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9:25 AM

i've just wanted to mention the following .....
ps -
judah and russell from the blues explosion are on letterman with tom waits tonight!

1. napolian dynamite is working at In 'N Out in Buena Park on valley view near the 91.... i was at the drive thru window and as i handed the girl my money.... i noticed him behind her. i almost said something to her but couldn't bring myself. this guy had the look and funny way about him down. next time i'll go inside and see if he talks like him.

2. those fries and shakes from jack 'n the box "50's" look really yummy!

3. has anyone else noticed how that burger king commercial is so WRONG! the one with the king in the bed handing the guy a burger. it freaks me out.

4. at first it bothered me about all the songs they use on the car commercials etc.. but now, i'm digging it. i'm not even thinking about the car though, i'm thinking i need to dig that cd out and listen to it! the latest one is rolling stones for victoria's secret.

5. i can not stand that magic mountain jingle. it's annoying. the guy dancing is a little funny though. the jingle just reminds me of a rave, you know like back in the old days were you would have to meet some guy holding an egg at the corner of a certain street then he would hand you the egg and there would be directions to some other guy with a red cap holding a donut on the other side of town and he would give you directions to the rave? yeah, it's kinda like that.

6. sometimes i watch 7th heaven, well..... boston public isn't on anymore! this show is so unbelievably preachy. they have to deal with every topic, even within one show (sex, drugs, racism, love, sharing, honor etc...) i start watching the show then i ask myself why am i not just reading a book instead? ....because everwood will be on in only 1/2 hour. :) ha ha

7. "thank you" - yeah, this whole thank you thing from citibank is kinda cool. i just did it. i never would have if it weren't for the commercials that peaked my interest. i'm like what the hell is this all about and looked it up on-line, only then did i notice on my statement that i had a bunch of points. i got a couple of gift certificates for some stores.

8. i like that one gum/mint commercial where the couple bump into each other going to different trains and she spells out her number and he didn't have a pen. it's like buddy can't you remember it or just kick one of the other guys ass and grab his pen!

9. music can fill [so many] voids in a persons life. if you get lonely, put some dylan on and you have someone else to feel lonely with. if you are in a party mood and no one is around, you can put some happy music on such as the hellacopters. music gives you memories. you can reflect with it. take that 80's crap for instance.... well, now you can actually re-live it . it's almost like it never went away.

10. i just saw this scary commercial - it was for "firewise" prevention of fires... it had scary monsters in it. i think i may have nightmares tonight. i'm serious - wait until you see it. i think they would only play it after 10pm though, when all the kids are asleep.

11. last night i saw the new pooh toy commercial and i laughed out loud. pooh can walk, it's a toy! they make it look like it walks fast and it's just silly looking.

i just found out that we are having a susan koman fund drive here at my work and if we donate some money for breast cancer [which i was gonna do anyway], we can wear levis to work on oct. 8th. my work doesn't inforce folks to wear perfessional attire. we are pretty much business casual. today i'm wearing white levis.... i figure that if girls can get away with some of the crap i see them wear that i can wear white levis.
so now i can check out all the guys asses in levis on friday! you can tell a lot by a guy in his levis!

anyone going to the New York Doll's on Friday? or Dylan soon? or anything?
what else is there to do then to go see bands and buy music? i'd like to know. really, i would. i guess it would have to be something interesting for me though.

hey... do you guys want to get a bunch of people together and go to Yosmite? such good times there! we can hike [the half dome] and stay in those cabins, i'm not much for the tent situation with the bears and shit. no thank you. one time i saw a bear walking down the row of cabins with a tag on his ear and i snuck out with my camera and followed him to the trashcans and took some closeup shots. poor "shautsi" ( thats what the employees called him).
Yosmite would be fun! it would be a rock 'n roll weekend - hiking in the great outdoors.

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