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4:24 PM

.... still working my my rack (cd rack that is). i'm going to take my time on it so it will turn out a little better then my last one.

i went home for lunch to find an orange paintball in my driveway! i then looked at my jeep and found some dripping/ splatered orange paint on the hood. i was more confused than upset. i guess as i grow older i'm less angry at the world. i'm thinking ... did a bird drop it? no. it came from a weird angle that only someone on my roof or someone who just shot it up in the air and it went over the garage, hit the driveway, splatered my jeep as it rolled under to the rear wheel. i just don't get it. i'm thinking it happened while i was inside eating lunch because i don't remember seeing it this morning. kids! what can ya do?

i got a new scanner that scans (negatives and slides) faster and much better than and also a printer that faxes and copies. i know every one has digital cameras now and they can just upload them to their computers. but i really like having my negatives! so there!
i guess it's time for my sister and i to get tested for breast cancer (oh fun!) my aunt just found out that she has it. lets see.... first my aunt who was only 27 when she died, then my grandmother (her mother as well from what i just found out the other day) and my mom (survivor) and now her sister (my aunt). she goes in for surgery soon. my mom has now decided to get the genetic testing. It's weird but i'm not scared. well....... thats right now and not knowing if i have it.
as i always say " live life like you want to and have as much fun as you possibly can, but try not to make others miserable in the process" and "fuck any form of cancer!"
i think it's time to start going out again, i haven't really gone out in a long time (for me anyways). or i can just "deal with everything" by talking with family. hmmmm.

i'm just going to get caught up in projects at home. i was thinking about how much i love to build cd racks. perhaps i can look into starting a business? then i may have to go back to school for some business classes. why didn't i just stick with those classes back in college!

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