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9:02 AM

music: old 97's, the twlight singers, stereophonics, radiohead, icarus line, clinic (brought 'em to work today)

i think it was tuesday..... i went with roger to see midnight movies at amoeba for free. actually i was just going to see if mr. light blue pants was working there. :)
roger brought the new cd to listen to on the way, oh man - i was squirming in my seat, i needed to make it stop. it's just not my cup of tea. mmmmmm. t e a ........ brb.
ok, we get there and oh wait a minute ...... i must turn this new old 97's off, there is only about 3 songs on here that i like. i need to put on something different. stereophonics it is......
there. much better (sorta reminds me of the faces). so anyway, mr. light blue pants was not working (or i didn't see him) midnight movies started and from the first beat of her drum i was intrigued. they were really good live! i mean REALLY great. she is beautiful and cool looking, plays drums and sings. it was beautiful noise. she very much reminded me of Nico. (velvet underground). still, i would not buy the cd. it's just one of those bands that do it for me live but not something i would listen to any other time.

we went to swingers afterwords. i love eating while listening to rock 'n roll in a public place, it's always a good idea. it's not just that crap you hear on the radio, it's a jukebox full of everthing from tom waits to blondie to ac dc.

I went to get an eye exam last night after work. i got the full check up meaning i got my eyes dilated. the last time i got an eye exam back in 2001, i refused this and couldn't remember why. so anyway i had it done and i'm looking for some frames right after and about 5 minutes later everything got super blury. the doctor had to check for something else and after that the lady asked what kind of frames i wanted. i'm like, i can't see well enough to be picking out any frames now. i guess it effected me different then most. she just tightened my other glasses and i was on my way. i never wore them and it turns out they are the same prescription, so the doctor just tells me that i need to actually wear them this time! i drove home with my eyes dilated, it was a trip. kinda like looking through the eyes of an alert drunk person.

on the way home there was a checkpoint, for what? i don't know! i'm so glad it was on the other side of the street or i would have gotten pulled over for sure.

i get home and i couldn't go on the computer. i could sorta see the tv but the stupid republican party was on every single channel and seinfield was just ending. I started to watch Freaks and Geeks (the yearbook box set). oh my god! this is the best show EVER! I couldn't stop laughing. mainly because i totally related to most of it in some way or another. i wasn't a freak or a geek in school but i was friends with them. I was happy to see James Franco playing the lead "hot guy/bad boy"! If you are 30 something then I think you will love Freaks and Geeks, it's amazing. the part about the drummer who practices with a 29 piece drum set with stage lighting and dry ice is f'ing hilarious!

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