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9:24 AM

i'm just exhausted and starving.
i forgot to mention that the greek starts their concerts so early that you don't have time to eat.
last night was much harder to sell a ticket [ damn scalpers]. i get there around 7:20 and as i'm walking up i already hear grant lee. i was pissed! i needed a little time to get rid of my ticket. all my friends flaked out on me and i actually screwed myself - anyway.... i deserved eating the other ticket. i got a call on my cell as i was walking around and this girl on the line said "hey, do you still have that extra ticket". i didn't even know who this person was, i'm thinking it's from craigslist.... a person who i replied to early in the day. so she calls me as i was about to just give the ticket to one of the scalpers to sell. i waited for her while grant was on thinking 'oh .. i can just see him at the largo as usual, no biggie' it was getting later and grant was off. i end up leaving the ticket for her [holly mills] at will call [ keep in mind i dont' even know her ] i took a leap of faith. i go back to find my seat and ran into my friends and told them the story then my cell phone rings... it's Holly Mills again. this time she said she just got a blow out on Vermont. in the back of my mind i'm like c'mon, this is bullshit, she's totally screwing me. so i just go over to where i came in at and talked to the manager of the ticket takers. she was very nice and accommodating, i must say. she asked what i wanted to do. i wanted to sell the ticket but didn't want to miss the thrills. she told me to go watch the thrills and meet her back here afterwords. i did and we walked over to will call together, i grabbed the ticket (wow! it was still there) then started feeling bad for ms. holly mills. ha ha. holly- if you happen to see this.... its all your fault! you should have left much earlier and called me earlier, we could have had a good time rocking to the pixies. but no! you had to leave late, call me late, have a fucking blow out and you missed out on the pixies. i was gonna just give my ticket to someone with a bad seat but everyone was in couples. ** this was much to long** sorry.

the thrills were excellent! now i want to go see them at the el rey. the pixies... well, they were much better the first night. why did they do "wave of mutilation" twice each night? for the first 5 songs i noticed that the drummer was way off or it could have been Kim, but it was bad. it was non-stop fuck up. it seemed no one else really noticed.

later after the concert i meet up with my other friends and one of them also noticed that someone was off. it's like i was there standing by my seat with a smile on my face then all of a sudden it turned to a confused look and all i could do is notice all the fuck ups in each song. the guys next to me were smoking pot and singing to each song in the beginning. during the line in that song "hey! i've been trying to meet you" the guy put his hand on my back and looked at me and sang. it was so cheesy! the couple in front of me were acting out some lines to each other from the same song "and if you go, i would surely die" it was so lame. then the girl in front of me started chain smoking... smoke coming from all sides - yuck! needless to say, i still enjoyed myself.
it was another beautiful night at the Greek.
i didn't run into beck last night but i did see Hyde from that 70's show. he was sitting in one of those special box seats behind section A. thoses seats seem pretty cool even though you look like a tool sitting there while the waiters bring you beer and stuff. i'm sure they cost a huge amount of money.

so that was my pixies story.

i just got an e-mail from my other favorite local band [the willowz]. they are playing tonight at zen sushi then tomorrow at koo's.

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