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music: Faces box set

This weekend I went to tower records to get The Faces box set. It cost 64 dollars! today I was looking on-line at Amazon and found it (and bought it) for only 47 dollars! So it's back to tower I go to return it and get some money back, Tower is way over priced unless it's on sale anyway. I will never pay 18 bucks for a cd! especially after working in record stores and knowing what the actual cost really is.

I almost finished with my cd rack that i'm building myself. This is my third one (all are 7 feet tall and made out of wood). The first one, I made for an ex-boyfriend, the second one i'm using and it's overflowing - hence the third one. I've got it all painted. tonight I will measure, cut and put it together.

I also finished watching all of the episodes of Freaks and Geeks. I do not understand the reasoning behind this wonderful show being cancelled! especially when they have all this other crap on tv now. I didn't want Freaks and Geeks to ever end, it's the same feeling with That 70's show. Other tv shows I have gotten sucked into (when i'm home and not out rockin' - that is) um... Everwood, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Summerland, and I LOVE all the house/family renovation shows.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Roger and he mentioned our friend (my old hairdresser) was doing yet another show which shows him talking as well as cutting hair on one of those renovate my family reality shows. He previously was working on all of the Osbornes hair for their reality tv show as well as Sharon's daytime talk show. Jude Alcala (thats his name) has come a long way! I just about cried with joy when I saw him on t.v. in "Renovate my family". These shows make me cry anyway.

I couldn't sleep last night because of the heat so I stayed up until after midnight watching Moonlight Mile with Jake Gyllenhaal. I dug this movie a lot! The music they choose is great. I like Holly Hunter and Susan Sarandon. Of course one of my favorite scenes is when Joe (Jake's character) was in the bar and selected this Stones song... you just have to see it. cheesy yes! but hopeful romantic/music lovers such as myself will love it and appreciate it.
speaking of listening to music instead of talking...... a similiar part of a movie that was my favorite was ........ in Almost Famous when Anita (Zooey Deschanels) character played Simon and Garfunkel to her mom as she was about to leave home. I like when people explain how they feel through music.

didn't you love it when people made mixed tapes for you? I know I did. I loved making them as well. It just seems like now people aren't interested in that sorta thing anymore. I've kept all of mine from every single guy and I still listen to them from time to time.

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