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4:57 PM

Music: Jeff Buckley / Royal Gun

I went to see Jon Brion on the 19th, he started out with his usual "lull" on the piano which turns into a song, usually. he did about 13 songs for the first set including; love of my life, happy with you (which unusually got a major amount of applause), further along, all the young dudes, white rabbit on piano, girl i knew, and some punky guitar riff which turned into the buzzcocks "ever fall in love with someone". (that was just some, not all of the songs) 2nd set Fiona gets on stage with Jon and her producer Mike Lerinzeno and they do a few songs off her new album and she also did "Criminal" it was cute the way she laughed a little in the middle of it. Jon looked a little like Gram Parsons to me, perhaps it was his hippy looking shirt. Jon and Fiona did an amazing "you belong to me" with just them and a guitar. Then Benmont Tench/Gabe Witcher and Sarah Watkins came up and they did "bird can sing", "didn't have to be so nice", "time of the season". Jon started a riff and didn't mean it to sound like communication breakdown but they ended up doing that song anyway in a rock then swing sorta way.. it was incredible! I requested a couple of songs during the night and Jon did both of them towards the end " Positively 4th street" by Dylan and "Under the Radar" also Gabe requested Gram Parsons, so they ended up doing "Sin City"... it was another amazing Friday night with Jon Brion.

This past Friday I went to see Donita Sparks at the Casbah in San Diego with my friend Sarah / her brother/and his girlfriend. It was fun. My only comment was that they have too many slow songs for my taste. they do rock though.

I found out some very sad news on Saturday afternoon. one of the nicest guys I ever knew, died on Friday afternoon from a brain aneurysm and "Harry" was only 58. everyone he had ever met, only has nice things to say about him. he was that kind of guy. he would do anything to help someone out. you may remember the famous restaurant called Belisles, near Disneyland. He co-owned that!
I hung out at my friend Sandy's house all day and night on Saturday as did a few of her close friends. Harry was pretty much like a father figure to Sandy, so it is extra hard on her. He loved Disneyland as much as Sandy does and from time to time they would get a bunch of the old gang from Belisles and go to Disneyland. I've gone a few times. Harry will be missed by everyone who came in contact with him. everyone is still in shock and can not believe he is gone. No more Holidays with Harry. he was a huge Holiday fan. He would be the one doing all the decorating at the party house. He was so giving and caring. it's just unbelievable!
And to think it can happen to anyone at anytime for no reason at all.

On another sad note. My friends cat passed away in Ma. this past weekend. her name was rosebud and she was a russian blue. Eric is very sad about that, he had that cat for 13 years.
I've hung out with the cat a few times. I even helped Eric get a tick out of it's back. that was so gross and sad at the same time! i'd never seen a tick before.

On a more happy note....
I'm going to New York (not Boston!) in September. perhaps Eric will drive to NY to come vist me?
The Blues explosion are going to be playing their Orange album in it's entirety the week i'm gonna be there. I've very excited about that.

Peace, Love and Happiness to all.

11:20 AM

My horoscope has been so right on for the last few days......
Music: Dylan......

Paint a picture. Sing a song. Do something to nourish your soul.

Overview: Feeling like you need some unconditional love, recognition and attention? Well, try to act surprised when all that and more comes your way. Your personal admiration society is about to arrive.

4:14 PM

Music - rockin' the ipod w/: kings of leon / minibar
Do you ever have the feeling that you just want to rock out?
Is it normal to think about music so much during the day while at work?
Today I was walking with my ipod and got this urge to play in a band... i know, i know, i just need to practice.

I think I need to get away, go on a vacation somewhere, though I’m sure where ever I go I’d end up seeing if any good bands are playing there!
I need to go to Big Sur or Yosimite… bands don’t play there!

p.s. Sabrosa Purr is playing at the silverlake lounge on thursday (10pm)

9:49 AM

It’s Monday morning and I’m sleepy.
This past weekend I got to play catch (baseball) on both Saturday and Sunday with some friends at the beach. My arm is pretty sore today. I had fun though.

On Saturday my friends helped me take the top off of my jeep and of course it looks like rain.

Last Friday I saw Jon Brion at the largo, someone yelled out Freebird as usual and Jon just went with it this time instead of ignoring the frequent request, it was a "special-snoopy-freebird" version. brilliant is the only word that comes to mind. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman and their son were there and i have to mention that Angelica Houston was spotted at Damianos right down the street earlier on in the evening - ok back to this special largo night.... right before the second set they set up video cameras, I saw Fiona Apple walking around and sure enough she was the 2nd set! She belted out 7 or 8 songs mostly her new ones then an old one “Fast as you can” and a cover or two.
Jon was playing piano or guitar then Nickel Creek got up and sang with her.
It was a fabulous night to say the least.

This past Friday I went to Spaceland to catch Donita Sparks. I wasn’t into the first two bands at all; the ettes / the sharpease, Spaceland started getting really packed right before Donita was to hit the stage, probably because all of the press she has been getting (LA Times Calendar section).
One thing I could tell you is that she sure does attract a lot of lesbians at her shows. The place was half lesbians (butch and lipstick). I made my way up to the front with my camera in hand, right in front of a table full of lesbians, every time Donita walked to this side of the stage they would all holler at her.
It was fun. “those crazy lesbians”.
I have to mention that Dat plays a mean bass! The dude could rock! He’s from the legendary band called The Superbees. Everyone wonders why they broke up because they were awesome!
Anyway, it’s good to see Dat is still in the game and rockin’ with the also legendary Donita Sparks from L7. This music is unlike L7 or anything I’ve ever heard. I really don’t know how to describe it. They have fast songs and slow songs. They don’t sound very anger filled as some of L7 songs were.
I guess I’ll just call it rock ‘n roll until I can think of something else to call it.
I do have a feeling that they will be as big or bigger as L7 was. On one of their songs Dat puts some really cool fuzz on his bass and makes the song have this old 60’s garage fuzzy sound to it. I got chills when I first heard it. Donita Sparks is a must see!

3:54 PM




Friday July 29th I got to see Fiona Apple play live on stage with Jon Brion at the largo, that almost never happens anymore. We were all lucky to have been there to witness such talent. Although I’m not a huge fan of her new CD...yet, which isn’t being released yet, she is still an amazing talent to see live. As well as Mr. Jon Brion, of course.

Saturday night I returned to the largo to see Jon Brion and Grant Lee. Always a pleasure to see the two of them together. Grant did his Huell Howser impression and it was spot on!

Sunday night I went to see The Pernice Brothers with Royal Gun at the Knitting Factory. I was excited because I hadn’t seen them in about a year and a half. To my surprise Royal Gun were everything I could ever want to hear in a band (almost, ok… pretty damn near close) I’m trying to say that I liked them a lot
The singer/guitar player (James Walbourne) also happens to be the keyboard player in The Pernice Brothers. So he’s been working extra hard on the tour.

Monday night I drove 78 miles to San Diego to see the same show at the Casbah. It was that good! I took loads of photos this time. The main reason besides taking photos was that I wanted to see Royal Gun again.
These guys impressed me so much, especially when they covered “whistle bait” by the Collins Kids. I impressed the singer right back by being the only one in the audience who knew the song.

Tuesday night I went to see Sabrosa Purr with Silversun Pickups at Spaceland. Sabrosa Purr surprises me every single time I see them. Will, the singer seems like he goes into a different world -crawls into the music- when he’s on stage. It was by far one of their best shows I’ve seen so far. I’m sure they will only get better. I can’t wait until they release their CD.
It just really pisses me off that the venues always put them on very first when only about 15 or less people see them, then you have a terrible - or not as good band come on in the middle spot, which I consider a prime spot and there are more people to see them. It’s just not right. Sabrosa Purr deserves the prime spot for sure, just wait and see.
The Silversun Pickups who deserves the best spot, finally have it after a few years of playing around. It just sucks that it takes so damn long for these amazing bands to get heard in LA. No wonder why the UK “get it” first. Our bands are putting out their records in the UK because LA just doesn’t care or doesn’t have the time to sift through the crap and they just put out crap because they are so lazy… I don’t really know the problem with LA. It’s just too damn big and hollow and uncaring but I still love it anyway.
The Silversun Pickups were great, I’m glad they are playing at Spaceland every Wednesday in August. Lucky us. Next week Jonneine Zapata will be opening for them, which I’m really excited about.

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