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9:41 AM

music: Faces - 'five guys walk into a bar'
i'm so excited about this purchase. i wished i'd gotten to see the faces!
although i did see rod stewart in the early 80's a few times. (older sisters are good for that)

not just rod stewart but she took me to see fleetwood mac, tom petty and i talked her into taking me to see iron maiden at the summer strut festival - i still have the t-shirt.... i know foreigner was on the bill.... i forgot the rest. i could only really remember ' eddie ' damn that was amazing to me as a kid. well.... um since then i've seen iron maiden about 5 times.. ha ha.
i was a heavy metal kid but also listened to bands like bow wow wow, minor threat and tommy tutone.
my sister either dated him or stalked him, i just remember meeting him a few times and hanging out with him and the terrible bands that opened for them. we even made these t-shirts with the famous phone number (867-5309) that we wore when we saw him live back then all the time.

my sister is the creative type. she used to manage a few bands and even made their stage clothes. one time skid row was playing some small clubs in and around garden grove so my sister had this great idea of making a jacket for sebastian bach so i could give it to him.
we never finished it. it was a white levi jacket with a bunch of patches all over it with safty pins and gumby and other crap all over it. come to think of it, i think i got my nose pierced because of rachael bolan from skid row and i only wore the chain from my nose to my ear a few times just to shock family members and friends. i was 19 or 20.

i shocked my friends in london when i went for a visit at age 21. i remember being super drunk walking down the street with a bottle of wine with a bunch of friends i had met and we were searching for a place for them to get pierced. i didn't remember that at all the next morning and no one got pierced, or maybe we got turned away.
one night walked into this punk rock pub and i was in heaven - it was full of pierced/tattoo'd youngsters. we did a pub crawl and i think i was literally crawling.... we walked into this one club and there was Lemmy playing a video game with some beautiful blonde chick next to him.
my old rock 'n roll stories are surfacing, must resist.... ha ha

how did i get from tommy tutone to lemmy again?
i bought some poptarts yesterday when i was in sav-on, only because they were one dollar for a box of 5. i never eat this crap. it's like they had 'em at the counter and they say ' hey do you want to buy some poptarts, they are only $1' .

last night i watched everwood and kept switching back in forth from 'renovate my family'. i knew it! the couple on everwood are gonna drag on the whole season and never really end up together as they should. gheez!
the pixies are coming up fast. i hear now they are playing the verizon theatre, that would be IRVINE MEADOWS to us older folks or even LION COUNTRY SAFARI. they need to put that back and maybe so many kids wouldn't think twice about jumping the fence to sneak in for free to see a band, instead they would get eaten by a lion. irvine meadows, err i mean verizon sucks, the place is just go big.
i'm going to shut up and go eat my poptart. ~S

all this and can you believe it ~ i don't even drink coffee!
i just figured it out though 'why i'm talking so much 'it's called sleep deprivation'. i feel as though i've only slept for 2 hours. i have been having nightmares for a long time now. i usually don't even remember my dreams. i guess my demons are taking over ~ ha ha. my dream/nightmare consisted of 'retail hell'... i was at my old record store job at bionic records and it was a bigger place and after 15-20 years of not working there, all of a sudden i have to learn all over again and i kept screwing up and no one was around to help me with the long line of people. though some cute guy was sitting next to me sorta helping out with the cash register. the manager who actually still works there today had a mullet in my dream and was running around like he was on drugs. so i'm wasting my day on this thing instead of working as i should. my boss is out of town and i only have a few things to do all week. not a very challenging job right now but i guess thats what hobbies are for. right?
Just got back to work from lunch thank god the codine is finally kicking in!

ps - in case you like to look at photos... i've organized my live band photos 'suzephoto' over there on the side, so they are easier to look at. i will add more as i start scanning more.

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