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10:34 AM

today is perfect! it's autumn now!
if you thought i was happy before, just you wait. this is my favorite time of year. everything about it. the weather, bands coming around more often. ok, well mostly just those two things.

i woke up with "motherfucker in hell" in my head and i've had "in love" on my brain all day.
my faith in rock 'n roll is renewed! i saw the datsuns last night at the troubadour and they just tore the place up.

it was so 'high energy', unbelievably awesome! they are by far, no hellacopters but they rock just the same, or almost the same. no more anxiety. no more sitting around the house waiting for the new episode of the gilmore girls. i'm back and it's high time to rock!
oh, did i miss the new episode of the gilmore girls last night? damn it! did someone tape it?

i arrived just in time to see my friends friends band, sorry i forgot there name and i'm to lazy to look 'em up at the troubadour website. they came on second. they were rockin'. i love it when bands dress up in jackets and ties. they all had black hair. the keyboard player was my favorite. he was pretty much posing and dancing with it [keyboard] with his sunglasses on. everyone seemed to dig them. in between bands they played the stones which put me in a good mood right away. i stood upstairs with my camera, leaning against the top of the rail (my spot) and waited for the datsuns to hit the stage. the lights went out and the stones faded as the datsuns picked up their guitars. it was full throttle rock 'n roll for the remaining 35 minutes. i don't have any of their cds but i will pick up the new one, i really liked the new songs. they have gotten a lot better since the last time i saw them. side note, i have to pick up the new thrills cd - i didn't even know they had a new one! i'm looking forward to seeing them with the pixies tomorrow night.

i just got back from lunch. i went to supermex. this is one of my favorite mexican food places for lunch. i sat out on the patio sipping iced tea and reading my new Mojo magazine with the stones on the cover. i like to read the reviews of cds from the back of the magazine and from that ... i'm going to pick up a few on my next trip to amoeba: the thrills, blues explosion, interpol, tom waits, k.d. lang, elvis costello and maybe mark lanegan, ray lamontagne and nick cave.
it was so nice sitting outside today. i love the dry heat where you wake up with a bloody nose in the morning! i really do.

on another side note...... i was thinking about what i had posted awhile back where someone had made all these nasty comments to me on my blog. i don't mind the comments but i started thinking about the post regarding: being married for 9 years, having a few kids and getting divorced..... i wasn't trying to put anyone down for this at all. it's just that i know a lot of people like this and i just felt like writing about it. sometimes (most of the time) i don't think about who i may offend but no one should get offended from what i write, it's just me.....and i would never want to hurt anyone. i think my parents got a divorce after about 9 years same with my sister same with a few of my friends. i'm not judging them, i'm just observing them, i guess. i'm almost afraid to get married, i can't even imagine it actually. maybe at one time when i was a bit younger - the thought crossed my mind a few times but as i get older ....... not so much.
i think these thoughts came up because of a conversation i had with my friend who works by the troubadour, i ran into him after the show and we talked a bit. he had asked me before if i was married or if i had kids. i get this a lot. it's like what? should i be married? should i have kids? my answer is no. no. i still feel like a kid myself, i don't want to [grow up]. he asked me what i thought growing up is? i pondered the thought and said - gheez, i don't know. responsibility? yes. but i already have responsibilities ( i pay my bills on time), what else? i don't know. i am grown up. i just think the kid at heart is gonna stay. growing up to me doesn't mean having kids, buying a house or having a career. i'm sure if i had those things that i would think that was the meaning. being grown up could mean whatever the hell you want it to mean. my dad still says from time to time that he doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up.

i think the more i read jason's blog, the more relief i have as my own thoughts run through my head.
i could go on forever on this subject but i won't. my thoughts trail off on...... autonomous rmax helicoptors which means back to work.

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