himself for a bit and called up gabe then sara and benmont. -- but the whole night sorta became a blur to me in the midst, as most friday nights it was overwhelming!
how is this for someone who doesn't remember much, trying to play it off!! :)
and it wasn't because to the 3 guinesses and shot that i had either.

good times!
more good times to be had today at the standard rooftop in downtown from 3pm - whenever.
XO - Suze

11:48 AM


9:30AM PST - Tuesday, January 13th. We got most of the mail & picture comments back! It worked! Now we're just fixing up some other issues to get the site back to normal. Not sure how long this will take. Could be several hours.
It's kinda like baking cookies. You can't take them out of the oven too quick. (TOM)

I'm so glad that they got the mail and picture comments back up! Tom at myspace and his crew are geniuses!!

another thing---The Vacation is going to be playing live on KXLU Monday Jan 26th at 11:30 pm!

later tonight -----
I just got home from Disneyland! Today I went to Disneyland by myself and enjoyed it. First I went to the movies at downtown disney then went to California Adventure to go on the Screamer Coaster and the other ride that lifts you up and drops you. oh how i love those rides! Then I called my friend Sandy to come too, so I went to pick her up as she only lives a mile away. We walked all through Disneyland for excersize. She didn't want to go on any rides but I insisted we hit the tea cups while waiting for the damn parade to end. In fact we got to go on them twice and watched the parade while in the tea cups. Tarzan has very nice legs!! grrrrrrr!!! he was only wearing a loin cloth. and this was at Disneyland!! I couldn't help but stare at his bare chest. the only thing that ruined it for me was the bad wig! We also walked up and down the tree house and boy is that ever a workout!
On our way out we checked out the Abraham Lincoln / Walt Disney show on main street. You go in check out all the old photos, they have Walts office - the original from Burbank - in there. Walt and Abraham were friends. You then put some headphones on and go in this theatre where you learn about Abe and the gettysburg address. it was super cool. i had tears in my eyes by the time it was over! thats nothing! sometimes i cry in kodak commercials as well as the trailers for up coming movies. even that ikea commercial with the lamp in the rain gets to me!!
When I brought Sandy back to her house I watched the last two episodes of Sex in the City! via, her TIVO. man, I love that show so much!! Mikhail Baryshnikov is fucking gorgous! I've been in love with him ever since I was a teenager. I'm bummed I never got to see him dance. For an older gentlemen such as himself ---- i'd still do 'em! damn, did i just say that?

2:14 AM

music: The Shore

Just got home from the Derby. I was blown away by this band called The Shore!
I haven't felt that way seeing a new band in a long long time. They are going to be Big!!
I loved 3 out of the four bands that I saw tonight: The Shore, Parchman Farm and CB Brand.

I went to see Lord of the Rings today (sunday) and felt really drained afterwords for some reason. It was an emotional movie. I totally want to go see it again!
I almost didn't go out tonight because I was feeling tired. I'm glad I pushed myself though. I got turned on to 3 new bands tonight!

ok, very very tired now..... must sleep. g'nite - Suze

10:23 PM

music: kings of leon
You don't realize how addicted you are to something until you don't have access to it any longer! That's for sure.
Myspace has been either down or screwed up for a few days now. It's annoying when you've sent messages and they are no longer in your "sent" box, or someone sent you a message that you intended to write back to and it's no longer there! I feel like that guy in the movie Singles where he was in the phone booth spilling out his heart to his g/f's machine and the machine eats the tape!!
No, it's really not exactly like THAT but you get the idea.

I've been watching old movies lately besides going to see all the new movies in the theatres except for Lord of the Rings, which I plan on seeing Sunday afternoon at an Imax Theatre! I love old movies. For instance I just finished watching "It happened one night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert (1934). It's got to be one of my all time favorite movies ever!! It's not like a movie today where the humor is thrown at your face or spilled in your lap, It's a movie that makes you think about how funny it is and a movie that you will remember forever. Same goes for "An affair to remember" with georgous Cary Grant and charming Deborah Kerr. I love how people dressed up back then (1950's) unlike today. The original Oceans 11 was the same way, In Vegas back then folks used to dress up to go throw their money away while gambling nowadays you walk into a casino and you see dudes with shorts and a bro hat! I honestly don't dress to the 9's anyway, I dig my levis and t-shirts just like most of you. It's just nice once in awhile to see people dressed up, thats all i'm trying to say.

I went to see Jon Brion on Friday night. It started out with a funny comedian, Frank was it? I'm sorry I forgot his name.....someone help! I've seen him before and he is great with card tricks and comedy. I mean REALLY great!! next up was "wee" Jon Brion as Flanny calls him. He jumped right in getting most of his hits out of the way, all of his new wonderful songs! I'm soo looking forward to his next album.
Some highlights for the night was Nickel Creek getting up there and doing an amazing, AmAZING cover of Dylans " Farewell Angelina" OMG! This was so fucking wonderful, I can't even find words to describe it. Jon came up and did some songs with them as well as Gabe (the fiddle player) He has a fabulous voice as well, He did this song, the name of it escapes me at the moment but he did it perfectly. I had no idea that this guy could sing like that. I was so impressed!
Jon and Nickel Creek were rocking so much that no one at Largo realized it was 2am.
They went off on this song for, which seemed like 30 minutes or so. Jon stopped and asked what time it was and everyone yelled out 2AM...he was stunned and said "ok, the law says we HAVE to quite rocking now.....time to go home, sorry and goodnight!" I love when shit like that happens. Your just rocking so much that you forget about time........

ps - you guys are forgetting to vote for Paul F. Tompkins , I know it! It will only take a few minutes, well not even a minute really......just scroll down, click on the comedy central link and vote for Tompkins. It's that easy.
while your at BREAST CANCER everyday like I do to supply free mammograms...I've been doing this everyday since I discovered this site, I also click on all the other stuff to save a tree, feed a kid and help the animals. no signs ups just a click thats all.

5:56 PM

To Secret Santa....

what a nice surprise ........
I received a book entitled "Restless Pilgrim... the spiritual journey of Bob Dylan" in the mail today!! It was on my amazon wish list but I never expected to get it in the mail from a secret santa!!
I can't even begin to guess who it may be, I only know a few people that know and share my love of Mr. Dylan.

Thank YOU Secret Santa, Thank you VERY much!!
I'm very excited about it and will start reading it when I get home from the Largo tonight!

12:34 PM

music: Jeff Buckley

I bought a Disneyland annual pass yesterday and went with my friend suzy. We were there from 2 in the afternoon until they closed the park at midnight. I ran into my buddy Bob B. who works at the Largo. I just thought it was amazing out of all the millions of people that attend the park on a Sunday that I would run into someone I actually know! I know 5 people with passes now!
I wanted to go on Sunday beings it was the last day they would have the haunted mansion decked out with Jack and Sally stuff. THat was pretty cool!!

My three favorite things to do in the park are: 1. listening to the seating instructions in spanish while waiting in line at the matterhorn ride AND 2. listening to the little woman in the white dress saying "commmme baaaack" at the end of the haunted mansion ride! ALSO 3. watching all the little kids faces as they run up to meet Mickey Mouse!

11 more days!

PS. Vote for Paul F. TOMPKINS for best stand up comedian at : Comedy Central.
From: Comedy Central
Voting is from January 5th through January 25th, Comedy Central viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite stand-up comics at
All month when we show episodes of Comedy Central Presents in Friday Night
Stand-Up and across the schedule, we'll be driving viewers online to vote.
As viewers log on to vote they can see clips with each comic and get
behind-the-scenes info on the new season of CCP.
It all comes to a head on Sunday January 25th when we count down the top sixteen stand-up comics leading up to the viewers' number one stand-up.
Voting begins on Monday Jan. 5th, at 12 noon (ET).
People can vote only ONCE a day and each comedian will be listed by their
LAST name.
Paul F. Tompkins is a good man! plus a fine comedian! vote for him, he deserves it more than anyone else I know!!
XO - Suze

6:35 PM

music: The Thrills

....."i'm the boss with the hot sauce"! detroit cobras!
The Detroit Cobras was a great way to start off the new year! what a booty shaken show that was! i'm so glad that i didn't just stay home as i have in past years. they say what you do on new years is what your year is going to be like!!! well, i heard that somewhere anyway. i always have rockin' years regardless, so i'm not worried one bit!
this band from japan opened first called The Peelanders...something like that....omg, they were soo damn funny. i couldn't believe what was going on, on that stage. the costumes were hilarious! picture 3 guys from japan dressed as a dragon, robot and spaceman.....well, whatever they were trying to be......hard to tell, lots of spandex and very colorfull. they had signs for each song, one said medium rare.....he held it up after he asked everyone how they like their steak cooked. lot's of screaming and yelling and noisy guitars. beautifully done. next up were Starlight Desperation. they had their moments. although i could not help but stare at the bass players body all night long for some reason. i just had this major attraction to ..... just his body. his jeans and t-shirt fit just right, perfect! the sound, well.....just nothing new really, like i said.... they had their moments of rockin', nothing special. good though. next up at midnight were the Detroit Cobras. Rachel - the singer- is so photogenic, i just want to take a million photos of her! she did the count off from 10.9.8 etc... no party favours or champaign as promised by spaceland! i don't like that stuff anyway. no kiss.... for me anyway, at the stroke of midnight either, although that wasn't included with the $20 cover. i went by myself but knew a few of my friends were going.
i headed towards the ladies room before DC were to hit the stage and who did i meet in the bathroom but Rachael herself. She is Beautiful! she was putting on her makeup while sitting on the floor in the "all too crowded" bathroom. the big mirror fell on the floor awhile ago and no one cared to put it back up! these young girls started smoking a potpipe in the bathroom then to top it off this 50 year old lady whipped out a joint and started puffing on that! i couldn't breath but wanted to hit the head before DC came on, so i toughed it out. i just hate that my hair and clothes smell like that stuff. especially driving home, ya know! it's like ... no officer i haven't smoked anything, my eyes are red and i smell like pot if the cop would believe me.
Detroit Cobras put on a great show, they did all the booty shaken songs. i think most of them are anyway..... it's just happy music and boy can Rachael sing!
seriously if you don't have the second cd entitled " life, love and leaving" go check it out! you won't be let down! I Promise!

i hope you all had an interesting Dec. 31st!!
what did you do?

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