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4:32 PM

i'm bored!
this morning the only thing i could think about to cheer me up of my boredom was the fact that any minute jason will update his blog and i can laugh.
yes, this is what it's come down to.

work is picking up but it's work all day that i can finish in just one hour. i spread it out. oh gheez i'm becoming one of them! at least today i got some photoshop program on my computer so i can practice with that again, i also have cd stomper and a cd burner....... hmmm!
i wish you can listen to my office right now. there is this guy who's office is right behind my cube and his office door is open, he's on a conference call and he is talking super loud. just think of that annoying woman in office space who answers the phone the same way ever 10 seconds, it's 10 times worse. this happens almost everday. i'm thankful when everyone is out of state on business!
yesterday i updated my 'rock calendar'. a lot of good stuff coming up. it's weird but i like the idea of seeing the band live, i just don't feel like going after i get off work. i sure hope this isn't my age factor playing games with me. i'll just go home get ready and put the stones on, that should get me in the mood.
the datsuns are tonight, the pixies are wednesday AND thursday. i think i still have an extra ticket for thursday..... really really good seats (50 bucks). i hope one of my friends e-mailed me with good news regarding the ticket when i get home.
i got a ticket for supergrass, clinic, old 97's, helmet and wilco. i'm really looking forward to seeing soledad brothers with my favorite local soon to be huge band The Vacation! i'm also going to see the dirtbombs, melvins, hot snakes, holly golightly, ATP at the Queen Mary and Blues Explosion! they don't call it ROCKtober for nothin'!
this past weekend i went to see Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow and as soon as it was over, I totally wanted to see it again. yes! it was that good. i can't pinpoint why i liked it so much but it was highly entertaining. i noticed my head was leaning forward most of the time in anticipation. I was excited when
Giovanni Ribisi's face hit the screen, i wasn't aware he was going to be in it. i love him!

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