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i was in chili's today at lunch and 4 guys walk in and sit at the table next to me. i felt each of them look at me as they walked by. one guy had simi long hair and was so damn cute that i couldn't even look at him. they were all very obnoxious.... why is it that when guys get together they have to be loud and boisterous? i finished my lunch and started reading the book i brought [nick hornby - "how to be good"] until my check came. this book is hilarious, i'm actually looking forward to going home and reading it tonight. anyway...... as i got up to leave the table got quiet and i felt that i was being stared at, it felt uncomfortable. was my shirt undone? did i zip my pants up? was my eyeliner smeared? what? so i looked over and a couple of them gave me that flirty look and smiled. i was relieved. i smiled back but still couldn't bring myself to look the cute one in the eye.
yes. that's me. somewhat still shy at 36!
oh.... so i was patiently waiting for jason's blog to be updated this afternoon, as i'm an avid reader now. low and behold, it's a good one today. though sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth - ya sissy! i dare not tell him about when i got all four of mine pulled out during one office visit (probably didn't even need all of 'em out). i was living in Portland Oregon at the time, not that this makes a bit if difference. i slept for a bit after the surgery then went to see that band "Sugar" and "Grant Lee Buffalo" play at La Luna the same night. my mouth was swollen but the drugs that they gave me made me feel "oh so good!"
here is a bit of what Jason put on his blog that i thought i'd share. i can relate because i work for a Japanese Company myself. funny stuff!

oh, those crazy Japanese!
Leave it to the Japanese, when they're not making weird cartoons or, um, whatever else the Japanese do, to
take the humanity out of cuddling.

My favorite line: "It keeps holding me all the way through," she said [of the pillow] in her home outside of Tokyo. "I think this is great because this does not betray me."

Ms. Suzuki, congratulations. You're the craziest bitch I've ever heard of (and considering my female friends, ex-girlfriends, and lady hitchhikers I've picked up, that's quite an accomplishment).- posted by Jason

try reading that site is pretty funny sometimes! ~S

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