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4:14 PM

music: rod stewart - the mercury anthology
wow! it's already 4pm. i hate packing!! i'm just walking around my apartment wondering where to start. listening to rod stewart (emo rock)
tonight jon wahl is playing in echo park at takes lounge (sp?). i may go, just depends on how much i get done here! i sure do have alot of shit for such a small apartment!!
have a wonderful w/e!

3:10 AM

music: pernicebrothers, fountains of wayne
i did end up going to the L.A. weekly awards show at the henry fonda theatre. minibar, the 88 and elliott smith were great!
i just got home from seeing jon brion. kinda to tired to really write anything....
i just bought my first cell phone today and i'm trying to figure out how to use all the features! my dad is doing much better, the tubes are out and he can talk. *phew* i'm gonna go visit him as soon as i move some stuff on saturday. yay!
the pernice brothers are playing at spaceland on 4th of july! ~s

11:01 AM

music: new grandaddy
ok i usually don't like to get to personal here but i just have to say...yesterday was one of the hardest things i'd ever gone through! I know this is not about me....
my dad is in the hospital. he is a diabetic. he had gall bladder surgery the other day.
he has to stay in the hospital for at least 5 more days, he has a tube down his throat to help him breath, his kidneys failed but he is better now. i get his e-mail yesterday from my 'wacked out' cousin (everyone has at least one, right?) anyway she has been sending out this updates on my dad and her mom (both in the hospital) anyway....these e-mails are way over exagerated and scares everyone! so i'm here shaking and crying at work while reading this e-mail, coudn't get an answer from the hospital as to how my dad was i just went down there. i'm glad that i did see him, it will be better to see him tonight when the tube is out of his throat so he can talk. poor thing!
stuff like this makes you sorta 'wake up' and want to spend more time with your parents, ya know. when my dad is able to speak i want to remind him of when i was about 7...going to disneyland with him , buying these large pickles and sitting on this porch swing on main street just eating a pickle with him and talking. it was cool! ok, anyway....

i'm gonna skip the henry fonda- L.A. weekly awards thingy tonight. elliott smith, minibar and the 88 are going to be performing. it should be good, but i'm drained and i have alot of packing to do still. i fell asleep with my clothes on after drinking a glass of wine and taking 2 canadian tylenol's!! it was a good thing though.
love, suze

10:01 AM

um...just looked in the L.A. weekly and ......MUDHONEY are scheduled to play at spaceland at the end of Aug!! yay!
thats all i have to say about that.

" can play my records, we can talk till dawn" ( i love that line!) taken from minibars first album road movies.

3:37 PM

music: new radiohead, rob zombie, branden benson
three of my good friends called me last night, i was on the phone for over 3 hours! i had some really good talks about life, death, what we want to do when we grow up, upcoming shows, relationships. i love to hear the phone ring when i'm not expecting anyone to call!
i've had this terrible headach/sick feeling from eating at the IHOP this afternoon, i only got a salad too!! never again will i go there. it's time to start bringing my lunch to work and same save cash anyway.
wow, will you look at the's quiting time *whistle blows* everyone rushes home, freeways are packed with angry drivers.
on a music note~ minibar are playing at spaceland tomorrow, if you haven't seen them yet..this is the place to see 'em!

11:30 AM

music: the kills, jeff buckley -grace
i'm feeling better - just got this crick in my neck which feels like whiplash....
i was in a *bad mood* yesterday! i'll just say that i could have kicked the security guy last night. we got to the troubadour late on a count of the stupid pizza place on santa monica. it took 20 minutes for them to heat up some pasta for cari, i just got a slice of pizza! we were pissed. we get to the troubadour and the sons were already on, THEN the security guy said "no big camera's allowed" what the fuck is that suposed to mean? c'mon, it's a regular 35 mm camera!! i told him that i've always taken photos here with this same camera, what is the difference. his only reply was "only little cameras allowed"!! again, what the fuck does this even mean??? why! what a fucking *ASS-CLOWN*! i was so ready to punch this guy but he would have just laughed at me.
i took a deep breath and turned around knowing that i will miss ALL of the sons by going back to my jeep to put my camera away. i did! i walked in on the last strum of the guitar!! fuckers!!!'s lunch time here at work so i'll finish this later..............

1:45 PM

music: new radiohead, wildebeests, new grandaddy!
"sneeze, sneeze" thats right! suze is sick once again! when will she finally get over this?? find out in a few days...
i missed blur last night at the Wiltern, I believe it was some secret show. Cari got tickets but i was too sick to go. :( tonight i'm missing kevin Jr. of the chamber strings for free at spaceland!....i guess my body is trying to tell me something, perhaps i should listen this time, cuz i sure as hell don't want to miss thursdays JET show at the troubadour! oh, and i want to be healthy...
I played hooky from work on monday. it was nice to sleep in on a weekday.
thats all folks - take care!

10:10 AM

music: rolling stones, pernice brothers and the lilys
last thursday i went to que sera in long beach to watch my friends band called "silvercities", sorta alt country with a bit of an edge. they are really good but the sound guy sucks there!!
friday i went to see jon brion with cari and her friend robert from canada (it was his first jon brion at the largo experience). It was a good night! jon did his usual long intro leaving you wondering "what is this going to be"? the songs: ruin my day, then he did this sad rant about the plane that had just crashed earlier in the day right around the corner of the largo, then he did my favorite song "happy with you", piano/ slow-jazz intro to someone elses problem now, wouldn't have it any other way, same mistake, citgo sign on 12 string :), also on 12 string love of my life-so far, girl i knew would make fun of you....ending in a bunch of noise and distortion (amazing!), he had this electric long kazoo gadget and did an outro of baby your a different girl (oh that is the same song as girl i knew...d'oh), tempted by squeeze, dear prudence outro on piano, before you broke my heart. 2nd set fiona and ricki lee jones came on stage and did a bunch of old standards including bye bye black bird (ricki alone), after you've gone, don't feel the reaper, ricki on piano jon on guitar doing walk away renee, hang on to my rainbow, my funny valentine, all the way. liam finn opened the show, which was a surprise!
which brings me up to saturday.... the DATSUNS at the glasshouse. fun! they rock!! my friend mike took his 12 year old daughter to the show, her first concert! cool!! cari and maria did an interview with one of the guys which didn't go to well in cari's opinion. i had a heck of a time getting my camera into the show, luckly i knew the tour manager "jackie" and she told all the fucking stupid security guys that i can take all the photos i wanted!! so i did. it was the singers birthday, candy was flying everywhere from the breaking of the pinata! . good times.
sunday.... i was feeling sick, like a sore throat thingy (ouch!) so i stayed in bed all day. cari had already got our tickets for the lilys sunday night so....i felt obligated to go, sooo glad that i went. the lilys were great! sorta shoegazer type, gotta love those guitars! ran into charles the bass player from silvercities and his buddy dave from riverside. cari and i went upstaris to get a drink only because she thought she saw jason falkner.....(nope, wasn't him) better yet on our way out we ran into Giovanni Ribisi and Adam Goldberg!( yay!) Giovanni opened the door for me seeing that i had a drink in one hand and my camera in the other. if he only knew how cool and amazing i think he is!! he is one of my favorite actors and i only said "thanks" as he opened the door for me! He looked exactly as he did in "gone in 60 seconds". well, that was my weekend. back to work! *suze*

2:02 PM

movie: ghost world
i just wanted to be different and put a movie down instead of music! i saw a bunch of dvd's lately: the adventures of sebastian cole, CQ, go, ghost world, gone in 60 seconds. a few of my friends are on this dvd thingy called "netflix" and you can rent dvds through the mail, as many as you can watch for only $20 bucks a month. sounds like a great deal!
the last couple of days have been weird, filled with contemplation, aggravation, just plan old "f.....uck! attitude". i need to go play basketball or something, maybe head to the batting cages. i tried running last night but i got tired to fast. guess that means i need to get back into shape and start eating better! oh and maybe miss some concerts so i can get some sleep also (as.....if!) is it irresponsible to go to so many shows all the time at my age? should i be doing "more" for myself than watching others all the time? these are questions that i ask myself all the time but i always come back to "i enjoy it - so why stop". i really need to get away for awhile! i mean away-away. i'd like to go to seattle and bum around there a bit, the bumpershoot is coming up and i may just go to that, but i would like to get away from the music scene, take a break, go camping/hiking somewhere for a few days!! when i say music scene, i don't mean that i'm some big social music-scene butterfly either. i've been around in some-sort-of music scene for over 15 years now and only see familiar faces; i don't know everyone.... i just enjoy going to see the bands and taking photos - that’s what i do. i haven't made any money off of them (yet) i just do it because it's my passion. i used to shoot and review for flipside the punk rock magazine, back when the magazine was kickin' (dead now). i used to go to bogarts in long beach (gone! now it's part of the wow! store on pch), fenders in long beach (dead and gone also), jabberjaw (l.a. - dead and gone). hmmmm what is this blog leading to? absolutely nothing! i'm looking forward to a calm night at the largo - listening to Mr. Jon Brion! then saturday is the datsuns at the glasshouse!! yay! uh oh yeah then sunday is the lilys at spaceland. what was i saying about cutting down on gigs????! i'm tired already! -suze

9:27 AM

music: jellyfish live bootleg cd
it's sunday and i'm still recovering from friday. i'm not gonna say much about it....
let's just say you know you had a good time when you wake up with 3 empty bottles of wine on the counter and woolite on the carpet!! i don't ever want to drink again, and i probably won't for a month or two. minibar were great at di piazza's though. and there was this band that played right after them called WAZ who were really good to.

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