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8:45 AM

the pixes were amazing last night.
my friend and i mentioned beck in our converstaion on the way up and waddaya know...... as i was on my way to my seat, i ran into beck!
ok, back to the pixies... they did all the hits. i didn't realize how many pixies tunes i really knew until they played all of them.
it was like bam! bam! bam! one after another - non stop rock, i tell ya.
i'm looking forward to seeing them again tonight.

we missed grant lee. he must have went on right at 7:30 because we got
there [walked up] at 8pm and the distillers were just going on.

during one song was the most amazing musicial performance i've ever seen. the guitar player put his guitar down while it was still playing [noise] then the drummer threw one of his drumsticks to him, he caught it and played the guitar with that while it was leaning there then came the tricky part [amazing] he threw the drumstick back to the drummer and he didn't miss the beat.
it was just like the song. i'm sorry, i forgot the name of the song. i'll have to remember when i see them again tonight! everyones jaw dropped.
the only thing i'm gonna say about the distillers is 'courtney love'. the distillers are good for what they do but i wasn't impressed.

ps - if you aren't heading to the greek tonight then may i suggest you go to the viper room and catch the vacation before they head off on a tour of the UK. they are playing with the flash express and the drugstore cowgirls. i would go if i didn't already have tickets for the pixies.
ps - parking totally sucks at the greek- i suggest you walk and get there early. parking is 10 bucks and they stack you and it will take 2 hours to get out. 40 for vip. total rip off. i walked.

did you hear that russ meyer died?

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